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  1. Faith Hokina

    Faith Hokina plopped down on the leather chair in the principals office. Running her hand on the surface of the chair, she waited for Mrs. Golide to enter. She wasn't even sure how she ended up in the situation she was in, but she figured that skipping classes wasn't the smartest thing she could've done. She should've just said no to Kaden and walked on her way to her next class. Instead, she wanted to feel that small spark of rebellion that had landed her in the mess she was in. Though who could blame her. Kaden was the quarterback for crying out loud. She was excited just to be talking to him. Little did she know, she was being set up by half the football team and the cheerleaders.

    Shortly after, the principal walked in with her clipboard in hand and her frown attached to her face. She looked at Faith a moment before shaking her head and sitting down behind her desk.

    "Sorry for the wait, the news is quite interesting today. Magic." She says, shaking her head. The comment caused Faith to tense up before Mrs. Golide continues. "You must know how shocking this is, right?" She starts, giving faith her full attention. It takes Faith a while to realize she is not talking about the news anymore. "You have all A's, perfect attendance, and you're a great student. Please start by telling me what you were doing off school grounds."

    Faith stared at her before giving a long sigh. "Kaden. He told me that he wanted to take me out, and he said it would be more adventurous if we did it during classes." She said, ashamed that she had let her walls down so easily.

    Mrs. Golide looked at her for a second before writing something down on her notepad. Faith tried to get a glimpse at what she was writing but not only was it too small, but It looked as if it had been run over by a train.

    "What happened?" She questioned, not even bothering to look at Faith.

    "We went to the lake behind the school." She shakes her head, feeling slightly uncomfortable. She technically wasn't lying, but the fact that she didn’t tell the whole truth bothered her. But she definitely wasn't about to tell Mrs. Golide how they had threw balloons full of paint at her, and how she was so angry that she almost killed them all. Not to mention how they left her to walk back to school soaking wet with neon colors. Luckily, she kept a extra pair of clothes in her locker just incase she had to leave at a moments notice.

    "Is that all?" Mrs. Golide asked, still writing something down on her notepad.

    Not able to say anything, Faith merely nodded and muttered a simple "Mhm". Lying was not one of her strong points, but here she was, not able to say anything because she knew she would break out in the truth.

    "Very well, I will be seeing you again Faith." The principal said sternly.

    "Doubt it." Faith said, getting up and walking to lunch.
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  2. [​IMG]
    Aylene stepped out of her car, slammed the door as she walked into the school's gate. Before she disappeared from sight, Aylene turned her body, checked her surrounding to make sure no one around before she waved and smiled to her twin. After the car left, Aylene ran inside the school. Waving to her schoolmate, Aylene walked across the long hall, approaching her locker. Her locker was on the top shelf which she couldn't reach well. Aylene needed to tiptoe so her height would allow her to put her belongings inside. She grunted as closed the door and headed to her classroom.

    As usual, Aylene took the seat right beside the window. She put out her belongings on the table and rested her head on her arms. It was still quiet early so Aylene decided to take nap for minutes. Her sleeping was disturbed as students started to pour in the class room with their noisy chatters. Aylene lifted her head and rubbed her eyes, well at least it was almost time for the first lesson. Yawning, Aylene leaned her body to her chair and staring outside the window, another plain day just started, she thought.
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  3. Valsted Kalana
    It was around 11 PM as the sun shined down brightly on the school. Today was a good day for the weather, around 70 degrees, small humidity, and it was a tad windy, making the heat bearable. Around this time, kids were on break, or outside doing PE. It was normal day for those in the school and are just doing what they can before they leave school for the day.

    Valsted sat outside the school, meditating on the various things in his life. A few years ago, every now and then, he gets some sort of uneasy feeling about something, but it's mostly just small and not of importance to him. Every time this feeling comes up, he usually meditates to calm himself and forget about it. However, today was very unusual. The feeling was back, but worse than usual. Even meditating was hard for him to maintain his focus. Whatever was about to happen, was going to happen soon.

    As he was meditating. A male student approached him, he noticed that Valsted was giving unusual faces as he attempted to focus on forgetting this possible omen. He seemed worried about him and wanted to make sure he was alright. Without hesitation, the student spoke out to Valsted.

