Hunter x Hunter: The Truth is There

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  1. Crack. Hissss.

    The train doors slid open, a number of men and women beginning to leave. An announcement rang, "Current stop: Shuca Pass. Next stop: Yache Point."

    From within, there were a few cries of confusion. "What!? Back the way we came!?" "Hey! My ticket says Rindo! What gives!?" "Not even as far as Colbur?"

    There was a bustle as a few charged the doors, but they were already coming closed. A few managed to slip through, but a number of limbs got snagged in between the doors, the last few getting unstuck before the train began to move again, having been stopped for no more than a few minutes, its remaining passengers trapped.

    Watching the train leave over her shoulder, one girl commented, "Didn't they check the map?" Briefcase held in one hand, she made her way out of the train stop, heels clacking up a staircase to Shuca Pass proper, the man buildings and mines built into the large, natural rock walls, wind funneling through the valley. The sun was only just peeking over the high walls in the late morning.

    Heading down, the girl's appearance didn't quite seem fitting for the dirty town that made most of their income off of labor. She wasn't particularly tall, but she wore a pink suit coat and skirt over a white dress shirt. Her legs were clad in stockings and her feet went along in pink shoes with short, raised heels. Her shoulder length, red-tinted brown hair was wavy, and her eyes were a light red.

    Briefcase swinging lightly, Recette ran over what she knew about the area in her mind.

    She was currently in Shuca Pass, which was nestled between two mountains. South of here was Colbur Town, and west of that was Rindo City, though the Charti Heights were blocking the way. Not that Rindo was easier to reach from the other side or anything, since it was partway into the Occa Desert... And the trains didn't run through any of that! Recette giggled at the mistake of Rindo being listed on the ticket dispensers a few stops back where she'd started.

    Reaching the base of the valley pass, Recette could see a few more of the train passengers, each making their way to one of an array of vehicles, many of them advertising passage to Colbur or Rindo. The bus filled rather quickly, while the taxi cabs blitzed off without much meandering. Checking the wallet in her front pocket, Recette let out a sigh, before moving over to a carriage hitched to the back of a dirty coated tractor.

    Approaching the elder man with a wide, sun blocking hat, Recette asked, "How much to get to Colbur?"

    "Five-wait, only Colbur? 2000 Jenny then."

    Recette paid without complaint, before slipping into the carriage. While she couldn't see so well to her back and sides, she had a full view of the front. After a moment, the tractor began to rumble, spewing black exhaust, before beginning to slowly plunge forwards into the bumpy, rocky expanse.

    As the vehicle went, sun moving across the sky, the temperature rose a bit. Recette was glad to be in the shaded carriage, but as she envisioned the path ahead, she grimaced at her choice of footwear.

    As if in her brain, the tractor driver asked, "What're you all dressed up for?"

    Recette lit up, "Oh, there's going to be a Hunter Exam soon in Rindo." Pumping her fist, she nodded, "And when it comes to the interview, I'm gonna nail it!"

    "Interview, huh?" the man repeated, as if trying not to laugh.

    Not catching it, Recette added, "Yup! They say that only one in a million people who even think about becoming a Hunter fail, so..." Glancing at her feet again, Recette finished, "I need to get another pair of shoes just in case..."

    "Don't ya hafta hurry there though? Why my little tractor?"

    Freezing up, Recette glanced at her wallet again, not willing to admit the truth. Thinking hard, she began, "Oh, well, that's... Oh! I was reading about a type of cactus that shoots its needles when things move, right? But there's these ones in the Desert that get so big their needles are like stakes, so a slower vehicle would be safer."

    As if to challenge that, a pickup truck raced by, its back filled with rough looking men armed with weapons, one of them cheering, "Ha ha! They went that way! It's 'Hunter' season!"

    Once their engines were rumbling in the distance, the old man said, "Well, you're not wrong about the cacti, though we're not in the Desert yet..."

