Hunger Games: The Beginning

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  1. Welcome to
    "Hunger Games - The Beginning"!
    The Hunger Games trilogy belongs to Suzanne Collins

    For this roleplay, we will be posting in a chapter/round format.

    What this means: The events leading up to the games will be divided up into chapters.

    "Chapter I: The Reaping"
    "Chapter II: Arrival at the Capitol"

    Monstrous or I will post the Chapter Title as well as a brief summary of events that will be taking place during the time allotment.

    "Chapter I: The Reaping

    Escorts will travel to each district. Mass communication equipment will be set up in each town square. Males and females, ages 18-24, will be divided by age and gender. The excerpts will choose on male name and one female name from the corresponding glass bowls. These will be the District's tributes. Each tribute will receive 10 minutes visitation before leaving for the capitol via high-speed train."

    A number of posts per tribute will be described in the summary.

    Example: "Each tribute is allowed one post; they can be combined if so desired."

    What this means:Each tribute under your control is allowed one post/submission for the current chapter. Your post should contain all the elements described in the chapter summary and should span the corresponding time period. If desired, you can combine two tributes' posts (from the same district) if they are experiencing the same thing and simply weave in their individual responses. When playing characters from different districts, please submit different posts for each district/tribute.

    Why a post limit? There will be minimal character interaction until the Games begin. This allows writers to focus on character development without spending too much time on the beginning of the roleplay.

    Time constraints will be put on each chapter (probably 5-7 days.) If everyone submits before the time limit, the next chapter will open. If someone does not submit in the time limit, they will skip that chapter and be expected to continue posting in the next chapter. (The camera crew can't be blamed for the occasional technical problem when filming a tribute!)

    Note: All chapters and summaries will be posted at the start of the roleplay for those who like to write ahead.

    **Make sure to read specifics about ratings and interviews when the time comes.

  2. Resources


    Past (100-200 years ago): Catastrophic events, which include landmasses moving and the sea level rising, masacre the world until only one large land mass is left. Those who survive begin to recolonize and name the land Panem. Panem eventually grows large enough to split into 13 districts, each responsible for producing a certain industry.

    So What?: Most characters and NPC’s will have very little knowledge of what Earth used to be like before Panem was created since this event occurred a century or two ago.

    The Dark Days: The districts of Panem rebelled against the Capitol due to the oppressiveness of the government. We have been told by the Capitol that District 13 was obliterated and no longer exists.

    So What?: This is the era that we are just emerging from. “The Hunger Games” is a form of social control used against the districts to make sure another rebellion does not happen.
    Remember, communications between districts is non-existent. The only information given is what the Capitol provides.

    The Hunger Games: A newly devised punishment to remind the districts that rebellion is unacceptable and any attempts will be met with force and death. Each district is required to provide a boy and a girl to fight to the death against the children from the other districts. This is a televised event and all are required to watch or face the punishment of death.

    So What?: Our characters will have never seen, heard or experienced The Games in any way. Every aspect of The Games will be completely new with no expectations. This also means that Districts 1,2,& 4 won't be considered "Career Districts", though this idea may come to fruition during our first Games!

    District Cheat Sheet: (Yes you can click on these! I love linking things... I'm sure you'll find that out soon enough!)

    District 1: Luxury
    District 2: Masonry
    District 3: Technology
    District 4: Fishing
    District 5: Power
    District 6: Transportation
    District 7: Lumber
    District 8: Textiles
    District 9: Grain
    District 10: Livestock
    District 11: Agriculture
    District 12: Mining
    District 13: Nuclear

    **If you are looking for inspiration when making characters, it’s interesting to remember that The Hunger Games has many references to the Ancient Roman Empire. The Games themselves are reminiscent of the Roman munera, or gladiatorial games. The districts surrounding the Capitol are similar to the Roman provinces that surrounded the city of Rome. Many names, particularly of those from the Capitol are Roman names, such as Cinna, Seneca, Coriolanus et al. **
  3. Contents

    Chapter I: The Reaping
    Escorts will travel to each district. Mass communication equipment will be set up in each town square. Males and females, ages 18-24, will be divided by age and gender. The excerpts will choose on male name and one female name from the corresponding glass bowls. These will be the District's tributes. Each tribute will receive 10 minutes visitation before leaving for the capitol via high-speed train. 1 post per tribute.

