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  1. In the year of 2026, the third annual hunger games is in affect. Two teens have been selected from their district to compete in the ultimate test of survival. Aftfer meeting with their mentor they are sent to the palace where they will eat, sleep, and train until the hunger games begin.
  2. "Cheyenna Brinston! " was the last thing she heard before her world changed forever. Now she sat in the train and waited as the train made its way to the dock of the Capitol. All the people were cheering and yelling to see the faces of the teens. Cheyenna didn't go to the window, however, her male companion couldn't wait to be famous and waved to the people as if he was president of the Capitol itself.
  3. Chase waved to the crowds of smiling people, it was amazing that, that many people were all gathered together to see them. For a moment, he forgot all about the actual horror of the hunger games and focused on the sheer beauty of the capitol
  4. The train soon stopped at the number dock of their district. Cheyenna took a deep breath before standing up to departure from the train. Her nerves started to build with nervousness me fear.
  5. Chase followed their mentor to the place where they were to be cleaned and dressed for three tribute presentations. All of the staff members wore strange yet classy outfits
  6. Seeing all the staff members started to cause Cheyenna to scratch her arm. This was a way to get rid of her nervousness. "Right this way." A man with a red Mohawk said impatiently. Cheyenna was reluctant at first but then followed the man to a separate stretcher. Once Cheyenna was dressed and laying on the stretcher, they started to clean her.
  7. After being cleaned, chase get dressed in a dark black one piece suit with orange and red flames on it. He waited for cheyenna to join him so they could make their first impression. He smiled at the crowds and waved
  8. Cheyenna walked over to where Chase was waiting without looking at him or saying a word. All her emotions were mixing and making her tense.
  9. Chase walked with cheyenna to a horse carriage and waited for the horses to start pulling them toward the center. He looked up at the V.I.P section and gave a polite bow.
  10. Cheyenna looked all around at the crowds, seeing all the people cheering for them. What was there to cheer for then death? The thought almost make her like.
  11. After the introduction of the district tributes, Chase and cheyenna were escorted to their room. Since their number was the largest, they got the penthouse. The huge room was so beautiful
  12. As the president talked, Cheyenna stared at him with fear. She thought how could he let 23 children die for a stupid game? When they got to the penthouse, Cheyenna was surprised. She has never seen anything so big or so beautiful.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.