    Looking around at the rocky stretch of land, Recette began to wonder what the real Desert was like. There were definitely some animals around though, since those guys who rolled by were going on about 'hunting season'.

    As Recette tried to relax, the tractor pilot looked around, before saying, "Hold on to something."

    Recette blinked, "Eh? Wh-"

    Before she could finish, the man pushed a lever on the side of his tractor. With a bellow, it seemed to roar, before the large tires began to spin faster, sending dirt and rock about. Speed shooting up exponentially, the tractor began to move at a strong pace, bumps making the carriage rattle. Eyes widening, Recette slipped her briefcase underneath her before putting her arms out to the sides, legs stretching out, getting a bit rattled, but not sliding around a whole lot. As the tractor reached a small ridge, the man grinned, before reaching for a chain, the links attached to the pin of the tractor trailer coupler. With a swift movement, he gave it a yank, but the carriage remained attached as it went over the short ridge. The tractor bounced, as did the carriage, even more intensely, Recette getting rattled. Once the tractor had settled, the man looked back.

    Through pure chance, Recette's heels rested on the top of the coupling pin, keeping it held in place.

    Letting out a sigh, the man dropped the chain and pulled the lever back a bit, mumbling under the roaring engine, "Man, last year's guy did something way cooler..."

    As the tractor reached a steady pace, though still faster than before, Recette reset her position, pulling her briefcase out from under her as she mumbled, "Huh. Well, we're closer now!"


    Towering out of a round gap in the ground, the wooden construction of Colbur Town rose high from within its confines, buildings being built atop buildings in the walled city. Leaning out of the carriage, Recette was watching the cliffs to the west: Charti Heights, which dwarfed the town despite being a short distance away, seeming to wall a good portion of the desert.

    Coming to a stop, the driver of the tractor began, "Well, here we are. Be careful in the Charti Heights though. Not that goin' around is any safer..."

    With a smile, Recette waved, "Thank yooooouuuuu!" Heading over a short wooden bridge into the town, light began to fade, obscured by the construct, only allowed by hanging lights, covered lanterns, and the rare gap allowing sunlight in from above. But the deeper down one went...
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  2. Watching the outside terrain pass by, Kyoko watches the desert scenery pass in the turmoil surrounding the entire train. When her parents told her about the Hunter exam, she got that there were going to be challenges, but she didn't realize that just the process of getting there would be as interesting as it was. Turns out that there are plenty of criminals that like to use the hunter exam as a means to ambush the many hunter wannabes that come through. Since the Hunter organization always has trouble thinning the crowd to just the people who are worthy of being hunters, this kind of free help is allowed to go basically unchecked. Though, for Kyoko, it ended up just being a source of entertainment.

    She didn't have anything in particular to occupy her time, so stopping the series of molesters, muggers, kidnapers, and bus jackers. Usually they know better than to try to mess with the people who are actually powerful, but being petty criminals, they are pretty terrible at gauging power other than by how big and muscular the person looks. Although Kyoko could have been a sport and made a demonstration of her martial ability, she preferred to allow her cutesy demeanor to attract the free entertainment. After all, nobody could suspect a 5'6'', flat chested, lean built girl with such a carefree expression to actually be the strongest amongst a bus filled with burly men. Her outfit was similarly unintimidating, as she had a black graphic T-shirt on that featured Nao Tomori from Charlotte paired with a white circle skirt, and silver and pink tennis shoes. Additionally, she carries a small satchel across her left shoulder that lays diagonally across her body with the actual pouch laying on her right hip.