    Chapter II: The Arrival
    Welcome to the Capitol!
    The tributes arrive at the Capitol. They are shown to their housing - a giant building with 12 floors and a basement. The Training Center is in the basement. Each floor belongs to the tributes from the corresponding district. (Floor 1 = District 1; Floor 5 = District 5; etc.) Beauty/makeover teams and designers make tributes presentable and ready them for the district parade. The parade occurs with horse drawn chariots. Tributes are taken back to their housing to watch the parade and eat dinner. 1 post per tribute.

    Chapter III: The Training Center
    Tributes are taken to the Training Center which is in the basement of their housing building. Many rotations are set up, from weapons training to survival tactics. Capitol-famous fighters give instruction on combat while capitol-famous scientists give instruction on survival tactics such as water purification, chemical burn remedies etc. 1 post per tribute


    Come, show your talents to the Gamemakers! Tributes will show their talent to the Gamemakers. Tributes will then return to their housing and wait for the evening broadcast when scores will be publicly announced.
    -Please write your post starting with your character entering the Rating Room and end with their exit.
    -Please showcase your talent but do not control the Gamemakers.
    -Please PM your post ONLY, do not submit it in the thread. PM to Monstrous AND Athena
    Results will be posted publicly. 1 public post per tribute allowed (in response to score.)

    Chapter IV: The Interviews
    Tributes will be dressed and made ready by their makeover crew and designer. Each tribute will be interviewed, in order of district with females going first, by Capitol-famous talk show host ______TBA____. Tributes will then return home and spend one last night in the Capitol.

    ALL and ONLY these questions will be asked in your interview. Submit each tributes responses to the thread. You can simply fill in the questionnaire, or RP the questions out (preferred!!) 1 post per tribute.

    1. Name
    2. District
    3. What were your initial reactions to the Capitol upon arrival?
    4. What strengths do you have that will help you win the games?
    5. Who would you like to say hello to back home?


    The Games will also be hosted in a chapter/round format, but without posting limits. Instead each chapter will equal one day and will come to a close with responses to the canon count.

    The Gamemaker will be controlled by Monstrous and I. Using a random number generator and random number assignments to each tribute - tributes will be pushed toward each other, harmed or even killed if the "entertainment" becomes dull.

  4. Things to remember:

    * Please put the tribute(s) name(s) to which the post belongs in the first of your post.

    "Angora & Lurex

    After a night containing little sleep, Angora and Lurex drudged into the common room of their floor, meeting each other's gaze with a glazed expression. Etc."

    * Please use
    spell check!
    * Please make your posts as
    well-written and enjoyable as possible.
    * Please ask any questions you have via
    PM or through our OOC thread, not at the end of IC posts.
    * Please feel free to
    collaborate with other players OOC via PM or the OOC thread.
    * Please understand that our characters are
    meant to die. There can only be one victor. No god-modding.
    * Please keep drama between characters, between the characters. Not between players.
    * Chapter summaries are
    subject to change from original post - always read through the current summary in case of changes.

  5. Tribute Archives

    District 1: Luxury
    "District 1 makes the luxury goods that decorate and beautify our great Capitol. Its excellent taste and craftsmanship keep Capitol residents bewigged and bedazzled year-round."

    Name: Zora Zellath
    Played by: Duffy
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5' 3"
    Weight: 54kg
    Occupation: Producing luxury items for the Capitol
    Social Status: Friends within district
    Talents: Agile, fast runner, intelligent, good at creating things from scrap she can find
    Family: Mother, father only child
    Personality/Weaknesses: Zora has a mix of a soft a gentle personality to a harsh a mean one, she is mostly kind and friendly to anyone she meets but when if someone pushes her boundaries she loses her temper quite quickly and could turn quite nasty towards people, but none the less she likes to meet and talk to new people

