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  1. For years the land of Morua have been terrorized by Meridor, a vampire lord. His 'requests' were simple enough, he took any he wished for food. Those who tried to stand up to him wound up dead. This ended, however, one hundred years ago; when a band of ten 'heroes' made it through his guards and killed the Vampire lord.
    Morua didn't prosper, not with the Dragon Bandits around, but those who lived there did sleep easier. Atleast until a year ago, when fog came from Meridors old castle. Any who entered the fog found themselves turned around, rumors of Meridors return is abound.

    With these rumors Narxus, one of the last of the original ten 'heroes' sent out a request for help, seeking the aid of a new batch of hunters to kill Meridor, hopefully for the final time.

    Setting (open)

    This rp will be set in the land of Morua, a land much similar to medieval Europe in architecture. Technology is unheard of around in this land, but the arcane is prevalent. I will allow 'technology' made through the arcane magics.

    Morua is split into three towns which surround Meridor's castle. A large forest, a mountain and a bandit camp.

    East – A downtrodden farming town who is safe from the Dragon Bandits only so long as they deliver most of their crops, leaving them little to eat themselves.
    Has the largest graveyard in the land, all of the dead from across the land is buried here.

    Fasau – A hunting and mining town built on the edge of the Caus mountain, their weapons and armor is said to be the strongest in the lands. Within the mines Dwarves work, trading with the humans in the town itself, however the Dwarves don't allow anyone within the mine itself, though there is a rumor that another of the old heroes currently rules these Dwarves.
    This town is the only place which is safe from the Dragon Bandits, unfortunately they are terrorized by a beast which slaughters their hunters.

    Sai – Trade center of Morua, located on the crossroads which lead to the surrounding kingdoms. The main streets are packed with stalls. There is a tall hill which overlooks the town with the Vondenboch manor sitting on it. The Flaming Dragon Inn, a unique building made by the Dwarves out of stone, is located here, the owner of which is Narxus a hero back in the day.

    Caus Mountain – A tall which holds Fasau built on its side, within this mountain resides the Caus Dwarves, whom only leave to trade weapons, armor, and the like, for food. Toward the top of the mountain is an old fort which rumor has it has been claimed by werewolves.

    Mystic Woods – The forest surrounding Meridors castle, a thick canopy of leaves above, trees which seem to move, and grow back only days after being cut down. It is rumored that there was once a clan of elves that lived here, though the only thing that remains of their culture are statues.

    Dragon Bandit camp – A massive camp which looks closer to a town, the Dragon Bandits home. Their insignia, a black dragon coiling around a blue dragon, marks their lands. Blue Dragon Bandits are the most common members, seen all over the lands shaking down travelers or carrying out raids. Black Dragon Bandits are the elite guard, they protect their camp, recruit more, and carry out raids on the other kingdoms.

    Meridor's Castle – A massive castle located perfectly in the center of Morua, currently surrounded by a thick fog.

    The rp will start in the Flaming Dragon Inn and from there you all will choose where it moves.

    About (open)

    Choice is prevalent in this rp as every single guard you will have the option of killing or sparing him/her. Killing one guard may seem like a good idea at the time, but you have to think about what will happen if you kill him/her.

    Plot twists! We love them. This rp will have secrets revealing what happened with the previous group, or describing more on the guards.
    I also love when you, the RPer, throws something into my nice plan to make me rethink things.

    However I do not like it when someone decides to do something just because they want to. So if you decide to have your character kill off a guard that the others voted to spare, or dash off to fight someone that the others didn't wish to fight yet, I won't be happy...and this may result in your character no longer being around.

    That said, if you wish to have your character go on a side quest to expand them, flesh them out, get a cool weapon/power that you thought of (and I accepted) then I won't mind assuming of course you tell me first.

    If you don't know if you should do something pm me, I promise I don't bite.

    Rules (open)

    - Obey the majority vote.
    - Stick with the group. Your not some uber-super-ultra-awesome character. If you go splitting from the group because you don't like the path they took, or want to fight that boss early, then don't whine when your character gets his/her ass handed to him/her.
    - Cussing is accepted but not every other word
    - Don't think that the Npc and bosses will be weak, even if it is mentioned they are weak that wont stop you from getting hit.
    - If you want to make a guard of a guard (or mini boss) pm me, run me through what you want for your mini boss if I say yes then cool
    - Stick to your character sheet, don't just add weapons or magic because its 'convenient', if you want your character to gain 'that weapon' or 'this spell' pm me and I'll say if you can gain it through a side quest or from a guard
    - Romance is acceptable, but don't hold up the rp

    This will be a Semi-Literate to Literate rp, which means if you cant make at least a paragraph (which I count as five complete sentences) then don't join. Yes I understand if sometimes you have a brain fart, or writers block, it happens to me a lot, but I don't want to see this happening every post.

