HUNTER: In the Blood and In the Flesh

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  1. [BCOLOR=#ff0000]WARNING: This plot is for 17+ only.[/BCOLOR]

    Welcome to the world of


    It's much like our world- perhaps it even is our world- but with something other lurking in the shadows. You've walked right by it without even knowing... or maybe you did know. Maybe you've met it face-to-face.

    If you have, your life will never be the same.

    If you've made it this far, you've come to a fork in the road. Two separate destinies lie ahead, each with its own pitfalls and companions in store for you.

    Which path will you choose?


    GENRE: Modern Supernatural/Urban Fantasy
    SETTING: Our world, through a looking glass darkly.
    RATING: M for graphic violence and heavy sexual themes/some sexual content. (Note: Due to this rating, only 17+ players will be accepted and 18+ is preferred. This does not mean that gratuitous porn will be tolerated.)

    In plain English, this will be a roleplay divided into two concurrent storylines, In the Blood and In the Flesh. You will create a character for one of these two plots based upon the themes presented to you, and you will be grouped in with the other players who have made the same selection. While there will be a convergence later down the road, you will be stuck with this plot and character (and the associated group of players) for the majority of the roleplay. Choose wisely.

    The Hunterverse allows for a range of possibilities when it comes to creating a character. You might be a normal human, blissfully unaware of the supernatural until something goes horribly awry... or perhaps you're a young up-and-coming Hunter, freshly sanctioned by the Council. Or maybe you got started hunting in an unconventional way, without any idea that there's a higher power orchestrating the slaying of the supernatural.

    And then there are those who aren't strictly human. You could be a freshly-bitten werewolf, or even someone born with an innate ability which no one can explain.

    What will you decide?


    Read More About HUNTERS
    Hunter tradition teaches that the Hunter's Council originated with the Knights Templar. This, however, is pure posturing; in truth, the Council originated with three gentlemen in 18th century England whose families had been killed by demons. Together they met in secret to train and to hunt, and together they laid the foundations for what is today a vast global organization of supernatural bounty hunters.

    The Council numbers twenty-five of the most senior and influential Hunters, all of whom are from old Hunter families with a wealth of resources at their disposal. Council positions are appointed by Council vote and are held for a life term. There is a heavily-warded house in rural Surrey at which they meet to discuss important business. All twenty-five must attend the annual meeting, but only twelve members are required to make a decision at any one tribunal, and so often for smaller matters there will be as few as twelve to fifteen. The current leading voice on the Council is Giselle Beaumont. The annual meeting is open for any Hunter who wishes to attend, but most meetings are closed except to those specifically summoned.

    Many Hunters are from old families who have passed knowledge of the supernatural- and the training used to combat it- down the lines. These Hunters generally marry into other Hunter families, as it is easier than having to explain to an uninitiated spouse and it ensures the continuation of the family calling. Some Hunters from such families have even been known to actively seek out supernaturals (such as witches or werewolves) in order to give their family an "edge", and it is whispered that very few Hunter families are purely mortal these days, no matter how many are vocal in their disapproval of the practice.

    Other Hunters come to the calling on their own, with or without the guidance of the Council. Many a Hunter started their career with an unpleasant introduction to the secret world of things that go bump in the night, and some go on for years before they happen to run into other Hunters. Sometimes this happens too late: the hunter is driven mad by their experiences or is simply uncontrollable, and cannot be persuaded to join the Council. These rogue hunters are hunted down like the very creatures they exterminate, for the Council does not tolerate dangerous wild cards.

    Whatever their origin, it is difficult for Hunters on active duty to think about marriage or children. While some Hunters do occupy specific posts, this is usually left to married or older Hunters. The nature of the job requires most Hunters be able to travel for assignments, and they rarely stick in any one area for long.

    Young or inexperienced Hunters are assigned to older Hunters as apprentices. Often this will be a family member in the case of Hunter families, but occasionally the child will be sent to train under a family friend instead. Some Hunters begin training at as young as eleven years old, but most begin in their late teens or early adulthood. Apprentices must follow their mentor's orders in addition to the orders of the Council, and will be given a portion of their mentor's pay for shared assignments until they are competent to handle their own. An apprenticeship is only finished once a mentor approves it, regardless of whether an apprentice Hunter is completing solo assignments. A Hunter may not refuse an apprentice if ordered to train them by the Council, and may be forced to release them from apprenticeship or to continue training them if the Council finds it necessary to overrule them in the matter.

    There are three types of jobs by which Hunters make their living. The first are assignments, the specific tasks given by the Council to specific agents. The pay is awarded based upon how well an assignment is carried out, as part of a graded salary. The second are bounties, jobs that are considered "up for grabs" to the first Hunter who completes them. The payment is agreed upon by the Council ahead of time and will not change. The third are merits, and are granted to a Hunter who makes a kill or otherwise completes a task worthy of payment. The Council agrees upon an amount based upon the merit in question; the greater the merit, the greater the payment. Hunters also receive an annuity based upon how many years they have been an agent of the Council, and travel expenses are typically covered.

