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  1. Christopher Richardson, red

    Full Name:
    Christopher Samuel Richardson.


    High Warlock. Leader of the Ispwich Colony.

    Christopher posses mind linked abilities. He is a telekinetic, telepath and can even use mind control upon a person - Though he'll have to be staring them directly in the eye for his mind control to happen and cannot break contact or it'll be lost.

    Brief Bio:
    Being born into the line of powerful warlocks, Christopher immediately knew his fully potential without even being told. It was at the age of eight when he was trained by his mother, who was also a witch and was part of the Ispwich colony, on how to control his ability better. It was three years ago that his mother died due to natural causes and he was left alone. He left home and didn't go back until he was 21. There he heard about and even came into contact with more people like him, witches and warlocks. And he took the reigns, telling them that they was all going to be under his protection. Most decided to flee town and not listen to him and the other decided that they didn't need a male protecting them. Nine years have past and Christopher is still the Leader and now even a High Warlock. He is highly worshiped by his followers and hope to keep them all protected for when another witch is set in place.
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  2. The White Witch, orange

    Name: Marie Ann Wolfgang
    Age: 21 Years Old
    Title: The Great White Witch
    • Light Manipulation; She has the ability to manipulate light -- sunlight, a lamp posts light, from a lamp, anything that illuminates lights.
    • Healer; Can heal any wound, sickness, disease, cut, broken bone, anything except mental disorders.
    • Fire Manipulation; She has the ability to manipulate fire. She can create a simple flame from her finger tips or a large forest fire.
    • Resurrection; This ability correlates with her healing magic. However this will take up all her energy causing her to blank out for three to five hours at the least.
    Brief Biography: A descendant of Wolfgang witches. Wolfgang witches are often called, White Witches, due to their great resurgence powers. Only great witches could bear such a power. In the Wolfgang history, if a Wolfgang witch conceives a child they witch will die once the child is born. All Wolfgang witches will die in birth. The longest living Wolfgang witch is thirty-five. Marie's mother died after her birth. The young girl never met her mother. Her father was a mortal, the first in history. He knew about his wife's powers but he never told his daughter. He wished his little girl to live a normal girls life, but eventually she'll find out for herself. Marie discovered her abilities when she was seven. Her dog died, Lucy. Bringing the deceased animal into her arms holding it tightly and bringing back the sweet image of it living she felt the dog move in her arms. That day her father told her everything. Marie never used her abilities after that, never spoke about them.
  3. The High Warlock, red

    Chris woke up a little bit earlier than usual this morning. He felt that something was coming but didn't know exactly what that was. Christopher's wife walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around him, pressing her head against his back. "Everything okay?" She cooed as Chris turned around and kissed her forehead and nodded his head. "I am going to cook breakfast." She said while walking out of the room and downstairs to the kitchen.

    Chris' wife wasn't a witch. She was completely normal to be exact. He kept himself hidden to her because he is terrified of the consequences if she found out about him. His mind drifted away from that particular thought for a moment as he looked out of the window, seeing two cars pull up into his driveway. His brows furrowed with anger as he walked out of his room and down the stairs, bursting through the front door and standing on the porch.

    "Get off my property right now." He exclaimed while waving for his followers to leave his driveway immediately. But they would not leave until they told him what had happened. His brow raised out of curiosity then he invited them to sit down on the chairs that were planted on the porch. One of his followers started to wail as he wondered what was going on and demanded that some spoke up now. A guy named Marcus stood up and spoke, basically telling Christopher about another death within his region.

    Christopher gasped for air as he couldn't breathe and had to sit down for a moment. "How?" Chris asked but Marcus and the other shrugged their shoulders then looked up at him. "Okay. I am calling a meeting. We'll meet at the old house in the woods. Make sure you are not followed. Text and call everyone you know. Got it?" Chris' voice roared as they nodded their heads and got up and went back to their vehicles.

    He walked back inside of his home and sat down at the dining table. "Friends of yours?" His wife asked as he nodded his head. "Yeah, they are having a gathering and they invited me to join them." Christopher looked up at his wife, who had a confused look plastered against her face as she did nothing but shrug her shoulders and sat a plate down in front of him.

    Christopher ate breakfast and used the remote to turn on the small television they had set up on the kitchen counter. Breaking news appeared across the screen as another death of a suspected witch has been announced. This angered Christopher as he knows that someone out there is turning them in and seeking them out.