    And this rule should be redundant but I had this problem in two rps (one was a fight tournament rp)
    There will be fighting, a lot of it. If your character cant handle damage, gets squeamish at blood, crys at a broken nail, or anything else that generally annoys me (like fucking twilight vampires) I will kill your char, I will kill your char in the most gruesome fashion I can think of, I will kill your character in a way that will piss you off.
    Note about above rule - Should you make a char who refuses to fight but have a cool work around (Shaolin monk style) then go for it

    Guards (open)

    This section describes the guards, the bosses you will be fighting, and any guards they may have that you have learned about
    Information will be added as you learn them
    (8 Alive) (0 Dead) (0 Released)

    Name - Charles Vel Vondenboch
    Race - Humen
    Weapon - Unknown
    Power - Unknown
    Difficulty reaching – Easy
    Bio – Charles is the last living member of the Vondenboch family a once powerful family who acted as the Lords of Morua. Their family fell into disfavor with the locals when it was learned that they were working with Meridor.
    Currently Charles claims he is 'setting things right' and is a merchant, selling some of his family heirlooms.
    Found – No
    Location – Unknown
    Status -alive


    Name - Ecra
    Dual Race - Vampire & Lycan
    Weapon - Unknown
    Power - Unknown
    Difficulty reaching - Unknown
    Bio – An experiment by Meridor to create the perfect Vampire and the perfect Lycan. She has the senses, rage, strength, and speed of a Lycan, the bloodlust, hunger, powers, and wings of a vampire, the healing of both, and no known weaknesses.
    Found - No
    Location – Unknown
    Status - alive


    Name - E'mun
    Race - Mystic (Ancient Immortal)
    Weapon - Unknown
    Power - Unknown
    Difficulty reaching - Easy
    Bio – An old leader of the elven race, he was around long before Meridor arrived, watched his race slaughtered, then made a deal in an attempt to save those that remain. Currently lives as a hermit in his old forest city.
    Found - No
    Location – Unknown
    Status - alive


    Name - Bral
    Race - Dragon
    Weapon - Unknown
    Power - Unknown
    Difficulty reaching - Very Difficult
    Bio – Leader of the Dragon bandits, an ancient blue dragon, one of the last pure dragons remaining.
    Found - No
    Location – Unknown
    Status - alive


    Name - Aris
    Race - Lich
    Weapon - Unknown
    Power - Unknown
    Difficulty reaching - moderate to difficult
    Bio – Ancient necromancer, she was once the wife to one of the old heroes. It is unknown why she works with Meridor.
    Found - No
    Location – Unknown
    Status - undead


    Name - Memphis
    Race - Lycan
    Weapon - Unknown
    Power - Unknown
    Difficulty reaching - moderate
    Bio – Protector within the Order of Lycus, he betrayed his order, slaughtered most of his fellow Lycans, and now holds the orders Priestess, Luna, captive.
    Found - No
    Location – Unknown
    Status - alive


    Name - Emilia
    Race - Vampire
    Weapon - Unknown
    Power - Unknown
    Difficulty reaching - difficult
    Bio – Daughter of Meridor, she watched as her mother and father were killed by the old heroes. The woman is wanted by the Order of Mages for stealing many powerful spellbooks.
    Found - No
    Location – Unknown
    Status - alive

    Name - Meridor
    Race - Vampire
    Weapon - Unknown
    Power - Unknown
    Difficulty reaching - Beyond difficult
    Bio – Powerful vampire lord who terrorized Morua, known for his powerful Illusions.
    Found - Yes
    Location – His castle
    Status – alive

    Past Heroes (open)

    This sections details the publics knowledge on the previous heroes.
    (This section will be expanded based on information which appears in the story)

    Jack Reans, a powerful summoner, aided in destroying demons summoned by Meridor, disappeared after fighting Vondenboch.

    Narxes, a Dragon Knight, warrior who killed the Dragon that terrorized the land.

    Yuche, Dragon Archer, daughter of Narxes who downed the Black Dragon.

    Unkar Bladehammer, Dwarven King, killer of Meridor.

    Elizabetia, Vampire assassin, killer of Lilith the wife of Meridor, died in the battle against Meridor.

    Danial, Paladin of the Twelve, destroyer of the demon plauge in East, died in battle.

    Jim Seam, Fire Mage of the Twelve, burned a path through the Mystic forest, fought the ancient guardians.

    Nikki, Betrayer of the Dragon Bandits, died protecting Fasau from her brothers.

    Itchira, Protector of Luna, died in combat against Memphis.

    Kaus, Alpha of the Order of Lycus, sacrificed her life to supply her fellow heroes the opportunity to kill Meridor.

    Profile Skeleton (open)

    I'm lenient on many things, profiles are one of them. I love seeing depth in your characters but I understand the 'In Character development' rather than the 'In Profile statement' Please though don't just go bare bones on this.
    You can alter this skeleton however you wish.

    If you want your character to have more information on one of the past heroes (saved by one, followed them, related to them, member of the same order, etc) just ask me in pm and I will supply you with more information on them.
    Similarly if your character has a grudge against/wants to find one of the guards (murdered your family, you are family, etc) pm me and I will supply you with more information on them.