    Name - Vladimir Deltan
    (His father found his name in a book that was sent to him by a friend in the capitol who had "found" it.)
    Played by: Vlos
    Age - 18
    District - 1
    Height - 6'6
    Weight - 150
    Physical Appearance - Vlad is built well, he is powerful but lean and not grotesquely muscled. He has night black hair and emerald green eyes, his lips are soft and petal like and his hands are soft and slender and as a child he spent many days out side and has well muscled legs. His skin his soft pale and without a flaw save for a scar over his eye from a boy he fought that used a pencil to cut him.
    Occupation - None
    Social Status - Mayor's Son
    Talents - He is good at hand to hand combat because of frequent fights in school over girls. He is a skill jumper and used to jump from roof top to roof top in his district.
    Family - Mayor Deltan (Father), Silvia Deltan, (Mother), Boltair Deltan(Brother 18), Yessica Deltan (Sister 18 Boltair's Twin)
    Disabillities - None
    Personality - He hates men with a passion, but absolutely loves women and respects them greatly. All of his fights in school were because he thought a girl was being mistreated. He was happy to be 17 but knew it was bad since he was born the day after the Reaping. But his name only went in one time so he was fine. Until his name was picked for the first hunger games.

  6. District 2: Masonry
    "Our nation would be nothing without District 2's superb stonework. It builds and fortifies our cities and its citizens are known individually for their strength."

    Name: Igneous
    Played by: Athena


    Age: 17
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 100 lbs; soaking wet
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Igneous has olive skin, black hair and a round face. She is small but strong for her stature.

    Occupation: She works mostly with stones, doing stonemasonry. Her specialty and emphasis is Rubble Masonry (when roughly dressed stones are laid in a mortar.) She likes Rubble Masonry because it is the act of taking the non-conforming stones and making something beautiful and usable out of them.

    Social Status: Middle; Both of her parents are stonemasons, which is a step above brick masons but not quite architect-status.

    Talents: Taking non-conforming materials and making something usable out of them. Works well with her hands as well as tools.

    Family: She lives with her mother, father and 3 younger siblings. She is engaged to be wed to a well known stonemason named Chism when they both turn 18.

    Personality: Igneous is detail oriented and picks up on the small things. She takes great pride in her work. She is more of a silent figure, she'd like to watch what is going on around her rather than partake in the dramatics of life.

    Weaknesses: Her quiet attitude often exudes a sense of snobbery or non-interest and doesn't gain her many friends.

    Played by: Monstrous

    Age: Eighteen

    Height: Six foot Two

    Weight: Two Hundred pounds

    Gender: Male

    Physical Appearance: He was intimidating from the beginning. If not only for his stature or the way the young man carried himself, it may have been for the lean muscled physique of the multitude of scars covering his form. Hair was a dark brown bordering on black, eyes were cloudy grey of mint green that did well to offset the particularly intense looking young man.

    Occupation: Stone and brick Mason.

    Family: Mother, medic. Father, Deceased. Brother, Deceased.

    Social Status: Middle Class. With the death of his elder brother and father, he was forced into work early.. and while it may have proved a difficulty for some younger men to overcome he was a proven hard worker.

    Talents: Rock and Mineral Knowledge, basic knowledge of structural support, able to use blunt instruments such as shovels, pickaxes, ect.

    Disabilities: Not sociable whatsoever, and when it comes to making friends he often comes off as coarse and rude.

    Personality: Calm, cool, and collected. Emotions were generally withheld and it was a rarity for you to see him offer a strong reaction. Internally, it was more of a battle then many would assume. Often the young man remained filled with rage, yet rarely does he decide to let it out.

  7. District 3: Technology
    "Panem is one of the most advanced nations in mankind's history, thanks to the efforts of District 3. Its computers keep us all connected and its electronic gadgets keep us all entertained."

    Name: Lucas Thain

    Age: 17

    Played by: Ethir

    Height: 5'11"

    Weight: 74Kg

    Physical Appearance:


    Occupation: Computer Engineer. Involves helping his father around the district when the computer systems that run the basic workings of everything begin to fail amongst other things like helping to fix, and sometimes invent, machinery to help the district manufacture technology faster and more efficiently.

    Social Status: Quite well known within the district with a large group of friends and acquaintances and a much smaller group of enemies who hate him for the fact he is openly gay. Other than them, he is hardly disliked within the district at all.

    Talents: Can work his way into any system mainframe in less than a minute, due to the many years of helping his father fix machinery.

    Family: Mother and Father, Tracey and William, and a younger brother Thomas who is only 11.