    By the time her bus arrived in Colbur, 7 different men and women who had either tried to steal her Satchel or do indecent things to her lay knocked out cold on the ground, and Kyoko herself didn't seem to have any qualms with anything that had happened. Instead she heads out cheerfully, hoping to get a chance to wash her hands and find out where this hunter exam was supposed to take place. Maybe while she was stopped, she might also find something to entertain herself. Kyoko wasn't accustomed to having this much free time, so she didn't have anything like a game system or phone to keep her occupied. She was instructed only to use the money she was given on items needed to reach the Hunter exam and for weapon repairs however, so for now she'd just have to settle for trying to find girls her own age to make friends with. Surely she wasn't the only young lady taking the exams.
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  3. Heels trekking across the wooden planking of Colbur, Recette was beginning to wonder if she'd get lost in here. So many narrow passages going this way or that way, rickety elevators or thin staircases for vertical travel... The wood groaned constantly as a crowd of would-be hunters wandered everywhere, picking up their last minute supplies before making the next leg of their journey.

    Getting directions was impossible: either they didn't know the way or they gave directions that were impossible to reasonably follow. Some offered to show the way for a fee, but Recette needed every Jenny she could hold on to. She'd already spend so much just prepping and getting herself here...

    Oh wait, was that a shoe store right there!? With a bunch of shoes in the window lit by a light behind it? Hopping over, Recette planted her face on the window, giving them a look, before making her way in. Lucky~

    After a few minutes of browsing, however, she had yet to make a choice. The colors were lacking, so they wouldn't match her suit! Not that she was planning to wear them to any interviews, but... Then there was the matter of shoe choice. The best for long walks would definitely be boots, but those would also look really dumb with her formal wear! Which was the lesser evil...

    Biting the bullet and getting a cheap pair of black sneakers, Recette made her way out, wondering what the best way to get to Rindo was. After a bit more wandering, however:

    "-the tunnels. They go straight under Charti Heights and straight to Rindo, heh heh."

    Glancing over, Recette saw the local waving a few prospective hunters towards a way down. Figuring it was worth a look, Recette followed.

    A set of stairs here or an elevator there: Recette made her descent, getting a frightened by how far down this town could go. The deeper she went, the darker it got, even though it was almost noon. Shadiness increased by a large factor as well, with an upturn in loud booze drinkers, smoke from makeshift fireplaces, patchwork support beams, and sleazy offers.

    However, once she reached the bottom, the floor became stone, wooden construction now only in the form of support, reinforced by steel and iron. There were a few others wandering, likely hunters, but no clear path in the darkness.
  4. Once Kyoko was off the bus, the first thing she set out to do was to find a place to wash her hands. Although she tried her best to avoid making her victims bleed, it did not change the fact that her hands still smelled like the vomit from that one guy that she punched in the gut. It was worthwhile as it saved her white skirt from an untimely fate, but the sacrifice was hard to leave unnoted. Fortunately, the train let off by a fountain, which seemed just as good a place as any to clean her hands. Plus, it had the unintended benefit of letting Kyoko in on some interesting information. A group of hunters walked by, talking about how there was supposed to be some sort of tunnel route to the next location. Now, there is a real possibility that this is misinformation, but Kyoko didn't mind because in her mind it was at most a fun little detour which might involve some fighting, and that would be a lot more fun than sitting around looking for clues.

    With her mind made up, Kyoko took an elevator down. As per obligation, as the elevator can near its stopping point, Kyoko jumped slightly so she would be raised due to the momentum shift, however, she accidentally overdoes it, and hits her head on the ceiling. Kyoko laughs, more or less brushing off the incident with an appreciation of her own ditzy mistakes. It might be good to get those out of her system before the hunter exam anyway. After all, once those start, she will need to be flawless.

    Though, once she wandered out to the low layer of the city, the first thing she noted was how dark a rickety everything was. Thinking out loud, "Is this supposed to be the part of the city that nightdwellers use? You'd really think they'd put more money into architecture too. These buildings could fall right on top of you." Several people stare Kyoko down, as while her cute and innocent demeanor makes her fit into the overworld, it makes her stand out like a sore thumb in places like this. Kyoko continues, "And you'd think that people would wear brighter clothes, I can barely see anyone around here since their clothing is so dark."

