Hunter: The Return

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    The sun creeped slowly toward the horizon causing shadows to stretch and become menacing, tricking the eyes into thinking danger was around every corner. The main streets of Sai was packed with stalls, the merchants packing up anything that a thief could steal before they would leave for their homes. The Vondenboch manor loomed on a tall hill, a bitter reminder of a time where the people were controlled by puppets of the vampire Meridor. Far to the north, past the Mystic woods, one could see the Caus mountain, its peek just barely being seen over the mist that covered a fair bit of the woods and hid the vampires castle from sight.

    In the center of town is the Flaming Dragon Inn, an Inn perfectly placed so that even those just passing through would spot it. The Inn is built of polished stone, each wall carefully cut and placed, each window located to allow light but not compromise the strength of the building. The door was a thinner but tough, and pitch black stone which was surprisingly light and easy to open. To anyone with decent knowledge one would realize that the building was built by dwarves to withstand attacks and fires.
    Inside this Inn is a room lit by several candles located on eight pillars each placed evenly along the building. The second floor was open, people could be seen, and heard, above, to get to the second and third floors one only has to walk straight from where the door is. The floor of the building is made of the similar dark stone of the door, however the tables and the bar is made of a smooth and polished blue stone with each of the chairs and stools being a red stone with a cushion. Behind the bar is stairs going up to the second floor, or down to the cellar, however these are only used by the bartender and barmaids.

    The bartender is a tall man, standing close to seven foot tall with long white hair and a longer whiter beard. Despite the mans hair and beard he doesn't look all that old himself, looking only about fifty years of age. The only hint that this man is not human lays in his right hand, there is a hole in the mans hand which a knife could easily have pierced fully through, around the wound is red scales of varying sizes.
    Around the Inn is memorabilia of the old heroes, Drow daggers of Nikki, crude Orcish war hammer of Danial, Narxes' bone bastard sword, Yuche's bone bow, Unkar's Dwarven hammer-axe, Elizabetia's bladed fan, the staff of Itchira. However those that know the old heroes would also know that three were missing, Jack, Jim, and Kaus, there was no weapon for these three contained within the walls.

    The barmaids walked around each table, carrying drinks, food, dirty dishes, or just making sure everyone was happy. The owner, and the bartender, is Narxes, the draconian hero who slew the Black Dragon. He stood, calmly polishing a glass while watching the door for any who entered. He was waiting, watching for people that he hoped would arrive.
    Over the past year he noticed the mist that started to come from the castle, he listened to the reports from people who ventured into the forest, anyone who made it to the mist found themselves turned around. The forest was always dangerous as the trees seemed to move of their own volition, but one typically could make their way if they made sure to keep straight. Soon reports came from East, Fasau and Sai that people were turning up with their blood drained, which of course led to rumors of Meridors return.
    Being that he is getting along in years, Narxus sent a request to as many locations as he could, at first hoping for more information, but recently he's been attempting to recruit a new batch of heroes. A new group who can kill Meridor, hopefully for good this time.


    Reia squinted, bringing her hand up to block the sun as she looked at the stone Inn in front of her. Looking down toward the paper she received not long ago she double checked that it said to meet the man here. "This is the place." She stated, grinning as she started toward the door, "This man will definitely help me find Daddy."
    She found it surprisingly easy to open the door, in that she thought it would be heavy since its stone. Quickly the wolf-girl scurried over to a table, climbed up onto it before yelling, "Who sent me this letter? Who is the man who can help me find Daddy?"

    Narxus, who watched the young girl enter, sighed loudly as the drunks started to gather their own ideas on what exactly this girl meant. He whispered for one of his barmaids to bring the girl to the bar so that he could keep an eye out for any others who may arrive.​
  2. Osborne shut the door softly behind himself, and took in a deep breath of fresh air. He had spent so much time cooped up in this branch of the Order that he did not have much time to go outside. He then watched two blue jays fly away from their next which was in a nearby oak tree. "Being outside is so refreshing. But there is a task at hand, something that is very important." Osborne's happy expression became a very serious one, remembering the horrible event that happened many months ago. The image of his parents and the Dragon Bandits were fresh in his mind, and he will get his revenge. Osborne swore upon his life that he would. He made his way through the bustling streets of Sai, taking only slight glances at the stalls and bazaars around him. Many people were laughing and having a good time, but one thing stuck out particularly to him. A smile upon a little boy's face. At that moment, Osborne than tried to remember some of his childhood, but this proved to be very difficult. He paused before shaking his head and clearing his mind of the trifling matter, and walked up to the door of the Inn. A very peculiar Inn at that, for most of the outside had been made out of hard stone, and the door, ironically, was made out of stone as well.