    While it is considered common opinion that delving into the occult or the supernatural to better pursue demons is unsavory, that is not necessarily the practice. There is also an unspoken rule that certain Hunters are too powerful a force to be reckoned with, and the Council turns a blind eye to anything these individuals might do which is not above-board. On the other hand, the Council is not to be trifled with, and it isn't necessarily smart to test how much they value your usefulness...

    Read More About WITCHES
    "Witch" is a broad term used for three categories of mortals with supernatural abilities.

    The first type is the innate witch. Innate witches are born with magical energy inside of them. This can be spontaneous, but often runs in families, even if it skips several generations. Typically this manifests as one particular talent or ability, which may be something that would fall into the realm of psychic ability or may be something more along the lines of traditional magic (i.e., being able to throw fireballs). Innate witches tend to attract demons and the supernatural, and are considered a tasty treat by many demons because of their magical signatures. These witches are heavily monitored by the Council, and most bloodlines have records somewhere or another. Innate witches either belong to Hunter families themselves or are pressed into serving the Council. They have no alternative options once they're on the radar.

    The second type is the contractual witch. These mortals have gained power by making a contract with a demon for their abilities. The Council is extremely unforgiving of this heinous act and considers the making of a contract to be justification enough for a witch's death. There are a few Hunters who have made contracts in this manner and been granted clemency, but it is almost wholly forbidden, generally punishable by excommunication from the Council and death.

    The third type is the practicing witch. These witches gained their powers through occult knowledge or use of magical artifacts, and are otherwise normal humans. Knowledge and practice of magic is strictly regulated by the Hunter's Council, but most Hunter families have a collection of books and artifacts in their inheritance. (Some Hunters find use of magic at all distasteful, but many will at least learn the basics of warding and potions.) All such books and artifacts are considered property of the Council, and non-Hunters in possession of such items will have them confiscated at best. Much like innate witches, a practicing witch who is not already a Hunter must agree to serve the Council once discovered, or else be put to death as a rogue witch.

    The Council itself keeps one particular witch on retainer who acts as the twenty-fifth Council member as well as keeping wards secure during meetings (or anything else that they might need). He or she is styled the Witch (with a capital W), and is generally chosen for magical ability rather than for seniority. This office is traditionally held by a witch who has never been a Hunter, a detail to which certain Hunters strongly object. The current Witch of the Council is a man named Caius Waldfogel.

    Read More About WEREWOLVES
    Werewolves are mortals with a type of supernatural virus known as lycanthropy. It is unknown how this virus originated, but it alters the physiology of the infected in ways that only demonic energy can. Symptoms of lycanthropy include a heightened sense of smell, supernatural strength, rapid healing, silver allergy, a greater need for iron and meat protein in the diet (making vegetarianism, for instance, impossible), and transformation into wolf form during the full moon. The werewolf form is that of a giant wolf with humanoid hands rather than front paws, and would stand close to nine feet if it were to raise up on its hind legs. While transformed, the werewolf is a senseless and usually aggressive animal. They do not distinguish between humans and other animals as prey, but humans are often the closest thing at hand. Werewolves are best kept calm when provided with plenty of food, a comfortable space, and other werewolves for company. The virus is highly contagious when in lupine form- but not transmittable in human form- and if bitten and not consumed, the bite victim is guaranteed to turn.

    Werewolves are also subject to the very indelicate matter of going into heat. Once per year- usually around the same time of year for each individual- a werewolf will endure a period anywhere from a few days to two weeks of heightened sexual urges. If not satisfied, these urges will gradually worsen until the werewolf is barely able to control it and will jump the first person in easy reach. (With some exceptions; they recognize family by scent and will not be aroused by them, nor will they be aroused by persons of a gender they do not normally find attractive. Essentially, they'd have to be at least marginally attracted in the first place.)

    Some werewolves form packs and even live in communes. Other werewolves- often those who are victims of random happenstance- choose to deal with their lycanthropy alone. Still others relish in their monstrosity and hunt humans, but these are usually tracked down and exterminated by Hunters before long. The Council considers werewolves to be less than human- but pitiable. Those who attract the attention of Hunters without calling for being put down are often dragged into work for the Council, fighting alongside Hunters. Occasionally they are introduced to packs if they have none, or assigned to Hunters for "babysitting" if they are newly turned.

    Read More About DEMONS
    Demons are the primary concern of Hunters in the world of HUNTER. Beings born of negative energy, demons manifest in many forms, generally taking shapes based upon local fears when they enter the mortal plane. Some demons are reputed to have once been human, but they created so much negative energy around them that their body was consumed. Most demons have one primary or manifest form, but may also appear to be invisible or to teleport by making use of phasing. Phasing is the method with which demons access the demon plane, a sort of parallel dimension. The demon plane is extraordinarily dangerous even for demons, and the few unfortunate mortals who somehow stray into this dimension seldom find their way back. Abilities and levels of power- and of intelligence- vary greatly among demonkind, with the most powerful demons being styled Demons (with a capital D) and enjoying a prince-like status. Demon society is one with no moral compass, governed instead by hierarchies, fear, violence, and barter trades. Demons often scrape by in the mortal plane by way of making contracts. In exchange for something, they may grant their powers to other beings or otherwise offer their services. Demons cannot break a contract once made, but they are well known for manipulating the wording of a contract to their advantage.

