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    It’s nothing new that the barriers between our world and their worlds form cracks once in awhile. The random appearances of “supernatural” beings and sudden disappearances of humans are just minor occurances when one of these cracks open wide enough.

    The main issue?

    The Onryoakuma, commonly know as Demons, (or vampires or werewolves or fairies or sirens or devils) have discovered the ability to open these inter-dimensionalcracks and pass through them when they want to. Now they’re crossing into the other worlds including ours. Armed with skills and powers far beyond our own, it should be a horrible slaughter, right?
    Except the Onryoakuma species is not the completely uncivilized monsters we’d expect. Ruled by the Seven Demons of the Covenant, they’re more preoccupied with invading other worlds with more of the resources they’ll actually used. We only have to deal with the escaped convicts, murderers, runaways, and other assorted demon scum.

    Oh joy.

    To deal with this little pendemic we’ve created the Hunters, the ones who capture and/or kill demons that have escaped onto our world. The top of the line and best example of the human body are bred for superior offspring to protect the rest of humanity. Trained from a young age, these slightly apathetic killers see no qualms with killing the infectors of their beloved home.
    And amongst this battle there are the "normal" humans,
    sadly getting caught in the bloody crossfire.

    Have Fun!

    This story starts in Redrum, a lovely place with many secrets. Home to multiple Demon portals and a secret Hunter meeting location, this "peacefull" town might not stay quiet for much longer.

  2. Ghanyve slowly stepped out from around a alley-corner in the town to look around. It was night-time but he could feel something was off. Grey hair matched his eyes, dull from lack of sleep and food. Humans walked around in groups as they returning to their respective homes. Possible prey was everywhere but he couldn't think about it. There was a portal fluxing open and close somewhere around here. If a human found one of the red orbs that connected the two worlds? Oh, no. It's a relief that they haven't found any in the many years they've been in this town. Imagine what could happen if a human actually went over to the demon realm.
    "Luckily humans never believe in anything worth believing in," Ghanyve mumbles to himself in annoyance while looking for the portal. Fluxing portals were the hardest to find. One minute they were there, about to open, then the next they were on the other side of town. Rounding a corner he sees one floating behind a dumpster. It was pulsing but staying put.
    Someone was coming through from the demon world.
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  3. Blaze was walking down the street, coming home from his part-time job as a cashier at the local gas station when he started to notice a portal opening close to him. He hid behind a car nearby to scout what was coming out of the portal. Although portals to the underworld were common around this town, this one was emitting more dark energy than most others. Whatever was going to come out of that portal was going to be strong.
  4. The portal seethed and hissed as black ribbons of pure void spat out and faded in all directions. The portal grew and a pair of gloves as back as the void reached out followed by boots and a trenchcoat.
    "Cheap fucking bastards" Mumbled a voice muffled by a scarf. With boots planted firmly on familiar soil the phantom coat made its way out of the alley with a dark brown bag tucked firmly under its left arm.
  5. Ghanyve watches the being step out of the portal, said portal disappearing behind him. He steps back and hid. This guy just radiated bad power. He was strong but not in a good way. Not at all.

    Mercy walked home from work that night while clutching a couple of new discount video games. It was warm out, summer having just begun, but pleasently so. The moon was full. It was beautiful and quiet. Then there's this weird hissing and seething sound. "What th-?" she says as she starts toward it.
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  6. The coat continued its march down the street at a soldiers pace working to blend into the shadows. It moves quietly, gloves planted in pockets.
  7. Mercy walks toward the stopped sound only to see what appeared to be a man covered completely from head to toe in black. She did a double take. It was hot outside, why would he be so covered up? Mercy tilted her head in confusion