    Osborne walked up to the door and slowly pushed it open with his right hand. He stepped inside and let it shut behind him before looking around with a very serious expression. People were drinking and having a good time and Osborne also noticed many artifacts from past heroes being displayed about. None of them seemed to be anything that Jim Seam would use, which slightly saddened him. He was astounded by Jim Seam's work, especially in the art of Pyromancy. Osborne shrugged and turned his attention away from the artifacts and too the hero that stood in front of the bar, the one known as Narxus. He quickly stepped to the bar and slammed a closed fist onto the counter.

    "I am Osborne Arman, and I demand that you make me a hero!"
  3. Narxus watched as the young Lycan was guided over and sat on a stool. "You will help me?" She asked, stars seeming to shine in the girls eyes.
    "Yes, though I ask you have patience for the others to arrive." No sooner as he requested that, the girl started to spin the stool, giggling to herself.

    Not long after that a mage from the Order entered, Narxus guessed he was an apprentice from his age. He took note of the boy looking over the artifacts, noting the slight change that marked the boy didn't see what he was hoping to see up on the walls. It wasn't hard to guess that he had been hoping to see one of the two other mages stuff up there, after all he doubted that this apprentice mage would care about the fact a Lycan alpha who had no magic capabilities had nothing up there.

    When the boy slammed his fist onto the counter, introduced himself and demanded to be made a hero all in the same moment...well Narxus stood, observing, he wanted to see how long it took the mage to realize he just slammed his fist onto a stone slab. After a few moments of silence, most of the other patrons had also looked to see what all the commotion was about, Narxus finally spoke, "Sorry kid, I cant make you a hero. I can however point you in a direction, along a path that will make you into a hero. However before I set you loose I ask you to wait for a few others to arrive. Until then you can talk to her," He pointed toward the Lycan girl who had stopped spinning at about the time that Osborne slammed his fist down, "She will be traveling with you."

    The words had barely finished passing Narxus' lips before Reia was practically falling off the stool to lean as close as she could, her eyes tight, squinting, looking up and down the man in front of her, almost seeming to try and judge Osborne. "I'm Reia..." She stated, slowly, a grin appearing on her lips, "You will help me in my quest to find my daddy?"
  4. Olvus looked to the town where he had been trying to get to for a week or so. Olvus' body was slightly rusty, and it felt in shambles. It had been many years since he was released, and yet it still feels the cold touch of his master's hand. Olvus had never seen any other constructs other than him in his lifetime, and anyone who he came across was bewildered by him. It knew that there were others, but none like it. The sun peaked over the horizon and he walked through the center of town and into The Flaming Dragon Inn. Olvus knew nothing of this town so this would be a fair place to start. There were some patrons in the bar and it looked at them with dark opinions. They were drunk and most likely ready to do something stupid. Olvus disliked all the drunkards, they always through things at it or hit it. This was always a concern for Olvus. If Olvus' body was damaged in a substancial way then the magic would flee from it's body and off into the world. Everything had been easy, Olvus fit into nature and nature fit with Olvus. This was until it had issues with the humans. Olvus put his hands on the bar as he finally made it up there. "I'm looking for a smith, is there any craftsman around?" Olvus looked at the tall man and waited for a reply.
  5. Veron stood hiding from the last rays of the sun under her lightly colored cloak as she glanced down the streets of Sai. Everything she had seen thus far coincided with the stories she had heard back in East, which only served to make her slightly giddy off the fact that she was actually there. Continuing on down the street she took note of a curious looking stone building that stood well within her view. Something about the name, Flaming Dragon Inn, struck a cord in her memory. It took her a moment to isolate said cord before she brought a fisted hand down on her other hand in sudden realization. She remembered hearing the name in some notice that went around the city not too long ago, presumably about someone looking for a batch of heroes.

