hunters & stones. (one x one)

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  1. H U N T E R S A N D S T O N E S

    I'm not really sure where this rp will be going, so I marked it for anything that might happen. c:
    This is an one x one between Dean Winchester and me, please don't post if you're not us.

    A spear of false promises,
    A knife of sweet words,
    A rope of chanting slogans,
    And eye-blinding dust
    All they keep to hunt the prey.
  2. The cemetery looked just like any other. Grey tombstones, some crumbling away with age, some shining with their newness. The ground was covered in leaves that had fallen from the trees, differing hues of red, yellow, orange, and brown. The cemetery was surrounded by a black fence, and a church of God sat only a few mere feet away. The distinctive thing, however, was the looming stone angel that sat in the middle of the cemetery. The black Chevy Impala shuddered to a stop, spluttering engine ceasing in its noise. Opening the doors, the two Winchester brothers stepped out of the car. One was tall and lanky, whilst the other was still tall, but stockier and a few years older. They gathered at the back of the car, the older brother opening the trunk, and they pulled out several salt guns. He spoke, careful in his choice of words. "Alright Sammy, you take the church, I'll take the cemetery. Any sort of weird crap, we call for each other, alright?" Dean looked over at his brother, and Sam nodded. Sam headed off for the church, and Dean entered the cemetery. The had gotten a lead on something weird happening around here, but they're weren't exactly sure what it was. It could be a ghost, but then again, ghost didn't sound quite right. Entering the cemetery, the hunter walked around the numerous tombstones, moving his EMF detector around. He didn't get any sort of reading. As he continued on, the Winchester couldn't help but feel that someone or something was watching him, but whenever he turned, the only thing he saw was the stones and the angel. He tried his best to ignore the strange feeling.
  3. [​IMG]

    This was the angel of destiny and fate, his name was Draco. In many of the bible he was never said to have exsisted, only rumors and myths on his skin. But now the Hunter would get to see this angel in action. As the stone angel was able to see the hunter walking around it stayed standing. It stayed like that as if to scare the hunter or make him feel uncomfortable. He stood near a large tomb stone and when the hunter looked away the angel changed where he was to that near the tree in front of dean . The leaves russled as a strong gust of wind flashed by and a voice called out to dean , a whisper in the wind, all around and it didn't stop.

    Dean.......Dean winchester...........You seek the angel that moves.............locked in not be afraid..........I come before you bareing good news.........god has looked at you with favor Near a small opening he would see a figure standing there a misty figure of s male with deep brown eyes, wore blue shirt, red jeans. His hair a black color with red strikes running through it. The figure stood there un moving no bullet would effect him.
  4. The whispers reached Dean's ears. Narrowing his eyes, the Winchester pulled out his salt gun cautiously and silently. He looked up to the see the figure standing there. Seeing a man standing there, Dean hesitated to fire, in case it was just an ordinary civilian. But in a few split seconds, he knew that his man was no human. Looking at him, his brain was laced with whispers, and he had no doubt that they were from this monster. Quickly, he pulled up his shotgun, squeezing his green eyes shut and firing off a few rounds. He wasn't sure what this monster was, but he felt the need to destroy it, the need to kill it. The whispers in his brain became louder and more persistent. This creature was intriguing him so far, and possibly driving him a bit insane. He had no idea if the whispers were actually real, or if his shattered brain was merely taking the previously heard sounds and turning them into hallucinations.
  5. The stone angel near him started to crackle slightly. the misty figure chuckled gently as it looked at its body that was uneffected and walked closer toward the hunter Do not be afraid hunter, i come not to harm you, no that would be against gods will The whispering voice echoed before it was gone completely and the stone angel crackled more and more as the cracks that appeared starting to give off a stunning golden light from inside. You could have sworn that something was inside that statue and then it stopped, the crackling stopped and nothing happened. the golden light still shined through as what dean would see was what looked like golden soft feathers from inside the large crack.
  6. With the salt gun being ineffective against whatever this thing was, Dean began to panic. Oh yeah, it told him not to worry, with all that God crap, but he definitely hadn't had the best experiences with God so far. As more webbed cracks appeared in what seemed to be delicate stone skin, Dean watched the cracks widen and expand. Then it started to walk forward. He grew stiff, debating on whether to fight, run, or simply remain still. The Winchester remained stock-still, watching it, but with fists balled and legs ready to spring away if necessary. As golden light began to emanate from inside the monster, Dean watched carefully, suspecting only for the worst to happen.
  7. The statue then exploded into a billon pieces the dust behind it didn't hurt the winchester and then where the stone angel was a male lay there uneffected but he was the only angel that humans could see his wings. Golden wings that glow with heavenly light. he grunted as he rubbed his head gently and looked at the hunter slowly "Dean winchester. My family has told me a lot about you. Castiel mostly" he said as he coughed up dust and grunted gently annoyed as the dust was still covering most of him and he churckled gently and wobbled to his feet "I am Draco, Angel of Destiny and fate" he gave a bow .
  8. As the statue exploded, Dean shielded his eyes and mouth, even though nothing hit him. When the smoke cleared out, he uncovered his face, and saw a form laying on the ground. The body stood up, and the Winchester saw golden wings unfurling. As he began to speak, Dean furrowed his brows. So this guy was an angel? Apparently he knew Cas; not like that was much of a surprise. He introduced himself as Draco, and Dean continued to just stand there. He folded his arms, and finally spoke. "Alright, another angel. Great. You guys are all jerks." He huffed out the words, greatly irritated. He had spent all that time on this case, driven so far - and for it to only be one of the feathery idiots.
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