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  1. [​IMG]

    Is it safe to post about this game? D: It's by the same people who made HuniePop and no it's not a sequel. It's a spin-off! Holy hell this game is hard! :(
  2. Isn't that the wannabe lewd visual novel/bubble bobble/bejeweled clone?
  3. Yes :P
  4. WRONG.

    It's a management game where you hire whores to whore themselves out for money and fans. Just watched a few videos on it.

    So it's literally nothing that I asked before sans the lewd part without the writing of a visual novel.

    Looks like every other mobile game except it's not time locked and there aren't any micro transactions.

    Also not nearly enough actual lewds. Disappointing.

    Edit: MORE WRONGS. It's a clicker game like cookie clicker, except instead of cookie porn I get generic weeb girl #738.
  5. You tricked me!! D: I thought you were talking about HuniePop! XD I like the game so far and it's pretty damn challenging O.o
  6. I asked what it was and that's tricking? Had nothing to do with the old games. Knew what those were.

    Looks more tedious than anything. Unless there are random elements it looks pretty easy in terms of finding the efficient pattern.

    Also, where's the piss and vinegar for this game pointing out the absolute hypocrisy of some female streamers? Even Patricia 'The Gorilla' Hernandez from Kotaku had nothing to say beyond 'kinda boring'.
  7. I thought you were referring to HuniePop not HunieCam XD

    There are some random elements and the game isn't as easy as it sounds. It'll take several failed playthroughs for you to get a good strategy going. Trail and error basically.

    Kotaku isn't a good source for game reviews :/ I've seen mostly positive reception for the game on Steam (which is where I got it) so far.
  8. Thatsthejoke.jpeg

    Will check it tonight on the stipulation there are fat asses and titties.

    Reminds me of the old hentai flash games from Newgrounds. Except they actually had porn.
  9. According to a FAQ I read on the dev's website, there isn't much nudity because of the cartoony style. It'd be too weird basically :P
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Not open for further replies.