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  1. Alright, everybody. I have lost my favorite roleplay partner and in doing so have realized that the rest of my roleplays have either been unintentionally abandoned by myself or abandoned by the other person... oops. So, I am on the hunt for some fresh meat partners to play with.

    Things to know:
    • I like romance. It's going to happen whether you like it or not.
    • I also like drama. Peaceful summer day? Nope. Shit's gonna go down to Crazy Town. Buckle up, honey.
    • I play females, like 90% of this site. Also, they're straight. Sorry.
    • I do prefer to play against male characters, but no, I'm not going to freak if you're a chick playing a dude.
    • I like glitter.
    So that's me in a nutshell, I guess.

    My idea for this particular request was along the lines of a bucket list, but I feel like that's been done before. I would like for this to be in a fantasy type setting and I think it would be interesting if it began as a fun thing to do but then became more serious as one of the characters developed some sort of condition with a time limit.

    The issue with this is that I don't want to be pelted with TFIOS things. I mean, I did enjoy the book and have not seen the movie, but I want this to be original somehow, damn it!



    I also had a stray idea while typing this out about a pair purposely trying to seek out fantastical races in hopes of being turned into something immortal for whatever reasons they have. So. There's that.

    If you have any ideas/plots that are similar or completely different, throw them at me.

    I seriously just need something else to concentrate on.

    Aaaaand go.
  2. I hunted around in the Archives and found my former request thread, so I'm going to repost the ideas here as well even though a couple were previously taken and then abandoned. So.. yeah!

    In the Dark of the Night
    What do you do when you can't tell the difference between your dreams and reality? [My character] and [your character] are both patients in a mental facility. Every night when they sleep, they wake up elsewhere, then wake up again the next morning in their beds as though they were only dreaming. But the nights feel just as real as the days, and each one can leave a mark. How do you know what to believe when either side of sleep can be the one that is fake?

    Finding Sanctuary
    The year is 2124. Due to extremely limited resources and overpopulation of the planet, once people reach a specific age they must be euthanized. Upon a person’s 20th birthday, people must report to a sleep facility where they will be put to sleep by a sweet-smelling toxin. The only people exempt from this fate are enforcers of the law, who are in charge of tracking down those who attempt to escape. [Your character] is an infamous enforcer with a nearly impeccable record of captures, and [my character] is a rebellious citizen who has just turned of age. [My character] has learned of a secret sanctuary for people who have successfully escaped and continue to live out their days in an underground society. They assemble only the bare essentials for survival and begin the journey, but with [your character] hot on their trail, will [my character] be able to evade them long enough to join the handful of others who have successfully disappeared?

    Upside-Down Fairy Tale
    In this one, a princess is locked away in a tower guarded by a dragon. Typical. Knights try to rescue her and turn into fresh barbeque. But what nobody realizes is that the princess does not want to be rescued - the dragon turns into a man, a cursed prince, every night. They are in love, but it is not to last. The princess learns that her father has died and she must marry to save the kingdom from ruin. Knights arrive by the dozens. Will the cursed dragon-man allow the princess to be saved and be slain himself for the sake of the kingdom, or will he continue to protect the woman he loves and allow the kingdom to fall into ruin? I'd like this to have a real feel to it, like not just all hearts and rainbows yay we love each other xD

    Damsel in Distress
    Living in a land filled Dragons, Elves, and everything else can be exciting. It can also be horrifyingly boring. In a time where females are expected to sit and giggle and gossip, and the men are to bear arms and go around flexing their muscles like braindead buffoons, [my character] has had just about enough. She doesn't want to be some sort of puppet for her new husband - her arranged marriage is soon, and she doesn't even like him. He smells like eggs and can't even read! Now she's on the hunt for a tutor, but who is willing to teach a female how to fight - especially one with an attitude problem compared to the other ladies?

    I will likely add more to this as I think of them..
  3. I'm up for either Up side down fairy tale or Damsel in distress. If you have another idea you would prefer we can talk it out!
  4. Alright, found this plot online and I am aching to play it out! I just love revamps of fairy tales..

    Everyone knows the story of Little Red Riding Hood. But do they? What they don’t know is that the wolf was not a simple wolf, but a werewolf instead. One that knew the secrets of the old witch that lived in the woods. The one who lived peacefully, but practiced magic and threatened to extinguish the werewolf race. So the pack leader, the Big Bad Wolf, killed her, made her disappear. But the huntsman, the witch’s son, sought revenge and got it—finishing the pack leader for good. But this only created a larger blood feud, sending the whole pack out to get the huntsman and his family. With the huntsman’s only daughter in the middle of this war, Little Red, as they call her, the pack will stop at nothing to get their final revenge and end the war. But when Red and one of the wolves fall in love, what will become of them?

    I am looking for somebody to play the wolf.

  5. Why not combine these ideas?
    Maybe the protagonists are seeking out this particularly rare/legendary fantastical race or creature because they are looking for a cure for said character's condition? It might be a fools errand, they might be rushing off to an earlier death, but it's better than doing nothing. Right?
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