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  1. The Elementals


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    HistoryFour children were stolen from their houses in the dead of night. All of them between the ages of 1 and 3. They were all taken by a wizard who had granted them unique gifts. Water, fire, Air, and earth. Four elements, and one given to each child.
    After giving them their gifts, he returned them to their parents. His plan was to see how each child would survive in a world full of mortals with the power he gave them. Unfortunately, he died four years afterward, and never had the chance to watch his little creations grow up.

    PlotYears have gone by since that night. They are all in highschool, trying to hide a life threatening secret. Little do they know, they each go to the same school. Though, they aren't given much time. Because somehow, they've been exposed. And as the truth comes out, so does the government. Ready to kill anything unnatural.

    Down below are the rules. I don't have many so follow them all and we shouldn't have a problem... ok so there is a lot but bare with me. All iwaku rules apply

    1. Romance is fine, but i don't want it to be the main focus.
    2. Cursing is also fine, but please do not over do it.
    3. Be respect to others in the OOC.
    4. Don't kill off other characters without the puppeteers consent. This shouldn't be a problem, but i thought i should add it in just in case.
    5. Let me know if you're quitting. Dont just leave us hanging. You will have 10 days to post before we skip your turn. If we've had to skip you 5 times, you will be replaced.
    6. If you are going on vacation and wont be posting for a while, thats fine. Just let me know.
    7. No god modding
    8. No one liners
    9. Follow rules 1-8

    Character Sheet:
    ~~~~* is required anything else is optional~~~~
    *Age (14-18):
    Element add-ons (2 max):
    *Experience level with element (1-10):
    Background (After the night they got their gifts):
    Extra info:
    *Appearance (anime pictures only):

    Questions that might arise:

    Q.What is an element add-on?
    A. An element add-on is something extra you can do with your element. Like create weapons out of it.

    Q. What do you mean by "Experience level with element"?
    A. Rate from a 1-10, how much you've mastered the power.
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  2. Name: Faith Hokina
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Element: water
    Element add-ons: She can make weapons out of the water and turn the water into ice.
    Experience level with element: 6
    Personality: Bold, truthful, caring, lighthearted
    Background: Faith grew up like every other child, except she had a secret. One that ended up killing her parents when she was nine. They knew about her power and embraced it with love, but a visit to the beach made waves a little higher than normal. Her sister barely made it out alive and was hospitalized for days. When she recovered, they were both sent to live with they're grandparents, where they currently live. Her grandparents know nothing of her gift.
    Family: Sister and grandparents
    Appearance: [​IMG]
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  3. Mind if I just... pop in here.
    //Slaps Air in the Character-o-Maker machine.-
    //Grabs output-

    *Name: Zephyr Glaw

    *Age (14-18): Seventeen

    *Gender: Male

    *Element: Air

    Element add-ons (2 max): Creating threads out of air

    *Experience level with element (1-10): 7

    As a kid, he'd always been content with what he had, no wants. Also, he wasn't as social as the other kids in his class. He was either doing something else creative or not paying attention to them. Sooner or later, people kept associating him with weeabos, which he wasn't.
    Zephyr tends to mind his own business and not interact with other human beings. Growing up with this rule would make him seem emotionless. Except - he's not. Well, he's not when he's in privacy or something must have really struck his heart.
    I guess people think he's neutral. Not bad, since he isn't causing too much trouble, but not good since he's blunt and a socially awkward penguin.
    Oddly enough, Zephyr is a little more antsy and his fuse is set off more easily when storms are approaching and the wind picks up outside.

    Background (After the night they got their gifts):
    Zephyr, when he was born, was a really energetic little boy. However when he was abducted in the night, he almost had a personality change. He wasn't like other kids. Zephyr was always calm (unless there is a storm) and cool about things. He accepted mostly everything with no complaints. His parents wanted to know what had happened, so they took him to the doctors. They couldn't come up with anything since they had said everything was alright. Well, since he behaves, why not let him be like this?

    Emil Glaw - Mother
    Yonah Glaw - Father
    Kaine Glaw - Younger Sister

    Extra info:
    He works in a bar as a bartender, serving the best cocktails one has yet to taste in their lifetimes.
  4. [​IMG]

    She can heal herself or other by burning the wound. It might hurt a little or a lot, depends on the wound, but it will be completely healed and leaves no scar even though it is burned by fire.

    Aylene has higher IQ than rest of her friends, even smarter than her twin sister. Her head is fulled with ideas and knowledge she gets from either reading books or watching TV. Aylene learns everything faster than normal people and remembers everything much more than normal people.

    Aylene is smart, of course, but she uses her brain more for bad things, instead of good one. She often tricks people to do or get what she wants. She always does something for her sake first, then maybe, if she wants to, thinks about other.

    Nothing can stand in her way when she has set her goal. Aylene will always find ways, good or bad, to reach her goal.