    The mystery solved for the moment she figured she might as well take a look inside, finding the seemingly stone door rather light as she pushed it open and took a curious look around.
  6. Osborne smiled at the fact that Narxus could point him in the right direction, towards the path of being a hero. He then winced in pain, having a late reaction to the previous action of slamming his own fist into a stone slab. He shook his hand, trying to rid himself of the pain before hearing Narxus' last comment, and looked towards the Lycan girl. This girl was his travelling companion? He looked her up and down before hearing her comment. This girl had a very childish tone to her words, especially how she asked him if he would aid her in finding her father. In the eyes of Osborne this girl did not seem like much, weak in fact, but one thing Osborne knew more than anything was to not judge people by their appearance but by what is inside of their spirit. He gave her a slight smile and nodded. "I am Osborne, and I will aid you in your quest if you aid me in my quest of furthering my knowledge of old magick. If we assist each other, we will get along very well." Osborne gave her a pat on her shoulder before hearing the doors of the in open and watched as a large figure, almost as tall as Narxus, walk inside. The sounds of it's step were very loud and metallic sounding. He examined the thing closely to notice that it indeed was made of various metal and gears. It proceeded to ask for a craftsman but to Osborne a better place to ask would be one of the merchants in the stall.

    He shrugged off the figure, not paying much attention as yet another individual walked inside of the Inn. This one was more cloaked and mysterious than the thing he had examined previously. "I wonder who that is.."
  7. "Magic-k?" Reia looked toward her staff, leaning on the bar forgotten about until now. "I know magic-k." She was forcing more emphasis into the K sound than was actually needed, however the girl rather enjoyed this funny take on a word she already knew, it was like when you hear someone say something in another accent and you start saying things in that accent even if you don't mean to. "Daddy taught me a lot of the healing spell magics."

    As the large metal being entered Reia turned, then let out a loud 'ooo' as her eyes looked up and up, craning, back hitting the bar. "Ooo…that looks almost as big as bar man."

    Narxes noticed another enter behind the construct and sent a barmaid over to greet them, meanwhile he turned his attention toward the construct, ignoring Reia's comment. "For a smith you would do better going to Fasau. However if you require something more urgent then there is a smith a block down the main road, but he is probably closing up shop like all the others. Most everyone here is scared to stay open after the sun goes down. Superstition, paranoia, and ignorant fear does wonders for the mind." A light chuckle rose up from the bartender as he remembered when he first arrived in this town, back when everyone barred their doors hours before the sun had fully hit the horizon.

    "Are you made of metal? How did you get inside there?" Reia had managed to climb onto the bar so that she was tall enough to look into the slit where the construct's eyes would be.
    "Get off my bar." Narxus grumbled as he lifted the Lycan girl then put her back down on her seat, much to the protests of Reia. Turning his attention back toward the construct he said, "Actually if you aren't in dire need of repairs I do have a job that will eventually take you to Fasau."