    "Hey...Are you alright?" The student said. Valsted, hearing this, opened his eyes and looked up to the male student. "You seemed to be struggling with your meditation." The man sat down on the ground to give him his full attention.

    "Yes...I'm alright, just trying to get rid of something." Valsted responded. "Normally I don't have trouble, but this one seems to come back, and today is stronger than usual." He sighed, wondering what kind of fate will await him.

    "Would you mind telling me what you are having troubles with?" The man asked. He looked to be someone who would give a helping hand to anyone who are having trouble with something. Valsted wasn't sure on why he's been getting this feeling nor the reason behind it, so even if he could tell him, there was nothing he could do to tell him the truth.

    "That's what i've been trying to figure out." Valsted spoke in a soft tone. "It happened a few years ago, I just thought it was my mind playing tricks on me, but it kept coming back every few months or so. I didn't even know why it kept coming back, maybe it wasn't dealing with it right. Then today, it came back, in worse shape than usual. I think something is going to happen soon, what is may be, I do not know, but something is going to me perhaps." Valsted closed his eyes and continued to think of what kind of situation may happen today, the only thing that may be bad is if someone other than his parents knew about his magic, Valsted would have to keep his gift a secret, but how much longer would the secret be kept safe from him and his parents.

    "Hmm, don't worry about it." The man smiled. "Just go on with your life, ignore that feeling and just do what you want to do. If this feeling of yours does happen, then do your best to deal with the situation." The man gave a firm fist pump in the air, in order to tell him he'll be alright. Valsted smiled a little bit.

    "Perhaps you're right. Thanks for the help." Valsted spoke in a joyful voice before the two exchanged their goodbyes before heading their own ways.​
  4. Faith was just about ready to leave. As her day whined down to a halt, she had felt more calm about the talk she'd had with the principal earlier. Another day had come and gone, though she couldn't seem to shake off the feeling that she was being watched. She had heard about the news. How someone reported magic going around in her town. As far as she could tell, she was the only one with these "abilities" in her town.

    "Faith!" She heard a voice shout, coming from the side of the school. "You heard the news right. It's not safe for you to be out. We should go home," Her sister's voice rang above the loud chatter of her classmates. She couldn't help but notice the worried look on Amanda's face.

    "Can we just, make a pit stop. I want to go somewhere first." Faith pleaded. Her sister knew exactly where she planned to go. To the lake. Even with the current events that have been happening, Amanda knew her sister found comfort in water.

    "Fine, but we need to hurry up." Amanda said, already running for the lake.

    "Wait." Faith laughed. Even during their journey to the lake, memories of the paint filled balloons cloud her senses. She could still feel the pain of the balloons hitting her skin, and the sounds of her unheard screams. She wanted to blow off steam. As Faith and Amanda walked through the forest, Faith couldn't help but feel as if they were being followed. Still, she shook it off, and when they arrived at the lake, she plunged into the water with satisfaction.

    Hurry up!" She could hear Amanda yell. They had been there at least an hour now, and Faith had barely even begun. "It'll be getting dark soon. Though im sure you'd protect me." Amanda said sarcastically while she rolled her eyes.

    "Chill, I got you sis." Faith yelled as she propelled herself out of the water and stood on a small platform. Amanda shook her head, realising that the platform Faith was standing on was made out of water. "You just wish you could have this much fun." Faith said, as she released her concentration and dove back into the water.

    A gasp sounded from the forest, making Amanda's head fly in its direction. A person, who was obviously shocked, stood there in the shadows. Their face hidden by the shade of a tree. As Faith emerged from the water, it didn't take her long to figure out something is wrong. She swam back to shore, water dripping from her clothes.

    "Faith." Amanda said, her eyes locked on a figure. As Faith turns her head, her eyes widen in shock as realization hits her.

    I've just been discovered...
  5. [​IMG]
    The class finally over, Aylene breathed in relief as the teacher walked outside the classroom. The class which was quiet, now turned into chaos as soon as the bell rang. Putting her books into her bag, Aylene stood up and got ready to go home before one of her classmates came to her, asking her to clean the classroom. Aylene hit her forehead and sighed, "Ah yes, I forget that today is my turn! I really, really want to clean this lovely class until it's sparkling like diamond, but fate must take me to another place where I, Aylene Rotward, must face the truth of my life," Aylene moved her hands to various direction, acting like one of those actors from soap opera. However, her classmates no longer fall to her, "Cut it out, Aylene, this is the sixth time you try to avoid your task, now move your pretty ass and start cleaning!"

