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  1. Ivan tore out of the forest and sprinted into the streets of the small village settlement. His heart thudded within his chest and his lungs burned with each gasp for air he took. Three months... Three months he had been on the run, hunted not by humans, but by dragons.
    It was the turn of the new decade, and an elder Dragon Rider had just passed, leaving the spot open for anyone to take, but only one could be chosen. Ivan was the one chosen to take the elder's place...
    Normally, being chosen to be a Dragon Rider was a privilege to be honored highly, but to Ivan it was chaos. Every dragon who has not yet been bonded was after him... And they didn't always have good intentions. He had to be extremely careful with what dragon he might end up with, yet the stress of it all has led him to run away...
    He heard the faint flapping of large wings close by and cursed to himself. This may just be the end of his little chase... and possibly his future depending on who would catch him...
  2. Takigo was looking down as she made her way through the village, the basket of fresh food heavy in her hands. She watched her feet in an attempt to keep from falling, and several people had snapped at her to watch where she was going as she almost ran into them. She sighed with relief as she crossed another street. One more block and she was home. She was looking down at her feet again when someone slammed into her, sending her tumbling onto her back. Her apples, cheese, and bread skipped and rolled across the ground and her hood flopped back. She groaned as she pushed herself to her feet and flung her dark hair out of her face to glare at the culprit.

    "What's the big idea?" She snapped as she gathered her food again. The bread and cheese was ruined and her blue eyes snapped back to the man's face. "Do you know how-" She stopped, studying his face. "Hey...what's wrong?" He looked terrified, and like he'd been struggling for life for weeks. "You look like you've seen a ghost."
  3. "Sorry..." Ivan said quickly. Normally, he would have continued running, but he had always been much more polite. In a hurry, he began to help the woman gather her belongings.
    "Sorry..." He repeated. "I-" He was suddenly cut off by a thunderous bellow that could only come from a western dragon. His head snapped toward the sound, eyes filled with worry. They were here...
    "Please... I... I need somewhere to hide..." He said between shaky breaths, glancing at the woman with eyes filled with hope. It was never in his nature to throw out a random request, but in this state, he was desperate. He wasn't ready to be taken just yet...
  4. Takigo's head snapped up at the roar that echoed out from the distance. Her eyes widened and she looked back at him. "Dragons?" she grabbed his hand and started to run, the basket of food dropping again. She left it there as she dragged him towards her house. She threw the door open and jerked him inside before snatching a slim staff from behind the door.

    "Stay here!" She told him as she hurried out the door again. The other magic users would be gathering to ward the village. She was needed there. As she'd expected, the other magic users were already gathering in the center of town. She straightened and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath as she poured her energy into the spell to protect the village. She wasn't the strongest magic user by far in their tiny village, but every little bit helped.
  5. She felt the ground tremble as the dragon landed on the outskirts of the city. There was no way to make the village invisible versus such a formidable opponent, but they could buy some time for help to arrive. The barrier would protect against fire and attacks for a short while, hopefully that would be enough time for the messenger to reach the the keep and bring fighters. Otherwise, they were goners. She wondered what that man had done to anger the dragons.

    "Stay focused!" One of the magic users yelled. They could feel her energy slipping. "We need every bit of help we can get. Takigo, you have to stay focused!" She squeezed her eyes closed again. He was right, she couldn't allow her mind to wander now. She'd been training for months just in case something like this happened.

    She held the staff in front of her as the barrier strengthened. It would buy them five minutes, maybe less depending on how powerful the dragon was. The men of the village were already arming themselves with their makeshift weapons in case the fighters didn't make it in time. Pitchforks and scythes would not take down a dragon, but they didn't have anything else.
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    "Wait, what are you...?" He stopped when the woman left the house in a rush. What did she plan on doing, he wondered? Surely she wouldn't be able to fend off the dragon (or dragons) herself! His curiosity battled with his common sense for a good agonizing moment, before another loud roar made his decision for him. This was probably the best time to not get involved for once...