    Some Hunters have proposed the notion that demons are not inherently evil, but simply do not understand human ethics. This notion is not favored by the Council.

    Common lesser demons include hellhounds and succubi.

    Read More About HELLHOUNDS
    Hellhounds are a type of lesser demon. Their manifest form is that of a crimson, horned dog the size of a Great Dane or larger with a long, tufted tail. However, they are also shapeshifters, and can take on a human form or that of other animals- although they cannot change their telltale red coloration. They are able to understand human language, and are fiercely loyal to one master (often another demon or occasionally a witch). Many are a bit dim-witted and very dog-like in mannerism. They are exceptionally strong and possess the ability to breathe flames and sulfur.

    Read More About SUCCUBI
    Succubi (or incubi) are a common form of lesser demon. They feed on sexual energy and- for obvious reasons- spend a great deal of time amongst mortals. Succubi often reproduce by having children with mortals; the resulting offspring is human in blood, but thoroughly demonic in nature and comes into its powers at adolescence. One such power is the ability to change their sex, but they may only do so if the last person they had intercourse with is of that same sex. (I.e., in order to take a female form when they are male, they must have last slept with a biological woman.) Another ability is the supernatural charm and attractiveness that they put to use in persuading their "food supply". A succubus's manifest form may vary depending on the part of the world from which she originates, but is universally close to fully human. Her inhuman features can be masked through use of her third and final ability of glamor, which allows for minor alterations of appearance.

    Succubi are generally considered to be pests by the Council. Most do not attract the notice of Hunters unless they become violent. Some succubi do take pleasure in "punishing" unfaithful mortal men, and it is these who are most often hunted down and killed.

    Read More About FAIRIES
    Rare creatures, fairies are beings born of magical energy. Some are created spontaneously when too much magical energy is concentrated in one place (such as around ley lines); others were once demons who became suffused with magical energy and took on extra powers. They are intoxicating to demons and other supernaturals alike (and arguably, to humans as well). Those with heightened senses of smell report that fairies have a sweet, mouth-watering aroma. They are considered something of a delicacy by the few beings powerful enough to catch and consume them, but more demons have died in the pursuit of this prey than have been successful. Fairies are incredibly powerful, dangerous, and unpredictable.

    There is some debate as to precisely how fairies differ from demons. It is generally agreed by the Council that since their origin is magical instead of negative, they cannot be considered to be evil offhand. Unfortunately their elusive nature and raw power makes them very difficult to hunt or study, so fairies remain largely a mystery. Demons may very well know more than Hunters do, but the rare demon who is allowed to live long enough to interrogate is either unwilling to talk to Hunters or too fearful of fairies to say anything useful.

    Read More About OTHER CHARACTERS


    Werewolves are capable of having young, and the offspring are carriers of the virus but with the more extreme effects neutralized. Whether the parents are a werewolf and a human or two werewolves, the result is still considered to be a "half-werewolf". These children are somewhat stronger than average with unusually good senses of smell, and may experience some or none of the following: mild silver allergies, a liking for very rare steak, or a milder version of going into heat. Otherwise, they are indistinguishable from humans. The one true advantage that a half-werewolf is granted is that to a werewolf's nose, they smell like wolf- and therefore, do not smell like prey to a werewolf in lupine form.


    To date, there is only one known case of a true human-demon hybrid. While succubi commonly reproduce using mortal lovers, their offspring are dormant young demons through and through and become fully demonic in nature upon growing into their powers. Genuine dalliances between human and demon are all but unheard of. In point of fact, the only known half-demon was born from violence upon a Hunter's daughter. In the footsteps of her deceased mother, Lydia Mason has served the Hunter's Council since her unorthodox birth.

    For obvious reasons, little is known about the effects of demon blood on a person's genetic makeup. What has been observed includes heightened physical ability and senses as well as aggressive behavior and a sense of wrongness that can be detected most keenly by children and animals. It's been theorized that different parentage might produce the opposite effect, or might lend other attributes yet unknown.


    "Half-fairy" may be a bit of a misnomer. Although the offspring of the only known fairy-human coupling is undisputed in her origin, it's hard to say precisely what the young Japanese woman discovered by the Council truly is. Supernatural beings seem to recognize her as nothing other than a fairy made corporeal, despite her mostly mundane appearance. On the other hand, arguably she is no different (if perhaps far more potent) than any innate witch- after all, she's simply a human form containing magical energy. So is she a hybrid, a fairy made flesh, or just a particularly powerful innate magic user?

    The absence of any precedent for half-fairies may most likely be chalked up to rarity rather than hostility, due to the elusiveness and sparse number of fairies in the world of HUNTER.


