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  1. So I got an account on Steam near the end of October (I'm SacredWarrior88 there or simply SacredWarrior) and after watching a video by this really awesome YouTuber named RabbidLuigi where he referenced this game, I watched some gameplay videos of it and decided to purchase it along with FNAF 1, 2, and 4 which I have yet to install because I'm too scared to play them XD

    Needless to say, I LOVE THIS GAME! I've spent over 5 hours on it so far and it's pretty addicting as well as hard! I highly recommend it! It can be found for $10 on Steam. While it's censored there, there's a patch you can download to uncensor the game. Am I the only one here who's played this game?

  2. ARe you.. Are you telling people to get a hentai game. ON a public forum with minors....

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  3. NO! Obviously if they're a minor, then they have no business playing the game.
  4. [​IMG]

    But you did. You did post a reccomendation for a game that is NSFW and 18+, on a public forum... With minors.
  5. Basically, it's Bejeweled. And a dating sim. In one. Being good at Bejeweled apparently motivates anime chicks to send you nudes and after a standard three-date formula you have a sex-minigame which is again Bejeweled but on crack.

    I saw a stream of it some time ago. It's weird. Admittedly hilarious, but weird. Nothing I'd go out of my way to buy, though. It'd also look kinda sketchy in my steam library. So yeah there's that.
  6. Damn it I did. Ok that GIF is hilarious XD I should've put a damn warning up
  7. I don't think anyone would judge you for playing it :/ Hell look at GTA5 and how much sexual content that game has!
  8. The VA's for this game is apperently pretty good? huh. Porn motivates people in the wierdest ways.
  9. Not even close? I mean, GTA is all about the violence. HuniePop in its original form supposedly has full frontal. I mean. It's a hentai game. I looked up the company, their next game is about managing CAMGIRLS for gods sake xD. Just accept that your a huge perve and move on with life.
  10. Yeah true but it also has sexual references too. Hell fanservice is practically in most video games these days. Nothing to be ashamed of in my opinion. If violence is acceptable, so should fanservice.
  11. What's wrong with being a perv? :P We got a Libertine section for God's sakes XD
  12. The main focus of GTA5 lies somewhere else, though. So it's a bit safer in the public eye.

    Sex in video games comes across as weird to me most of the time. I mean polygon-rubbing was weird in the Mass Effects and friends, but I get what they were going for. Even if it made me not want to romance anyone. On the other hand, quicktime events and Bejeweled it's fullblown parody. I'm not sure what the purpose is of these. Am I supposed to feel an emotional connection? Am I supposed to run for a cold shower? Most of the time I walk away from it, I wonder if people really tried to represent a sexual experience.

    idk, it just feels very weird and detached.
  13. Did I say there was anything wrong xD
  14. I just look at it as good, clean fun XD It makes me laugh sometimes. This is coming from a chick XD
  15. 3rd girl from the left.

  16. It's funny enough, sure. What makes me feel weird and detached is when I try to think of the developer's purpose. 'cause, well, you'd think it tries to immerse the player, but rather it makes you laugh at the absurdity. The two don't mix.
  17. I'm pretty sure the developer took it as a joke. Not seriously. Most games like this do that most of the time
  18. I watched a letsplay of it on youtube. It is a cute game that knows exactly how absurd the concept is, and totally capitalizes on it. I don't want to put down the money for it though.
  19. I have no shame in saying my single ass sold out and got the game..... I of course blocked my account after my friends @Deuce @rusty4297 were commenting on how many hours I played it...... I had a problem okay? By the way Im tots a pro at it..... That is sad to say, can I have a I need a hug rating now?
  20. Nothing to be ashamed of ^_^ I've spent like nine hours on it myself!
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