    Character Name:
    Race: (Go in depth please as I want to be able to stab the fuck out of your character if you try any of that fucking Twilight bull shit)
    Age: (16 minimum, maximum is 'believable' (meaning you better have a damd good excuse if your a human who's 234))
    Age of appearance: (Obvious if your char is 7000 what age does he/she look (or sound if your a demon with no definable age features) normally)
    Weapon: (Explain it, If it has abilities explain them as anything not stated in your profile that pops up in the IC will probably get nixed fairly quickly)
    Powers: (Again explain them)
    Bio: (Paragraph minimum)
    Appearance: (Be descriptive. A linked image can go along with it but I expect you to atleast explain some things on his/her appearance explaining more (it will help if I don't feel like looking at an image later))
    Other: (Did I miss anything?)

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  2. Username: Kraveing_Volkf
    Character Name: Reia
    Race: Werewolf (open)
    A werewolf is a misnomer brought about by both the lack of a better word and the fact the 'werewolves' were seen far more than others. The proper word would probably be Wereanimal, but that does not have the same flow.
    Werewolves are humans or animals who have been 'cursed' (most say its actually a blessing) with the blood of Lycus. The blood grants them the ability to change their form into a hybrid of man and animal, or forces them to change if its a full moon. With this comes a strong healing ability, heightened senses, greater strength, stamina and speed, longer life, and a resistance to dying. Well that last part is actually just that its incredibly hard to kill a werewolf since for the most part their healing will keep them alive through anything short of decapitation, or puncturing the heart…though that's not to say one couldn't burn them alive, use magic, or just keep hacking away until it stopped breathing, it just takes longer.
    Healing wise most werewolves heal from cuts and bruises within minutes, though deeper the cut the longer it takes to heal. Broken bones heal in less than a day, dislocations similarly heal in less than a day, though those go faster if set properly before the healing kicks in. However many can't heal removed limbs, the only ones lucky enough for this are those who's animal side is a reptile. None can heal from having their head removed, just like none can heal if their heart stops beating or brain stops working.
    Their strength, speed and senses are all heightened, most of the time their senses are all between twice to twenty times stronger than a humans. Sight and touch is often the two senses that is only twice as strong, though some of the birds are gifted with stronger sight. Taste is often the next lowest sense, as typically this is only three times as strong. Hearing and smell are often the strongest senses with these often being in the fifteen to twenty times as strong area. Strength and speed are both heightened greatly as their stamina is heightened, however similar to humans if one doesn't work out these muscles they can become lax and useless.
    Interesting note, while typically it is impossible for an animal to take a human form, or a human to take an animal form, there are a few Werewolves, often called 'Children of Lycus' who have this ability to fully transform their bodies between all three forms, human, hybrid and animal. In all cases the hybrid is stronger than either the human or animal forms, though speed typically falls into the animal form.

    Most werewolves follow the Order of Lycus, which is pretty much a religion, though many say they are a community. The Order of Lycus was started by Lycus, the first werewolf, he guided them, kept them safe from the human hunters, and when he died his wife, Luna, took over. Luna is a priestess, a healer, she kept Lycus' rage down, kept his people healthy. She is revered among nearly all werewolf kind and as such most would never imagine harming her. Luna would select werewolves to become the alpha of the group, leading them, and she would offer her advise to the leader.
    However with Luna's fairly recent kidnapping, most werewolves are panicking and are carrying out their own desperate search for their leader.

    Age: 106
    Age of appearance: 14
    Weapon/Powers (open)
    Weapon: A four foot long metal staff…or rather it looks like a metal staff. The actual material of the staff is an unknown, it is black as the darkest night, is cool to the touch, and when hit against other metal it makes the well known metal clang.
    More often than not Reia uses this staff to focus her magic, and during this time the magic makes the staff glows bright, almost seeming to turn the typically white colored magic into a purple color. The staff itself enhances any and all magics passing through it, healing spells will heal wounds faster, but damaging spells will cause greater damage.
    When swung the staff reveals its true form, from the head of the staff a long ghostly blade appears, curving inwards and taking the form of a scythe, foes hit by this ghostly blade are not cut, however their spirit, their soul, is cut and pulled from their body. The stronger the soul, stronger the willpower, the less of their soul taken.
    If someone manages to wield the staff they will find the thing slowly pulling their soul into its 'metal', seeming to wish to devour it. They will also hear a woman's voice in their head calmly telling them that they will die, practically counting the seconds until their soul is gone and they die.

    Powers: Metamorphosis, Reia is able to change her form, able to alter herself between all three of the werewolf forms.
    Her healing rivals that of Luna, understandable considering that Luna raised her, however unlike Luna who couldn't raise the dead, Reia has the ability to bring a dead soul back and put it into their body again…however she will only ever use this if she feels they deserve life once more. (In other words this is the way for a hero who died to come back, but only if I feel that making another character wouldn't work better)
    Death spells, Reia has also learned how to force her healing magics to harm her foes, reversing healing, reopening old wounds, or causing new wounds to appear. Despite its name these spells don't directly cause death…not to say a target can't eventually bleed out though.
    Healing, heightened senses, physical strength, speed. As with all werewolves Reia can slowly heal from wounds, she has senses that are twice as strong as a humans (sight, taste, touch) but her smell is sixteen times stronger and her hearing is eighteen times stronger. She also works out and exercises so her strength, even though she looks like a child, is close to that of a bodybuilder as she can lift weights in excess of four hundred pounds. Her speed is her pride though, while she may not need to run often when she does she can reach speeds of sixty mph.