    Aylene grunted and cursed the class president in her mind, she wished that she could just burn the class president's hair so she would be bald and she wouldn't have the courage to come to school. Aylene giggled as her imagination went wild. She put her bag on the table and began to sweep the floor. After about 30 minutes, finally the classroom was as bright as the sunshine. She stretched her back, it was tiring her so much. She looked at the class president who gave her thumbs up, but Aylene replied her with only a faint smile and waved her hand.

    The dark soon covered the bright blue sky when Aylene walked outside the school. She found her car was already there, waiting for her. She quickly ran and knocked on the car window, "Sorry, I'm late, that class president managed to make me clean the classroom. I will find another way to skip my cleaning duty," she said as her twin sister, Aylana, giggled hearing Aylene's words. Aylene watched as Aylana giggled, Aylene's smile faded when Aylana turned into coughing. She reached the car door and went in, patting Aylana's back with her hand, "Are you okay now? Hey, why don't we go somewhere instead of going home?" Aylene smiled and followed by Aylana's nod. Aylene told her driver to take them to the forest nearby. She heard from the rumour around that it had beautiful lake hidden there.

    As soon as they arrived, Aylene took Aylana's hand and led here deep into the forest. Her parents would totally mad at her for bringing Aylana to forest, but she didn't care for she believed that she could protect her well. They walked through shady trees, enjoyed the scenery that mingled in their eyes. Suddenly, Aylene pulled Aylana closer to her and ducked behind the bushes. Aylene put her fore finger to her lips, signaling Aylana to stay silent. As Aylana nodded, Aylene peeked through the bushes, trying to see who was there, but she couldn't see it clearly. Still hugging Aylana beside her, Aylene remained there, waiting for the unknown people to go away.
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  6. Valsted Kalana

    It was the evening as the school ends for the day. Valsted walks out of the school grounds and walks around the town as he tries to get home. The town was loud and booming as always and people always seemed to be busy with where they are going, may it be work or hanging out with someone. Valsted was never the social type and would usually read a book when he's alone as it keeps him occupy when there is nothing to do around him.

    As he was walking, something caught his attention. Something, that he didn't want to know. The news have been reporting that there has been magic running around in this town, and that there has been plans to capture those with that ability and...perhaps do something with them. Valsted felt a bit worried, he did use a bit of magic close to town a few days ago, could that have captured the media's attention? Was this the omen that Valsted has been feeling for the past few years? Valsted tried to keep calm, not allowing himself to be swayed of his emotions and continued walking home. Just then, someone touched his shoulders and said something.

    "You should get out of here." A voice said. The hand left Valsted's shoulders. Valsted quickly turned around to see who touched him, but no one was there. Was he just imagining it all? Or was there someone actually there? Valsted quickly ran home in fear as to what may happen to him.


    In the middle of the road that seperates the town from his house. Valsted could feel something. Valsted taught himself how to feel the vibrations of the earth in order to determine if there was something was there. However, it was very inaccurate from far away, so even if there were someone there, the location can be off by a mile away. But the vibrations are close, he can feel the movement of two people walking down this road. Not willing to risk himself of the possible trap, Valsted hid behind one of the large rocks and closely listened to the movements of those passing by.

    As the two walked down the road, they stopped for a moment, just beside the large rock hiding Valsted. The two looked like professionals, ones that are assigned by a greater power. Valsted felt scared for his life for awhile, knowing that if he were to be discovered, he might be captured and used for experiments...or even be executed. He listened to the two talk.

    "There was no one there." One of the man said. "Perhaps they're aware that the government knows about the magic user that lives there." The man adjusted his clothes as the other man sat near one of the stumps.

    "We've heard reports of what appears to be unnatural movement of the ground behind that house there. And there was." The other man replied back. "So we know that a "magic user" lives here. Perhaps this person is actually in the town. We'll go back and try to find that person." The man said. They finished up with what they had to do and continued their way back to the town. Valsted didn't like this at all. They know that someone lives there and there is someone living there that has magic. Perhaps leaving the town...and his home might be the only option. He decided to check his house one more time before making a run for it.
  7. Faith Hokina

    "Who's there?" Amanda yelled. Shocked, Faith ran to her sister and gave her a death glare. Even though Faith was only older by a year, she couldn't help but feel the need to protect her.