    Personality: Lucas is a generally happy person with an enthusiastic attitude toward most things in life. Since the day he came out as gay to his friends and family in the district, he has been a hard soul to break. He is very protective of his younger sibling and won't hear a bad word about anyone in his family. He far from keeps himself to himself, and even goes out of his way to feel welcoming to the least deserving person around. Lucas is an easily forgiving person, though even he draws the line at certain things that are completely unforgivable. His only weakness would be his protecting nature of younger children, and if he allies with someone young in the Games, it could bring about his downfall.

    Weaknesses: Lucas is quite overprotective of his younger sibling, and gets on well with most younger children. This has left him with an ability to make friends with children quite easily, though his soft spot for the younger ones may lead him to team up with a young Tribute. An alliance that may not be for the best.

    Name: Raven de Polorain

    Played by: Ethir

    Height: 4'11

    Weight: 53Kg

    Physical Appearance:


    Occupation: Currently studying to take exams in Technology Engineering to move on from school and become a Tech Developer for the district. She prides herself on her outstanding knowledge of technology so far, and excels in learning new facts as quickly as she can.

    Social Status: Very few friends in the district as she usually keeps to herself to study rather than go out and make friends.

    Talents: An exceptionally quick learner when it comes to learning important things she finds interesting. Unfortunately for her, surviving by herself or in a group is not something that piques her interest, and so she may struggle in the arena for the first few days, unless she manages to use her not-so-accomplished talent of making allies quickly.

    Family: Her father died when she was only 3 in an accident with a piece of machinery he was repairing. He was so badly electrocuted that his body was never shown to any family member, just put straight into a coffin and cremated. Her mother was grief stricken after his death and she has no siblings.
    Personality: After her fathers death, her mother was stricken with grief and Raven was left to grow up, quite neglected by her one remaining family member. Her passion to learn and succeed above all else comes from her need to pull her grieving mother out of her stupor and back to reality, so that she can be loved again and her family can reform. At school, she is usually bullied for her intelligence and this has a big impact on her self-esteem. Though usually found with a smile on her face, she has been led to be rather pessimistic about most other things that don't concern her exams or school life.

    Weaknesses: Since her father's death, and after the point she realized her mother was no longer going to care for her as she should, Raven fell into a solitary world. She realized that by cutting herself off from the rest of the world, and by stopping herself making friends, she was able to learn quicker, and could concentrate on her own thoughts. However, this has now left her in a position where she finds it difficult to make friends and, despite her original thesis that she would learn quicker, she merely learns things that may interest her and refuses to apply her knowledge to live-saving skills.
  8. District 4: Fishing
    "Do you like seafood? Shrimp and crab meat? Often overlooked, District 4 plays an essential role, bringing us the bounty of the sea. These citizens are adept with nets and tridents, and can swim like fish themselves."

    Name: Tremera Erythry
    Played by: Equinox
    Age: 17
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 125
    Physical Appearance: Long black hair, blue eyes, ivory skin. She has an angular face and pointed features.
    Occupation: Store owner, for her family's fish store.
    Social Status: Middle Class, storekeepers.
    Talents: (Have a valid reason as to why) Can prepare raw seafood and is not afraid to eat it because the store sometimes sold it and Tremera had to make it, and actually likes it. She can also wield a harpoon, though her disabilities put her at a disadvantage.
    Family: Abusive single father and one older brother.
    Disabilities: (If any) Is confined to a wheelchair and has an eye patch over her right eye.
    Personality: Despite her physical disabilities, gained from the war, she likes to prove people wrong, and rubs it in their faces when she does. She doesn't like people who look at her differently because of the wheelchair and the eye patch, and still searches for someone who takes her as she is. She knows that she is probably going to die in the Hunger Games, and believes herself to have made peace with whatever god lies up above.

    Name: Dryden Chanirsil

    Played by: Equinox
    Age: 13
    Height: 5’2”
    Weight: 90 lbs
    Physical Appearance: Short brown hair, grey eyes, slightly tanned skin. He has a round face and happy features.
    Occupation: Fisher
    Social status: Lower Class
    Talents: Fishing, because that’s what his family’s done forever, and waiting, because that’s what fishing is.
    Family: Mother and father, and two older siblings.
    Disabilities: Anxiety attacks, slight asthma
    Personality: Generally happy, but envies his brothers for their skills.
  9. District 5: Power
    "Electric, solar, and nuclear - District 5 harnesses the energy of the earth and the sky in order to power our great nation."