    Ghosts are another enigma of the HUNTER universe. While their existence is well-documented and methods for dealing with them have been discovered, there is some question as to their precise nature and as to what causes the phenomena documented as hauntings. The Council has taken the view that they are to be treated as human souls which ought to be laid to rest or exorcised through whatever means necessary, for they no longer belong to this world.

    On the other hand, ghosts might also just be another form of demon.


    There's no such thing as vampires. Don't be ridiculous.


    The world of HUNTER revolves around demons, and so most things that go bump in the night are demonic in nature. If you would like to play a particular kind of creature which is not listed here, you may; however, it must be a variety of demon or otherwise have a plausible tie-in. Everything supernatural in the HUNTER universe runs on either demonic (negative) or magical (chaotic) energy. No exceptions. See werewolves and innate witches for examples of how to implement this into non-demon and non-fairy character options.

    I am looking for well-rounded, thoughtful characters. While I do not want to limit options and would love to see any and all ideas, it will be much easier for you to be approved for a human, hunter, witch, or werewolf than for anything overtly supernatural such as a demon or fairy. Half-demons and half-fairies are basically guaranteed to be shot down unless you have an EXTREMELY compelling hook, as the very existence of these half-breeds are largely uncharted territory and a key element of the plot.

    It is recommended that all players read the information on Hunters, Witches, and Demons AT MINIMUM regardless of their character choices.

    Due to the themes of these storylines, it is also recommended (though not required) that all characters are either teenagers or young adults, and/or are relatively new to the realm of the supernatural.
    By submitting a character to this roleplay, you agree to the following:

    - I reserve the right as GM to hijack your character when necessary for the advancement of the plot. However, hijacking by fellow players beyond the ordinary and reasonable amount and without your permission will not be tolerated.

    - If you drop out of the RP, I reserve the right to take over your character permanently and to use them as a NPC in order to progress the storyline. I also reserve the right to kill them off or otherwise write them out of the narrative semi-permanently or permanently in your absence.

    - There is a chance that any character may be killed off as a result of actions made or plot points reached throughout the course of the story. No exceptions will be made. That does not, however, give players the right to kill another character without permission of that character's owner and/or the permission of the GM.

    - This is a team endeavor. Out-of-character communication and community or private plotting is highly encouraged. In-character misbehavior and disruptive roleplaying will have in-game consequences. Misbehavior and assholishness OOC will get you kicked out of the game.
    Is this World of Darkness?

    No, although the original concept was partly influenced by old WoD. This is an original universe I've been developing since 2006.

    So what's the difference between In the Blood and In the Flesh? When do we get to know more about the plots? How am I supposed to pick one?

    More will be revealed after characters have been made and grouped off. This is for two reasons: 1. I want you to choose based on the themes and flavor of the roleplay rather than the specifics of location or scenario. 2. The specifics will actually be partially influenced by the accepted characters. Go with what pulls you and what better suits the character you've devised.

    OMG TL;DR. Do I really HAVE to read all of this information on Hunters/Demons/etc.?

    You probably want to if you're playing anything other than a clueless human. Suck it up.

    Why didn't you accept my character?

    Because I'm a dick. Or because it didn't suit the themes of the roleplay, or because someone else had a better concept and I can only pick so many people. Feel free to go with the "dick" explanation.

    Can I submit a new character?

    Sure, as long as I haven't hit the character limit (7 per group).

    What happens if someone drops out of the RP?

    Depending on where we are in terms of progress, their character will be either NPCed or killed off. Or both. In the case that they are killed or otherwise leave the narrative, I may allow a new player to fill the empty slot.

    What exactly are the posting expectations?

    I expect everyone to put forward their best work, but keep it FUN. Put thought and effort into your posts, but there's something wrong if you start feeling too pressured or obsessing over your grammar. I also don't want to see anyone nagging for posts. This will not normally be fast-paced. (Nonetheless, if I feel that you've gone too long without posting, I will hijack your character at my discretion. Generally speaking you'll have a week or two.)



    CLASSIFICATION: (Hunter, Witch, Etc. Multiple classifications are possible, obviously, but please use common sense.)

    DESTINY: (Blood or Flesh. This determines which main storyline, character/player group, and roleplay thread you will be assigned to.)

    APPEARANCE: (Please include a picture (preferred) and/or brief text description. Photos or fantasy-style art are preferred over anime.)

    SKILLS/ABILITIES: (My one rule for supernatural abilities is that you exhibit common sense and do not play anything that will minimize the horror aspects or will easily overpower other characters in combat scenarios. I will reject characters if I feel that they are unsuited. If abilities for your character are already clearly defined within their classification's info section, please follow the given parameters.)

    SPECIAL/DRAWBACK: (Optional. Any particularly noteworthy abilities or supernatural flaws can be placed in these sections.)

    FEARS/DESIRES: (Optional for your public character sheet. However, I will require that you contact me in private and give me at least one fear and desire for your character.)

