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  1. Because of an intergalactic war, a treaty was made between involved planets to send tributes to fight in a gauntlet as proof of their new found "peace" with the victorious world. The governments of these planets have not told their people, but there is much speculation. By random selection, members of different species are taken from their home planets and forced to fight in a gauntlet against other abductees.

    The game makers constructed teams in which they see raw potential and provide weapons and armor to the participants. The gauntlet is faught in a tournament style, taking the victors of each group and betting them against eachother until there is only one winning team. Each time the team wins or looses, they gain members to replace those who have died. The teams are groups of five.
    For a reward, the game makers have added in a special treat. For the individual who obtains 100 points, they may make a selection on how to go forward.

    This individual gets to choose to leave or bring someone back to life who had died in the gauntlet.
    After each gauntlet, the teams are returned to their facilities, all living together and unable to destroy eachother unless in the arena.

    Rules of the gauntlet:
    1)you can not leave; you will die instantly if you try
    2)you can not kill yourself; it will not work
    2)if you die, you die for good. Unless someone ressurects you with the 100 points.
    3)Each individual earns points for how many kills they make in each gauntlet.
    4)If you don't fight, you don't get points.
    5)There are also bonus points for killing quest objectives in the gauntlet
    6) No matter how injured you are at the end of the gauntlet, if you are alive, you will be transported back fully healed.

    This rp is meant to be very violent and graphic. Dying is common, but re-rolling is perfectly fine (as long as the C.Sheet is posted in the OOC when the time comes)

    Looking for consistant players who will help me come up with quest ideas and understand the "kill or be killed" theme of this game!

    Added Info:

    This RP will take place in seperate RP threads: One for each battle. Two teams duking it out in each thread and eventually only ending up with only one victorious team.
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  2. So i really like this rp, it sounds like fun and I wouldn't mind rolling multipale chars (using one at a time naturally).

    Here are my main concerns before I'm just sold:

    How are you going to make sure there is no god modding, meta gaming, auto hitting
    What fighting style will we use? I.E. T9. T8. T3 (I'd like a uniformed way of combat so we all know how the system works)
    Will weapons be found in the gauntlet or will they be provided and specialized to a character?
    How many folks are you looking for this rp?
  3. Ok, gonna try my best for this:

    1) I'm going to use the common sense and GM approach. Things can be discussed and rewritten if there are questions/conserns. If someone does not agree with my ruling in the matter then they will have to deal with it. GOD-Moding will get you warned and kicked out. Do not bicker about who is better, ask me to come in and look at it. :3

    2) I'm going with the flow on this one, and i really don't know what any of those things mean @_@. That asside, I'm going to say it will be a general written out battle style. not "Pidgey used gust" but a more descriptive post describing a scene. I will be relying on the members to respond to posts honestly and accordingly. If someone hits you in the jaw and your cornered, you got punched. That simple. If things get hairy and people get their panties in a twist about it, I will come in with a fresh perspective on how we can fix it. People shouldn't expect to live forever, this is a game about dying after all :P

    3)Weapons are all the same, I will release a list of them as soon as I get the time. The players have 10 mins before they are transported to battle to get their suit on and their weapons chosen. If you forget something, you don't get it. Suits and guns are all brought back to base after the gauntlet battle.

    4) Not sure yet. I'm just going to say. A LOT.
  4. I don't know what Gantz is, but I'm definitely interested in this! I love bloody battles!
  5. no god mooding the dice of faith

    maybe you can us the dice and if you get a high numeber you live and if you get a low number you die if bouth people get high or low they both eather inger one another (high) or kill each other both at the same time (low) but thats up you
  6. [MENTION=922]LVL1337N00B[/MENTION] you should look it up. I have a feeling like you and [MENTION=1310]ConstructPylons[/MENTION] would really enjoy it.

    [MENTION=2808]Mushishi[/MENTION]: thank you for the reccomendation. I'll think about it :3
  7. No problem -.^