    Circling the village once more, Zast came to a graceful landing in the middle of the village streets, obviously frustrated. He could feel the protection wards working to defend the city, but he had had years of experience in bypassing them... But for how long, he could not tell.
    Where is he...? He thought, sniffing the air. The boy's scent was unmistakable, he was definitely here...
    He tilted his head at the group of magicians, all pouring their energy into these petty protection wards. Of course, it would take much more than that to drive off a drake with his experience. He decided to approach non-threateningly, as he didn't want to have to tear the innocent village apart only for one child.
    "Oh! Forgive me for startling the lot of you, but I was wondering... Has anyone seen a boy running through here? Brown hair, clothes a bit ragged, reading glasses...?" He asked in his most innocent tone his deep voice would allow.
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    Takigo glanced back at the other magic users before stepping forward. She was one of the youngest, so the barrier wouldn't loose much by her speaking to the dragon. She bowed politely. One could never be too polite with the opponent is the size of the village.

    "Forgive me, but we have seen no one out of the ordinary. We are but a poor farming village, why would anyone come here?" She kept her staff in her head, prepared to throw her energy back into the wards should he start attacking. "If this boy has taken something from you we apologize on his behalf, and if we see him we will surely let you know."
  8. Zast stared intently at the woman who stepped forward. She seemed confident enough, but he could tell something was wrong... almost as if she were hiding something. His nostrils flared a bit as he sniffed the air. The boy was definitely here... and his scent seemed to faintly mingle with the girl's.
    He lowered his massive head and studied her with one golden eye.
    "Tell me, what is your name, girl?" He said softly, but firmly.
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    Nagofrost cracked open his swirling glowing golden eyes causing a shower of ice crystals to fall from his massive white head, he lifted his large serpentine head and yawned hugely baring his long snake like fangs, stretching his massive white wings another avalanche of snow and ice cascaded off his large body, standing low he shook the frost from his scales and wound his elegantly long tail around. Twisting his head to look at the thin sheet of ice that covered the roof of his cave he stretched his wings out and gave a shove with his powerful hind legs bursting through the ice sheet and into the crisp arctic air. Roaring he hovered in the air "I have awakened! " he bellowed his powerful intellegent deep voice bouncing off the glaciers and ice caps he called home. Twisting in the air he began flying west, he could feel the Elder Dragon Rider had been choosen and he was to claim them as his rider.
  10. Takigo forced her back to stay straight and not step back as the massive dragon stared at her with one golden eye.

    "I am Takigo, ancient one." She said politely. She clenched her stagg tightly in her hands to keep them from shaking.

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  11. Zast chuckled, a sound that very much resembled two large boulders grinding together. He could sense the girl's nervousness, no matter how much she tried to hide it. He couldn't exactly blame her. He would feel quite nervous himself if he had been in her place.
    "Well, Takigo..." He said, a sinister warning tone in his voice. "Didn't anyone ever tell you that it could be deadly... to lie to a dragon?"
    His eyes flashed bright yellow for a split second, before returning back to normal. He really didn't want to have to tear the innocent little village apart, but to keep a dragon from his would-be rider was a major crime, and not to be overlooked.
    "He has not stolen anything, however, the reason I am after him is none of your concern. You have seen him, child. His scent lingers on your clothes. All I ask is that you bring him to me, and no harm will be done to your village or its people." He said, his voice now sincere.
    As soon as he had finished speaking, Zast blinked, as if a sudden realization had just dawned onto him. Although he was sure the other villagers didn't notice, but it felt as if something was irritating him...
    A dragon had been summoned... an ancient and powerful dragon that had been in a deep slumber for countless eons.... and it was now awake...
  12. Takigo gave herself credit that she stayed still when the dragons voice rose, though she did squeeze her eyes closed.