    SYNOPSIS: (Define your character's core identity and summarize important events in your character's life. Feel free to use spoiler tags or contact me privately with information you would like to remain hidden from fellow players. You do not have to disclose everything, only what you feel is important for me or for other players to know.)

    Please fill out the above sheet in full in order to be considered for approval. If you need assistance developing your character, feel free to ask me or another player for help.

    Below are character sheets for the (main) GM PCs that I will be playing. You may use these sheets as examples while filling out your own. Keep in mind that these characters are central characters for a reason; they're special cases, not typical.

    NAME: Lydia Mason

    CLASSIFICATION: Hunter | Half-Demon

    DESTINY: Blood

    APPEARANCE: Caucasian with dark red hair and uncomfortably bright blue eyes. Near-constant scowl.

    SKILLS/ABILITIES: Hunter training with a specialization in firearms and physical combat. Basic warding and potion knowledge. Inhuman strength and reflexes as well as a heightened sense of smell (able to detect the scent of certain supernatural creatures such as werewolves, demons, etc.) Rapid healing and ability to endure some wounds which would normally be fatal.

    SPECIAL: The scent of blood (particularly supernatural types) may induce a kind of berserker state wherein she experiences euphoria and a loss of impulse control as well as irrational, cannibalistic, violent, or sexual urges.

    DRAWBACK: Instills an innate sense of unease in humans and animals which causes them to find her unnerving, intimidating, or off-putting and often to instantly dislike her or feel disinclined to help her. Makes children cry.

    FEARS: Loss of control. Being a monster. Intimacy.

    DESIRES: Recognition. Acceptance. Sex.

    SYNOPSIS: Lydia is a freak who should never have been born, and not a day goes by where she isn't reminded of it. People just don't like her, goddammit. Even her guardian and mentor, James, is distant and cold. At twenty years old, she's still stuck as an apprentice while other hunters her age- who've been training half as long as she has, if not less- have already cut their leading strings and begun solo assignments. The Council is loath to let their prize hound off of her leash, and Lydia knows it all too well. They won't let her forget it. Not any more than they'll let her forget that she's demon-spawn.

    No one else in the whole world is like her, and that's a good thing. Because Lydia isn't good.

    But fuck being good. Fuck everything, fuck the world, and fuck everyone in it.
    NAME: Koto Suzuki

    CLASSIFICATION: Hunter | Half-Fairy

    DESTINY: Flesh

    APPEARANCE: Short black hair and mainly Japanese looks, but her amber eyes and something fey about her facial features suggest that she's mixed-race. Infectious smile.

    SKILLS/ABILITIES: Hunter training with a specialization in stealth and quick-kill missions. Fast-thinking and has an excellent memory for facts. Well-versed in hunter records and occult knowledge. Inhuman speed and reflexes as well as a heightened sense of smell (able to detect the scent of certain supernatural creatures such as werewolves, demons, etc.) Rapid healing and ability to endure some wounds which would normally be fatal.

    SPECIAL: "Blinking", i.e. teleporting instantaneously through the air. Cannot blink through solid objects or beyond her line of sight. Can also use this ability to keep herself aloft and essentially walk or stand in the air by use of rapidly repeated blinks. This requires a degree of concentration, which if lost will cause her to fall.

    DRAWBACK: Smells irresistible to most supernatural creatures. Even werewolves who are in human form and between lunar cycles may feel the urge to eat her. Difficult for her to stay undetected.

    FEARS: Being tied down or broken. Fewer things than she should.

    DESIRES: Independence. Adventure. Romance.

    SYNOPSIS: Koto has the best job in the world. She's a superhero.

    Okay, so her life isn't all sunshine and daisies. If it were, she would never have needed saving by that hunter when she was thirteen, and she might never have found out that her dad wasn't really her dad or that she wasn't even human or that monsters think she smells like chocolate and she'd prooooobably still be hanging off of her big brother's shoulders even though she's way too old for that now. And maybe she's sorta kinda turned out weird, honestly. But she can't change the past. All she can do is make the best of the present.

    And hey, she's a superstar hotshot hunter now. The Council calls HER in when they need the big guns. She's even been assigned to work with Denzil Osiris, who is basically DUMBLEDORE.

    There's only one thing that could possibly top this, and that would be meeting the one person in the world who can actually get what it's like to be a weirdo. Maybe one day it'll finally happen.

    Koto can't wait.
    NAME: James Chandler


    DESTINY: Blood

    APPEARANCE: Long, dark hair worn in multiple braids. Has a knack for entering a room unnoticed and yet cutting an imposing figure once encountered.

    SKILLS/ABILITIES: Highly-regarded hunter known for unparalleled marksmanship and ruthlessness as well as for once killing a Demon (the kind with a capital D). Extremely skilled in warding, potions, and hunting rogue witches.

    SYNOPSIS: James is a difficult man to read, and he prefers it that way.

    The Council sees him as an invaluable asset... and a threat.

    His fellow hunters see him as a hero... or as a cautionary tale.

