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  1. York New City... The place where most people's ambitions came true. Famous for it's underground black market, thousands flock to this city each year for certain events, jobs, or even their own personal goals. It was six p.m in the evening as Ginzo sat there waiting to meet his client. Finding a job as a bodyguard was easy and quick cash which was just perfect. And he also got to spill blood if anyone came after his client. Across from him sat a blond girl wearing a simple lolita like dress and shoes. Nearly going bored out of his skull Ginzo at first was starting to doze but a man followed by two of his other body guards came walking in.

    "About damn time... here I was starting to get bored. I take it you must be Mr. Jones..." GiInzo said standing up stretching. "So you must be the one right. The hunter that was sent to aid in protecting me. Honestly you kids these days are something. And whose the litle girl I don't recall ever having children." Said his client frowning. "Actually I've been on the job since I got here and this little sweetheart here will fuck you up if you ain't looking. She's not real she's just part of my power. I purposly dressed her like this to make her stand out as a lure. My name is Ginzo and you won't need to worry about dying on my watch Mr. Jones . With my En nothing will get to you so please refrain from bad mouthing my friend if you don't mind..." Ginzo said with a simple smile.

    "Sir we should get going..." The female body guard on his right said. "Yes... very well Ginzo your job is simple I went as far as hiring you Nen users to make sure the job is done right. The job is simple you're to spend the next week guarding me for my stay here. That is all you need to know. Keep me alive and you'll be paid double by the end of the job." Said Jones firmly. "Yeah yeah shall we get going now." GInzo said as the small girl stood up and Ginzo followed his client out the door.

    As they entered the hotel lobby Ginzo waited til his client checked out. It was while they were going to the car though he saw Elizbeth whip around. "What the hell!" His client yelled as Ginzo threw him into the open car. Elizbeth was fast to shoot a projectiled blade and a figure fell out from the alley way holding a gun. Ginzo flicked his wrist slightly before she shot three more needles further out and about three more bodies hit the ground. "Well then... those were some weak assassins..." Ginzo stated getting into the car shutting the door after Elizbeth vanished.

    It was about forty five minutes later they made it through the traffic to their next destination. Ginzo was the first to get out and Elizabeth appeared once more. Looking around at the surrounding area he gave the clear signal and his client got out.
  2. YorkNew City.

    It was 4:30Pm as Nina sat leaning against one of the houses chimneys. She hummed lightly to herself before yawning and standing up. Her PDA went off as she lifted it up to look at it. The screen was blank except for a message icon that was blinking several times. She lifted a hand and tapped on it making the message come up and slowly decode from its encrypted state. The message read as a Mercenary Job.

    Condition: Assasination
    Expected Difficulty: Medium
    Basic Expectation: Death of Target.
    Type of Situation: York New City urban district.
    Collateral Damage: Unavailable.

    She read the file attached to it and grumbled to herself before getting up and sprinting at a fast rate to the edge of the roof then flipped off of it. She hit the ground and rolled before rolling into her feet and continuing at full stride. Nearly an hour later she sat within an adjacent Hotel room. She was nearly half a mile from the target building the target would be arriving at. She placed a brief case on the table and flipped it open revealing several parts of a large rifle. She began to piece it together at a speed that would make a Special Ops soldier do a double take. War was in her blood and though she was told she was born.. she believes she was bred. She finished putting the piece together and took the clip out of the brief case. Two rounds of ammunition.

    She turned towards the window and slowly moved it out of the way before rearranging the furniture in the room to obscure her completely in darkness while giving her a full FOV. She could not be seen from anyone looking in but she could see out. She raised a pair of ornate binoculars and began to calculate the distance to the hotel room that was book. She figured it out in her head before just laying down where she had her rifle and waited for her target to arrive.
  3. Ginzo just stood there while they took care of the luggage and his client was on the phone. Yawning almost bored he could sense something did not feel right but he knew Elizbeth could handle anything. After everything was taken care of he followed his client into the hotel lobby to wait for him to check in.
  4. Nina saw movement that caught her attention in the lobby below where she was positioned. She adjusted her scope and resighted as she saw her target leaving the car. Before the man had to step several feet into the lobby she took a long breath and began to slowly exhale as an aura began to form around her. She pulled the trigger slowly as everything around her seemed to slow. The gun jerked back and when she felt the gun move she was already on her feet and was out of the door after grabbing her brief case.