    Ghanyve watched the demon enter Redrum but decided it was nothing until he noticed it leaving. In the direction of the street. Of the humans. Of a female currently walking towards him. Who has noticed him. "Shit...."
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  8. Blaze stood back wondering what the monster was going to do next. It stood out like a sore thumb since it was pulsating dark energy and a powerful evil aura seemed to surround him. Might as well take it out early. He thought to himself. Blaze positioned himself and started forming a fireball in his right hand. Right before he was about to throw it at the thing, he noticed that there was a human nearby. "Shit, I have to wait for the girl to move before attacking." Blaze told himself. He reached for a water bottle in his big and spilled the water on the fireball creating a lot of steam. After putting out his fireball, he hid behind another car that was closer to the monster.
  9. The black coat continued on its path oblivious of anything or anyone finding its way back into the dark heart of the city and disappearing. It counted cracks as it walked along smelling for something, something familiar. It stopped and lifted its head. "Chinese" It took in the sodium rich air and made for the door. A small porcelain cat waved and mewed as the coat entered the shop. It peeled back its hood to reveal a head of hair blackened by the years of hiding in the demons world. The counter was stained from a spill of duck sauce they took too long to clean. The old shopkeeper looked up at him.
    "How can I help you?" she fumbled through her thick accent.
    "Wanton soup."
    "Emil" He sent some bills on the counter.
    She nodded and walked to the back spouting what sounded like angry Chinese proverbs at the cooks. Emil took a seat at a booth facing the kitchen and ran his fingers through his hair with a heavy sigh. He set the brown bag beside him.
    "Fuck, just fuck."
    He twirled a packet of soy sauce under his finger and waited for his soup. He could hear voices trying to hide under the sizzle of the fryer and caught one of the cooks staring. Emil tried to ignore them until finally the shop keeper approached slowly with his soup in a fine porcelain bowl accompanied with rice wine and fresh herbs.
    "A fresh soup for a weary travler" she garbled out and set the tray down. "You come from far, you look it"
    Emil ate quietly.
    "You don't cause trouble for us, we don't cause for you... Demon"
    Emil clinched his chopsticks.
    "But you protect us, we protect you." She stepped forward "we know who you are, do not pretend to hide from us, all we ask is your protection"
    Emil sucked down the hot liquid and stood up. He looked down at the frail old woman.
    "What you want, I cannot provide" he said softly, then bowed and walked out.
  10. Mercy follows the weirdly dressed man for awile. Something was really off about him other then his obvious lack of common sense when it came to dressing. He didn't just deem.... normal. There was a danger to him that just drew her close and she tailed him like a detective from one of her video games. Mercy walked slowly as he headed toward a little Chinese food shop at the corner near the edge of the town. As he went into the shop and removed his hood she let out a breath she didn't know she was holding. "What, did you think he'd be an inivible man?" Straightening up, she walks past the open door of the returant to continue to her apartment but one word stood out from the rest.
    Mercy froze for a second but kept walking. Whatever. It couldn't mean anything, right? Everyone knows demons aren't real. That lady was probably having translating problems or something. As the "demon" walked out of the shop she walked ahead a bit faster. "Just walk on and get home, Mercy," she mummbled to herself, speeding up.
  11. Ghanyve watches the demons and human leave, but one demon stays behind. He smelled funny. Half-ling? He watches blankly at the male's display of fire-power. Using the shadowy teleport he slowly appeared behind the halfling. "I don't recommend attacking him," he says with a small, almost unnoticable, smirk as shadows swirl around his feet and the glamour he had put up for the humans fading in and out.
  12. Emil ran his fingers along the door frame of the shop. Shaking his head he made for a park across the street. Then our of the corner of his eye he saw movement. He sipped into the shadows and froze. Emil waited. Nothing came of it but a small girl briskly walking past the park. Young little thing like her should be home now. He advanced and hid behind some trees to watch her walk out of site. "I fear for her, for what she's about to see."
    Emil headed to the center of the park and reached for his bag...the bag was gone. He realized he had left it at the Shop and began to panic, He ran back bolted into the door. The porcelain cat was smashed and to his horror he found the body of the frail old woman sitting at the booth, blood pooling at her feet, her left ear missing.
    Emil darted over the counter and found the cooks sitting back to back with their right ears missing.
    "How did he get out?? Oh no no no... Innocent blood... Innocent blood!"
    Emil turned around
    "Innocent blood you hear me? These were good people! Now you come out and face your judgement!"
    "But this is why you wanted us, isn't it?" Replied an omnipresent child voice. "To slay the humans who rejected you, who wanted you dead"
    Emil paused "Yes I did, but these people welcomed me, they fed me! For fucks sake she asked for my protection!"
    No response.
    "And how did you get out? Huh? Who let you out?"
    "Well the lady did, she knows much more than she led on, the cooks too. They wanted protection from you, from us."
    From behind the fryer a small pale eyeless boy dressed in white pajamas stepped out clutching a par of bloody scissors.