    "Who's there?" Faith repeats, edging closer to the woods. She could make out a shape out a shape. Two actually. She wasn't sure who it was or if they really even saw what she'd done.

    "I think i know her." She heard Amanda whisper. "Or at least of of them. I dont have any classes with her but i see her around school sometimes."

    Faith whipped her head to her sister then back on the first figure. "It's okay, i will not hurt you. Nor the other one. I just want to know who you are and why you're here."

    As the sun dipped lower in the sky, casted shadows began to dance over their faces. The air held an eerie silence that reeked of loneliness. The water, which had once seemed comforting, reeked of something unpromising. It was at times like these, that Faith wished she didn't have this power. Her worst fear was getting caught controlling the water, and today, she feared her worst nightmare had just become a reality.
  8. [​IMG]
    As Aylene heard a yell from the figures she saw, Aylene was sure that they were just girls. She told Aylana to stay put while she braced herself to stand up and confronted the people who might not as harmful as she thought. After Aylene came out from her hideout, she saw two girls in front of her which one of them was her schoolmate. She saw her couple of times, but they never really talk. Aylene breathed in relief and called Aylana to join her.

    "I didn't mean to startle you, we are just passing by, well trying to find something actually," Aylene gave a faint smile, "I think I know you," she approached the girls and tilted her head when her eyes met the girl.

    Aylana gave the girls a bow and smile while grabbing Aylene's uniform. Aylene stretched her head to look over Faith's shoulder and found the lake she had been looking for. She jumped in excitement and took Aylana's hand, pulling her to the lake, "See! I told you there is a lake!" Aylene splashed some water to Aylana while Aylana just laughing, shielding herself from Aylene's water attack. They played around before Aylene realized that Faith was still there. She approacher her again and now asking the same question, "What are you two doing here?"
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  9. Valsted Kalana

    As Valsted made it back to the house, he checked to make sure he wasn't followed on his way here. After checking to see that the coast is clear, he tried to open the door, only for it to be locked. Surprised, he pulled out one of the house keys he keeps around him when he's out of the house and unlocks the door. He opened it to a empty room. The lights were turned off and the air felt dense. "Mother?" Valsted said in a loud voice. He walked around the kitchen, looking for any types of clues. Perhaps someone got her. Valsted's father is usually at work at this time, so he shouldn't be here. Valsted cried out to his mother again, hoping he would get a response. Did they actually get her while Valsted was in school? Couldn't be.

    "Valsted?" A voice ranged from the right of Valsted. It seemed to have came from the basement. Valsted opened the door and walked down to see his mother sitting on the couch in a tense pose. "Oh it's so good to see you again." Mari started to cry when seeing her son safe and well. She got up and hugged Valsted in joy. Valsted responded with the same thing.

    "Mari. Thank goodness you're right." Valsted cheerfully responded. "Why are you in the basement?" He asked.

    "I heard the news." She frowned. "Magic has been discovered in this town. And with you having that same thing. I would fear they would come here looking for you. I've hidden here to escape anyone after you." A tear came from here eye, though she is not crying.

    "I've heard too. The feeling I had for years, it was all coming down to this." Valsted said.

    "I remember that. You keep telling me you had these funny feelings." Mari remembered. "To think that this would be the reason. We should've moved to a new location if that was the case." She calmly joked. But with the way things have gotten out of hand, this is not the time for joking.

    "Mother..." Valsted looked at his mother with stern stare. "What should I do?" He seemed conflicted. On one hand, he wanted to stay with his parents and make sure they are safe. On the other hand, if he stays, someone will find them and capture both him and his parents. And with what the voice said a while ago, this may be a possibility.

    "You do what is right." Mari smiled. "You're about an adult and you've made good decisions recently. Go with what your heart think it's right." She looked down, about ready to cry. She wanted her son to be safe, but here may not be a possibility for her son. But she gave the decision to her. Valsted wasn't sure of himself anymore. If he did leave, he would be hunted down for sure. He would be on his own. It wouldn't be something he could do on his own and could most likely last for a couple days.

