Hunter X Hunter (2 partners wanted for plot)

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  1. I been missing HXH for awhile after I finished the Manga a few months ago.(It's on Hiatus) It has become the new Naruto in my eyes, It had Naruto's old flow to me. I just want to do a Role Play based in the HXH universe (Most likely a prequel) This is a Interest and a Partner check. I need to people who would like to play and 2 people to help me construct the story.

    Who would not want to get involved in such a amazing and beautiful universe with such a deep and dark plot. This the creator is also the man who did YuYuhakusho. (If you don't know of that series then you have been cheated out of your childhood as a young anime fan)

  2. Oh my god! i think you've answered my prayers! I love this series and Yu Yu Hakusho! I would like to help you with this if you don't mind! I had an idea for an HXH idea for awhile now but didn't really know how to start it. If you want to work together send me a message!
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  3. I sent you message like you asked.
  4. I am a huge fan of the HxH series and I like yu yu hakusho but I kept forgetting the name so when I hadn't watched it for a while I wasn't abl to find it T-T. Still, I would be overjoyed to be a part of this RP. I don't have any current ideas for a plot, but I can work wonders with an idea that already has a sound base.

    Also, thanks for telling me the name of that anime. Now I will be able to watch it again.
  5. to 5 90's amines. Yu Yu Hakush.

    I will consider you.
  6. hm would have guessed more people would be interested in this.
  7. @Trevinth I know right, I thought HXH was a big anime and manga with a large fan base.
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    This is wonderful
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