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  1. The last frontier had begun. Terath used to be the homeworld of a race like humans, but a little different. They were considered to be Supers. Each person was born with one power. But after the Great War of Terath, the entire population was wiped out. Or was it?

    Throughout the battle a population of 10 Supers escaped. They hid, and when they had returned, it wasn't there planet anymore. A forest had grown, and evolution had happened at an alarming rate. New predators had been created. Their world was now dangerous and different. My world was different and dangerous.

    My name is Althe. I was born on Terath but when war erupted on my peaceful home, I gathered 9 others and we managed to get off our planet before the rest of our species was wiped out. I was born in the capital city of Tazech, with the power of invisibility. My father had the same one. Both him and my older brother went to war and never returned. My mother went looking, but she didn't come back either. When I piloted our ship back to Terath, our home planet had restarted evolution. And it was happening at an alarming rate. When we returned home, it was in what looked like a prehistoric stage. I turned to my fellow crew and smiled, "Hunt with me."

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    Razza looked around as she followed close behind Althe, the world she remembered seemed to be overrun by itself. Going back to prehistoric times it looked like, in a way it excited her to find what new things this world held in store for her and her friends. But in another it saddened her to find what she remembered nearly gone. Razza looks up to Althe smiling at her cheerful invitation. She nods her golden blonde hair falling around her in waves with a loose curl here and there that fell down her back nearly past her waist. Her sapphire blue eyes bright with excitement. "I'm right behind ya"
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    Taragh Stood up from the tree branch next to the old overrun remains of an old tower block in the west of the forest although the forest had grown the remains of some buildings were still just visible although they were mostly overrun by plants and vegetation and many dangerous creatures lived down be low. Taragh ran along the branch he was on and jumped to the next trees branch across from him landing solidly on a huge branch he felt the leaves and small branches brush through his hair as he effortlessly jumped between the trees, Taragh remembered this part of Tazech where he and his brother fought as the last pocket of resistance before he fled to space for the last 5 years. Taragh pauses and his thermal vision picks out a creature below most likely a predatory creature that would gladly eat him at any chance it got, Tahrag moved on quietly through the trees every he saw he could also see in thermal vision as well as normal, this superpower he had was what landed him a job in the mines in the mountains of Terath as a Spotter whose job it was to spot any signs of lava down in the deeper parts of the mines.
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  4. [​IMG]

    Remus stepped off the landing pad with a trail of glossy gray smoke following him, and a vermilion glow leading. His stature was as tall as imposing. Both of which were in his favor. At six foot ten, three twenty-five he was unmistakable. He had a clean shaven head, and 'scruff' with a darker tinge than the rest of him covered most of his lower face and upper throat in a sort of five o'clock shadow. His body looked like it was built for gladiatorial games. His chest taut with muscle, his arms corded from shoulder to wrist. Most of his muscled backside was covered in a very noticeable and detailed tattoo.

    As he stepped away from the safety of the ship, his black boots gnarling into the gravel beneath him. He took a look around. His eyes barely wincing as the smoke drifted straight up into his face from his cigar. Aside from Althe, Razza and Taragh were exploring their "once was" as well. A mixture of excitement, worry, sadness all was blending together in a stew pot that was general nostalgia.

    "I tell ya," Remus muttered rolling the cigar between his lips. "If its not our our own kind huntin' us, its gonna be some other pretty little thing. When they gonna catch a break?" The big man chuckled excitedly.

    (I apologize. I couldn't find the OOC! This looked fun.)
  5. Taragh quietly waited until the creature was below him and took aim with his silenced pistol and pulled the trigger, the creature ran away a short distance then fell dead. Taragh dropped to the ground after sliding down the trunk and put his finger to and earpiece and said "well looks like i got lunch guys", Taragh was just over 5"6 foot tall , he was considerer short for only being 21, Taragh had short buzcut hair which he regulary kept to army standards, Taragh picks up the corps of the creature and hoists it up the tree on his line he used to secure him self when coming down a tree up to the thick branch he was last on then climed up him self.
  6. Althe grinned and finished lacing up her boots and stood up to her full 5'7" height. "All right. Its not gonna explore itself." She set off in no particular directing, stomping down plants. She held a machete in her right hand, swinging it to create a path for the others. She sighed and looked around. "I say we split up into groups. Some of us go hunting, some of us go back and guard the ship. What do y'all think?" Althe had a soft western accent, as thats how everyone from the capital city spoke. She looked around at the faces of her comrades, waiting for an answer.
  7. Taragh Returns to the ship and calls out on his radio "guys where are you i got some food?"
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  8. "All right. Its not gonna explore itself." He listened to the much shorter girl in front of him, puffing on the thick cigar as his own eyes scanned outstretched landscape in front of him. His didn't have Targh's ability, but they were more a trained talent in seeking enemies out.