    His ward and apprentice, Lydia Mason, sees him as an unreasonable and overly-controlling taskmaster. Their relationship has never been easy, and the mutual frustration and tension is only getting worse as the years go by.

    His prey doesn't see him at all until it's far too late.
    Accepted characters will be listed here.

    In the Blood

    Kendrick Andanan, a half-breed Hunter
    Stasi Cohen, a Hunter who sees the worst
    Shane Hummel, a witch serving the Council
    Harriet Alexander, a rogue witch and traitor
    Gabriel Proudhawk, a werewolf on a quest
    Bailey Wallace, a funerary beautician
    Yāo, a fairy bound to a blade

    In the Flesh

    Sachie Richards, a Hunter apprentice
    Ethan Ashbourne, a Hunter from an old bloodline
    Natalie Marceau, a CIA operative
    Cade Morganstern, a "freelance" monster-killer
    Vitus Wainwright, an ex-cop with a higher purpose
    The Man in the Coat, a demon who collects secrets
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  2. Will consider this(: but may have to think about it a bit. Just wanted to express my interest ^^

    EDIT: Made up my mind. Will participate(:
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  3. DO HO HO.
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  4. Sachie
    NAME: Sachie Richards


    DESTINY: Flesh

    picture (open)


    Sachie stands at 169 cm (5’4) but is almost never standing strait, in fact she generally looks bored and slouched unless what she is doing is related to hitting things or buying things.

    Bike riding, because she loves a lot of horsepower between her legs.

    Hot wiring, cars might not be as fun as bikes but they sell well if you know what to get and who to get it to.

    Instincts, Sachie gets feelings about people, a culmination of subconscious clues from body language, voice, speech patterns, and even fashion sense and she trusts her gut, impulsively acting on those feelings.

    Vengeance. A demon killed the only family that didn't disown her. She's going to kill it, it's friends, and it's little doggie too.

    That the new world she has to face will swallow her whole, and she’s not as tough as she thinks.


    Energetic, vivacious, street thug/fashionista.

    Sachie should have had a normal middle class life, but one chance encounter sent her on a different path. Her first day at a new school the leader of one of the gangs asked her to stand guard while she gratified a classroom, and the county half-Japanese girl agreed, even taking the fall for the "artwork" when she was caught, the leader disappearing out a window.

    Since then she had found her calling, and her first crush, becoming known as the attack dog of the gang, the Sirens. Anything the leader wanted done, so long as it didn’t require too much imagination was performed with sadistic pleasure. Bakery owners were held with there heads in the oven until they agreed to way. Windows were smashed, cars stolen, police tripped, tied up, and left for their partners to find with lipstick on their cheeks and their pants around their ankles.

    That was until a cold winter’s night, when the gang were hanging out, drinking on an abandoned warehouse when it arrived. It has seen humans preying on other humans, who thought themselves safe and good fighters, it savored their fear as it cut through them, one by one, the demon luring them in groups of two or three and slaughtering them, the only thing that saved Sachie was the timely arrival of a hunter who left her sobbing over the vivisected body of her leader. They didn’t even make it a block before Sachie caught up to them, swearing vengeance and demanding to join them, and she would not take no for an answer.

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  5. Lets see what I can do. I don't expect this to be anywhere near perfect because I doubt I understand a lot of the concepts yet but... this looks like one of the most interesting RPs I've seen in years so I'm eager to join.
    Woah so many people with rankings. Rather intimidating...
    I'll PM you the app so it doesn't take up lots of space on the topic, incase it needs several revisions.

  6. Fuck yeah I'm in.

    NAME: Shane Hummel

    CLASSIFICATION: Innate Witch

    DESTINY: Blood

    hunter rp image.jpg

    Witch power - Channeling; psychic/physical/spiritual/whatever connection between the dead and the living.

    Story Time - Invoking imprints in places that have them. Apparitions will appear and carry out their final tasks before death. It's like watching a projector play a movie. Useful for finding out why "there's even blood on the ceiling!"

    Dem Feels - Linking with souls and instilling his will upon them, whether to pacify them or coax them into a frenzy. Poltergeist activity now included!

    Player 2 - Calling upon dead witches to borrow some of their power. Never know which spell you're gonna get. It's like a box of chocolates or something.

    Knife Friendly; because there aren't always spirits around to keep his ass safe and do his fighting for him. He's quick with his hands and precise with a blade. He always carries two on him.

    DRAWBACK: Unwanted guests. He's constantly leaking magical energy and it attracts all sorts of demons. He's like a big ol' battery.

    FEARS: Intimacy. Caring too much about someone. It.

    DESIRES: Intimacy, surprisingly. A way to stop oozing magical energy.

    SYNOPSIS: "It's all fun and games until you actually encounter the supernatural. Then everyone gets slaughtered."