    Veron would find herself greeted by a young woman, the woman would crouch down before saying, "Hello, are you here for food, room, or to meet someone?" It didn't quite pass the woman's mind that this girl in front of her was here about the assistance request, nor had it quite connected that the girl was paler than she should be. However that last one was a good thing, after all as Narxus said, superstition, paranoia, and ignorant fear does wonders for the mind.
  8. Veron briefly studied the young women greeting her before responding to her question. "The last one, I suppose." She might as well see if she could get more information about the hero call, as she was already there and it sounded like a rather interesting topic. Glancing past the friendly women Veron took note of an interesting figure that was a good bit taller than her and seemed to be made of metal. Perhaps it's some sort of suit? she thought silently to herself. Or maybe it really is made of just metal. Can something like that really be made out of just metal? It was at that point that she realized she had been staring at the metal being for longer than she should have, and thus returned her gaze to the young women to hear her response.
  9. The woman looked around to see if someone else seemed to be waiting for someone, then she looked back at the girl before saying, "Wait, your not here because of Narxus' request for a hero?" It was quite clear that the woman was worried, one young girl requested personally, another just showing up because she saw the request. She would turn toward Narxus and yell, "Narxus! Your stupid request is bringing in children."
    "Can she fight?" The question was actually directed at Veron, and it gave her a more focused idea as to who sent the request. Honestly what did Narxus care if it brought in the young, his daughter went on the similar quest when she was essentially fourteen and she managed to bring a dragon down, and survive the final fight.
  10. Olvus looked at the girl who climbed on the bar then it turned his head toward the bartender. "I will take the job if it is what you request." Olvus took one of the stools at the bar and sat on it. "I am Olvus, if you request of my services I will need some repairs and maybe payment. I am skilled in the art of war and I am capable of whatever you set in front of me." Olvus looked at Narxus then it turned his head to the rest of the people who were gathering. Humans to the construct were mostly the same other than their voice and the way they fight. Otherwise they were just the same to him. The humans that Olvus met on his travels were barbaric and not very civilized. They would throw things at him and mock him. Olvus wondered why humans were so violent, he had heard stories of wars and battle, but he never experienced the thrill of being in one. Fighting wasn't the hardest thing he had done. Since Olvus was a suit of armor all he had to do was hit his foes. It was as simple as that. Yet, he found it hard to be able to wield a weapon that wasn't apart of him. It was like putting a bone by another and saying they are apart of the same body. Olvus folded his hands and waited for Narxus to speak.
  11. Once the suns rays no longer passed through the few windows of the Inn, Narxus ushered the group down the stairs behind the bar, and into the cellar. The cellar had many large barrels of various liquors, some shelves held preserved foods. There was a large table in the center of the room, on this table was a map of Morua, this map had been drawn on and written on, some things crossed out, others added to, borders altered and notes added for nearly every town and even the bandit camp.
    Narxus moved around to the far side of the table where he said, "I have a request for each of you, a request to finish a job that the old heroes apparently failed to do." He motioned toward the map, "This map is old and I had to make a lot of alterations from when I originally got it, but the important things are still correct." He placed his hand on the center of the map, on a large castle which was surrounded by the forest and a drawn on mist, or atleast a note said it was mist it looked like someone got mad and tried to cross out the castle. "I would like to request for you all to kill the Vampire Lord Meridor."

    He let the request soak in some as he looked over the group, attempting to judge what they were thinking. "I can pay each of you one thousand gold each, and offer you free food, drink, and rooms." His eyes turned toward the construct where he added, "Though for you, who I assume doesn't need to eat, drink, or sleep I can call in a favor for the Dwarves of Caus mountain, ask them to repair you, or whatever you wish to receive from them." Narxus would pause here, allow each to talk about the payment, or to request something else for payment.

    After everyone was satisfied with the payment, or as satisfied as they could be, Narxus ran his fingers over the 'fog' and said, "Obviously you cant make it through this, may have tried already. Ive spent the past few years talking with a...friend who told me a fair bit of interesting things about the fog. It is held up by six orbs held by six guards, when these six are brought together the fog will open to allow passage. The guards who have them are E'mun, a mystic who lives in his ancient city right about here..." He pointed to one of the few locations of the Mystic woods that is not covered by the fog. "You'll know your on the right track when you start seeing statues, just try not to turn around, the trees don't like intruders."
    He moved his hand to the large Dragon Bandit camp, the camp itself having been redrawn several times as it has grown over the years, pointing at the largest building, "Bral holds another, he is a Dragon so I dont expect his fight to be easy, just like I dont expect it to be easy to reach him."
    Then he pointed toward Caus mountains, "Toward the top of these mountains is an old fort, there you will find Memphis, he is an aging Lycan who is more keen on getting others to fight for him." His eyes turned toward the young Lycan where he said, "This is also where you will find you...Daddy." This making Reia clap her hands together and squeal out something that was pretty unintelligible.
    He then motioned toward the large graveyard, which has also been redrawn several times and has practically doubled in size from the original graveyard, "Aris has another. I'm not sure why she is helping Meridor, when I tried to talk to her she attempted to kill me. She doesn't seem to want to harm others though, as seen by humans continually visiting the graveyard and coming out fine, so I assume that you could get closer than I could."
    Standing up straight he said, "Ecra has another, though she is illusive, and she will more than likely be even more deadly than Meridor. I'd start at Fasau, she seems to enjoy hunting their hunters. The last one...I dont know who has it, but the others will so if you can get any of them to talk they may be willing to tell you who has the sixth one."