    The distance between her and the target was nearly a three thousand feet making the bullet travel take only seconds. The bullet seemed to phase through the lobby glass and strike the target before the echo of the gun firing was heard. By the time the bullet struck her target she had her rifle disassembled and placed back in the brief case as she walked down the steps in the resulting mass panic of the massive rifle's discharge noise. It sounded like a cannon going off. When the bullet hit the man it seemed like a piece of sausage was punched. His body rippled in slow motion before exploding out in a shower of blood and bone shrapnel. The bullet seems to have detonated inside of him. The shockwave give off shattered windows for nearly two blocks and deafened through within several feet.
  5. Though she didn't get far Ginzo knew his client was dead but he didn't care he was PISSED. Elizbeth had landed in front of her and within three seconds she got slammed up against the wall by the doll. Ginzo landed right behind Elizabeth pissed saying, "What the fuck is wrong with you! That man was MY client and now that my client is dead I won't get paid! How the hell do you plan to pay up for this!? Answer me before I fricken make you into swiss cheese!!" Ginzo flicked his wrist and Elizbeth's nen projectiles appeared all around Nina surrounding her. "One wrong move you're DEAD." Ginzo snapped. Though as pissed as he was the words of wisdom his sister gave him a while back came to his mind. Girtting his teeth he said, "The hell with this..." Elizbeth made the needles vanish and Ginzo said, "Count yourself lucky now get out of here! I can't beat up a woman as much as I want to but know this if you fuck me out of another client a second time then I will make you pay..." He then lit up a cigarette and walked off saying, "Now what the hell do I do damn it to hell!!" Elizbeth was following behind him her eyes still on Nina.
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  6. Nina smiled from under her hood when she was pushed against the wall and laughed "Oh, I apologize for making my own living.." She said with obvious belligerency in her voice. She glared over at the doll and only wanted to make a quick movement to draw her revolver and blow its head clear off its shoulders. She shivered on the inside at its appearence. She hated it in its entirety. She couldnt stand how it looked and why it even existed asa monstrosity of life. Things such as that should only exist to be destroyed.

    She was then released and looked back at the man "Oh, I did this for fun.. I dont need money." She said with a massive grin before picking her brief case up and making her exit. When she walked out she took out her phone and rasied it to her ear. "This is Nina... Inform my father it is finished. We had a difficulty. A freak with a Nen infused doll showed up. We need to get working on a Silent Anti Material rifle." She said before hanging up and beginning to walk towards the Sub-Way.
  7. A couple days later Ginzo had found another job oddly enough this one involed killing a vip member a a club who was doing some nast work off to the side. Getting in was easy Ginzo sat there enjoying a couple drinks and having a smoke while he waited on his so called target to show themselves. "Give me another round bartender." Ginzo said and the woman fixed up another drink for him. Sliding it down to the end of the counter Ginzo flipped a coin toward the woman behind the counter and said, "Slick move there you single sweetheart." The beer bottle cap bounced off his forehead and the female bartender said, "Keep dreaming romeo." "Ouch... I think I'm in love." Ginzo said with a grin. "Actually I'm happily taken and I'm curious as to why a youngster as yourself is in this place." The woman said. "Oh this and that work here and there you know all that fun stuff." Ginzo said smirking as he gulped down his beer.
  8. Nina looked at her PDA one last time as she pulled up in a car driven by one of her family's many branches. She looked at the small pistol with a silencer built into it. It was a .45 and was amazingly compact. It carried only two rounds of ammunition. One for the target and one for the user if they miss. She smirked at the thought of having to end her own life so early. She smirked at the thought as she finished getting dressed in the blacked out windowed car. She put on a beautiful red dressed and let her hair flow down the back of her shoulders. She saw the picture of the man one last time before she opened the door and walked out.

    A man at the front door stopped her and she held up her pass. She felt the man checking out her body with his eyes and just smirked before walking into the Night club. The music and the lights immediately dazzled her eyes for a moment before she adjusted and began to walk into the dance floor. She saw the target in the VIP section and he seems to have seen her as well. She was beautiful outside of the normal ammount of things she wore over her regular clothes. The man got up and walked over to her. He looked at her "Hey beautiful." He said to her. She blinked and inside couldn't help but laugh 'He is just a rich boy.. he has no idea how to woo a girl.' She thought to herself before she smile "Oh, Hey." she said with a feigned interest in him.