    Shortly after saying this however, Kyoko detects someone dressed very differently out in the distance. From this far away it was difficult to make out exactly what was different, but just the fact that she could see something from this far was proof enough that it was another outsider. Since there are rumors going around about a path to Charti Heights, outsider is probably most likely to mean hunter. Considering that Kyoko herself found herself in need of a companion, this seemed worth her time to investigate. Dashing towards the figure, Kyoko shouts, "Hey, you over there, are you taking the Hunter Exam?"
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  5. Recette glanced around in the relative darkness, only barely lit. The atmosphere was starting to get to her: the noise filtering down from above, the occasional shape moving aimlessly in the blackness.

    Swallowing, she held out her briefcase in front of her, and began to fiddle with the lock. Before she could enter the proper combination, however, there was the sudden sound of shoe on stone approaching quickly. Recette turned towards the noise as a voice called, "Hey, you over there, are you taking the Hunter Exam?"

    "Eeeeep!" Recette yelp, jumping a bit. Stepping back, she looked over the slightly shorter attacker in her sneakers, skirt, and satchel. Realizing she was no threat, Recette let out a sigh of relief, admitting, "You scared me..."

    Realigning her posture, Recette gave her a look again...that smile...she didn't exactly look like a local, but... Recette clapped her hands together lightly in realization: she was just a really big fan of Hunters! She probably just came a really long way to see some, but...

    "H-hey, you shouldn't be down here, it's dangerous! But, well, to answer your question...I'm not really taking the Hunter Exam yet but I'm trying to get there. Even just doing that much is suppose to be really difficult, so you need to be careful!" As she spoke, she failed to notice the rapidly moving light far in the distance behind her: that of a panicked flashlight wielder.

    Looking around again, Recette sighed, "I guess there's nothing worthwhile down here...I'll just have to go the normal way." Smiling calmly, she suggested, "And we need to get you to where it's safe! Those lower floors are no good...or I guess they're upper floors from here."

    As Recette spoke, a light set of nearly inaudible footsteps approached from behind Kyoko, and hand beginning to reach for her satchel.
  6. Kyoko seemed a bit surprised that the girl she approached would be so jumpy. While this area was pretty sketchy, it isn't like anything actually dangerous to a hunter was hiding in the shadows. After all, the chances of a random hunter exam applicant having something of value to an actual hunter were too low to be worthwhile. That just left the numerous petty criminals who prey on the exam takers. Truthfully, the only people who need to worry about them are the ones who don't belong in the first place. Regardless, it was understandable to have your guard up. There is plenty of surprises coming our way, and being high strung might just save your life.

    Kyoko nods understandingly, "I'm not really concerned with all the danger and stuff since together we could probably beat whatever comes, but I'm sorry for scaring you. I just thought that maybe if I yell and get your attention first, then you'd know that I wasn't a threat. I mean, if I took the same approach as this lousy lowlife who thinks that I can't hear him, then you'd definitely attack me right?" Kyoko laughs, putting one hand on her satchel, "Besides, if I'm not down here, then I won't be able to find where the exam is taking place. It is just a dumb rumor, but I heard there was supposed to be a tunnel over here." Turning to face the lowlife, "Hey, Mr. Sneaking up on unsuspecting girls so I can do unsavory things to them, do you know anything about this tunnel?" Kyoko manages to keep a cheerful tone throughout this conversation, completely unconcerned that someone is currently in the process of trying to rob her.
  7. "Oh I wouldn't attack you...wait, what?"

    While the mention of the tunnel was certainly in line with her interests, Recette could only watch in silence as Kyoko confronted the sneakthief, who stood frozen, barely visible in the low light, his hand hanging in the air.

    Standing a bit straighter, the criminal began, "Oh, well, the tunnel, yeah, everyone knows about that. Sheesh." Raising a finger, he pointed, "It's over-"

    Without finishing, he began to bolt away. Recette growled, "Hey!" Not wanting to let her lead get away, she swung her arm, giving her briefcase and overarm toss. It flew in the air, corner over corner, before cracking the guy in the head, making his stumble before he hit the ground.