    "Thanks mom...for taking care of me." He gave a soft smile. "I want you guys to be safe. So i'll run away as far as I can so you guys will be safe. That's the least I can do for all you've done for me." He felt a bit teary eye, knowing this may be the last time he'll see his mother, or his father.

    "Good...choice." She couldn't hold back the tears anymore. She started to cry loudly, knowing that this was the last time they may speak. Valsted didn't want to start crying in front of his mother. He turned away and gave a thumbs up.

    "Take care. Mother. And I love you." He smiled, "and tell dad the same thing." He left the basement, gather a few things and started to leave, before he could open the door. He heard his mother calling.

    "Valsted!" She cried. She was smiling faintly, but she loved his son and for what he is doing. She walked over to him and grabbed his right hand. "Take this." She handed him some sort of locket. The locket inside held a picture of him as a child, his mother and his father. Valsted smiled, tears falling down from his eyes.

    "Thanks Mom." He gave one last smile to his mother before leaving the house. His mother, only grieving for her son as she cried on her knees Valsted put the locket around his neck and left his house, going through the forest, where he would be hidden from anyone after him.
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  10. Faith Hokina

    "Just came for a swim." Faith says. "We didn't know anyone else would be here this late."

    Amanda nodded her head in reassurance. "Yeah, im amanda by the way. And she's my sister Faith." He tone was kind and Faith had always admired her skills. It had seemed as if Amanda had a power of her own, where she could make someone comfortable with her just with a bright smile. Faith was the exact opposite. She had somehow felt threatened if someone asked to many questions. She didn't even like to be touched, but somehow, she knew that the two girls in front of them meant them no harm. She felt a connection with the first girl, that she too was determined to protect her sister. But there was also a foreign feeling. A feeling that she had never felt before with anyone. A feeling that they were both hiding similar secrets by the guarded look in the girls eyes.
  11. [​IMG]
    Aylene nodded as the girl gave explanation about her presence here. The other girl introduced herself as Amanda and her sister, Faith. They were sisters, just like Aylene and Aylana, but they weren't twins. Before Aylene could introduce themselves, Aylana stepped out and smiled, "Hello! My name is Aylana and this is also my sister, Aylene, we are happy to meet you!" Aylana always sounded so happy, no matter what she was going through. She hid her sickness well that no one except her families knew how weak she was. Aylene watched the two, they were just ordinary student just like Aylene with exception that Aylene was blessed with power of fire. However, she did feel that Faith had the same vibe with her. There were some connection that Aylene couldn't tell what and why. She just met her, but somehow they were holding the same fate.

    Moment later, Aylene heard another rustles from behind her, another person? she thought before turning her body to face the noises. Sliding Aylana to her back, Aylene was ready to face anything that came out from there.
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  12. Valsted Kalana

    The forest is a rather calm and soothing place for many people traversing in the area. Natural animals usually rest here, from deer, squirrels, and various other animals too. As the sun sets, the nocturne animals slowly take over this forest and watch any intruders that would enter the forest. Valsted traveled through the forest in order to lose his trail from those after him. He could feel vibrations around him, mostly from the animals that walked this earth. Along the path, he felt a bit suspicious that there may be something else in the forest. Valsted made sure to erase any tracks left in the forest by using his earth powers to cover it up.

    As he continued the path, he felt new vibrations, closer to him than usual. Valsted counted the new vibrations, there were four vibrations close together, all humans. Valsted believed them to be a group of people from the government after him. The area around him seemed to be area of higher elevation so without climbing, he couldn't get up there. He could use his earth powers to make platforms for him to jump up, but that would only draw the attention of other people. His only option as for now is to observe who these people are and to determine whenever or not is a good idea to meet them. Valsted grabbed his hooded cape, one of the few items he took with him after he left his house, and threw the hood over his head in order to hide himself from anyone.

    Slowly reaching one of the bushes, he cautiously looked through one of the bushes to see who was there. There were four girls in the middle of the area, they seemed to be introducing themselves. Valsted looked at their faces a bit more, they looked familiar, but Valsted couldn't remember where. Valsted still wasn't sure whenever or not to introduce himself to the girls or continue to be suspicious of them. After a unexpected movement of him, he accidentally rustled the bush he was want, gaining the attention of the girls.

