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Okay. So, I am back - as if I was remembered - from life changing things!
I'd like to hop right back into roleplay.

I'm looking for a partner (or partners) to do One on Ones with.

I honestly really don't have much a preference when it comes time to plot. I am free to do anything really. I do enjoy some fantasy. I REALLY enjoy it.

About Me:
I find myself to be a pretty adept-advanced level roleplayer. I've about eight years (or more) under my belt. I don't mind roleplaying in any plot idea or genre, actually. I play both male and females. Er... I dunno what else to say.

Looking For:
I would like someone who's super creative and open-minded. I love to plan out worlds and plots and the likes with the partner(s) I have. I'd also like someone who fits that intermediate level or higher - preferably hitting the adept level. That's pretty much it.

So yeah. I hope to make me a new partner or two (or more) soon!

* On a side note, while this is posted, is this font too small? I think it's fine, but I don't want to stress anyone's eyes.


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I'm interested to create and roleplay in a world with you.
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