    Stomping over (and really feeling grateful she'd swapped footwear), Recette carefully stooped down, picking up her briefcase and patting it down, ensuring there was no damage, before asking, "Well?"

    With a groan, the thief admitted, "Some guys...started a rumor to get people down they could mug them, I guess."

    Pouting, Recette kicked out her foot, striking the man on the rear as she cried, "Get, you!" as he got to his feet and shambled away, caressing his head, Recette let out a sigh, mumbling, "Taking advantage of prospective hunters..." She'd almost said something like 'helpless girls' but this one...

    Feeling a little embarrassed, Recette asked, "S-so, if we're both trying to take the Hunter Exam, we better get going, huh? The deadline is 10 AM tomorrow morning somewhere in Rindo City." Looking over the girl again, Recette couldn't help but frown: her size and demeanor had her completely fooled, but this girl was certainly more than she seemed.

    Stretching out her hand to shake, she greeted, "My name's Recette. Maybe we can help each other out a bit?"
  8. Using the thief as a place to sit down, Kyoko kicks out her feet. It seemed like Recette was a hunter just like she had assumed, and not a wannabe one either, plus they seemed to be around the same age. In Kyoko's mind, this was cause for celebration as she thought she'd be bored to tears by the time she reached the Hunter exam. With someone her age, she'd at least have a person to talk to. Even if she wasn't much of a talker, she was basically used to the people around her not responding to her chatter.

    "Well, I think that should end up being enough time, but I'm a little sad that someone like this actually managed to delay us. Maybe if we work together we can make back the time. I was just thinking that if we really wanted to go to Rindo City, maybe simplest is best. If we find public transportation leading there, there will probably be some form of trap, but at least we know we'll be heading in the right direction." Kyoko leans back, causing more of her weight to focus on the criminal's back, "Besides, I want to get to the challenging parts already. I've been just riding around bored out of my mind this whole time. I'm so glad to find someone my own age, like, you have no idea."

    Realizing she forgot to introduce herself, "Oh, and before I ramble on too much, I should introduce myself. My name is Kyoko, I'm sixteen years old, and I'm looking forward to having you around. If I'm not too much of a bother, maybe we could even be friends." Kyoko places even more weight on the criminal's back as she uses him as a springboard as she bounds to her feet without using her hands since she doesn't want to get them dirty. "Maybe if we play our cards right, we'll both be hunters by the end of this right?"
  9. Not minding the trapped pickpocket, Recette listened as Kyoko spoke, going on a bit. Recette almost gawked when she mentioned her age: she was only about a year younger than Recette? Somehow it seemed like there was a bit more difference...

    Thinking for a moment, Recette was going to have to work on that. Sussing out potential in others here was Recette's prime concern!

    With a nod, she began, "I'm already feeling more confident, so let's call it a partnership!" Eyes glinting, she giggled a bit at her own thoughts, excitement bubbling. Turning towards the nearest route back up, not catching a few grunts of pain in the distance from some hapless would-be hunter getting mugged, Recette said, "Let's get out of this butthole and get going to Rindo! I don't know what the Charti Heights are going to be like, but we should be getting there first."
  10. Kyoko returns the confirmed partnership with a big bright smile. "Well then, lets not waste any time getting back!" Kyoko, very eager to get moving, basically sprinted to the elevator. She heard the unfortunate cries of a few poor saps who fell for the rouse getting mugged. However, Kyoko did not see a reason to intervene. As terrible as it was for someone to have their valuables stolen, that would be considered an extremely tame fate compared to what would happen if she let them continue on in the exam. Allowing people to pass parts of the exam they normally couldn't only makes them die later on. At least, that was the advice she received on the topic.

