Hunted-The Elements

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I think that is a good idea, I mean if everyone in the government are expert, we won't have a chance.
Also I've posted @EternalInfinity ^^
Ok. Been a busy few days for me so i'll try to get a post up today.
I will post tomorrow~
Waiting for Painful to post before I continue. Just in case anyone is wondering why I am not posting right now. (And the fact I spent a whole week setting up a store. Fun...)
I don't think he can reply soon because of things he mentioned in the group, I'm afraid that this RP is at the edge of falling, I don't know... because the GM seems to not active either >.<
I agree. Ive been busy and have little to no time for rp's lately. Plus, this rp does seem a little dead...*Sigh*. What a waste for such a good plot.
Yeah, it's finally move on from the friendly introduction to some actions *sobs*
Are you going to officially close this RP?
Such a shame. It was fun while it lasted I suppose. Don't be strangers yall.
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Yep, see you when I see you ^^
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