    With that Narxus fell silent and looked around, waiting for the questions to start coming, allowing the group to look over the map to get their bearings.
  12. Rhea trotted slowly, yet purposely through the streets of Sai, watching the merchants packing up their stalls in a poorly-disguised rush. She could practically smell the fear emanating from them, yet they all tried to conceal it as they stored all the wares that were their lifeblood in this trading town. Raising her gaze to the crudely-drawn images on the signs above several buildings, emerald eyes searching for one that might suggest she had found the tavern she was looking for. The mice she had communicated with on the outskirts of the town had told the little they knew about the inn; a busy place, with plenty of nooks and crannies, small chambers and a tall oaken staircase leading to private rooms, where many locals came to drink and there were seldom fights. The place served good, warm food and had good, soft beds, and the owner was keen on information from those travelling through. As a previous hero, Rhea assumed Narxus had been collecting news and suspicions from trader folk and adventurers about the threat of Meridor for a long time, so this didn't surprise her. What better place to be going for information!
    After a time pondering, Rhea came across a wooden sign on which was a roughly painted dragon breathing great tongues of flame. Loosening the holster that couched her halberd across her back and drawing the massive weapon so she could fit into the building without gouging the ceiling, Rhea pushed the door open and ducked through. A wall of warmth and smell and noise hit her immediately, and she smiled. Taverns were great places to understand local culture, not to mention have a few drinks and a frolic. Focusing herself, Rhea navigated across the - fortunately wide - floorspace to reach the bar. Rhea noticed the flicker of unease and intimidation in the rather pretty barmaid's soft brown eyes as she looked up to meet the centaur's gaze. Rhea beat down the urge to grimace - she hated her form making people uneasy, unless it was supposed to of course - and smiled warmly. Tucking the halberd's bladed head as discreetly behind her back as she could, she found the right words in her head and they rolled fluently off her tongue, a slight accent warming her tone;
    "I'm here in answer to Narxus' request. My name is Rhea. Could you please take me to him?" The girl's cheeks coloured a little and she returned Rhea's smile.
    "I'm Rana. Narxus has just taken some people downstairs, but could I offer you a drink first?" She placed her hand over Rhea's on the bar, her smile growing subtler. Rhea smiled softly - this woman was clearly taken by her charms, but thoughts of how much she missed her beloved, Aeolus, as well as the importance of the upcoming quest stilled the playful banter that she would normally have spoken.
    "I would stay." Rhea assured her, eyes sparkling, "But I'm afraid I would miss the vital information Narxus is giving out." The centaur grinned and the girl, Rana, smiled back ruefully and beckoned for the centaur to follow her. Sobered, Rhea again ducked through several doorways and navigated a short downward flight of steps before thanking the barmaid and entering the room she had been led to.
    A great table dominated the centre of the room, alight with many candles, and a great parchment map dominated the centre of the table. However Rhea was more occupied by the current residents of the room. A towering metal man was bent at one end of the room, his domed head pressed to the ceiling, and Rhea felt pleased she would finally have to look up at someone that wasn't another centaur. She was wary of his unnatural form, but keen to understand more about him. Across the table from him stood a young human male, dressed all in white and gold, with shockingly pale hair to match and Rhea could sense the aura around him - a magic user then. Closer to the door were what appeared to be two young girls, one silvery and one redhead, though Rhea knew enough of the magics and races of the world to know they must be more than they seem. Narxus stood at the head of the table, looking just how Rhea had imagined, if a little older, and he was leaned over the table, gesturing at the fog on the map. Unwilling to interrupt him further than her entry already had, the centaur let the previous hero continue from where she interrupted him.
    "...Many have tried already. Ive spent the past few years talking with a...friend who told me a fair bit of interesting things about the fog. It is held up by six orbs held by six guards..."
    Rhea listened intently throughout Narxus' explanation and suspicions, turning the information over in her head and thinking over questions she wanted to ask. At the end of Narxus' monologue, Rhea made her introductions to the assembled group.
    "Good evening. My name is Rhea and, I assume like you all, have come to answer Narxus' request for a new party of heroes. The quest sounds dangerous, but I am willing to devote my skills to the cause of destroying Meridor once and for all." She nodded to each member of the group, acknowledging and greeting them. "Also, may I just say, it is a great honour to meet you, Narxus, you and your partners' tale is one told oft amongst my people. Perhaps we too, as a new group of heroes, can make such a tale as well."
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  13. Joss strolled about through the streets, taking in the sights. She was currently in her human form; the ground below felt nice and warm on her feet. Today just seemed like a nice day in general, and it would've been a nice day to browse the stalls if she'd actually had anything to spend. What a pity. Perhaps it was for the better, though, as she could easily see herself losing track of time and losing sight of the real reason she'd come here: to ask about the hero job.