    The encroachment of the wilds of forest foliage meant trees were branching out from inside structures, as well as having spouted a somewhat dense forestry around them. Some of their trunks had left the paved roads in ruins from finding gaps and expanding them to get at the soil beneath. This left an uneven playing field with some roads lifted up like they were those bridges that split apart for passing ships; each side lifting upright to allow clearance.

    "I say we split up into groups. Some of us go hunting, some of us go back and guard the ship. What do y'all think?" His beautiful captain suggested. Just then heard a crackle over his ear piece. It was Targah.

    "well looks like I got lunch guys", Remus gave a loud chuckle.

    "Son of a bitch. Looks like your stuck with guard duty now Taragh." The big man continued laughing, taking the cigar briefly from his mouth. "And chef duty! Wow, you're moving up in the world already!" He teased.

    Remus' boisterous nature was only matched by how sheerly violent the guy could be. His ability wasn't cloaking himself, or being able see heat signatures--it was power. Raw, unmitigated, and unadulterated seemingly unfeasible strength. He could quarter a man with his bare hands. Tearing him apart literally limb-from-limb. Some would call his behavior reckless or ignorant. For some it was brave. Still some would prefer to call him flat out insane. Maybe all of these descriptions were right in their own way.

    He didn't LIKE using the weapons he hand on hand.A revolver that could probably make a fist size hole through things, or even his own creation his switch-axe which acted like a switch blade. Why use them when you could tear things a part with your bare hands? It just wasn't as enjoyable to him.

    "guys where are you I got some food?" Taragh said again.

    "Oh, just venturing with the boss lady. We all know how she is--gotta look in every nook and cranny to satisfy that curiosity of hers."
  9. Razza laughed lightly at Remus's response to Taragh, poor guy already getting stuck with cooking detail and guard duty. Raz gives a playful wink and grin toward Anthe. "No way will I be stuck in that ship any longer than needed, I call going huntin with Anthe!" Raz had a light Irish accent, it became more apparent if she was angry or excited. Adjusting the sword at her hip that she kept with her nearly 24/7 she playfully punches Remus on the bicep. "Aye stop pickin on the help, he might just spit in your food...Or worse" She teases lightly making sure Taragh heard her over the mic.

    She was getting antsy to go exploring, she hated holding still for very long and being stuck in the ship for the better part of the day had gotten her quite wound up. Razza's power was very different from her comrades, she had the ability to shift into nearly any form that she laid eyes on. The bigger the form the more concentration and energy it took though.
  10. "darnit i thought you guys were at the ship... allwell just watch out for the the creatures out here their kinda messed up compaired to the creatures that use to run around this places considering where i came from got nuked and thats stuff that spits acid!" Taragh Relipes over the radio
  11. She spun around slightly glaring, "C'mon! I want to get over to the Argartian Falls and see if they're still, well y'know, falls. It's a good water resource." She turned back and trudged further into the newly developed, very dense forest. She turned on her own mic, "Teragh, it'd be appreciated if you could keep predators or any animal for that matter out of the ship." She says clearly, as she strikes an over-hanging branch with her machete. She tripped over a root, and as an instinct, cloaked herself. When she hit the ground, she sat up, and shook the dirt off of herself, and becoming once again, visible. She grumbled angirly about how nice this place used to be and pushed on.
  12. Taragh said over the radio"k ill have food ready for you guys when you get back and any creatures that come dont worry ill have them dead i did fight as recon though when the great war happend, oh and guys stay safe out there what ever you do pleas watch out for radiation pockets in the Murah Desert try not to stumble in there its full of mutant creatures and plants voracious for flesh, these creatures are a side efect of the E-224 Bomb being dropped there sure most of the radiations gone but there still is some where the bomb struck"
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  13. "C'mon! I want to get over to the Argartian Falls and see if they're still, well y'know, falls. It's a good water resource." Remus' leader said with almost child-like amusement.