    Bio (open)
    Reia is…interesting, she is the daughter of Itchria, Kaus, and Luna. How, one may ask, is she the daughter of three women? Well, Itchria is a Priestess of Luna and a powerful mage in her own right, Luna is…well…Luna, one of the strongest healers the werewolves know, and Kaus is the one who gave birth to Reia.
    Being the daughter of two magic users its no wonder that Reia had magic potential, and being the daughter of the Alpha of the Order of Lycus, it was also no wonder that Reia became physically fit. Many within the Order assumed that Luna was raising Reia to eventually become Alpha, which is pretty much correct.

    When Reia was five years old her 'father' Luna was attacked by her bodyguard Memphis, he was chased off by Itchira and Kaus before he was able to take Luna away. Both Itchira and Kaus then set off to take Memphis in to justice…which pretty much meant bringing him back so that the other werewolves could watch him die for harming Luna. However this never happened, both wound up dying on this quest.
    Luna raised Reia, taught her everything she needed to know, trained her to protect herself and how to use magics, though Luna being a healer namely taught Reia about healing magics. Reia learned about other magics from reading tomes or seeing some of the other werewolf mages, though she never actually spent time learning how to cast these magics.

    Now when Reia was twenty six something fairly interesting happened to her…she died. She was off running around and playing, as most little kids do, she was playing in an area she really shouldn't have, as most little kids do. She was fairly deep in the forest climbing trees, walking along tree branches to see how far she could get. Then one of the branches snapped, she fell breaking more branches on the way down, then wound up landing and a branch puncturing her heart.
    When Reia woke up she met another young girl, she guessed the girl was only twelve or so, and since Reia really didn't connect that she was dead, and didn't quite realize that the forest she was now in looked nothing like the one she was in before. Well Reia started to play with the girl, having fun, not really caring about the fact she couldn't feel the injuries she just sustained.

    During the playing Reia learned her new friend was named Dae, and not long later she learned that she was dead. Dae said that she had fun, but that she now had a job to do, she formed her scythe, and got ready to 'help Reia's soul move on'. However she then found herself being hugged, and forced back into playing. Now Dae, being that she is someone who guides souls on, has encountered a lot in her 'life', but she could honestly say that she wasn't used to someone wishing to play games when she goes to reap them.
    Perhaps Dae enjoyed her time with Reia, maybe she felt that Reia was a friend, or maybe she decided that she would let Reia grow up and make her a reaper also when she died again. Whatever the reasoning after playing for what seemed like ages Reia was handed a staff, then was bidden farewell. She found herself waking up, in a fair bit of pain, laying on the forest floor as her body worked to heal the injuries she should have died from.

    Now over the years Reia has continued to grow, she's learned, trained. She's no longer considered a pup, a child, she's now considered a young woman, though humans may actually consider her a teenager. However she found herself tested not long after her 'fourteenth' (one hundred fifth) birthday, werewolves broke in led by the criminal Memphis, he attacked the guards and Luna, Reia fought them, and though she killed one and greatly injured another, she was unable to stand up against Memphis and watched as Luna was taken.
    The other werewolves started to panic, they didn't know where Luna was, though Reia told them what happened, none really knew where Memphis was. Reia decided she would set off and find her only family, she thought she would have to do this all alone. However luck was on her side when she received a letter from a man who claimed to have worked with her parents before. He said he knew where Luna was, and that she should come meet with him, that he was located in the Flaming Dragon Inn within Sai.

    Appearance (open)
    Height - Five foot, three and a half inches
    Hair - Lower back length, unkempt blood red hair kept up in one long tail
    Eyes - Left is bright blue, the right is a golden color. Interesting note is that her pupil is more ovular shaped resembling a feline.
    Body - Fit, athletic, toned muscles showing she clearly keeps in shape. Her body has little in the way of body fat, with the only real locations of such is her growing breast, ass, and some of her upper legs.
    Cloths - A black robe which reaches just above her ankles and looks to have been…altered some. The top of the robe has been added to, with bits of leather seeming to reinforce it in various areas, along with a loop on her back that is clearly meant to hold her staff if she should require both hands. The bottom of the robe has similar additions, though these are more pouches stitched onto the inside of the robe where she carries money and such.
    Shoe wise she wears leather shoes that have an interesting separation along where the toes are, in that the shoe doesn't seem to be held together there.
    Over all her cloths are built so that her changing forms doesn't rip or tear anything.

    Height - Five foot, eight inches
    Fur - Blood red, soft, a very long patch trailing from the back of her head to her tail, seeming to give her a sort of mohawk shape there.
    Eyes - Similar blue, gold, with ovular pupils
    Tail - Long, extremely fluffy, it looks like a wolf tail, but the fur makes it resemble an overly fluffy cats tail
    Ears - Wolf
    Body - Her muscular structure becomes far more pronounced, understandable as in this form she would be stronger. Her head becomes elongated like a wolf, though the muzzle is shorter than an actual wolfs muzzle would be. Her hands and feet become clawed and are larger than a humans, her feet resembling large animal feet.
    Cloths - Her cloths maintain form and shape, though become shorter on her as she's grown larger, so the robe comes down to around her knees, her feet also push out of her shoes.