    I am definitely crazy, she thought. That's it. I'm just crazy. What good am I going to do? Really?

    But here she was in Sai, looking for the job.

    Before too long, she came upon a fancy-looking inn and figured that had to be the place. There were no other buildings like it that she could see, anyway. That polished stonework had to be dwarven, right? A sign confirmed that this was in fact the right inn, so she pushed open the (surprisingly light) door and walked inside.

    The first sight that hit her was the centaur. Conveniently, this centaur also seemed to be after the same job, so Joss just followed her down the stairs and listened to the briefing. After the centaur--or Rhea--introduced herself, Joss figured it was her turn.

    "Hello," she said. "I'm also here for the hero's call. My name is Jocelyn, but you can call me Joss. It's nice to meet you all."

    Of course I had to follow the eloquent centaur, she thought. Not that she showed the least bit of negativity on the outside.
  14. I hate this place. That was the thought that crossed Oswald's mind as he walked to the Dragon's Inn, where he heard of a request from the great hero Nerxus. Just looking at the stalls of people packing their items to hide from bandits, the rustle and bustle of various people going from place to place, agitated him. He quickly walked faster to escape it. The place gave him enough bad memories as it is...some worse than others.

    It wasn't long before he found the Inn. Wasting no time, knowing he was probably late, he quickly walked in without a second thought, ignoring the fact that the stone door was lighter than it appeared. Great...even more people. And most of them are drunk. Oswald hated crowded places where people were making too much noises. He hated being around people in general. He knew that one would question as to why someone who wants to be a hero not care about other people. Well, Oswald didn't consider himself a hero, he just wanted to slay Meridor. Once he was done with that, he would probably travel around the world until he found an isolated place to stay in, where no one would bother him. He would live in peace forever...

    Oswald was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he didn't notice one of the female barmaids approaching him. It wasn't until she spoke up that Oswald was snapped out of this dreams.

    "Welcome to the Dragon Inn, would you like a drink?" the maid asked with a smile. Wasting no time, he decided to get right down into business. His day dreams can wait.

    "Do you know where Nerxus is?" he asked, not even responding to the maid's previous question. Of course, she looked unsettled. Perhaps she never had someone act that rude to her.

    "Yes, he's down at the cellar with the other heroes..."

    "Thank you" Oswald replied, quickly heading towards the cellar. Rude yes, and no doubt other people were staring at him because of his rudeness, but he didn't care. He didn't care what anyone thought of him...

    When Oswald approached the cellar door, he saw a centaur and a werewolf approaching. Looks like he wasn't the only one that was late. Once he entered the cellar, he stopped in his place. Oswald was enthralled with the new creatures he saw. A construct...he heard of those before, but never actually saw one. And of course there were vampires... While Oswald usually keeps a calm demeanor at all times, in truth, he is always excited to see new things. That was one of the reasons why he wanted to become a warrior in the first place... Yeah...was is the right word...

    Snapping out of his trance, for he was intrigued by the new creature he had seen and was staring at them for quite some time, he quickly looked at Nerxux and said, "I heard you need someone to take down Meridor? Is that right?" He waited for a reply...
  15. Another entered at about the time he started naming the guards that he knew of, he knew by the sound of the feet, or rather hooves hitting his stairs, that the person was a centaur. His guess proved correct when she arrived down and stood by the stairs so as not to interrupt. There was also the sounds of another two after her, however he didn't stop to greet them yet.