    Even though Aylene seems easy to harm people for her own sake, she will never abandon her 'victim'. There will always something in return of her action. For example, Aylene used to trick her twin sister to attend her tutoring because Aylene needed to meet her friend. In return, Aylene will bring home Aylana's, her twin sister, favorite food or things.

    Perfect plan, check! Proper equipment, check! Everything is prepared perfectly thanks to her brilliance. BUT her plan sometimes fails because of her clumsiness. There will always something, SOMETHING, wrong. She will always, ALWAYS, makes mistake. Either she forgets to lock the door or she trips herself and breaks the equipment. You can say she is extra clumsy or simply blessed with bad luck, your choice.

    Actually, Aylene wasn't supposed to be the one who received the gift, Aylana was the chosen one. However that night, Aylana was terribly sick and taken to her parents' room, while Aylene who was sleeping in Aylana's bed left at her room alone. Because of that, the wizard picked her instead of Aylana.

    Aylene realized her gift to control fire when she was 5. She accidentally burned her doll with her power. Her parents, of course, panicked and took her to the hospital, but nothing unusual the doctor said. Confused, her parents helped Aylene to control her power for fire was a destructive element. Aylene might killed people accidentally... or not. They also tried to raise Aylene in proper manner to form a good personality pledged on her, but it couldn't change her nature in the end.

    Because of her inteligent, Aylene able to control her power in no time. As she grew up, Aylene became better and better in controlling fire. She hid her power well, but sometimes used it secretly for her amusement. As she turned 16, she realized that she was special and believed that her fate must be different from those normal people. So, she set her lifetime goal, to... RULE THE WORLD! *Aylene laughed evilly before she choked on her candy* Well, seems like she will never reach this goal, but who knows?

    Father - Arland Rotward
    Mother - Prilia Rotward
    Twin Sister - Aylana Rotward

    Though Aylene looks like she is egoist, arrogant, self-center, which is true actually. But, she cares for her twin, Aylana, A LOT. Aylene always thinks that she has responsibility to protect Aylana for Aylana has much weaker body than her. She knows that no one can protect Aylana better than her do which sometimes makes her becomes a super protective sister.
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  5. Interesting characters. They are both accepted.
  6. [​IMG]
    Name: Valsted Kalana

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Element: Earth

    Element add-ons:
    Can create armor out of the land. Since he is inexperienced with his powers, the armor will feel heavy and a bit weaker than most armor.

    Experience level with element: 5

    Valsted was cautious about his actions and would normally sway away from them if it were to cause a situation. Valsted is rather calm and collective most of the time and would normally calculate a certain situation before taking action. He is normally quiet unless talked to. At first he is sorta shy to strangers, but once he is close with them, he talks like a best friend. When angry, he will see it to that the person or creature who caused his sudden change gets punished, evil or not. He is very adventurous and enjoys learning new things about the world.

    Background (After the night they got their gifts):
    After receiving his gift and returning home, Valsted didn't seem too intrigued with his gift, not understanding his gift as normal. He later discovered what his power is during his walk and became curious about it. Wanting to impress his family, he ran back to his family to show him what he has learned, until getting to the door he learned that his parents wanted him to be a normal and healthy boy who was very sociable to kids his age. Valsted, hearing this, decided to forget his gift.

    A few year later, at the age of 10 he got into an argument with his parents about him messing with his mother's flowers. He told them it was actually just a mole that got to them and ruined them, but his parents didn't like his attitude and attended to punish him too. Infuriated, Valsted unleashed his earth powers on his parents, just missing their heads. Their parents became fearful of him, thinking he was a monster and should be put away in jail. Valsted, know realizing what he has done, ran away from home, now know as a monster to his parents.

    Valsted wandered around outside of town, wondering what he was suppose to do now that his parents know about his powers. Shortly after thinking, he heard a voice out of nowhere. The voice told him to go back to the town. Valsted didn't like the idea of returning to his home town where he was branded as a monster, but decided to do so anyways. Then, he saw his parents walking around the field. Valsted was reluctant to meet them again, but when a rock slide started to form just above of his parents, Valsted hesitated and created a wall that fully surrounded them from the rock slide After he put the wall down, his parents saw him and started to cry, realizing that their son saved their lives and realized how harsh they were to him. They hugged him and accepted for who he is now, but they are still a bit unsure about his powers.

    Since then, he has spend his spare time learning to control his powers outside of the town for when anything bad happens. He may not be using his powers for now, but he has a uneasy feeling that something will happen that will force him to use his earth powers.

    Mother: Mari Kalana
    Father: Yacht Kalana

    Extra info: He likes to meditate when under stress, this helps him maintain his calm personality and help learning the reason of his stress.​
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  19. Hey uh, this RP looks really cool to me but is it still open? and if so which elements are taken?
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  20. @Cassius Hey there! I will be glad to have you join, maybe as air element, no offense because the one who takes this element seems to inactive >.< and this RP needs air element :(

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