    Type - Cat/Wolf
    Height - From ground to back four foot
    Length - From tip of snout to tip of tail nine foot
    Fur - Blood red, she still has the mohawk like shape down her back.
    Eyes - Similar blue, gold with ovular pupils
    Body - Over all her shape looks like a very large wolf, however her muzzle is still shorter than a wolf, her paws look more like a large cat, her tail also starts to resemble a fluffy cat tail.

    Other: To her Mother is Kaus, Father is Itchira, and Daddy is Luna
    Doesn't have as deep a connection to her other two parents, understandable as both died when she was too young to really remember them
    Has an overall childlike personality, meaning she's quite cheerful typically smiling, loves to play games, greatly enjoys dancing and often when walking somewhere she is swaying as if dancing to a beat in her head.
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  3. Username: Gunia

    Character Name: Veron Mable

    Gender: Female

    Race: Vampire
    Show Spoiler

    Vampires are humanoid beings that, unlike other creatures, must feed on blood to live. They have enhanced senses and stamina, as well as a higher awareness of the world around them. They also have enhanced healing abilities, more pronounced canines, and in some cases better speed.

    Despite some populer belief, vampires are not undead nor are they created from the already deceased. Like any other living creature they have a heart that beats and lungs that breath. What makes them a vampire is the simple fact that they were born with (or were 'corrupted' with) vampires blood. Unlike a humans blood, which can continue circulating and delivering oxygen for as long as the heart beats, a vampires blood is a good bit different. Instead of simply being able to go on forever, their blood eventually gets used up, burnt out, unable to provide oxygen anymore. Known commonly as dead blood, the remains of the blood are usually used as nutrients for the body, allowing a vampire to survive somewhat comfortably on little food.

    Because of their constantly depleting blood, a vampire must take in the blood of another creature in order to survive. One would then think, however, that eventually the good blood would replace the disappearing vampire blood. This is not so. A vampires blood works almost like a disease, and thus will soon infect the newly taken in blood. As such, most creatures can be converted to a vampire simply by ingesting the blood of one. Similarly, a vampire can feed from almost any creature that has blood circulating through it, although the farther this blood is from a humans blood the less time it usually lasts. In some cases vampires are found to be allergic to certain types of blood, although this is somewhat uncommon.

    A vampire feeds from their victims by simply biting them and drinking the blood that flows out. Their saliva is what keeps the blood flow continuous, thus it is not uncommon to see a vampire lick their victims wound as they feed.

    As far as a vampires looks go, vampires do tend to be paler than humans, though this usually is not very prominent and is almost always due to less blood going through their system. The more blood deprived a vampire is, the paler they get. Most vampires do have more prominent canines to allow for easier biting, although this is not always the case. Farther from paler skin and canines, a vampires looks really range. They can have any colored eyes or hair, and can have any type of body build.

    A vampires enhanced senses helps them track down and hunt their prey, although these senses are pretty well rounded, most of them about four or five times stronger than a humans. Perhaps the most important and most prominent of these is their night vision, which allows them to see well enough to function even if only the stars are showing. This enhanced night vision also has a downside, as it makes them rather vulnerable to bright lights or brightly lit areas, which contributes to their preference to staying in the shadows. A vampire also has a much higher susceptibility to UV rays produced by the sun. They are highly sensitive to these ultra violet rays, and as such can burn alive with as little as eight minutes of exposure.

    A vampire does have a natural healing ability, but it only goes so far. Minor injuries, such as shallow cuts and bruises, can be healed within hours. More severe cuts or burns can take a few days, and sometimes these cuts result in unwanted blood loss. Broken bones can take up to two weeks to heal, and anything beyond that will uusally result in one being dead.

    Aside from populer myths, vampires are unaffected by garlic, holy water, crosses, stakes (for the record, a stake through the heart would kill just about anyone), silver, or other such nonesense. In fact, many vampires avidly believe in god and follow a religion much like any other race. It is interesting to note that although a vampire tends to mentally mature faster than a human, their physical looks often lag behind, which may be one reason for their long life span.

    The history of vampires, however, is very long and very complicated. No one is sure how they really started, and no one exactly knows when or how the first vampire appeared. Most vampires simply accept the fact that they exist, and that that is what matters.

    Age: 33

    Age of appearance: 12

    Weapon: A silver dagger infused with a poison that prevents wounds made by it from naturally healing for up to two days, although these poisoned wounds can easily be healed through use of magic or other external means.

    The dagger is about seven inches in length, the blade about 1.5 inches at the base. The handle is made from silver, copper, and wood with a small red jewel on the end.

    Powers: Although some vampires, like some humans, are born with a natural magic ability, Veron was not, despite her father being an avid magic user. As such, beyond the normal attributes of a vampire, Veron has a nonexistent magical ability.

    Show Spoiler

    Born in the small farming town of East, Veron did not exactly live under the best circumstances. Her mother disappeated when she was less then a year old, and as such she has little memory of her. They were somewhat poor, and although the shortage of food did not bother them, their main source of blood came from livestock and passing travelers. Although it was enough to get by, Veron was always intrigued by the stories her father, and sometimes travelers told about places outside of the town.

