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  1. This is a Hunter x Hunter fandom roleplay, if you havent watched the Anime or read the Manga but are still interested thats okay! I'll answer any questions you have. And theres a link in the rules that explains Nen =D


    Plot, aqua
    This roleplay will take place 100 years after the anime/manga ends, all Canon characters are deceased but your allowed to be a descendant of one of them. The plot will start on the first day of the Hunters Exam right when everyone is waiting for the first Examiner to show up for their first challenge. Your free to already know Nen or not but you cant be a master of it yet, we dont want major OP characters right off the bat. Of course all the characters will pass the Hunters Exam (that is unless you want to fail, your choice). Everyone is free to contribute to the plot/story in fact I would much appreciate it =)


    Rules, red
    1. No controlling other players characters unless they give you permission.
    2. No OPing, you cant be a master of everything. (lol)
    3. Must post at least once every 3 days, if you cant please let us know via OOC.
    4. Some violence is allowed but please dont get too graphic, this is PG-13 rated.
    5. Kissing is allowed but if you want to go further please take it to PM's.
    6. Character limit per person is 3.
    7. If you've read these rules please put "Osu!" somewhere in your CS.
    8. Be nice and respectful in OOC.
    9. 1 Paragraph minimum per post.
    10. Heres a link for those that dont know or need a refresher about Nen.
    11. Follow all of Iwaku's rules.
    12. No killing other players characters unless given permission.
    13. I reserve the right to add to/change these rules at any time.
    14. Most importantly....[Rainbow]Have fun!![/rainbow]

    This is a diagram of the different Nen categories and how they coincide with eachother.


    Character Sheet (open)

    Appearance: (Anime pics only, description optional)
    Age: (12-30)
    Skills: (Physical, weapon, general, ect)
    Nen Type: (Transmutter, Specialist, Conjurer, ect)
    Weapons: (Optional)
    Personality: (Optional)
    Bio: (Optional)
    Theme song(s): (Optional)
  2. What kind of characters are you looking for in this particulr rp?
  3. Not sure what you mean by that XD
  4. What kind of personalities do you want to see in this roleplay?
  5. All kinds! =D whatever you have a crave to roleplay or think would fit Hunter x Hunter. I expect there will be a variety from the sadist to the sweetheart. That is if we get enough people hehe.
  6. Tokyo Ravens Episode 11 Subtitle Indonesia.png Tokyo Ravens Episode 22 Subtitle Indonesia.png Tokyo Ravens Episode 1 Subtitle Indonesia.png
    Name: Koa Riyū (Core reason in Japanese) Freeces

    Age: 17
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 192
    Father, Kyo Freeces - Deceased. Mother - Alexandria Freeces, Deceased. Brother - Open. Sister - Open.
    Personality: Will rp
    Background: Will rp
    Heightened senses (Sight, smell, sound, ect)
    Enhanced strength
    Expert in hand-to-hand combat
    Master in Tonfa's
    Can speak to animals
    Nen Type: Specialist
    Weapons: Tonfa's
    5 inch knife hidden in his boot
    Theme song(s):


    Shadouparusu "Shade" (Shadow pulse in Japanese) Zoldyck
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 128
    Family: Father, Mero Zoldyck - Alive. Mother, Ray Felore - Deceased. Brother - Open. Sister - Open.
    Personality: Will rp
    Background: Will rp
    Master of Hidden blades
    Master of hand-to-hand combat
    Enhanced Speed
    Enhanced Awareness (can sense others easier than most)
    Silent Step (her footsteps are silent to the average ear)

    Nen Type: Emitter (doesnt know it yet)
    Weapons: Brass Knuckles Knife
    Hidden Blades

    Theme song(s):
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  7. I love your characters! I'll join this. (even though I'm in another HunterxHunter roleplay...not much is happening)
  8. Ty, yay!
  9. Appearance: (Anime pics only, description optional) [​IMG]

    Name: Tsuji Kitahara
    Age: (12-30) 18
    Family:Akashi Kitahara (Father) -Living, Reina Himura (Mother) -Living, Nanami Kitahara(Sister) -Dead, Kinashi Himura (Brother) -Living
    Skills: (Physical, weapon, general, ect) Nimble, agile, and flexible. Has heightened senses of hearing and seeing. Also has the ability to make himself not easily heard. (footsteps)
    Nen Type: (Transmutter, Specialist, Conjurer, ect) Conjurer
    Weapons: (Optional) [​IMG]
    Personality: (Optional) Tsuji is reserved because of what happened in his life ; at one time he was happy and polite
    Bio: (Optional) Tsuji comes from a family of killers like the Zoldyck family. Since they are both known for different reasons, the Zoldycks and the Kitaharas are always showing off to each other. Constantly showing which family is better. Until someone from a lesser known family kills Tsuji's younger sister, then everything in Tsuji's world is turned upside down. He stops being carefree and happy. He now acts reserved and tough. Tsuji's brother disappears from the family. He wants to know why he left. Tsuji begins his search for answers.
    Theme song(s): (Optional)
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  10. Accepted! Interesting bio =)
  11. Thank you, Zlog! I had used this character a couple of different ways...but this one seemed to work the best. I hope other people join. Is there someway we can get our two killers to know one other? Like allies? or childhood friends? @Zloglasniot Fasada
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  12. Your welcome =) me too, hopefully we get more peoples soon!

    Btw I just noticed but your CS doesnt inlcude his name XD
  13. WHo's name? Tsuji's? I mentioned it. Or do you mean his brother's?
  14. Tsuji's, its in his Bio but not in the "Name:" which seems to of been deleted
  15. Fixed! I'm just curious but how many people are you planning on having?
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  16. Yay! Btw would Tsuji and Shade know eachother?
    I was thinking 4+ people to get it going
  17. Tsuji and Shade can know each other, that's perfectly fine with me^^ If its all right with you. @Zloglasniot Fasada
  18. Cool! That should be interesting when they run into each other during the Hunter Exam =D
  19. I hope this gets more people soon so we can start! =D
  20. I hope so too! I'm anxious to see how your girl will react to Tsuji's change in personality.....
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