hunt me down and tie me up..

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  1. Ive been a bad slave and ran away from you.. what are you going to do about it...

    Names skye
    Sky blue eyes
    Long brown hair
    Nice plump breasts
    Smooth white skin
    Naughty and likes to push buttons of my master

    I can write a good amount as long as im given a good amount to work with. Pm me if your intrested.

    Also open to other plots but I play female slave.

    Post up to 2 tines a day
  2. Anyone elsr.. wouldnt mind trying someone elses plot
  3. im interested
  4. Ya.. in that idea.. or a little different? Plot builder or just want me to start and go with it?
  5. i like the idea so we can start with my characters men bringing you into my home.
  6. After I have already run away and you've caught me im assuming.. sounds good.. u start?
  7. sure pm or thread?
  8. Dont matter
  9. pm it is then :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.