HunterxHunter x Legends of the Past (Open)

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    Starter x Plot, lime
    This roleplay will take place 80 years after the anime/manga ends, all Canon characters are deceased but your allowed to be a descendant of one of them. We will be starting with the Hunters Exam but as we progress through the stages the real plot will be revealed (its a secret, for now). Your free to already know Nen or not but you cant be a master of it yet, we dont want major OP characters right off the bat (like Killua) lol. Of course all the characters will pass the Hunters Exam (that is unless you want to fail, your choice). Everyone is free to contribute to the plot/story in fact I would much appreciate it =)
  2. Quite interested.
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  3. Awesome! Feel free to submit your CS in the sign ups thread (link is in first post)
  4. Still Accepting!
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