    After returning to the sunshine, Kyoko immediately sought out the bus that she saw earlier. The thing seemed too obvious, so she didn't want to trust it at first, but for her own reasons, Kyoko could not afford to chance missing the deadline. If it meant having to brave a dangerous trap, she would take the challenge headfirst. Seemingly always in go mode, Kyoko races onward, waiting in the case that Recette needed to catch up. While Kyoko wanted to get to know Recette, she knew there would be plenty of time to talk once they got on the bus.

    Surely enough, the bus was right where she remembered it. It looked like the bus driver was just about ready to leave. However, he seemed nice, as he waved over Kyoko and Recette, hurrying them along into the bus. The bus driver lets out a hearty laugh, "Another few seconds, and ya'll would have missed the bus. Been awhile since I seen a girl run that fast. What is waiting for you in Charti Heights Misses?"

    Kyoko declares proudly, "That is where the hunter exams are happening of course!" This statement is immediately followed by a bus-wide awkward silence, and all eyes on them. The bus driver especially didn't expect her to state such an answer so loudly.
  11. "Well then, lets not waste any time getting back!"

    Nodding in agreement, Recette pumped her fist, opening her mouth to agree, but Kyoko sped off. Jaw dropping for a moment, Recette bottled her surprised, before running after her. The elevator was fine, but once they were off, Kyoko was off again. Recette did her best to keep up, but was...Kyoko not going her usual running speed? As in, slower than her best? Recette was starting to feel inadequate... Or maybe it was Kyoko who was out of the ordinary. Recette was starting to get a feeling about her, one she was rather confident in:

    This girl is Hunter material.

    As they ran through the wooden construct on the way out of Colbur, Recette gave a satisfied grin: things were rolling in favor today!

    ...Something bad was going to happen, wasn't it?

    Trying to push that out of her mind (perhaps by borrowing a bit of Kyoko's bountiful energy), Recette managed to keep up as the reached the rocky desert, crossing to find a bus. While she wasn't winded, she wasn't too disappointed that they'd stopped to get a ride either.

    After Kyoko's joyful declaration, Recette replied, "Er, well, the Exam's actually...never mind." Letting out a sigh, Recette began to board the bus, asking sheepishly, "H-how much?" Recette pulled out her wallet, a tad downcast.
  12. The bus driver lets out a hearty laugh after recovering from the initial shock of the girl having said such a thing. Responding to Recette, he answers both questions at once, "For two young ladies looking to conquer the hunter exams, free of charge, and not just because you seem a bit slow to the draw on that wallet of yours." He turns to face Kyoko, looking her dead in the eye, "I don't know what your story is, but anyone willing to say that out loud is either excellent hunter material or a mighty fool."

    Kyoko smiles, seemingly unfazed by a rather intense glance. Taking a curious pose, she places her finger on the end of her lips, seemingly thinking about something. Despite this, the answer seems like she was just saying the first thing that came to her, "Well, I'm not sure if that is a complement." Kyoko then completely loses interest as she spots a window seat with two places open. Chanting out, "Lucky," Kyoko dashes to the seat, claiming it like it was some sort of lost treasure. Turning back to Recette, she pats the seat next to her, "Recette, come sit next to me! I have so much I want to talk about with you."

    The bus driver however seems to have his world shattered. He was just completely blown off, after having given Kyoko and her friend a free ride. You can see his jaw drop as he tries to process exactly how irresponsible this girl is, but then composes himself rather quickly, seemingly in deep thought as though considering something. This only lasts until one of the passengers complains, making the bus driver remember that he should have already taken off.
  13. Relief washing over her, Recette pocketed her wallet, clapping her hands together in thanks, tears welling up at the edge of her eyes. "Thank yoooou," she said.

    Looking over to the rest of the bus, her eyes followed Kyoko as she buzzed away, blowing off the bus driver. Turning back to him, Recette clapped her hands together once more, this time in apology, offering, "S-sorry."

