Hunters of Dawn (Magic/Monster/Supernatural Roleplay)

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  1. Meloss, once a land of peace, trade, and production, was ripped apart once the shadow of the storm passed over the island nation. From the darkness of the storm, a dark roar was heard as vampires, were-creatures, the occasional demon, and more came forth from the unknown. People were caught off guard at first, thousands dying in the first few months.

    Over time, people discovered many of the creatures only came in the cover of night, despite most sunlight was blocked by the grim clouds. As night neared, lanterns were lighted, garlic and silver burning, keeping most monsters at bay. It came a time, where us humans needed to fight back, to push the horrors of night. Thats when the Hunters of Dawn were made.

    The Hunters of Dawn are the front, middle, and last line of defense against the creatures of night, but only a select few can survive the initiation. If you survive, you find yourself with a special power, be it increased strength and speed, mastery over the elements, or something else.

    These powers come with a cost, if used too much, it can cause its user to change into one of the creatures over time, literally fall apart, or something worse.

    What would happen if a group of Hunters were charged with protecting a priest as they cross the country against monsters and more.


    If you didnt notice, I got the idea from many movies, video games, and TV shows. (Bloodborne, Dragon Age, and more.)

    If I get enough interest (starting at three) I'll open up a Group Thread, I tend to like roleplays better there. I can organize it better and such.

    Any questions, interest, or concerns :) ​
  2. Sure, I'll bite.
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  3. Mhm, sounds Interesting. I'd be down for this.
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  4. Sounds interesting enough, I'll hop on this too.
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  5. Awesome! I'll start working on a Grouo thread, will post a link up tomorrow
  6. I can think of creatures.

    But first - is there a limit to origin of creatures?
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  7. Awesome thanks! @Crow

    The origin of most creatures are more secret and unknown, but I don't have a problem with you making a few where we learn where they come.

    Also, try and keep most monsters more grim and dark.
  8. I was talking more of 'Eastern or Western mythology' but I guess so.

    Grim and dark... alright then, time to bring out the darkest depths.
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  9. *Facepalm* My bad!
    Origin in that manner doesn't matter.

    Just throw up a post under creatures in the Group Thread
  10. I might be able to get behind this, actually. My biggest concern is having super OP characters... Is there going to be a limit set regarding what sort of powers a character can possess?
  11. Yes, For instance, if it's a magic user, over use can cause the user to combust.

    A werewolf/beast user runs the chance of becoming a beast if over used.

    I'll have a list up tonight on available powers.
  12. Go forth, my warriors! Hunt all the things! Bring honor to my name!

    No but srs tho, sounds cool. Can I join? :3
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  13. Of course Lord Dawn ;) xD @Dawn
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