    Crap! Valsted was scared, his attention would surely cause him to be in trouble. Gathering his focus, he looked around for something to draw his attention away. Luckily, there was a squirrel right beside him. Valsted gently picked him up and threw him through the bush, allowing the girls to draw their attention away from him and more of the squirrel. He hoped his plan worked.
  13. Faith Hokina

    Just my luck. Someone else to add to the collection of night roamers. Faith thought before she turned her attention on the sound. Squinting her eyes, she realized it was only a small animal. Though what made it stand out the most was that it was shaking in fear.

    "Poor thing." Amanda said and gently walked up to it. Holding out her hands, the small squirrel climbs over into the comfort of Faith's sister. Amanda tilts her head to the right just a little and screams. "Who the hell are you?"

    Shocked, Faith runs over to her sister and gives her a questioning look before following her gaze to a figure in the bushes. What is it with people and bushes? Faith thought, then pushed her sister behind her. "You should come out." Faith said, her voice coming out in a high pitched squeal.
  14. (( Let me just start my morning with a bit of keyboard and screen. Posts wont be this long, only to make up for absence! ))

    Zephyr pulled The Inventor's Secret out from under the pile of binders, folders, and papers. Instead of eating his lunch, he decided to read. The book was of the historical fiction genre mixed with steampunk elements. However, the characters live in an alternative universe of America. The question was asked: "What would happen if the British won the revolutionary war?" This book would probably be the answer. However, there was another thing about this book. It had bits and pieces of magic and mystery, all of which Zephyr secretly thought he had - which he did, obviously to himself. Nobody else in his class knew about his oddities, much less anything about him. Zephyr was always quiet, unless there was some sort of big storm, or the wind was howling. He had an urge to sing with the howling wind sometimes.

    Finally, class had started - they'd gotten a pop quiz. Usually, these types of quizzes were dreadful, almost as if it were a storm rampaging in the atmosphere. Zephyr wasn't phased by this at all. His yellow number two pencil glided over the paper, leaving numbers, words, and filled in bubbles all over the page. However, this processes wasn't speedy, since a few other kids had turned their quizzes in already. They hadn't bothered to check their papers for the correct answers, probably. Yet, Zephyr wasn't about to criticize their school life. In a few minutes, he'd turn in his quiz, the bell rang, and the day was done. Quickly, the boy sped out of the school doors and bolted inside of the house without having to interact with anyone at all.

    Well, he did talk to his parents a bit. Usually he'd go to work soon after school, but today was an off day. He didn't have to go, much to his likeness. Setting down his navy blue bag on the floor, he walked into the living room.
    "Hello, son!" Yonah, Zephyr's father, smiled when they boy emerged from the hall. Zephyr nodded, slipping into the room and plopping on the couch.
    "Have a good day, Zephyr?" Emil, his mother, inquired.
    "Yes, I did. We had a pop quiz today." Zephyr replied.
    Emil sat down next to him, a bit surprised. "Do you think you aced it? You don't have many of those these days..."
    "Yes, I studied in the morning today."
    Yonah laughed, glancing back at his wife. "None of us really had the habit of studying in high school. Zephry, is it possible you like school?"
    Zephyr didn't reply. The two parents looked at each other and shrugged.
    "Well, I'll be in the kitchen. What do you want, Yonah, Zephyr?"
    "I request hot dogs!" Yonah cried. "Maybe some chicken nuggets!"
    "Hah, I'll go cook them now!"
    "I'm coming with you, Emil!"
    The two energetic parents left for the kitchen, leaving their son in the room by himself. After a half an hour of staring at the wall, a long sigh escaped his mouth as he slipped through the crack of the front door. Zephyr grabbed his bike, and began his trip back to school grounds.

    Nobody from school would want to come back to school unless they needed something - even Zephyr. The boy had left his math textbook in the room accidentally, and went to go retrieve it.
    Entering the room, he slowly bent down to pick up the textbook. However, his sky blue eyes shifted elsewhere.