    Despite her childishness at times, this woman was a real ball buster. Still though, she was definitely easy on the eyes. So was Razza. Why the hell hadn't he made it one of these girls yet? Remus watched sway of his commanders hips and that great ass of hers without remorse or feeling the least bit shy. Remus was definitely the rougher man in the group. He was driven a lot more on instinct than military training. Which could prove often as effective if not a needed measure at the time. Still, he couldn't read a map to save his life.

    Too many damn lines!

    "Teragh, it'd be appreciated if you could keep predators or any animal for that matter out of the ship." Their oh so courageous leader said. Or was its curvaceous?

    Either way, she took a tumble, tripping over an exposed root. If Taragh's plight wasn't funny enough that certainly hit the spot. In chuckling he spewed bits of smoked upward. Why, she had even turned invisible momentarily. And in hearing her grumble--couldn't help but tease the little lady.

    "So how them nice streets of ours? Quite grand, don't you think? They're a little tricky though...might have to watch out for those roots, those bastards'll get'cha."

    He really did enjoy teasing the woman. Of course, he enjoyed teasing most people. But he definitely liked be rear guard. He got a nice. Screw the planets beauty, the two women ahead of him were quite titillating and thought provoking all their own.
  14. "try and be back before dark if not radio if you need backup" Taragh said over the radio as he preped the meat ready to cook it.
  15. "Aye Remus, do us a favor, and shut up." she mumbled and walked on. "Try and be back before dark, and radio if you need backup." Taragh's voice filtered through her ear piece.
    "Sure mom. We'll be back in time for supper." Althe teased as she swung at another branch. She passed through a clearing and into the place where the old falls were. Luckily for them, they hadn't dried up.
    "Thank the gods, we have water." She knelt to fill up her canteen and dropped in the correct amount of iodine to purify the water. She poured it onto the grass, "I don't think its contaminated from the bombing but just in case did anyone bring the geiger counter?" She asked looking up and her two comrades.

    She did want to be safe, but if this a water source, than its a water source. She thought iodine should clear up and unwanted bacteria, but she wasn't cure about radiation contamination. "Taragh, you sure know a lot about the bombs, were any dropped 'round here?" she asks sniffing her the water in her canteen.
  16. "eh were exsactly are you?, well i did see one go of during the great war but that was from a far " Taragh replies starting up a holomap
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  17. [​IMG](with armor)
    Aruth couldn't help but let out a large yawn as he woke up. When he went to scratch his head he realized that he had left his power on, a giant hulking suit of ice armor. "Musta forgotten to take it off" he mumbled as he sat up and scanned his surroundings, it seems he had fallen asleep in the ships cargo hold this time around. He stood up and decided to leave his armor on, after all they were finally coming home today, or what was supposed to be their home. After a while he decided it would be a good idea to go and see what the outside world had waiting for them. As he got up and about the only person he seemed to find was Taragh, "Mor*yawn*nin..." he yawned "Where's everyone?"
  18. "The otheres are out exploring whats left of the city" Taragh replies as he puts away his scout armor.
  19. Razza rolled her eyes at Remus, giggling lightly at Althe's "slip". On their way to the falls Razza decided to take a different rout, jumping up and climbing into a overgrown tree she proceeds to jump/hop from tree to tree, branch to branch, she was still following her comrades they were just below now. When they stopped at the falls and Althe asked if they had brought a geiger counter, Raz pulls one out of her pouch strapped to her hip and tosses it to her from a lower tree branch she was crouched on. "Heads up, theres one. I wonder what a good dose of radiation would do to Remus....Nevermind it wouldnt change anything" She teases playfully.
  20. Althe smiled as she guided the Geiger counter over the water, and a smiled spread across her lips, "The water is clear. Well, we have a water source." She stood back up, smiling. She placed her hands on her hips, "Taragh was right, we should head back, plus, I'm hungry." Althe skipped along, ahead of everyone else, and began walking back through the path she cleared. She turned back on her com, "Hey Taragh, has Aruth turned up yet? I mean, I know it's a nicely sized ship, but he has to be there somewhere." Althe asks, watching a little closer to where she was walking.
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