    Veron's father had always been an avid magic user, although he was only intermediate in his spells. When Veron was eight he attempted to teach her verbally about the spells and how to use them. It soon became prominent that Veron did not exactly possess the magical talent of her father, and after accidentally turning one of their goats purple her father ceased in his efforts to teach her.

    As Veron grew she found herself often walking through the extensive graveyard that East held, and her strolls soon became a nightly thing. Veron learned almost everything she knew from her father, including how to defend herself should the need arise, and would often ponder these things during her nightly strolls.

    When Veron was twenty one she requested from her father to be allowed to go out and do something somewhere else rather than mill about in East. Her father responded by rather bluntly pointing out that she still looked like an eight year old child under human standards, and as such could not yet go out on her own. Veron was unhappy about this, but even so obeyed her fathers terms.

    It wasn't until she was thirty three when her father finally let her go. With a small sack of money, a cloak should daylight come, and a whole lot of determination, Veron set off on the road to make something of herself.

    Appearance: Standing at about 4'11", Veron is somewhat used to the fact that she is short. She has silver hair that goes down to her upper back, and the white skin of someone who has never been out in the sun. She has a generally lean build, and although she isn't noticeably muscular she can lift a bit more than would be assumed.

    Her light blue eyes are often full of a sort of curiosity that seems to spark when she happens to be interested in something. Her clothes consist of a worn red shirt and brown pants, as well as a light colored cloak complete with a hood that she wears during the day to help reflect the sunlight. Her shoes are simple closed toed shoes made of leather that look decently new. A pocket in her pants holds the small amount of money she has.

    Other: Nope.

    Note: The race description is simply my view on vampires; if you feel it should be changed or that something is off feel free to let me know.
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  4. Its always nice to see people go with the vampire similar to my own (in that my vampires are unaffected by many weaknesses of legend (often laughing at people who use religious symbols on them)

    Your character looks good, though being from East, and taking regular strolls through the graveyard she would know more than originally posted. Will send you a pm and you can decide if it will be added or just kept as 'knowledge for later'.

    Accepted ^^
  5. Username: UltimaCircuit

    Character Name: Osborne Arman

    Race: Human (Northerner)

    Age: 17

    Age of appearance: 17

    Weapon: Twin short swords that are curved at the tip. The swords are approximately one foot and six inches long. The blades are made of a hard dwarven steel from the workers in Fasau. At the hilt the blade begins to arch upward, sort of forming a guard for the users hands. The blades are so sharp that they can cut just by someone softly touching the tips of them. These items are also what he uses to channel his Pyro Magick through after making an arcane seal.

    Powers: Has the ability to use Pyro Magicks. He must make an arcane seal before each spell he casts, or they will not work. Osborne will draw the arcane symbol through the air before casting the spell.

    Known Spells: Flare Enchant - Must draw two circles in the air (one being inside of the other) before drawing a star shape. His blades shall then light aflame for a period of time.
    Fireball - Osborne points his right hand towards the target with the palm facing outwards. He only has to channel this for two seconds before a star of David will appear before him. The glyph will allow him to fire fireballs at the target so long as he stays in the same spot where he first began to channel the spell. If he moves, the glyph is broken.

    Bio: Osborne Arman was born into a normal, boring family with two normal, boring parents... or so he thought. His family resided in the town of Fasau, and his father had the job of overseeing trade between the dwarves and the humans of the town. His mother did not work, but stayed home to make meals, make clothes, and clean the house. Sometimes the clothes she made would be given to merchants at trading stalls because they favored her technique and intricacy. He thought that there was nothing significant about his family at all until one night. Osborne was restless, and came down the stairs of his cottage so that he could go out the doors and draw fresh water from the well. As he headed down, he could hear a slight ringing sound. It was coming from his parents bedroom. He tiptoed over and peered in through the door, to see his father and a tiny bell in front of him. His father's hands were glowing green, and so was the bell. Osborne watched as his father slowly lowered the bell back down onto the tables surface with his magick. Osborne was astounded, and his thirst was quenched. He turned around, and was about to silently walked back to his room when he felt a hand upon his shoulder. It was his father.

    "Osborne, we are going to take a trip tomorrow, OK? I need to take you somewhere."

    He nodded silently and progressed back to his room. The next morning he saw that his clothes were already packed up, and that his parents were halfway out the door. He quickly picked up his pack and rushed after them. The walked down the steep mountain paths, and onto the main road. How long did they walk? It felt as if it were ages.

    "Father, how far away is this Sai place?"

    "Far. Do you want to turn back now?"

    "No, it is just -"

    He was cut off by a loud cry from a hilltop nearby. He looked up, and when he realized who it was his eyes immediately opened wide. The Dragon Bandits. He looked around, panicking and not knowing what to do. His parents dropped there things and sighed before raising there hands up, and he watched as many arcane symbols appeared before them. His mother must have been a magick user as well.


