hunted by the one you love

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  1. Hunted and the hunter
    (MxF) (witchxwitch hunter)
    In the past to be with a human was a taboo that could get you killed by them or your sisters because humans were just that dangerous at the time. But in the present it's not the same now. It's still looked down on but no one cares. Meet the witch who became who she was because her house was bombed and lit a balze by them. Out casted it took her years to recover from the loss and a broken heart. He lost the one he loved to the witches in a blaze of flames. Both broken and lost, both share the same past strangly...the only problem? he hunts her kin and she kills his for their deeds against them. Did I mention they live next to each other?
  2. Yeah this sounds cool are you still open to replies for this thread?
  3. I'm so sorry! this is a 1X1 Rp! If you want I have other plot lines that might interest you! PM me!
  4. Ulrich was tired. He was also in a helluva lot of pain, but had no intention of letting anyone else know about this. The early hours of the morning were just upon them, though the deep shroud of darkness had yet to lift from the world. It was in this cover that the man hobbled back home on one and a half legs, trying to ignore the horrendous gash to his left leg, the burn that had seared deep into his flesh and caused significant bleeding and discomfort. Of course, he'd just point to the fact that the other guy was dead in a ditch in the middle of nowhere, food for the rats.

    The next few hours were spent restoring himself to his usual pallor, showering off the dirt and grime of the nights work, followed by cleaning and binding the worst of his wounds, and then a few hours sleep before midmorning came around. It was a glorious day, and the slim man acted as if it was a day like any other. In fact, he was up and about in short order, actually doing some gardening. It might not have been his favourite activity, but he found that after a hard fight it did him good to do a little gentle exercise. The only downside were the neighbours.

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  5. (it's fine we're all busy around this time, midterms and exams)
    Melody hummed a tune she was currently working on as she got ready for the day. Her best friend harmony was comming over for tea and to see how her newset master peice was comming along. She was almost done but she was stuck. For some reason she couldn't make the next part of ther composition. It wasn't common for composers but for her it was a problem. She was the witch of melodies for gods sake! A witch of sound and farther down a key part in the music witchs comunity. With out her would put them all in trouble. She knew she was a key part so she took care of her self, lived like a human and kept her self of the hunters raidor. The last thing she needed was to get her self killed, oh the iorny in that.

    She made breakfest and sat down to eat as she pulled up her holo screens and checked the news, human news was intresting but the witch news was a little more fun. humans had many news networks while they only had one and it was run by one of the most powerful witches in exisstance. Intelagence, or intell as everyone calls her and Techonology, both existign in the cyber world away from hunters. The worst that could happen to them was a cold from a virus. everyone else? geting kileld by hunters and getting others killed because they were careless to be cought and found by them
Thread Status:
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