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  1. I have an already wonderful partner, but since I'm joining here (and thought he's joined here, we do all our rping on our other site) I thought I should look for a partner for here.

    My usual posts are a long paragraph, maybe two, but I match my partners, though this occasionally means some extra time between replies. I am most definitely looking to improve overall and will roleplay with people who do longer posts.

    I only do MxM roleplays or roleplays involving nonbinary characters; that being said, MxM can involve a trans male (FtM) person. In fact, I would love to roleplay with someone willing to roleplay a trans character with me (being trans myself).

    I enjoy slice of life, urban fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk, and roleplays with dark themes, such as abuse, drug addiction, kidnapping, Stockholm Syndrome, violence, and I am easily open to Libertine Roleplays, though I prefer some plot and relationship building to go in alongside my sex. I do some fandom roleplays, but only with OCs and its all about whether or not I'm interested in doing one at the time.

    I enjoy romance both in the vein of 'love at first site' and 'slow building', and even when roleplaying an asexual character I enjoy relationships, platonic or romantic in nature.

    I should probably add more, but I'm having trouble thinking it up, so here it is, if anyone is interested~
  2. I love doing mxm. Do you have any plots. If not I have one.
  3. Nothing in particular in mind. What do you have in mind?
  4. Mm, I guess it depends on how the characterization is?

    I don't mind the idea, though Nekos and the like aren't generally my favourite to roleplay, but that's because most people RP them as being clingy and immature and the other person in the relationship can 'do no wrong'? I like relationships with at least a little two sided conflict.

    I'd be willing to give it a go, though playing characters who even attempt to convince themselves they're 'straight' doesn't usually appeal to me.
  5. No I don't want you tp play something you don't like. So its okay.
  6. What would your character be like, if we did do it? I'm not necessarily against the idea, but I feel really bad if I lose interest in something that I know other people would love to do.
  7. XD hey no, I'm fine. I want my partner to like what he/ she is rping. So hey don't worry.
  8. Sorry ^u^;;
    Maybe some other time?
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