Hunted Warriors

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  1. Sebastrian walked though the streets, hood up over his head to keep the sun from burning his eyes. His eyes gleamed, his orange iris glowing slightly. He watched as a couple of guards walked past dressed in King Xaviers uniform.
    Xaviers up his forces... Is he getting ready for another attack on the next city? Damn, the only city he really needs to take is his sons... And I can't have Petreis die... He thought to himself as he slowly walked along, noting how many guards were stationed around and where they were stopping to look around. His hand gripped his knife in his hoody pocket.

    The wind slowly picked up under his feet, allowing him to float a little, but it wasn't visible to the naked eye. Seb smiled to himself, remarking mentally on his powers working properly. He looked around to see if he could find someone to recruit to help him.
  2. The skinny, slouchy frame of Aedan was almost unnoticeable as he stood, motionless, against a wall. Motionless, except for his eyes, which were busy tracking anyone who would walk by him. With each person, he fought an internal struggle on whether or not to lunge for their money. So far, his conscience had been putting up a good fight, but was weakening each time his stomach made a loud growl.

    He rubbed the large bruise on his shoulder. The delightful piece of meat he had stolen a couple of days ago had certainly come with a price.

    A hooded figure caught his eye. Aedan watched the man carefully, noticing how he kept a hand in his pocket. It had to be something valuable. Aedan decided that he would take the chance. After all, he thought, if he were to get beaten up like the last time, there were guards around who would likely intervene before his skull got smashed in.
  3. "Be careful, Arven. Any rash actions on this assignment will be a dead givaway to your intentions. The blokes in Xaviers army may look like a bunch of pigheaded dopes, but they're armed pigheaded dopes. Don't forget that. The shipment in question is about 700 yards to the west of the docks, and contains some key papers regarding weapon convoys. These are crucial to us weakening their forces. Keep your head down, nice and quiet, just like Haradriel showed you in basic training. I'll expect you in a few hours."

    Mulling over the words that had been spoken to him only moments before, Arven crouched atop a straw-thatched rooftop, surveying the hustle and bustle on the cobblestone streets below. Feeling a slight discomfort on his back, Arven reached back and adjusted the source of this mild pain; his quiver, which contained about 30 serrated-tip arrows. Settling back into his crouched position, Arven surveyed the crowd with the practiced eye of a marksman. Most were simple folk, just here to shop, pickpocket, drink or roughhouse in the streets. Nothing unusual, or of any concern. A few scattered soldiers were dotted amongst the people, doing routine rounds around the parimeter. Most seemed bored, not very alert in what they were doing, holding their pikes with loose hands.

    Arven was a part of an underground group of militia, who called themselves "kings bane". This little ragtag group of warriors was formed by a grizzled ex-soldier by the name of Haradriel. Once a chief officer in Xaviers army, Haradriel knew quite a bit both about the art of war and the kings operations. A question often came up within the ranks. Why did Haradriel leave his lofty position in favor of a rebel movement designed to overthrow his previous employer? The answer to that question was usually answered in riddles. Other times, little glimpses of the truth would come out, involving murder...corruption and an evil power lurking behind the king. One who was of much more worry. This seemed to be enough to abate most questions, including Arvens own. Everyone had their own reasons for joining....and that was enough.

    A glimmer of movement caught Arvens eye. A man, thin and lanky, was approaching an individual within the crowd with splayed fingers that appeared to be very itchy. Arven sighed, smiling as he watched. He often loved to perch in this nest and enjoy a front-seat viewing of the pickpocket attempts. It was a jolly good show, and provided a free source of entertainment for him while he was on scout duty. Drawing his bow, Arven notched an arrow loosely. Just in case anyone revealed his position.
  4. A young woman walked down the streets of a city, her slender form giving graceful steps. Many eyes fell upon her, though their gaze would never meet hers. Her eyes were focused forwards, a small smirk on her face. Her emerald green hair covered one eye with two parts longer than the rest of her hair and hanging down a bit lower than her shoulders. She had piercing sea-green eyes that would seem to stare into a person's soul, merciless and sharp. Her pale skin almost shined in the light, although she spent most of her time outside. As for her outfit, it was much like she was in some league of hitmen. She had on an innocent dress, but stockings covered her legs, long black gloves covered her arms, white ankle boots lay on her feet, and a fedora rested on her head. She could be described only as an innocent criminal, someone who had a particular taste for everything. What people couldn't see, though, were the throwing knives that were in a small sack attached to her upper leg, hidden under her dress's skirt.