    The man smiled "Would you like to come to the VIP section?" He asked her. She smiled "Oh, I have never been there before." She said while metaphorically handing him the noose. She let the man take her hand and she passed through his guards perimeter without a single issue. They didn't even check her person. When they sat down the man tried to put an arm around her but he stopped at her glare. "What can I get you to drink?" He asked her. She looked at him "Scotch over rocks please." She answered taking the man by surprise. He just nodded and clicked his fingers making a waiter go get it.
  9. Ginzo had another drink slid down his way and he gulped it before saying, "You know a girl like you probably get sall the guys after you. You're a real beauty you know that" He blocked a few more bottle caps flung his way and he whined, "Oh come on now sweetie give me your name your number aything don't be stubborn now..." A splash was heard when she sloshed him with ice water followed by a thunk. He went falling back off the bar stool when the bucket went smacking off his face. "That's enough drinks for you now sober up." She said flushed and Ginzo groaned saying, "Damn... I'd give anything to have a cute girl right about now. Welp best get to work...." He flipped back onto his feet without the use of his hand and noticed a girl near his target. Cursing under his breath he grumbled, "Great I can't catch a civilian up in this mess.."
  10. Nina looked at the man as he tried to put his arms around her again. She saw her opening and took it. When her drink arrived she took a long sip of it before placing it on the table infront of her feet. She looked at the guy who began to slowly wrap his right arm around her. She moved her wrist making a small pistol of ornate design to come out from it. She then jerked as she touched her and had her feet knock the drink off the table. The drink hit the ground just as she pulled the trigger with her gun placed next to his heart on his back. The gun discharge was silenced with a silencer but was muffled ever furthur with the glass of her drink breaking on the floor. She then quickly hid the gun in her dress sleeves again. She stood up and slapped him "Don't touch me creep." She said playing it off and walking off. The mans face was red but it looked like it was caused from her slapping him instead of the Neurotoxic bullet stuck in his chest cavity. His eyes darted around before the life drained from them. He remained sitting there like nothing happened as she went over to where she had her coat and watched.
  11. Ginzo had Elixabeth appear moments after as if she came running in. As she clung off his leghe was about to go in and end that creep but a thud was heard when the man went down and Ginzo cursed loudly it was then a hand grabbed him and Elizbeth who still hung off him didn't move thanbkfully. "It was a guard who said, "Hey you does that kid belong to you. You know the rules no children allowed now scram!" "Yeah yeah quit barking she must have got here with her mother or something." Ginzo grumbled playing along leafing her out wondering how the hell his target was dead already and who was it that killed hmi. Walking out he unknowingly walked out past Nina and once outside he yelled, " CRAPTASTIC FUCKED OUT OF ANOTHER DAMN JOB!!!"
  12. Nina glanced over at the scene unfolding and smirked. She picked up on the mans Aura immediately. He used Nen when he pinned her so she knew his distinct type while she remained incognito. She giggled lightly at that and followed the man out. That was when he began to scream and she just passed by him to where a car pulled up. On the side of the car was an unmistakable and world wide renowned emblem of the Teskislav family mercenary group. A man got out and opened the door for Nina before she got in. Several minutes later she came out in street clothes with a great coat over her upper body again. She turned and went to the Sub-Way once again.
  13. Ginzo wasn't too far behind rather annoyed once he was on the train though he made Elizabeth vanish for the time being and just sat there wondering where the hell he was going to get another job. He failed to notice Nina sitting in the first back since he was all the way in the front. After a while everyone had got on and the subway started moving. Sitting there just slightly dozing though the lights suddnly cut out and the train rattled. "What the hell!" Ginzo said freaked out as he fell off his seat. Jumping up to his feet just as the doors in front of him open his eyes had adjusted to the darkness fairly fast and he saw they were armed and with guns. "Alright everyone listen up we're taking control now and any funny business you're a dead duck now then everyone to the floor!" One of the armed men said loudly and everyone freaked out got to the floor. Ginzo got down and decided to go along even though he could take these guys out he didn't know how many he was dealing with and could not risk it.
  14. Nina sat on the train and was lazily sprawled out where she was sitting. She was no longer in a dress but her over coat hid her appearance well. That was when the train seemed to jolt and a voice came over the loud speaker. As soon as the voice identified itself as a train jacker the barely audible noise of a bolt being locked into place in a rifle. When the men began yelling she didn't get on the ground but before they could react stood up and raised her arms making the great coat part. She raised a short barreled Bulpup unstocked rifle and quickly fired four rounds into each of the two men. The rifles inbuilt silenced made it so only the noise of the bodies hitting the floor resonated through the cabin. She gazed around the cabin once before her eyes flared. She looked around again before proceeding forward into the next cabin.
  15. "You again!!" Ginzo yelled suddenly seeing her and Elizabeth appeared though the train rocked as a young boys voice was heard screaming out, "Piss off!" "A couple more of the crooks ran their way screaming and Ginzo gaped as he saw half the train wall collapsed a young boy standing there holding a scythe. It suddenly melded back into his arm like it was nothing. Though Ginzo ducked as gun fire went off behind him. One of the bullets grazed the kid's face and blood ran down it. "You fucks are so dead!" The kid snapped as he held out his arm and a flash went off as the scthe appeared and using Ginzo was a spring board he swung at the two gun men.
  16. Nina stared at the kid as he began to scream. She felt the scythe swing above her as it sliced into the others around her. She ducked down again as it came back around for another pass. She cursed as the people continued to fire at them. The kid only seemed to get more pissed off as time continued on. She simply jumped back and fired at another man that was running towards them. When the chaos cleared in the two cars she simply lowered her rifle and saw the kid continue forward. She didn't speak but let those two continue forward. She simply walked back in the cabin she was in and replaced the broken down rifle in its place. Its holster was on the side of her hip and was just small enough now to bulge out from the back of the great coat.
  17. "Really you little shit watch where you swing that fucking thing!!" Ginzo snarled pissed and the kid rolled his eyes saying, "Don't like it old geezer too damn bad I have to get rid of the rest of them and I don't need your help!" The boy said as he vanished. "Why that little piece of shit fuck this he can clear I'm done!" Ginzo said storming back to his seat.
  18. Nina took her place aboard the train and waited for the Law Enforcement personnel to begin boarding the train from around them. It may be the sub-Way but none the less the station was coming up soon and they would stop this train there. There was no need to be accidentally mistaken as one of the robbers. No, she had a better idea and sitting around and waiting was part of it. Patience came easily to the Female Sniper.
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