    But who? He was damn sure going to find out at the meeting tonight and hoped that every witch, or warlock was going to be there so they band together and watch each others back - Once and for all.
  4. "Thirty-three year old Lorraine Belle has been sentence to die due to witchcraft..." The newscaster continued on about the news of a young witch. Marie stared at the screen. She was sitting on the couch with her knees nearby her chest. Her arms wrapped around her legs pulling it closer to her body. She watched the corpse in a black body bag being thrown into the flames. Her eyes reflected the horrifying death of the witch. She bit her lower lip as she heard the sound of her heartbeat beating faster than usual. The people surrounding the flames were yelling and cursing away the suspected witch. She felt her heart breaking into smaller pieces. Before she could see anymore the television was turned off. "They won't find you." Her fathers reassuring voice told her. She sighed softly nodding. Marie looked at the blank screen. Her eyes stared into the reflection. "Is there people like me?" She looked at her father who was fixing his black tie. She noticed him smile and ruffled up her hair before walking towards the door. "Maybe, you never know Marie." Being left with those words she watched her father leave the house.

    Marie stood up from the couch and watched her father leave. The car left the driveway. She watched the car leave in a quick manner. Marie closed the curtains and locked the windows. She quickly changed into her casual clothing, which consisted of a long white peasant skirt, a white tank top, and a long white knitted cardigan that ended from her knees. The girl left from the back doors of her house locking it with a simple silver key. She walked out of the back yard and into the sidewalks. She watched as people talked about the latest death of a new witch. Each day she feared walking down the streets that somebody would pull her out of the crowd and convict her of being a witch. She crossed her arms and quickened her pace. The town became corrupted due to one person believing to have seen a witch, stupid. She walked into the bakery. The smell of fresh bread and sweet custard filled the air. She walked towards the display of breads and sweet pastries. Her hand pressed against the cool glass as she leaned forward. A pastry with yellow custard in the middle caught her. She felt her stomach growl in hunger. A man in front of her with gloves and a white apron staring at her with suspicious eyes. She tapped against the glass, pointing at the custard pastry. The man pulled it out and placed it inside a white doggy bag.

    She smiled at him, but she was never given one back. She walked towards the cash register where she pulled out five dollars from her pocket. She pressed the dollar against the counter smoothing it up. The sound of the cash register open made her jump. "That'll be three dollar and twenty-eight cents." The man announced with a sour expression on his face. She handed the five dollar bill as he handed the white doggy bag with the sweet pastry. After a few more loud noises that came from the cash register she was given a dollar and loose change. She slowly walked away, turning away from the suspicious baker. Marie walked out and into the park. It was an isolated park that no one entered. After the new park opened everybody isolated the old one. She pulled out the pastry from the bag and bit into it. The sweet custard filling her mouth with a sweet taste. As she continued to eat a bird fell down from the ground. A shot from the air, people shot their bullets willy-nilly. The birds fresh wound spilled blood on the grounds. Marie stared at the blood spilling slowly out the birds body. Her hand twitched, she had the urge to heal, to bring it back alive. She looked around her surroundings finding not a single soul.

    The girl went on her knee's and looked over the bird. Her small hands wrapped around the birds wound. She felt the warm blood against her hands. It had a disgusting scent that she couldn't take. Marie took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly. She felt a small heart beat and the blood stopped spilling out.
  5. As soon as he walked back into the house, his wife questioned him about the people who he encountered with on the front porch as he shook his head and waved his hand at her while replying. "They were nobody but a couple of old college friends inviting me out tonight. But I told them no, I cannot since my darling has to work late." Christopher said charmingly while walking over towards her and wrapping his arms around her, kissing the top of her forehead. "Aw. But seriously, you go. I can wait here until you get back." His wife said as he raised a brow in curiosity. "You sure?" His wife nodded her head and mouthed the word yes while grabbing her briefcase and car keys then exiting through the front door.

    As soon as she left, his cell phone went to blaring off. It was the head witch, Melba. "Yes, Ma'am?" He answered as her voice sang through the other line. "There is a young witch using her powers in public view. She is in a park as my senses are telling me." Christopher sighed then spoke the word okay and hung up.

    Young witches were going to do nothing but get them all killed. He quickly showered then dressed, leaving his hair in a messy attire as he grabbed his truck keys then walked outside. He wondered how Melba was able to detect other Witches and Warlocks but maybe that's a gift she inherited from the elders. He quickly got into his truck and rushed over to the park, where he seen a teenaged girl with a bird in her hands. Christoper quickly parked then jumped out of the truck and rushed to her side. "Hey, everything okay?" He asked her, hoping he didn't scare her in any way.

    "Are alone in the park?" Such a predator question to ask, which he thought about it then looked at her. "I promise you, I am not a pedophile." A soft chuckle escaped over his lips as he sighed then heard his cell phone blaring in his pocket. "Oh. excuse me..." He said to the female then turned heel and walked a few inches away. It was Melba again - Who stated that she was female that she had felt and that he must bring here to the meeting tonight.