    This young woman was walking down the streets, humming quietly to herself and lightly fixing the flower on her fedora without actually taking the hat from her head. She paused when she passed by an alleyway, her sharp eyes catching something. She took a small step back and subtly looked into the alleyway. On the other side was a man looking around, though she saw what was wrong. She had eyes like a hawk and could see that he was just barely floating. She quietly chuckled and brought her fedora down a bit, looking his way when he looked hers. She met his eyes for a small second, smirking visibly, before breaking eye contact and continuing to walk down the street. He would certainly be an interesting man if she got to meet him.

  5. Merik drew his bow. He needed to find another catch or who knew what Arven would do. He already lost a catch once this week
  6. And to think, a top marksmen in the kingsbane, out muscle by a common pickpocket. Pathetic. His hand looked pretty bad, a great marksmen, youd think he'd punch a critical point on the thug. The shoulder, maybe not the best idea.

    A snap, a whistle through the air. A hare. "this won't do. How could I lose a leg of deer. Stupid. Why didn't I check the perimeter, how could I be so blind?"

    The pain in his hand was unbearable. But he had to keep going, Haradriel would have his head if he brought home nothing but the best.
  7. Sebastrian felt a tingle shock through his body and he quickly slipped his hand out of his pocket, the pain rocketing up his hand as he nicked his index finger on it's blade. He looked around, trying to figure out where the rush came from. He noticed there were a lot more people than he expected and pulled out a poster and stuck it to a wall with the slightest smile. He paused, looking up at the buildings, onto the rooftops to spot a local guard post before pausing, landing his feet on the ground, the air shifted around him so he was properly walking. He had noticed the girl looking at him and shook his head, adjusting his hood slowly so that his hair wasn't giving himself away. He uttered to himself slowly, "Who thought wearing a hood on a hot day would get so much attention from a huge bustling crowd?" He smiled to himself and started to place a couple more posters around where he was standing, enough to keep his search going but also too many for the guards to simply pull down when just walking past.

    Good, now hopefully people who see this will manage to give me a text... Hopefully no guards will see the actual number, which is written in thieves code.... Oh well, If you do then you'll have a big fight on your hands, which you would probably like... He thought, pulling out his cellphone out of his pocket and checking it to see if he had gotten any messages from any of his workers, so sign of communication yet..
  8. There he was, the thief who had stolen his meal. Look at him texting on a cell phone while he was forced to hunt like it was the dark ages.

    Merik smiled. A chance at redemption. He drew an arrow, serrated and curved inward. it would be a pain both going in and coming out. But something wasn't right. What was that thief doing. He must be aware the guards will tear down his posters. Merik's keen eyes picked up something off. Was that...perhaps...was that thief's code? He'd have report this back. Along with 3 hares and a fox, this information might be just what he needed to appease the militia of his past failures.
  9. The woman had walked through the city for some time before she looped back around and spotted a poster. She tilted her head and walked over to it, seeing that key points of it were written in thief code. She grinned and ran her finger lightly along the number and then pulled her cellphone from her pocket. She typed in the number, naming it 'Thieve Guild' before closing her phone and turned. She continued to walk down through the city, stopping at a small apartment. She walked in, being that she never locked the door because all she had was a bed in the apartment. Everything she owned was either in actual storage or on her person.

    She sat on her bed and leaned back, pulling out her cellphone and going to the number she had gotten from the poster. She quickly texted a simple but to the point message. "The Fu Ryu is in." The Fu Ryu was her street name, a name that meant 'wind dragon'. She had a reputation in town, smaller than most, but she was still quite famous amongst many people. She was considered to be a person of justice, though she considered herself an anti-hero. Although she did things that helped the community, such as dispose of guards, she did it for her own gain.
  10. A miss. Aedan kicked himself for his own greed. Of all the people he'd had a chance to steal from, he had chose to go for someone with a weapon hidden in his pocket. Remaining as inconspicuous as he could, he swiveled around quickly and headed back to his wall. Maybe in another half hour he'd find someone else.

    A couple of steps away, Aedan froze. His would-be victim had stopped in front of a wall. A shiver ran down his spine as he harboured the thought that his attempt, though failed, had been discovered and he would soon be left to die on the street with a knife sticking out of his back. He waited a couple of seconds, but nothing came. Turning around, he realized that the hooded man had stuck a poster on the wall. He crept over and read it quickly, as the hooded man's gaze returned from the rooftops and he continued adding posters to the wall. Something about needing people...

    Things couldn't get much worse anyway. He pushed past a girl in a fedora and approached the hooded man, who was now looking at his phone.