    Seemingly numb to death, Shane puts up a good front of being tough and "okay". He's not necessarily reckless but he's also not afraid of dying because he knows from experience that there are far worse things than death. He's a little bit sarcastic and sassy but he knows how to be serious when it matters. No, he doesn't want to be besties. The thought of someone getting into his head and into his heart terrifies him because...well...reasons. He's more of a listener than a talker anyway. And stop asking about his past, goddammit.
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  7. Sent you a response, Yokai.

    For the record, PMing me sheets is fine, but I don't mind if you guys use up the OOC. Post as much as you want.

    Thinking of a witch wizard. Practicing, probably. Already I want to do a Giles-from-Buffy-type-- more scholarly than anything, lots of tomes and books. Perhaps even leaning towards something comedic than tragic.

    But that's just initial thoughts!
  9. HARRIETNAME: Harriet Alexander

    CLASSIFICATION: Practising Witch, Rogue

    DESTINY: Blood

    • Demonologist: Harriet is a scholar of the forbidden, risking death at the hands of the Council for her study of demons and the rituals used to interact with them. Utilising several texts stolen from the Council's Black Library (in addition to a few other books she has located during her travels), she has developed an impressive knack for this taboo form of magic. Its use comes with great risk, however; one slip-up, one mistake, one poorly worded contract, and Harriet could find herself in a world of trouble.
    • Ex-Servant of the Council: Once upon a time Harriet was the prodigy of Caius Waldfogel, serving as his apprentice and considered a potential candidate to be his successor. Her time with the Hunters and their Council has given her plenty of first-hand experience on who they are and how they operate, something that has allowed her to stay ahead of them after she went rogue.
    • Silver Tongue: Being able to talk fast, think on your feet and manipulate the shit out of people is a necessary skill when trying to stay ahead of a group as persistent and dangerous as the Council. Harriet has remained at large for over two years, which is a testimony to her ability to turn social encounters to her advantage. It's a talent born from cold-reading, a natural, quiet charm and her ability to play her unassuming appearance to her advantage.

    SPECIAL/DRAWBACK: There's a clandestine, international conspiracy of supernatural killers out for Harriet's blood. That's a pretty serious drawback, when you think about it.

    FEARS: The Council finally catching up, slipping up during one of her rituals.

    DESIRES: Vindication of her theories, the freedom to pursue knowledge.

    SYNOPSIS: The black sheep of the extended Council family. The dark stain on the reputation of the Hunters as inescapable killers of those who dabble with things they ought not to.

    Or, to put it more bluntly, Harriet Alexander is the biggest fucking embarrassment in the Council's recent history.

    Pulled from the hallowed halls of the University of Oxford, where she was studying Classics and Ancient Languages in addition to Folklore in her spare time, Harriet quickly proved to be a natural at the practise of witchcraft. Her talents led to her serving under the wing of Council Witch Caius Waldfogel, who found in her a gifted and precocious student who, it was hoped, would grow to be a great asset in the future. Though she often showed a somewhat unnerving curiosity for magics the Council deemed forbidden, Waldfogel believed this would pass with time.

    No-one quite realised just how deep this curiosity ran.

    Four years into her apprenticeship, Harriet conned her way into the Black Library, a hidden archive containing some of the only books on forbidden magics not destroyed by the Hunters, and made off with several rare works on the subject of demons. They've been chasing her since, furious at the betrayal and terrified at what havoc she might wreck, but for two years Harriet has proven to be an elusive target.

    Dangerously intelligent, well-versed in the methods of those who hunt her and relentless in her studies, Harriet seeks to learn the true nature of the creatures the Hunters have devoted their lives to fighting.
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  10. Ethan

    NAME: Ethan Ashbourne


    DESTINY: Flesh


    SKILLS/ABILITIES: Coming from a family of Hunters, Ethan has been trained. He specializes in long range weaponry. Ethan has the typical Hunter’s knowledge of the magic arts, which means he can ward himself and others to a certain degree.

    SPECIAL/DRAWBACK: Sometimes his dreams take on a seemingly prophetic tone but the outcome is never correct. His Mentor/Parents call him at the most awkward times.

    FEARS: Ethan has a phobia of getting his eyes ripped out and various eye injuries. This is why he tries to keep the fights away from him. ‘Not the face!’ is a common shout. More fears includes the death of his Mentor and parents. Also being a disappointment.

    DESIRES: What does the boy who has almost everything desire? He can’t even verbalize what he wants but he’s desperate for approval. From anyone. For some reason no one has ever vocalized their approval of what he has done.

    SYNOPSIS: Ethan was born to a lineage of Hunters stretching back almost to the creation of the group and in the public eye his family are amongst the incredibly wealthy and privileged. To say that this blueblood was born with a silver spoon in his mouth would be apt. His family’s ancestral home is Briarden place and Ethan spent his summers there with his grandparents before he was apprenticed out to his Mentor Kay Wardell when he was about fifteen.

