hunt me down and tie me up

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  1. Im not too sure what i want to rp. I like force, kidnap, slave and master play, lota of detailed smutt, and pretty much anything up that tree. If you have a plot idea in that direction then run it by me. I would post mine but they are getting worn out so let me hear yours.
  2. Hm...Usually when I think of this sort of thing my mind goes in a supernatural or animal type of direction. Stuff like nekos or sex demons usually spring to mind when I think of master/slave and taking someone against their will. What sort of character were you hoping to play?
  3. Ive only played human but wouldnt mind trying something else like an elf for a neko. You might have to give me a run down of somethings but id be open to try.
  4. When I asked character, I sort of meant if you wanted to be the dom or the sub, or male or female. I've done neko enough times that I want to do one with elves.

    My concept of elves is always of a spiritual forest dweller, often barefoot so they can be close to the earth. Perhaps in this world they are second class citizens and, as we chop down their forests, we also capture them and make them into personal slaves.
  5. I play subs. Ive done a couple doms but suck at it.

    Thats a neat idea. Almost like ferngully but with elves instead of fairies. Not sure if you have seen that movie haha. It would make for more of a plot building then just jumping into smutt and thst would be nice.
  6. Never heard of Ferngully. But if you're looking for more of a plot, why don't you give me a bit more info on what you're thinking of doing with this? Unfortunately I won't be on for much longer as my time in the library is almost up. They're closing soon.
  7. Um, I'm back. Couldn't help noticing your other RP request was also elf. To do with this?
  8. Ya. I thought you were gone so i was gonna start one up with someone else as well. I can do multiple rps well since i only get on once or twice a day
  9. And in that one i was hoping they would pick a diff creature
  10. Oh, okay. Is that the same sort of elf, though that you'd use in this RP?
  11. No. I had a diff idea. This one i was thinking more like a tribe thats trying to fight off the ones chopping down thier forest. The one for this rp might have the same powers but much gentler. And look more like..

    Maybe the princess of her tribe that is used to getting aalmost anything she wants. Shes also in training with her powers so they arent fully developed.
  12. Okay, that's cool. And sorry for not looking yesterday, I didn't know you'd replied. So you'd want me to, what, be a human then who...meets this princess and somehow captures her? That seems like a stretch. Who does the capturing in this scenario?
  13. Hey there, I must say I'm kind of interested in this, I personally like kidnapped and forced. The idea I was having was something about a Sociopath, he fights a few people who were attacking YC cause they pissed him off earlier. YC thinks he is some sort of hero for her and she follows him around being his friend. He figures it cant hurt and lets her, at one point though something happens resulting in everyone thinking she's dead, but in truth MC saved her but seeing as everyone thinks she's gone he takes her away and basically keeps her kidnapped.
  14. Mm.. im actually all filled up now. But your more then welcome to check out my group luminosity.

    Nah. That wouldnt make too much sense. Not sure where you wanted this to go but it could be something like shes already captured and is being sold off or just sold off. We could even make a weakness for them like some sort of magic or something.