    "Ancient one, I mean you no offence. I went to the market today, and so many people brushed against me its impossible to say if one was him or where he went." She wasn't exactly lying after all. She had gone to the market, she just didn't run into the boy there.
  13. Zast blinked at her answer. Although it still seemed as if she was hiding something, she could very well have been telling the truth. After all, she did have the scent of others lingering about. But he knew there was something she wasn't telling him...
    His lips parted in in a sinister grin that showed off his massive, razor-sharp teeth.
    "Very well, youngling. I will leave your village in peace, but if you shall ever again see the boy I described, please let me know. Thank you for your time."
    With that, he launched himself into the air and spread his wings. He would be back for sure... the boy couldn't hide forever...
  14. Takigo stood firm until the dragon left sight, then dropped. Her snaking knees would hold her no longer. She tried to calm her panicking heart as the other magic users gathered to congratulate her on her bravery. She managed a shaky laugh at their praise. "Sure, brave." She muttered as she stood slowly. "As soon as I can walk again, we'll debate that. First, I have to go beat someone." She stormed her way to her house, throwing the door open and landing a solid hit on the top of the boys head with her staff.

    "What were you thinking, leading dragons here?" She snapped at him angrily. "What did you do?! Did you steal from him?! Do you realize how many people you almost killed?" She pointed towards the rest of the village. "These are innocent people! Families and farmers! I don't know what I was thinking, I should have just turned you over to him!" She ran a hand through her hair. "Why I risked my life lying to a dragon for you I'll never know!"
  15. Nagofrost had been traveling days over land and sea, following where the Dragon Rider must be, stretching his massive wing span wide he gave a tremendous roar as the village came into view, the Dragon Rider was here somewhere, circling the village he shot huge massive bursts of ice into the sky causing snow to rain down over the fields.
    Nagofrost was an incredibly old and giant frost dragon, his crystal white spines trailed down his back and down his long elegant tail, at the tip sat one long slender spike with two smaller spikes facing the opposite direction like barbs on a quill. His wings when stretched wide made up ninety percent of his width and his long serpentine neck ended in a wolfish like head with an impressive set of huge white spikes.
    Nago released another roar before landing elegantly and neatly on top of the inns roof and shooting another torrent of ice through the sky "Dragon Ride I have come to claim you!"
  16. Ivan yelped as the girl swatted him on the head with her wooden staff. As soon as he came to his senses, he glared angrily at her as she began shouting a barrage of accusations. He held up both of his hands, speaking calmly.
    "Okay, I understand your concern," He replied, rubbing the spot on his head where she hit him. "But I thing you're taking this the wrong way. First of all, I didn't mean to lead any dragons here. Risking the lives of innocent people was never my intention. Second, no, I did not steal from him, nor did I ever do anything to have him come after me." He sighed and took a deep breath. "All I can tell you is... every dragon in this land... every dragon is after me, and it's all because--" He was cut off when another deep voice bellowed throughout the village, making him flinch.
    "Dragon Rider! I have come to claim you!"
    He quickly ran to the window and pulled the shutters closed. "That's why..." He said in a low voice.
  17. Arching his massive head downwards to look at the road Nagofrost beat his wings stirring up the dust then stretched them outwards behind him as he settled down to wait, his long tail hung down the side of the Inn and into the road, the giant white spikes were a brilliant contast agaist the muddy dirt road, arching his neck Nago blew out a breath of frost, his golden glowing eyes scanned the area with a patience that most ice dragons were known for.
  18. Takigo spun again. "Another dragon?!" She shot a glare at him as she headed for the door again. "I swear, you're going to be the death of me!" She hurried out the door again. At least the messanger they'd sent about the first dragon was still headed to the keep. Maybe they'd be able to survive this with forewarning on their side. It should only be another ten minutes at most before the messanger returned with fighters from the keep. Hopefully she could stall for another ten minutes.
  19. Ivan peeked out the door, his eyes scanning as much of the village his field of vision would allow. It wasn't hard to spot the large ice dragon resting at the top of the inn, searching the village intently.
    "Wait!" He called out to the woman. "Don't worry, he's an ice dragon. Ice dragons are known for their patience, it's likely he won't harm anyone." He ducked back into the house. "But I still need to get out of here. There's no way in hell I'm getting claimed!"
  20. Nago shot another burst of ice into the sky and flicked his powerful wings
    "Dragon Rider! Come so we can talk!"
    He roared and lashed his tail being careful to avoid the houses and other buildings around him.
    He stretched his mass out and draped himself over the inn resting his head on the sign.
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