    His parents looked back and gave a nervous smile before nodding him off. Osborne knew that he had to run. He held his pack tightly before rushing down the road as fast as he could, hearing the cries of his parents and the laughter of the bandits. He turned back for one moment, and gasped as he saw an elite of the Dragon Bandits smash in the skull of his father. The world was crashing down around him. He turned and than truly ran as fast as he could, not ever looking back again. It took him another two days to reach Sai, and he was tired and dirty. He constantly fell to the ground during his way because he puked at the thought of the bandits and his parents, and it also made himself sick. He looked around for a place to stay, but he was too tired. He stumbled on his way, not knowing that he was going to fall at the doorstep of the Order of Mages. He later awoke in the building to find himself surrounded by many mages.

    "Son of Lance Arman, we know you and your father. He was one us and now you shall join us too. This is what he wanted. What type of magic would you like to learn? You will be spending quite a time here, so pick something that interests you."

    Osborne wanted to learn how to defend himself.

    "I want to learn battle magick."

    A mage in a orange garb nodded at him a brought from his side two short swords. Osborne took them into his hand, and saw how sharp the tips of the blades were. He gave the mage a serious nod before getting out of the bed. He was ready to learn. The process transpired for many months, and in those many months there was one mage in particular that he was very interested in - Jim Seam. There were a few books on him, especially about his expertise in Pyromancy, and he even taught himself some, although he did burn himself quite a few times. After learning two of Seam's most noted spells, word got out that Narxus was looking for heroes, ones that would stop Meridor. He instantaneously left the Order, but the mages already knew what he was going to do. Osborne headed to the Inn with more seriousness than any other time of his life. He would learn the old spells used by Jim Seam, gain more info about him, and defeat Meridor. He would be known as a hero for this feat, and then he would be known as a hero after he slew the oppresive Dragon Bandits. He would burn them all alive.

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Osborne stands at five feet and eleven inches. He has prominent muscles in his biceps and triceps, and also is recognized by his odd eye color, which is orange, and his odd hair color, which is white. He wears leather wraps and clothes that his mother had made for him. Steel greaves adorn his feet.

    Other: (I just assumed that Fasau was kind of north, so that's why I put northerner. If that is not OK then I apologize. Also assumed that the Order of Mages was in Sai but I could be wrong.) (And I am 2 newb because I didn't use spoilers lol.)
  6. The order would have a building in Sai, though the main order isn't located there. There would be enough to teach your character though.
    As for 'northerner' thats fine, though if you wish any 'perks' to be had from living on the side of a mountain (like having a resistance to cold or being able to stand the mountains height) then you will want to add that in. However one can also assume that, depending on when he was taken away from home, he wouldn't have gained such 'perks' so really either is fine.
    Spoilers are something that I leraned in another forum and work here too (its simply
    If you wish for the spoiler to be named its

    Anyway, your accepted (if you make alterations let me know so I can look over those)
  7. How many do we exactly need in this group to get the RP started?
  8. I'm hoping for at least one more person
  9. Username: Leader of Nations

    Character Name: Rutherford (Rufus) Harison

    Race: Shapeshifter

    Age: 23

    Age of appearance: Looks 23

    Weapon: (N/A)

    Powers: Rufus has the ability to turn into a lion that stands at 6 feet on all fours, and 12 on his back two. His strength surpasses that of a typical and equals that of 10 male lions. Rufus's strength increases as he gets angrier while in beast form.

    Bio: Rufus grew up in a family of humans. The only reason he has such a unique gift, was because of a great ancestor named Lucious, who was born with a curse he later on lived with. He was turned into a lion permanently in the whom, because of a crime that was committed by his mother. Rufus's routes finally trickled it's way down to him, and thanks to Lucious and a mixture of human and magic ancestors that came after him, Rufus has become a very gifted shapeshifter. On his 18th birthday he was given a mysterious potion from an anonymous name. After taking the potion, doubting it was an actual magical potion, Rufus's beast form became much more vicious and intense. Size, strength, stamina, endurance, and over all power was an advocate for Rufus, however the potion was not supposed to act in that way. The potion was meant to simply put him in the same state his great ancestor, Lucious was put in. It obviously backfired, however Rufus never found the anonymous character who wrapped up the potion and left it on his doorstep. After about three years of looking he gave up and now he lives his life as a bounty hunter.

    Show Spoiler
    Rufus stands at 7 ft while in his half and half. He is a very muscular individual, his mane is lucious and his fur very soft. Do not get that mistaken, for right under that soft fur is a hard body that can sometime be referred to as a brick wall.
    Show Spoiler


    Other: After drinking the potion, Rufus can no longer go back to a full human form.

    (Hope this is a little better)
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  10. I would like more depth in the race, some bonuses that race supplies, if you cant really think of anything then maybe an explanation on Lucious can be here
    The power is fine, though I would like more information on what a 'landslide' is in your mind (we could have differing opinions on landslide and I don't want an issue arising later because of a misunderstanding)
    I would also like you to describe his appearance in addition to the image (its just a pet peeve of mine, but it still lets you go more indepth or include something not on the image)

    Anyway it looks good so far ^^
  11. Alright it's edited. You can check back now.
  12. You still haven't added anything to the race. I feel you should know that if you dont add anything than I will count your character as essentually being human/lion, meaning no healing, speed of a lion (35-50 mph) etc.

