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  1. Heya, my name is Ed and I'm pretty new to Iwaku, but I'm in search of some RP partners >:3c So here's some ideas we could, y'know, start out with?

    Some basic preferences:
    * I am not overall good at slice of life or realistic fiction as a writer. To be honest, I dread stories that don't have any... well... anything to them. So I'd prefer some darker, scifi maybe, romance stories. Yehaw.
    * I am perfectly fine w/ LGBT+ characters.
    * I reply at the speed of light. I'd like you to post at LEAST once a day :333
    * I get really caught up in stories and will often forget basic stuff. I'm sorry. I also get brief at some points, and wayy too lengthy at others. If I could describe my writing style as anything, it'd be surrealistic and bipolar af...
    * I love the MBTI, or Myers Briggs Type Indicator, to the point where I obsess at times > < it would be nice if you know your character's type code or do a bit of research so I can understand them better off the bat <3

    (note, these are gonna be really vague because it's close to midnight here and I can't think ; - ;)
    * something summertime related. maybe a string of murdders or smth??
    * a guy has to kill his love interest because he's a hitman hired to... can he do it... woa
    * a serial rapist has a change of heart and decides to find someone to love?
    * kind of like a "groundhog day" effect - living the same moment over and over, fate related

    YEAH thats all ive got RIP me im sorry my proper typing has diminished this is how i Usually type tho... rip message me here if interested b/c i have no idea how this works >;?
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  2. I really like the idea of a summertime murderer? Yeah, haha, it seems like it would be good to do with multiple characters. But I also like the idea of the Serial Rapist loving someone. Both can be played out in many different ways.
  3. Is that good or bad? Haha
    Well do you have an ideas? Just pm me and we can discuss,
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