    Not wanting to keep Kyoko waiting, Recette went over, joining her as they took a seat. Setting her briefcase on her lap, she gave a smile as the bus began to roll. Recette said, mostly to herself, "It cost so much to get here from Frisko...that's over in Sahelta...halfway across the world..." Recette shuddered as she imagined what it would take to get back home after all of this...maybe she should have waited for next year and prayed they set it closer to home?
  14. Kyoko seems interested in the bit of information the Recette babbles to herself. It seemed like she came from far away, and that it was rather taxing on her wallet. Kyoko, in response, answers as if Recette were talking to her the whole time. "Sahelta huh? That is pretty far away. I'm not exactly sure which parts I come from, but I know it isn't affiliated with a country. I'm also not really sure if I need to worry about money, or exactly how I got here. I more or less got drugged, woke up on the correct continent with a suit watching over me waiting for me to recombobulate, gave me a card with some cash on it. In the end, I could end up running out of money unexpectedly since I have no idea how much they thought to give me." Kyoko rattles this out as casually as could be, as if this were a daily event for her.
  15. Recette stared.

    Really it was all she could do.

    What Kyoko said didn't even sound real, but the fact that she said it so casually rather then sell that abnormality of the whole thing somehow made it a bit more believable. But was it a joke? Recette gave an awkward laugh, but stopped as she realized that if it weren't a joke, that'd be a horrible way to respond.

    Ignoring all the nagging questions she wanted to ask, Recette began, "Well, that's..." What do you mean you got paid to take the Hunter Exam!? Seriously!? "...something..." Clearing her throat, she wondered, "So, what did you want to talk about again?"
  16. With a gleam in her eyes, Kyoko declares, "Well girl talk of course!" Kyoko is most certainly not using her inside voice, the entire bus can hear her. Kyoko continues to explain even as people stare even more intently. A few almost look ready to get out of their seat and handle her. "It is going to be a while before the bus gets to Charti Heights, and I've never had friends my age. I saw on TV that a lot of time they'd just get together and talk about love interests, good places to eat, and other fun little stuff. I know it sounds silly, but I really want to try it."
  17. Recette nodded, considering her suggested topics, before her face fell a bit, and she began, "Er, well, I'd love to, but...well, I don't know any good places to eat around here, but if you're ever in Frisko, it might be fun to show you around! And as for boys..." Eyes glazing over, Recette went silent, shoulders falling, the girl looking away.

    Shaking her head, she went to the last point, forcing herself to speak cheerfully as she began, "But other fun stuff...I don't know, what do you for fun? Race cheetahs?" She chuckled a bit at her suggestion, but to be honest, she probably wouldn't be surprised at this point.
  18. Kyoko doesn't seem to understand completely, "Well, I'm not sure what a cheetah is, but I didn't really get much time for fun. Most of the time I was doing some kind of training. Sometimes I'd act silly, but the instructors are such sticks in the mud that it is never any fun. When I did really good though, they'd let me visit with my sister. She is really frail, so I'm always worried about her. I really enjoyed being able to take care of her..." Kyoko actually seems to trail out on this thought. It is obvious to see that her sister is very dear to her considering Kyoko would actually stop and think about it. Though, the sweet moment doesn't last long. After just a brief reprieve, Kyoko already seems to have more to say.

    "Anyway, you totally just cheated. You changed the subject in a hurry when you started talking about boys. That means there is one you are interested in right? Come on Recette, you have to tell me!" Kyoko isn't even sitting down anymore. She is leaning towards Recette with naught but 3 inches clearance between her face and Recette's. This doesn't last however, as from Recette's perspective, Kyoko suddenly lifts herself off the ground without even exerting any force. Once Kyoko moves back to the window, it becomes clear however, you've angered one of the hunters.

    A tough guy in the seat in front of Recette had grabbed Kyoko from the back collar of her shirt, holding her tightly but without choking her. He looks you in the eyes speaking in a awfully condescending voice, "Yes, please continue in your obnoxiously loud voices. It isn't like anyone else minds you god-damn twerpish hunter wannabes. Since I've had to endure this, I may as well be enlightened. Go ahead, what boys do you like? Your friend and I want to know."
  19. Recette swallowed as Kyoko began to talk about her relatives. While she was curious, she didn't get time to say much before Kyoko went back to a previous subject. Recette cringed as she mention guys, wanting to back up as Kyoko got all up in her grill, waving her hands as she began, "It's really nothing..."