    After he finished naming off the guards the centaur approached, saying she was named Rhea and that she was willing to accept and destroy Meridor. When she said she had heard the tale of his journey Narxus gave a laugh knowing full well that it was his daughter who was going around the world telling just about everyone who would listen of it…she always did love being the center of attention so being a hero suited her nicely.
    Behind the centaur came a human, though Narxus knew by the 'scent' that she was a werewolf like Reia. She pleasantly introduced herself as Joss, and Narxus could tell, namely by how Reia was bouncing, that the young wolf was also from the Order…he mentally hoped they turned out better than the other two.
    Then after her came an actual human, who seemed to be caught in a trance at seeing all the various creatures down here, which made Narxus glad he was in his human form as the kid probably would have had a sensory overload if there was another new creature down here. Finally he snapped out of it and introduced himself…or rather he didn't introduce himself but his words told Narxus all he needed to know.

    Olvus, Veron, and Osborne all excused themselves, saying they would think the offer over.

    Narxus moved to invite the other three over, however Reia beat him to it, or atleast beat him to inviting one of them over. She scurried over to Joss and hugged her before pulling her, "Come on, he knows where Daddy Luna is." She dragged Joss over to the table before pointing at the mountain, "All we gotta do is scale a mountain…I guess afterwards I gotta punish an evil vampire too, but it doesn't matter."
    Sighing Narxus motioned the other two over, "Yes, I require people to take down Meridor. I trust you three heard everything from before?"
  16. Rhea smiled at the two that followed her in, a werewolf and a human - who was a seemingly rare occurence in this gathering of various races. Joss seemed quite amiable, even when the young werewolf ran over to hug her, and Rhea got the impression she would get on well with this wolf girl. However, the chilly, if startled, demeanour of the human puzzled her a little. Of the charismatic-seeming group that had stepped up to answer Narxus' call, he seemed the most out of place. The centaur hoped she could help to pull this boy out of his shell and perhaps help him with his grievances, whatever they were.
    "Thank you Narxus," Rhea smiled, stepping up to the table to gaze over the parchment. Maps did fascinate her, she had to admit. "I heard everything. Each of these guards sounds a challenge in themselves, before we even face Meridor! I would be inclined to ask, first of all, on whom you feel it would be best for us to begin? As we have only just met, it will be tricky for us all to work as a team and I, for one, would appreciate any advice you could give on which order to procure these orbs from their guardians." The centaur paused for a moment, originally waiting for Narxus' response, then her mind presented another question that she was compelled to ask as well. She hoped Narxus would answer both in sufficient detail. "Actually, there is another query of mine. Once we clear the fog, I assume Meridor will be aware of our hunting of him and - in response to that - will not simply allow us to trot up to his castle unchallenged. What minions are under his control that we may face? And furthermore, when we get to Meridor, if he has evaded Death once, I'm sure he will not be so quick to welcome him a second time. You, of all assembled, will be best to tell us how to destroy this monstrosity once and for all." Rhea then stopped abruptly, realising that she had asked questions all with incredibly longwinded answers and needed to stop to give Narxus a chance to explain one item at a time. Her curiosity was burning bright though, she was keen to know everything she could so she could use the knowledge to understand and conquer the challenges that faced her and the group on this mission she was eager to begin. "Sorry." she murmured, feeling a touch embarrassed by her outburst.
  17. Hearing about the whereabouts of Luna was actually great news. And since it coincided with the goals of the others here (i.e. killing the vampire), Joss figured their chance of success had gone up a good amount. This was looking pretty hopeful. Also, no one had seemed to mind that she hadn't introduced herself nearly as eloquently as Rhea, so that was a good thing, too. Speaking of Rhea, the centaur had asked all the questions that had been on Joss' mind, so Joss was glad for that. The biggest question she'd had was how Narxus intended for them to kill Meridor when Meridor had already come back to life. That was kind of an important little detail, and she was curious to hear the answer.
  18. Rhea requested who Narxus would suggest going after first, the suggestion was simple, but the answer was complicated. He started to think before hearing the centaur ask about the defenses of Meridor himself and how to kill him.

    Reia's grip found purchase in her staff and she growled, an interesting purple energy pulsing through the metal. "You don't evade death. It is an absolute, and only Death chooses if you can leave." She growled more, her teeth baring as she thought about how best to…destroy this vampire. However she also started to calm down as she listened to the calming voice of her old friend, aiming to relax her, telling her to listen to Narxus.