    "[BCOLOR=#000000]You all will meet soon...[/BCOLOR]"

    "Who's there?" Zephyr called out, in the calmest of voice. He didn't feel the slightest bit scared, but rather curious. Yet, the voice did not answer, as if it happened to be carried by the wind. The boy only shrugged. He wasn't going to follow it and get in trouble! No, he was going in the forest which was behind the school. It didn't necessarily do anything special for him other than curing his fascination with nature. Although, he'd heard about a little accident by the lake when he passed the principle's office today, so he'd do his best to avoid that location.
    No, he was going to a specific tree in the forest. It wasn't too far in. It was a tree that seemed to call out to him, despite that fact it had a bigger tree trunk than the others by five or six inches. Zephyr marked it with a small 'X' that he carved out with a knife. Sadly, the tree was near the lake, and he could hear voices and screams. No way was he getting close and risking anything.

    It was a perfect time to practice his wind ability.

    His wind ability was to create silver threads, much like steel, that were made out of air. It could harm someone, but it would probably be just like a paper cut. He used his ability to hold things together, prop things up, restrain people or items (from falling or moving), or to move items towards him. For the threads to break, would be a little tricky. You wouldn't use a knife or any object to cut it. You really shouldn't forcefully pull or push it. The only thing you could do was slowly and gently pull it apart - then it'd disappear.

    Zephyr focused on a leaf up in a tree, and after a few seconds, the threads formed. The goal was to cut the leaf. He hadn't mastered that yet. It took probably fifteen efforts to even start cutting it! By that time, he was exhausted and gave up. Zephyr sat down on the grass, leaning against the tree, and stared off into the direction of the lake. Who knows what would come from there.
  15. [​IMG]
    Aylene saw a squirrel out of the bush, making peep sound as it held by Amanda. She felt somehow relief, but soon, Amanda screamed, making Aylene once again put her guard stance. Suddenly, a chilly feeling crawled to her back as she felt another vibe just like Faith around. Not one, but two. She had been having this dream about meeting other just like her, blessed with power to control elements, but her dream always stopped when Aylene tried to see their faces. She looked at Faith who was protecting her sister and tilted her head, maybe she is one of the elemental too? I have strange feeling about her, her mind wandering.

    "Why suddenly a lot of people coming here?" she threw a random question out of nowhere. Aylene was sure that there were at least two people here, but she didn't know where or who. Aylana saw her sister's worried face and she started to worry too, especially after she saw the news, "Umm, Aylene, did you hear? The government starts to find people with..." before Aylana could finish her words, Aylene put her hand on her mouth, whispered slowly, "Sssttt, I can't let them know about my power, right?" Aylana nodded before saying sorry. Government started to find those people with magic after the report, right... Aylene didn't remember that she used her fire power in public, she might do it accidentally. Rubbing her neck, Aylene wished she didn't show her power unknowingly to people.
  16. Valsted Kalana.
    The planned seem to work and everyone seemed to be drawn towards the squirrel. Good, the plan has worked. Time to get out of here before anyone notices my presence Valsted slowly moved back from the bushes slowly and carefully without any sort of movement being vibrated from the bush. All way going so smoothly, unfortunately Valsted made a error in his calculation. He didn't expect one of the girls to come over and pick up the squirrel. There would be no way of escaping before she would notice a figure in the bushes. Her scream echoed across the fields as Valsted was found.

    Damn! Valsted feared for his safety at this time. He could make a run for it, but he would be chased by the girls, or even be told by the government. He could also come out and just try to make friends with them, but with the way the situation might play out, he could be called a pervert and his mom wouldn't approve of his lustful activities. Valsted did have an idea, but it was a bit risky, but it could play out well.