    Ethan’s apprenticeship went mostly smoothly in spite of Kay and Ethan’s Father; Phillip having a long standing disagreement. In fact, Kay was very pleased that something that came from Phillip could learn at all. The snide comments stopped within a year as Ethan applied himself.
    Ethan is dedicated and determined to prove himself to his Mentor and his Father. As such he can be moody, arrogant, and a bit cynical. Sometimes in the middle of the night, he wonders if he’s actually on the side of right. If killing anything is right, especially if they don’t actually mean to hurt anyone. When Ethan doesn’t know what to do he’ll either call his Mentor or Father in a pinch but knows the likelihood of lecture is high and would rather just fake it and hope for the best.
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  11. NAME: Yāo (extended 'aa' sound)


    DESTINY: Blood

    Show Spoiler


    SKILLS/ABILITIES: Yāo is a master of masking his presence. Very few people will ever notice him, and those who do, will forget him almost immediately. This does not apply to those who are aware of the existence of the occult though. Those who are of an occult nature - Hunters, Demons, other Fairies etc - will be able to see him normally, though they still wouldn't be able to smell him since his original reason for hiding was to prevent demons from easily finding him. Those who are not of an occult nature but still possess knowledge of the occult, for example, those who have read certain ancient texts and believed them to be true would also be able to see him, though to them, he'd appear more as a blurred apparition than a solid form. No one, even those with occult knowledge, can pick up his scent, though, which was his main focus while developing his disguise technique. Additionally, he is in a state of permanent phasing, so that, even if a person can see him, they cannot necessarily interact with him. The only creatures that can touch him are those who are also capable of phasing - demons and other fairies. While he is not actually a ghost, this ability makes him seem like one, and is the origin of his name. In his native country, it means "Phantom".
    He used to possess abilities on the scale of other faeries, although he has long since forgotten how to use them. He prefers the "flight" part of "fight or flight", and those abilities he retains make this evident.

    SPECIAL/DRAWBACK: Yāo has nothing in particular that stands out, although animals will respond to his presence with fear, even when they can't see him.

    FEARS/DESIRES: Yāo desires to slay the Demon Xianshao, most of all. In exchange, he fears that he will cease to exist before he has completed that objective.

    SYNOPSIS: Yāo was a relatively famous character in ancient China. He would travel between cities in the mountain kingdoms, and was known for a time as the Phantasmal Wanderer. Back then, he did not hide himself as he does now. He was often seen as a symbol of good luck by the citizens he visited, but as a token of misfortune by warriors. He had a strange ability to control disease. Should he feel sympathetic for someone, they may wake up one morning to find themselves almost fully relieved from the condition that had been plaguing them. If, on the other hand, he should encounter someone he disliked, someone who attempted to cause suffering, they would inexplicably catch a crippling blight. Should people wish to look for him to aid their problems, he could often be found at local shrines.
    With the revolution of technology and medicine, however, he found himself being left behind. His abilities were no longer useful, as most common diseases could be relieved in much more simple methods, while his 'curses' were being cured before they had had much effect. Since he was a very lonely character, the only things he had that tied him to this world was his purpose - something that was now lessening. Thus, he learnt new skills and became something else - a character of justice.
    He built a shrine at the edge of many towns. Here, people who were familiar with the occult would write details of creatures that were being problematic, and he would seek out and destroy them if he judged them to be an unhealthy presence.
    Naturally, it didn't take long for people to begin opposing his new role. Those who feared he would eliminate them contracted with demons to gain power. They attacked him, using his scent to track him through the night. They almost beat him, but even though he won, he realised that things like that would only happen again. He went into hiding, taking a form in which nothing would find him, or so he hoped.
    Fate, on the other hand, had different plans for him. One night, he had a run-in with a certain powerful Demon, named Xianshao. As well as his cult of witch followers. They trapped him, and bound him to a Jian a type of sword similar in design to a longsword. Sometime later, although he was sleeping for most of the next 550 years, the witch coven was slain by a group of hunters, and he, still trapped in the sword, was retrieved as a Relic weapon. After all, the whole point of the binding was to use his power to enhance the blade.
    As a sword, he is known as the Chaixie, a sword with the notorious ability to crack any item it touches while also reinforcing it's own structure (Again, an alternate form of his original disease abilities). After retrieval, the Hunters attempted to remove the binding, reasoning that his power would be more useful if it were not so limited. Unfortunately, the unbinding only partially-succeeded, and he is still half-bound to the Chaixie. He cannot move far from the sword at all, and will lose significant power if he is to stop having contact with it.​
  12. HAHA! I laugh at all you blood emo kids. HAHAHAHAHA!
  13. Optimism is annoying. Plus, I just finished Higurashi so I feel like playing an overly-paranoid character.
  16. You're not IN In the Flesh, Grumpy.
  17. Blood, blood, buckets of the stuff...
  18. How are those character sheets coming, guys?
  19. Working between cleaning, I swear! Or I was. I'm currently a little borked but you will have mine before midnight to at least browse. (AKA Tribs set himself too much to do at once and is now frazzled and in pain and hasn't ate yet today but is working on it, he swears. Or something.)
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    If anyone needs to chat about character sheets, PM me or grab me on Skype.
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