    Narxus had used the slight outburst that the young Alpha made to think properly on Rhea's questions. "Yes, though it also helps if you have a powerful necromancer and a daughter who is able to talk her way into nearly every magical school and magical order to steal their spell books.
    Anyway, if I was going to travel with you I would suggest either E'mun or Aris. E'mun because when we first encountered him all he wished was to play a game…well more to the point he wanted to punish Jim for burning down some of his forest, but the point is he was the most responsive of the guards, actually assisting us by telling us about the other guards, honestly I don't think he likes Meridor much.
    Aris because she was Jacks wife, though she won't be an easy fight as she is an elf necromancer who has spent her long life learning deadly magics…however as I said before she doesn't seem to want to hurt anyone…except me." He gave a short pause which barely lasted a second before adding, "Avoid Ecra, try to leave her for last. She was dangerous one hundred years ago when she was just a pup of three. She nearly slaughtered all of us, we only survived because of her 'father'…though I doubt he's going to be around to stop her this time…since I heard a hunter of Fasau killed him which may be one reason she enjoys hunting them."

    His attention then fell toward the map, though the look in his eyes suggested he wasn't actually looking at the map. "As for your second question. Meridor is a powerful illusionist, when we first entered his castle he used everything from reversing rooms so we walked on the ceiling, to opening pitfalls, all the way to making us fight illusions of himself and his guards, and even ourselves. I should warn you, for most illusions are simple, just refuse to believe they exist and they stop existing…Meridors however, they do exist. If the floor disappears, then it is gone. He however does have an issue of being…overconfident I guess would be the word. He enjoys watching people struggle, but also enjoys seeing them make it through his traps, so everything he sends at you will be there.
    However his daughter will be the bigger issue. His wife was responsible for recruiting two powerful dragons and giving them an army of bandits. His daughter however managed to convince three other vampire families to put away their hates and work together…I don't know if any of you have ever met an ancient vampire family, but they hold grudges longer than dragons, and dragons can hold a grudge." Narxus gave a sigh as he thought some about his own family, though his mind quickly returned to the new heroes and the centaurs actual second question of killing Meridor.
    "To kill Meridor. We cut off his head. Obviously we should have took the bloody thing with us when we left. I'd assume that cutting his head off would work again, though you could also use the old 'stab him in the heart'. You don't have to use wood, Elizabetia always laughed at that rumor, anything will work…just don't remove whatever you stab him with, Eliza mentioned that they just come back if that happens. Fire works too, though it may take a while as I've seen a regular vampire burn for about six hours before he finally died. Don't use the sun, it just gives them a sunburn, besides his castle is enchanted so the sun never shines anywhere within five miles of its walls. If you wished you could also tie him up and let him starve…though that will take about fifty some odd years so I don't think you feel like guarding him until that happens." There was plenty one could use to kill the ancient vampire, none of them sounded particularly easy to do though.
  19. As Johnny listened to Nerxus explanations, there was one thought that was bothering him. It was something that he thought about as soon as he heard the call for heroes. Something that made him uneasy...

    "Say, Nerxus, something's been bother me..." he said. "So, you just want this random group of people to go ahead and kill this ancient vampire who terrorized the world many years ago right? Well, look, I know the old heroes are gone now, except you, but don't you think that setting out random people is a little too much? I mean, your not even gonna test us to see if we're worth going or something. We're talking about slaying a very ancient demon that ruled the world many years ago here..."

    While Johnny wasn't at all nervous about the trip, he figured that something can't have been right with just sending out random people to stop the same ancient vampire that more greater heroes like Nerxus herself was able to stop. He waited patiently for her reply.
  20. Narxus laughed some, "And? Our original group was started by two werewolf lovers and consisted of a dwarf who pretty much hated all of us because we weren't dwarves. A demon summoner and a paladin who fought every chance they could. A vampire assassin who only agreed to travel with us because she was also targeting me and I agreed to let her kill me after we killed Meridor. A fire mage who left us half way into the journey so he could learn more under E'mun. A dragon bandit who had a change of conscience, my daughter who wanted to lead a draconic uprising and rule her own nation of dragons...though that may just be because she was a hatchling and didn't understand her draconic pride yet. And finally myself, a draconain who isn't allowed to return to any dragon roosts." He gave another laugh before leaning forward, "How exactly should I test this group when our original group was...quite dysfunctional and didn't actually start working together until...well I guess until Ecra nearly killed us all."
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