    Christopher nodded his head. "Alright." He spoke softly then turned to face the girl again, staring at her directly in the eyes. 'I am like you. Don't be scared, I am not going to hurt but I need you to come with me. Okay?' He spoke towards her telepathically, proving that he was just like her. Christopher stood there to see what the female was going to do in the terms that he had stated.
  6. Her eyes focused on the bird that began to twitch. She opened her hands allowing the bird to move slowly. The birds wing's were stained with its own blood, the feathers were matted with its own blood, it was sickening. Marie lowered her hands to the ground. She felt her knuckles making contact with the concrete ground. The bird slowly got up and hopped off her hands. When it first touched the ground it tumbled down. Marie gasped as a reaction quickly helping the bird up. Her abilities was to bring things back to life, however with the body healing the pain is still there. She watched the bird trying to regain its strength. She watched the bird struggling to move its body, getting one hop seemed difficult for the poor animal. She felt her lips turning into a small frown. She looked at her hands stained with its blood and wondered if she could heal the wound underneath the concealed skin. Marie tried to grab the bird but quickly gasped when she felt a man's presence coming near her. Marie stood up putting her hands behind her back, covering her stained hands.

    His tone was kind, but kindness was a sketchy personality nowadays, her father told her. Marie stepped back a bit keeping herself distant from the man. He seemed like an average man, black messy hair, plain clothes, just like anybody else. She felt her heartbeat faster once she began thinking about the worst outcomes. She felt the heat rising up to her cheeks wondering if he could hear her loud heartbeats. His next question made her eyes widen and her pupil dilated. Marie was cautious, she wouldn't dare use her powers against people, but if it's a predator she'll make the exception. She slowly stepped back making herself a good running space in case he tried anything strange to her. When he began to assure her that he wasn't a predator the girl stopped. "That's what a pedophile would say." She said in a cold tone. Ever since the witch hunting's she couldn't find herself believing anybody. She didn't want to become the next headline on the news. It'll kill her father and it'll kill the Wolfgang blood line.

    A ringing sound grabbed his attention causing him to walk away. She glanced at the exit of the park wondering if she could make it. The girl's thoughts began to make more negative outcomes, which discouraged her great escape. She stood there watching the man answer his phone. When he returned back his eyes locked onto her's. She heard his voice within her head. She quickly shuddered freaking out a bit. His reassuring words reached out to her making her much more calmer. She looked at the man surprised. It surprised here that there were people truly just like her. It made her feel much more better. Marie glanced around her surroundings. She looked back at him and nodded slowly "But...what's your name? I'm Marie." She said softly introducing herself.
  7. Christopher can tell that she trusts him, a little bit. His eyes widened at her when she introduced herself in a soft tone. "Ah, Marie. I use to date a witch named Marie. She's dead now." A soft chuckle came over his lips as he reminisced about the times with her but then frowned when he thought about her death. "Well, anyways, I am Christopher. A High Warlock." He introduced himself strongly and firmly then eyed Marie. "So, I see that you can heal things?" Chris questioned towards her then slowly walked up to her. His eyes glanced at his wristwatch as his eyes widened again.

    "Okay, we got to go." Chris said while waving for her to follow him. He got into his truck and turned the engine then sped off, hoping that Marie could keep up with him. His eyes flashed into the rearview mirror every now and then to make sure that Marie was trailing behind him. Sooner or later, he reached the woods where the meeting was being held. Standing at the edge of the woods was a guy named Lester, a warlock with the ability to control the weather. Christopher smiled and listened to Lester as he gave a report and status of the people that were there.

    "Thanks, Lester." Christopher said as he walked beside Melba and gave her a hug. "Oh, Christopher my dear. What took you so long?" She asked him then glanced at Marie. "She seems like a tough cookie to crumble. Christopher, you need to protect her. She is young and afraid. Look at her." Melba and Christopher glanced at Marie again then turned back to look at each other. "Well, I am already watching over myself and you guys. Can't you watch over her, Melba?" Melba put her hands upon her hips and raised her brow. "You dare speak to me and question me in that tone." Melba's voice roared and it immediately fell silent.

    "Don't you forget who gave you that title. I can take it away from you." Melba huffed and walked past Christopher and over towards Marie. "Calm your nerves, child. We are all just like you." She smiled then looked towards Chris as he raised his hand up to hush everyone up again. "Alright guys. I assume you know why we called this meeting. Another witch hunt is being placed in our town and we have to protect ourselves and others just like us. They want to hunt and kill us and probably burn us at the stake." Christopher raised his hand up again to silent the side conversations that ensued.

    "Now, I would like you guys to give Marie a warm welcome." They all stared at her and welcomed her then looked at Melba as she stood. "You guys know what is right and what is wrong out there in the real world. Be careful and be on the lookout. Meeting is over." She proclaimed then walked up to Chris and whispered in his ear. "Protect her." She then walked away and through the woods. Christopher sighed and walked over towards Marie and chuckled. "Sorry that the meeting was so short and I am sorry if I have wasted your time. But want to go and get something to eat?" He asked her, a little nervously.
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