Hunter x Hunter Roleplay?

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    Would anyone be willing to roleplay Hunter x Hunter? (I've only watched 2011, sorry.)​
    So here were my ideas, scattered around and finally pulled out from the depths of my mind.
    We could...
    • Use both OC and Canon/just Canon/just OC.
    • Start at the Hunter Exams and Freelance
      • Or devise a plot.
      • Or start after/before the hunter exams
        • and have a plot
    As for actually finding plots, I'll need help on that. FInding a plot that everyone likes is very hard and excruciating. Please give your ideas below so we can make this even better!

    "It's not like I want you to join...(please join and help)"​
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  2. This needs to be in Seeking 1x1
  3. Actually, it shouldn't. Hunter x Hunter involved many people, and I want it to be this way as well. Lot's of people had very distinct roles, and they were all cool!
  4. Okay making sure
  5. Hmm, I need to catch up I haven't watched it in a while but I know the story and characters. If I could use an OC then maybe...
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  6. What kind of story you might want to kean too? I think this should stay strictly OC but that's me
  7. I agree with this.

    But I am also interested if you'll have me
  8. I strongly prefer just OC's. What time period did you have in mind for this?
  9. Personally I'd like the GM Started during the Hunter Exams and then moved on from there with different missions we can take after our exam.

    To be honest the Hunter Exam was always my favorite arc
  10. I liked Heavens Arena simply for the discovery of Nen and the four principles. Thought it was so cool. My guy friends was shocked I was into that sort of thing lol. I actually wanted to make an emitter for this.

  11. Ah I suppose I use the Hunter Exam as a way to develop our characters, but that works as well. I'm more a fan of character building than the super powerful Hunter already. Likes underdog stories. roflcopter.
  12. My favorite Hunter Exam arc, was actually the filler arc that was not in the manga. In the original anime, not the remake one. Where they got stranded on an island near a ship. Personally it was my favorite, a great development arc I think.
  13. No no I'm totally the same way, I love the developmental side of things as well. I'd be super on board with starting at the Exam.
  14. :)

    I'm going to start following you now. I love when I can find someone I can gel with when it comes to RPs.
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  15. Ditto

    Did you have a set time for the RP?
  16. If we are going to do this RP, I have my picture and an idea too. lol

    Yes I got a little excited, I'm going use this picture

    Show Spoiler

    and the upclose


    It felt weird enough. Lol
  17. Sorry, I hadn't logged in for a while since none of my RPs were going on.

    It went from the Hunter Exam to Killua's place.
    Since we don't have a Killua in our group, we can skip to the Heaven's Arena afterwards. Sound good?

    I didn't have a set time because it didn't show any interest until now.
    Maybe when we get a couple of more members I could set up an OOC and IC date.
  18. I'm confused, so are we following the canon story with OC characters? Or are we doing all OC with an original arc?
  19. We're going to do an alternative universe with OCs. We will start from the beginning since someone likes the Hunter Exam.
    Since Killua is canon and this RP calls for OCs, we will probably head to the Heaven's Arena after completing the Exam in the RP.
  20. Yayy!
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