    Your appearance is fine (bare minimum but fine) (though you may want to check that 'half and half' thing)

    Anyway, accepted. Will make the opening post soon (probably tomorrow depending on how much time I get tonight
  13. IC is up and is located here
  14. Healing was never exactly an ability, but all that's fine. I'll just deal :)
  15. Username: Eternalfire61

    Character Name: Olvus Treydark

    Race: Construct
    Show Spoiler
    (Most construct are mindless automatons, obeying their creator's commands absolutely, which makes them unbribable and absolutely trustworthy, although some of them are very literal-minded about the execution of their duties, obeying orders to the letter without any concern for their intent. There are exceptions to this rule, however. Certain constructs, such as, Inevitables ,are every bit as intelligent as mortal creatures.
    As they lack a metabolism, constructs have a wide array of immunities to frailties and effects that would affect creatures of flesh and blood, such as poison, fatigue, exhaustion, disease or various special attacks and magical effects related to draining a creature's life energy. The only way Olvus may be destroyed is if his body is destroyed. Constructs are almost always created by an intelligent creator, typically a wizard, sorcerer or cleric, though some are created by other character classes or spellcasting monsters. Creating a specific kind of construct begins with the creation of body, made by either the creator himself or a hired craftsman. Construct bodies can be made from wildly different materials, from clay to copper and bone to cadavers. The next part of the process is a ritual requiring the casting of specific spells to bind a spirit of some kind, into the body and imbuing it motion and special abilities.)

    Age: 56
    Age of appearance: Olvus is slightly rusty, but otherwise he looks like the day he was made.
    Weapon: His metal hands as well as the rest of his body.

    Powers: Olvus really doesn't have any powers. Unless you consider him being magically created a power.

    Bio: A little to the East of Fasau is a small encampment of wizards and their apprentices. Every so often these wizards and their apprentices would come to the encampment and either duel or do challenges set out for them. This was the ninth or tenth time the event had been held, and their challenge was to create the best construct. None of the constructs could be made with any dark magic, and had to be made with the materials that were set out. The young apprentice Kevas Gultor was given steel and a was given a pendant with a tree etched into it. Kevas' superior was Tulk Malvak, the winner of the past four competitions who had passed his knowledge down to Kevas. Tulk knew that Kevas would have to make a construct so he taught him the art of transmutation to be able to complete his task. There were other spells that Kevas knew but he was strictly ordered to only practice transmutation magic.

    The horns sounded off with a flourish of notes and the tournament began. Kevas had practiced this before and he was prepared. He cast an incantation over the steel ingots. "Ah tuum nist barnahe." The steel shook with life and Kevas continued onto the next stage. Tulk watched over him intently, silently making notes to himself as Kevas worked. There was plenty of others competing, but Tulk had one interest. Kevas breathed then cast another incantation onto the pendant. "Vas quex nara tuum." Slowly, the pendant lifted up then merged with the ingot burning itself into the steel. Kevas threw out his right hand and a blue mist emanated from steel ingots. Energy erupted from the ingots and the ingots formed a body in which to vessel the arcane magic. The body hung in the air as Kevas preformed the last step. Kevas shot forth a green arcane magic into the body and it shook to life. The magic went through every nook and cranny in the body until it reached the pendant. As the arcane magic touched the pendant the green magic turned red and threw all the magical energy back to Kevas. Kevas was blown back into a pile of wood that another wizard was working on. The automaton stood up straight and looked at the staring wizards. Tulk growled and charged at the automaton and blasted it with a holding spell. The automaton didn't moved, it was almost like a statue. Tulk placed his hand on the place where the pendant was absorbed and said an incantation. "Carn farer nolve." The magic of the pendant and Tulk colided and made Tulk's incantation fizzle. All the other wizard crowded around Tulk and said nothing. Tulk put his hands up and ceased the words that were about to come. "The pendant that has been put into this creation is stronger than our magic. It cannot be controlled, it is a being itself. So, we must let it set out and find itself." Tulk released the automaton and set a finishing spell on it. The name of the automaton was spoken into the crowd like a whisper.

    "Olvus Treydark....."

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Olvus is made out of steel. The picture is somewhat misleading but it is the depiction I prefer. The pendant is located at the center of his right palm. The man next to him is about 5'9, so in proportion Olvus would be 7'9.

    Other: Don't think that I'm creating someone who is going to be the most powerful thing in this universe. If you need to talk to me about ways you can break my character PM me.
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  16. I would like more information on the 'life draining' that the construct has.

    I would also like abit more to the description (Height would be nice as it would be nice to know how much our characters would have to crane our necks to see ya (or in Rufus' case how much he has to look down to see you))

    Beyond that the character looks good ^^
  17. He is immune to someone draining his life. For example if a necromancer cast a spell on Olvus that would slowly take the life of the construct. Since Olvus is a construct he has not human "life" to be drained.
  18. Ah. Your accepted ^^ And also congratulations your the tallest PC in the rp so far XD
  19. XD I do feel that I should tell you I said 'player character', there are several othrs who are taller than yours :P
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