    "I had no choice, she was going to kill us"
    Emil sighed and shook his head, then reached out his had to the boy. "Lets go, now"
  13. Blaze looked turned around to see who was talking to him. He was astonished that someone was able to sneak behind him without him noticing. Looking at him, he noticed that he wasn't an ordinary human. Shadows appeared from from his body and his face wasn't lit even though they were standing under a streetlight. His aura felt more powerful than most of the demons he met. Confused, Blaze asked, "What are you?"
  14. Ghanyve tilts his head. "I'm Ghanyve," he mutters but slowly walked around the other person. "The more interesting question is what are you?" Shadows slowly move toward Blaze and across his shoes, inching up his legs. "Not human, not demon... yet both.... how rare..." Gray hair flops down in front of his eyes. Fangs scratched at his gums, itching to come out. He could smell human on him.
  15. Bag in hand, Emil lead the eyeless boy out of the Shop and past the shattered remains of the waving cat.
    "what happened to the cat?"
    "It wouldn't stop staring"
    Emil shook his head again. Lets get this over with, I don't need anymore of this.
  16. Mercy kept walking until she heard her stomach grumble. The smell of the chinese shop reppeared in her mind. The creepy guy had left it. She hadn't eaten that day due to rushing around. Her stomach made it's needs known again. Hunger overrode a primal fear of the unusual male, driving her to return to the resturant. With a yawn, closing her eyes, she opened the door. When she opened her eyes again and opened the door into the shop, the sight that awaited her was too much for her to understand.
    "Oh... god..." Mercy managed before bolting away and pulling out her phone to call the police. Blood. Bodies. What.The.Hell.Happened?!? Her heart was racing as she ran towards her apartment, right past the dark-dressed man again, not even noticing his new companion. To freaked out to care, really.
  17. Emil looked around. A block down he saw a person running at full speed
    "She's afraid of you, she thinks you're the demon"
    "I know, let her think that, the farther these people stay away the easier we can kill the hunters without a mess."
    Emil lead the boy to the center of the park and unpacked the contents of the bag. A black orb the size of a softball and a bottle of liquor from the demon realm with 7 glasses.
    He handed the boy the orb, "Drop this in the fountain over there."
    The boy took it to the fountain and tossed it in with a loud plop. The wanter began to hiss and spew ribbons of black void much like the portal he came through. Emil approached and looked down into the churning water.
    "Speak brethren!" he shouted "Come now to earth as we planned, this is your chance to avenge your fallen!"
    "Too much?"
    "Yes, we aren't golems, we come when we like."
    "Fine then"
    He waited, the boy tried whistling. The water hissed all the louder, out came a hand, Emil took a firm grip and pulled up.Out came a being dressed much like him but with eyes as black as the portal.
    "And the others?"
    "Patience Emil, demons are very self minded creatures, the will come in time" As he spoke wisps of black flowed from his mouth, his voice echoed in Emils head.
    "Then they shall miss out. Drink?"
  18. Mercy slowed down as she stopped running, nearing her apartment. Walking inside, she patted down her pockets. She must've dropped her phone in the mad dash. The door slammed behind her. The ground rushed up to met her as Mercy slid down the door. Her hair was in a mess and ragged breaths were all she could hear, other then the pounding of her heart. Then everything went black as her face hit the tile. Oh, no.... she must've fainted. Mercy wouldn't wake up until the next morning. Which, happened to be soon, as the sun was already starting to rise over Redrum.
  19. "Certainly, its almost time"
    Emil Looked up, yes it is.
    He handed his mysterious partner a glass of amber liquid.
    "Drink slow, this will keep your powers stable in the the sun."
    He sipped his own glass and watched. Sirens echoed in the distance.
    "Shit! they must have found the bodies!"
    "I as her" the boy chimed in "the scared one"
    "What scared one? What her?" the being demanded.
    "A human girl, she followed me, saw me find the bodies of the shopkeeper across the street."
    The being gulped down his last drop. "Bet you they brought a hunter along."
    "Right on time." Emil topped his glass off and pulled an elegantly engraved pistol from his coat.
    "You take the hunter, the girl is a loose end, thats my deal."
    The being nodded and produced a black sword from his coat.
    "Ill race you"
    "You're on"
    They both quickly darted off after their prey.
  20. AC (Automated Characters)

    "Dispatch car 716, we have a 911 call from Lucky Cat Food and Gift Shop, a reported multiple homicides and distraction of property. Caller was a Mercy Williams," and the operator went off to ramble more information.
    "This is car 716, we are en route to the location." The two cops in the car quickly drove to the destroyed shops location. There was blood everywhere and the multilated bodies were still in their original positions. "Hey, Jeremy," one the cops says as he walks out the door. "I'm gonna go check out this blood trail."
    "Call in back-up, this is gonna need some serious work," the cop named Jeremy says.
    The other cop walks out, talking into his walkie-talkie before he's made speechless. There's monsters and smoke and general what's going on running around. He tried to back off.
    "Dispatch, we need serious back-up at North End Park. I repeat, backup at North End Park"
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