Hunting For a Partner

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  1. Get it? Because Lagiacrus is from Monster Hunter... And... Yeah.


    I would like a partner for an RP I suddenly feel like doing.
    One of us is a hero/heroine of justice, fighting both criminals and schoolwork (or their job, if you want the characters to be older).
    And everything is fine and dandy, with vagabond-beating going as normal.
    Because a new face arrives on the scene, except nobody knows who's doing it, until suddenly, ALIENS.
    Well, symbiotes, to be exact. You know, viruses that attach themselves to people. Gives them super strength, superhuman durability, basically makes them a pain to defeat.
    Unable to take the enemies one on one, the two fighters are forced to band together, in order to take down the menace facing the city.

    Will there be romance?
    If you like, just not as a central part of the plot. Though, if you insist on it being there, bonus points for having a tsundere character.

    Need more details?
    Then request them.

    Want some cake?
    Sorry, all out.
  2. Dammit, I wanted cake!
    .. Oh well now I have to leave.

    Oh right there was something else, oh what was it...
    ... Er - ah, yes that's right. I could be interested in this plot.
    But under one condition-
    you make me another cake.
  3. Well then, I'll prepare you a cake.
    But we've got to go deeper - as in, we should probably iron out the plot details.