    Then, like like free bagels on a college campus, Kyoko was swiftly snatched away. Recette gawked as she was dangled in the air like...actually she didn't seem to mind much. The man holding her wasn't happy though, demanding Recette answer the question.

    The shape of her eyes becoming a bit harder, Recette reached into her breast pocket, whipping out a thin pair of glasses and slipping them onto her face, adjusting them before huffing, "'Twerpish', huh?" Putting a thoughtful finger to her chin, she began, "If I had to say what type of guy I liked..." Crossing her arms over her chest each of them reaching, she began, "Well, he'd have to be reliable..." She flinched, shaking her head, before continuing, "Let's see...if I pointed something out to him, I wouldn't tolerate him missing it after all my effort. He'd have to keep good care of himself, you know, I don't like grubby offense."

    One hand removing a pen from her pocket, she began to twirl it, hitting all the 'too cool for school' points, before finishing, "Also, I prefer...10.9 millimeter where it counts." Pen slipping from her hand, it clattered in the middle of the bus as a few eavesdroppers scoffed at her statement.

    As she leaned over, as if to grab the fallen pen, Recette's hand whipped into her suit coat before coiling around to aim at the man, a polished, .44 caliber pistol in hand. With a twitch of the trigger, a gunshot rang out, bullet firing, striking a button on the larger man's shirt, both it and the round sailing through the window, open in the day's heat.

    Holding her gun up, she decided not to relent, but she did here a few other jumpy passengers move away, or reach for weapons of their own. Recette admitted, "Don't worry Mr. Driver, your bus is fine! That one went out the window, but if there's a next one it'll probably stop in the bone."

    ...While she'd tried to be cool then, now she was sitting a bit awkwardly, partly lying down on the bus seat, gun still raised, elbows squishing into the seat as she kept herself up.
  20. The bus driver calls back to Recette, "Oh don't worry yourself about it. You don't become a bus driver without having a few turbulent passengers. Just be kind enough to pay for whatever gets broken since you started this fight. Feel free to mug a few of them or something if you want to fit the bill."

    Kyoko, who really didn't feel bothered by anything going on, watched on with giddy excitement. Recette was just as suave and cool as those secret agents that she saw on TV with her little sister. Now, the entire gesture was completely unnecessary since Kyoko actually enjoyed being held, even if it was with malicious intent. Even still, Kyoko could hardly object to this. Kyoko clapped as Recette pulled off that insanely accurate shot. "That was amazing Recette! I didn't really need any help, but you look so cool right now I wanna squeal!"

    Looking towards the burly man, Kyoko uses a tone that sounds like a daughter trying to persuade her dad to buy her something, "Hey, this was a lot of fun and I love being picked up and all, but I prefer being cradled to being picked up like a baby cat, and if I could help it, I'd rather not get into a big fight. Something always goes wrong when you take an easy way to the Hunter Exam, and while I'd have no problem solving it, you would probably have a better chance if you were in peak physical condition."

    The bus shifts slightly as it starts making its way up the hill, and Kyoko uses this shift in momentum to her advantage. Swiftly, she hits the man's knuckles so forcefully that he cannot help but let go. Now in freefall, Kyoko shoots out her legs as to form a human bridge between the seats, letting her hover just above Recette's head. Unfortunately, this position also blocked Recette's current line of fire, and gave her a spectacular view of Kyoko's purple and white star themed panties.

    Seemingly unaware Kyoko continues, "Anyway, we should all just put our weapons away. I'm always happy for a good fight, but the bus driver is a nice man. If you have any issues with me, lets sort them out when we reach the first stop." Kyoko pouts, "I'll even stop talking if it makes everyone play nice."
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