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  1. So I'm looking again for a one on one. I'd rather you just messaged me if interested. I'll list some plots below that I'd be tickled pink to get started, but I'm one hundred percent open to other suggestions.

    I have filled out my resume, so I'll leave it to you to go searching for my basic preferences. Although here are my genre tendencies: Modern Fiction, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Historic/Period. I'm quite versatile and open. More prone to original content than fandoms, though base inspiration is welcome.

    Also an advocate for NPCs and plenty of them, world-building please. I love talking extensively about what we've got cooking. If we don't talk at all, we probably don't have anything cooking

    No worries if you consider yourself a slow poster. I will not jump ship as long as I hear from you - even if you have no reason at all for not posting to our roleplay, a hey what's up, it's snowing here and that sucks, is good enough to keep me interested in you and ultimately our story. I hope you can offer me the same patience.

    framed (open)

    Our characters wake in a motel room in the dark. There lies on the floor the dead body of someone they both know, though they don't know each other.
    Very simple idea and I'm hesitant to flesh it out before getting a partner for it. But I want something gritty and dark. We need reasons this person is dead - I was thinking they may have been tied to a gang/mob type organization that neither of our characters could have guessed about. Now that they are involved, they will descend into a dark world beyond their previous daily considerations to figure out why their friend/lover/family/enemy was killed and why they were dragged into it. Potentially supernatural.

    up from below (open)

    Based a bit on the Corpse Bride. I really just like the feel of that and the tone of the storyline.
    I'm thinking a door or portal of sorts is opened from the underworld, which releases a few different characters. One of ours is from below and one from above, but some bad sorts also came up. Could be something else entirely, feel free to tell me what you get just by thinking of the movie, because I'd love to pool initial ideas before I go off on a tangent. By no means need to follow the film, however, just an inspiration.

    imaginary (open)

    They were best friends. She needed someone and he came. An imaginary friend, her mother called him since she could not see, but her daughter knew better and she saw. For years he watched over her and helped her through hard times, but all good things must come to an end. She didn't need him anymore, so he moved on and eventually so did she.

    Imaginary friends do not exist, but he, a Watcher, does. Watchers are employees of the Krose Federation, a civilization unknown to humans which lives not amongst, but above them, orbiting the Earth. Their own planet was destroyed long ago as a result of war, but they've settled on Earth as a candidate among many to host future generations. Watchers are sent to Earth to research both its conditions and inhabitants. They possess the ability to cloak themselves and also technology which allows for teleportation, around Earth and back to the station, invisible above the atmosphere. Imaginary friends, schizophrenic hallucinations, fairy god parents, and ghosts - humans gave the Krosen many opportunities to slide into their world.

    The girl, now grown, is confronted by her old friend, who she herself had come to believe truly was figment of her imagination. He's in trouble and he needs her.

    hark herald angel (open)

    Everyone needs guidance here and there in their life. Sometimes, it would take an angel to drag a person out of the they've dug. Sometimes we mean that literally - the angel, not the hole. Someone has gotten themselves into a tough spot and as it turns out, there's an angel just recently been assigned to their case. The twist, however, is that this angel was picked - not for purity and compassion - but for his/her own troubles. Eternity is an awful long time. Sometimes an angel forgets manners.

    So, there's a human and there's his/her guardian angel. They both have an issue, probably the angel isn't aware of his/her issue, but the Lord knows what's best.

    I have some ideas to jump start thinking on the 'issue' for each, but by no means limit yourself to these. Here, though, is what I have.
    Human: suicidal, murderer, drug addiction, disproportionate liar.
    Angel: narcissism, envy (didn't have much in life, wants it now), perfectionism (nothing is ever good enough), sloth (since when do you work in heaven? a bit of a freeloader)

    The angel's issue, I think, is more delicate - he/she would be a good enough person to get into heaven, after all, rather this would be a flaw made because of heaven or time.

    Furthermore, I have some characters in my blog and if any of them are interesting to you, that's a great basis to start a roleplay as well.
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  2. Framed sounds interesting and along the lines of one I thought of doing too in that there are two strangers in an unknown situation.
  3. Hey, sorry for the delay in responding to you. Unfortunately I had a couple bites on the line before your post and I don't think I'll have time for another roleplay. Thank you for the interest, though, and good luck!
  4. consider this thread revived for another search. thread updated 15.03.2016.
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