HunterXHunter: Advent Of The Blue Moon

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  1. Fandom Role-Plays haven't really been my niche in ages past, preferring to build the worlds I Role-Play rather that create in an existing one. That said in recent years I've really grown fond of Anime stylized Role-Play and fandoms thereof. HunterxHunter has been one of the few Manga I've ever actually read and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of. From the Hunter Exam, to Greed Island, to the Chimera Ants, and even the looming threat of the Dark Continent, I've been hooked from start to finish. With that in mind, and seeing as to how I haven't seen any new or recently made HunterxHunter Role-Plays on the site, I would like to start one.


    "It is said that somewhere, hidden in a ruin or stashed away in some treasure horde, lies The Blue Moon. Legends of this jewel's beauty are so great it is lusted after by king and collector alike, but even more so are the tales of it's miraculous power. It is said that whom ever may find The Blue Moon will be granted a single wish, with infinite power. That one alluring tale, whether truth or lie, has led hundreds upon hundreds of fortune seekers into the vastness of the world in hopes of finding The Blue Moon for themselves."

    This Role-Play will be centered around a group of Hunters whom have their sights set on obtaining The Blue Moon for one reason or another. Whether it's for gain, or perhaps aiding another character, we all will be searching for The Blue Moon over the course of the Role-Play. Now, that does not mean everything will be about finding the jewel. There will be arcs concerning different things, the Hunter Exam for starters, so while The Blue Moon may be the overall objective it will still just be a small part of the grander Role-Play. As each major stage of the Role-Play finishes, another clue to the location of The Blue Moon will be revealed tying everything together.


    Every good Role-Play has it's roots in the characters within it. Now, I myself find that the most enjoyable characters to act out are the ones that grow over the course of the Role-Play itself, in both power and personality. With that in mind I think all of our characters should start off at around the same level of power. It took me a long time to decide whether or not we would start out with the use of Nen or not, but finally I went ahead and said yes but with certain restrictions.

    Since we will be starting out in the Hunter Exam all characters will be at a rather low level of ability in the grand scheme of things. However; everyone will be able to start with some level of Nen ability. Now, as the Role-Play progresses our character will be able to learn and master new Nen abilities as they go. At the start of the Role-Play you can either choose to either be "Aware" or "Developed".

    Aware" characters are those whom know of their latent Nen ability and are able to tap into it in the most basic of forms. Slightly adjusting their strength, concealing themselves, increasing agility, things like this. Despite their lack of training or experience overall, they learn much faster than Developed characters.

    "Developed" characters already have a small degree of mastery over their Nen are able to hone it and form their abilities. In terms of the series, these would be the characters seen in the Heavens Arena Arc rather than the Exam. They are much stronger than Aware characters but learn new abilities and master current ones slower.

    Well that's all I have for now. It's getting late and I'm having a hard time thinking of anything else at the moment. I will be updating this, since it's just a rough idea, so please lend me your suggestions! Thanks!
  2. No one has jumped all over this! I an on this like white on rice, Icing on cake, Putin on Ukraine.
  3. Lol, well it still needs a lot of improvement at the moment before I have a solid idea. I know I'm going to start up a second RP soon but still haven't decided to go with this or one loosely based on Berserk.
  4. I finished the anime today and would love to do this!
  5. Great! Well, I'm thinking maybe one or two more people and we can actually start this up if everyone comes through. Any ideas either of you wish to throw out there before I start putting stuff together?
  6. Throwing in my interest! o:
  7. Interest ardently expressed! (Because I'm HxH trash, of course.)
  8. Okay! I'm setting up the OOC thread as we speak. I'm assuming all that voiced their interest still are, one thing to note before we begin though.

    I am highly adamant about posting time. I like people in my RPs to be able to post at least once a day. Is everyone ok with that?
  9. ...It depends on your length requirements. I'm a little busy at the moment - real life commitments, and all - but I can try to make time?
  10. I tend to like more lengthy posts, but since it is HxH and everything is meant to be a tad lighthearted and all I think one paragraph minimum. Five, six sentences at the very least. I will be typing more most of the time, but I know how struggling to fill posts with fluff to make up length can be as well.

    So let's say, at least one paragraph a post. As long as you clearly depict your character and his/her actions that'll be find.
  11. Oh! Oh, I can easily manage upwards of five or six; it's when we're requiring four full pages on Word that I start to have a bit of a problem.

    I should be able to manage a daily post, then, so long as I don't have to write a literal novel each time. (I'll be able to gauge based on what I'm given to respond to and judge accordingly.)
  12. I think i could be on board with that!
  13. Good lol, though feel free to post more if you want! I'll have to OOC up tonight sometime and the IC up as soon as my character sheet is finished and I can post. Looking forward to seeing you all in action.
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  14. Alright guys it's up HERE. Just do me a favor and keep in mind I still need to do a lot of editing before I can say I'm done with the page. Just figured I'd get something up so those of you that want to jump in quick can start working on your character sheets.
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  15. I'll should be able to get started on things tomorrow, but as for posting rate, I should be able to manage once a day as long as scheduling permits. If everyone I was waiting decides to post while I was at work then oh well! I'll try to give some forewarning in those cases though.
  16. this still going on?