  11. Seb looked up from his phone just as a text came in and looked at Aedan. He tilted his head slightly and put his phone in his pocket, "Hello...?" He said, his voice was deep, angelic nearly. The wind shifted again around him and his hood dropped down, a puff of dark blue hair shone in the sun. Sebastrian jolted slightly, noticing a wanted poster of himself as soon as his hood feel down.
    Good god... Just my luck isn't it....? He thought quietly. Nearly pulling up his hood before realising his phone went off. He pulled his phone out and read the text, he smiled slightly, replying: "That's great. Meet at the town hall at 7pm tonight to meet your fellow team member and get the breifing."
  12. Aedan stood awkwardly, fiddling with his thumbs, then leaned against the wall, as though it would provide him both physical and moral support.

    "Umm... So you... Ah... What's that about?" He pointed at the poster.

    Considering the only practice his voice box ever got was from yelling in pain whenever he got beaten up, Aedan felt pretty accomplished for being able to blurt out a sentence. He scrutinized the hooded man, wondering where he had seen him before. As the man's hood slid off, his eyes grew wide. It was the same face he saw in posters all over town; a face attached to a huge amount of money as a reward. And money sounded really good to Aedan right now. He inhaled sharply, ready to yell for the guards.
  13. Seb looked around and grumbled, "I'm starting to get up a team to.." he started to say but lowered to a whisper, "Knock down King Xavier so his oldest son can claim the throne... I've heard if the Son gets control, he's going to help everyone here in Pryathanol."
  14. The woman, known to everyone oblivious of her identity as Midori, was laying down when she felt the vibration of her phone on the bed. She picked it up and opened the text, grinning and nodding a bit. "Good, good. This will certainly be a new and interesting chapter..." She sat up, putting the phone away. She left her apartment and walked into town, going into a cafe that she would wait in until the time for the meeting. She wondered who her partners would be, hoping there was one with brute muscle. She always loved to be thrown up into the air so she could do a wave of her throwing knives. She ordered a slice of cheesecake and a coke when the waitress came by and she began her wait.
  15. Seb turned away from Aedan, checking his phone again. He shook his head, putting it away and stretching slightly. Come on Sereth... Where are you.... Seb wondered, awaiting word from his partner about finding any new recruits.
    (Bringing in Sereth, cause He's important to the guild and stuff o3o)

    Sereth landed on a building, folding in his wings and standing up. When Sereth stood up straight he was about 8 feet in height, nothing unusual for a Draco-human. Sereth brushed his fringe out of his face, his hair was peculiar and normally sparked conversation when meeting new people, Sereths hair was dark black, but faded to a deep neon green towards the tips. Sereths ocean blue eyes scanned the city below as his black dragon wings slowly folded behind his back, and his tail swayed slowly. He fixed up his dark purple vest, sighing when seeing the scar on his torso. He knelt down and tried to find his partner before looking around his vest pockets and his jeans pocket for his phone.
    [​IMG] (That's Sereth, I don't know how good the quality is for it, so sorry if It's bad ^^;)
  16. "i knew he had a mean streak but i still cant believe he kicked me out. and for what? a piece of meat!? After all i've done for Haradriel, two years of crafting arrows, gone. oh well"

    Merik walked down the cold streets, it had gotten quite chilly recently, and the air had an uneasiness about it. Perhaps he was just going insane, after all, a lot has happened in the past week. The cafe seemed colder than he remembered as well. But It seems everything's been colder since his memories before the king. Memories, you never really know what you have until it's gone. The same cafe that his parents used to take him to for apple dumplings and tea. Looked around for a bit, searching for that telltale fedora. He sat down.

  17. The woman heard her name and tipped her fedora down a bit, scooting back into the corner. She was always wary of who was calling for her. She spoke, her voice quiet so that only the person who had spoke her name could hear. "Who's asking for Midori?" She would always ask this, usually waiting for a familiar name so that she would know if she would have to run.
  18. "Do you even need to ask at this point, but as you've already bolted from me twice now, its Merik."

    Merik sat for a minute, no response.

    "You've been texting me about thief's code, i've seen it too, I've actually had a quite uncomfortable encounter with the person putting up those posters. Long story short, i'm no longer King's Bane. So what are your thoughts on the matter?"
  19. Midori looked up slowly, her uncovered eye just barely visible. She watched him sit down in front of her and nodded lightly before crossing her arms and looking away. She kept her voice low. "I never know when a guard is the creature saying your name. I know when how to be cautious... Do you?" She glanced over at him.
  20. A sly smile, almost a smirk ran across Merik's face. It faded, and he lowered his face, "look at my feet, Midori," he said pointing at the quiver full over arrows just peeking out the open space in his bag.
    "Who needs caution when you can down two guards 50 meters away, then walk passed and tip your hat to the third" He raised his hat, showing the telltale crimson contacts that confirmed he indeed was who said he was.
    "But that's not why we're here. i overheard the thief, and he's starting a group, talk of a possible overthrow of the king. I don't know what to think of it. I couldn't possible trust a man like that, but at this point i dont have many places left to go."