    Valsted tightened his hood so that his eyes would be covered up and jumped out of the bush. He landed on his knees and slowly got up to face the two girls in front of him. His face was fierce and angry, hoping it would intimidate the girls into running away from him. "I'll make this simple." His voice became deep as a scare tactic to make the girls be more scared of this mysterious person. "Forget that I was here and nothing will happen." While he wasn't into the whole, hurting a girl type thing, however, keeping his identity a secret from everyone is pretty much his first propriety in escaping from the sights of the government. "If you plan to tell anyone about me, I can't promise I won't do anything to you people." He tightened his hands into a fist. He was playing his role as a criminal quite well that he actually looks quite frightful. he smile became a bit demented and full of evil. Valsted rarely uses this type of attitude as he only uses it for a scare tactic. To him, it would be better to be labeled as a criminal than to be a person with supernatural powers as the government's interest in him would be less as a criminal than of a supernatural person. Whatever the girls do at this moment, it could lead to a big reveal.
  17. Faith's change into defence mode was automatic. She folded her arms and squinted her eyes. "Is that a threat?" She challenged, ready to protect her sister at all costs. She hadn't even noticed the water that had started trailing towards her on the ground. Only the gasp of her sister made her look down at the pool of water that had gathered at her feet. She nervously looked up at her sisters horror filled face and she played the dumb card. "How did this water get here?" She asked no one in particular. She was unsure if they believed her so she slowly stared backing away from the puddle to sell her act. Even though she knew her sister was aware of her situation, she threw her a look that meant "Don't say anything, just play along."
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    Aylene quiet startled when someone showed from the bushes. Her guess was true, someone was here with them. Still protecting her sister behind her, Aylene looked at the man who threaten them just like some criminal in movies she watched. Aylene cleared her throat before she replied him, "Who are you? Why are you here? Why do we want to tell anybody about you, it's not like you are a president or member of popular band," she said which of course she knew sounded sarcastic. Crossing her arms in front of her, Aylene raised her brow in suspicion, "Are you serial killer with your face all over the news so you don't want us to tell anyone about you? Still your face aren't familiar to me," Aylene cocked her waist while still fixing her eyes on the stranger.

    Silence filled the air when suddenlt Aylana grabbed Aylene's shirt, "Aylene..." she pointed at puddle which came from nowhere and gathered around Faith's feet. Her eyes widen while she looked at Faith who was nervously asking weird question. Aylene shifted her eyes to her sister who shook her head in confusion. Aylene's mind filled with lot of assumption... Is she... Water elemental? Aylene wanted to ask her bluntly, but decided to hold herself for there was an unknown man who could be anyone.

  19. Valsted Kalana

    He smirked as the girls seemed to be fighting back against what he said, not even scared of his threats. It seems Valsted has sorta underestimated them. Valsted reminded himself what he needed to do if he wanted to survive. If these girls aren't working with the government, or fine with them not saying a word, he won't have to put up this facade. But he was still unsure about those four, especially the two of them in front. "A threat, maybe...or maybe not. Let's just say i'm unique...and the government likes "unique" people. That's all." He said to the girls in his deep voice. Not giving away anymore about his powers, but he might've given enough information to the girls to realize he might have elemental powers too.

    Valsted looked carefully at both girls, watching to see who raises the next question about him. However, the puddle of water that formed under the one girl caught his attention. It was weird that all of the sudden the girl seemed a bit surprise about the puddle of water under her feet. Interesting. I wonder... he looked at the red haired woman and pointed. "You there." his voice lost that deep, threating tone and became more normal and curious. "Tell me something. Can you manipulate water?" He asked. If it was true that she can control the water around her, than that means she is just like him, a human with the ability to manipulate a element. Which means she wouldn't be a threat to him normally. He kept his guard up in case any of them came after him.
  20. Faith stopped moving and stared at the stranger. She felt her eyes began to narrow as the wheels started turning in her head. One wrong thing and she could be exposed. The best thing that would happen to her is that she would be forgotten and these people would think she was human. But there was that ache in her heart that begged her to tell them. It promised her safely and guaranteed her sisters. "You think i can control water." She began, pondering her options. "What if i can? Then what? Would you run and tell someone?" She had failed to ask the question that stuck to the back of her mind, although she did get the chance to rephase it. "What if you could control something as beautiful as water. Would you be in a hurry to blurt it out?"

    She could feel her sisters stare boring into the back of her head. If her sister were to speak what she was thinking, Faith already knew what she'd say. "Fatih Emerson Hokina. Why would you do this? Do you fail to remember what happened to the last people who knew about your power?" Of course Amanda would be referring to their parents, and then Faith would get upset and laugh about the whole thing to play it as a joke. Or would she? There was an undeniable pull deep down where she had felt nothing. The whole in her heart from her parents death, was now being tugged, and she felt the need to spill everything to people she had only just met. Although she knew it was impossible, she felt closer to these strangers than she had ever felt with her own parents. What was the world coming to?
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