    Name: Nova
    Played by: Athena


    Age: 17
    District: 5
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 110 lbs
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Dark brown hair matched by her dark brown eyes. Nova has sallow looking skin, probably due to her Morphling addiction. She's well fed, but not thick. She hunches over her clipboard all day and keeps that same stance when work is over.

    Occupation: Nova works with the CSP systems (Concentrating Solar Power). This system uses lenses or mirrors and tracking systems to focus a large area of sunlight into a small beam. The concentrated heat is then used as a heat source for a conventional power plant.

    Social Status: High; both of her parents are lead scientists and researchers. They always have enough plus a little extra. Nova will not be partaking in this newly developed tesserae system, as most of the children in District 5.

    Talents: Since District 5 deals with Electric, Solar and Nuclear power, Nova has had a great deal of education and training when it comes to those types of energies, how to harness them and how to handle them. Nova has a brilliant mind; at a young age she had already graduated from advanced power school and started her career training. Now she works in one of the most high tech sections, CSP, and most troubleshooting problems are brought to her first.

    Family: Her parents are often away, to the other side of the District giving presentations about safety and developing new materials to aide in the Districts power production. While they are away Nova lives with her Grandmother.

    Personality: Nova is very analytical and logical. She shows little emotional response to situations, whether they are happy or full of grief. She shows little empathy to those who suffer around her; but she always looks out for herself.

    Weaknesses: Nova keeps any emotional response inside, and in doing so has created a massive pressure of emotional build up. She keeps her overwhelming feelings at bay by stealing doses of her Grandmother's Morphling (a powerful pain killer drug; it is an addictive drug and constant use may cause hallucinations, sagging, and yellow-green skin.)

    Played by: Monstrous

    Age: Fifteen

    Height: Five foot five

    Weight: One hundred twenty five pounds

    Gender: Male

    Physical Appearance: He was simply a boy, one of the younger in competition and while youth may have been on his side size was not. He was a skinny beanpole so to speak, malnourished from the lack of food and in reality was barely scraping by before being entered into the games. For others it was a nightmare, for him a chance at salvation.

    Occupation: Street Urchin

    Family: None

    Social Status: Lowest class. He was homeless, and jobless. Too young to be allowed to work, and while the orphanage was supposed to help take care of him there was never enough food to go around. Instead he turned to the streets, begging and stealing his way to survive.

    Talents: Used to rough conditions, how to move quietly, basic hand to hand combat, scavenging for food, he also has a silver tongue.

    Disabilities: The fact that he is so small makes it quite easy for most people to throw him around. He is lean and has muscle mass, however he lacks almost any form of what you would call brute strength. In a fight he would be more then eager to stand on the outside and pick you apart with his speed, instead of being overpowered by most competitors.

    Personality: Some would call him a thief, or even a criminal, however he liked to think of himself as a business man waiting for the right opportunities. Begging on the street taught him a lot of things, most of all how to use his silver tongue to get people to aid him.

  10. District 6: Transportation
    "Our hovercraft, our high-speed trains, and our cargo trains come to us from District 6. Ironically, the citizens here have little love for travel."

    Name: Mizar Jardine
    Played by: Equinox

    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Height: 4'10"
    Weight: 97 lbs
    Occupation: Engineer, crawls into small spaces and fixes things
    Personality: Sometimes called cold and aloof, she really is a happy person. She doesn't believe in violence, and protested the war greatly. She has a cynical attitude, claiming it is a little too coincidental that she is in the Hunger Games. She is, in today's terms, a mini-terrorist, obsessed with the making of and setting off of bombs. She did this in the war, although she protested it, but feared for her family. She would plant explosives in enemy trains and such and when it was far enough away, it would blow up.

    Talent: Can hide easily due to her small stature, knows a lot about mechanics and engineering due to her family's work, and can assemble and deactivate bombs, due to her work during the war.
    Social Status: Middle class, but is held to a higher standard and is more acknowledged in her community.

    Disabilities: Is missing her left hand's middle finger due to an engineering mistake.
    Family: Is the youngest of five, has no parents.

    Name: Lirin Dumyr

    Played by: Equinox
    Age: 17
    Height: 6’6”
    Weight: 154 lbs
    Gender: Male
    Physical Appearance: Well muscled, and tall, Lirin has bleach blonde hair and green eyes, coveted by most of the girls in his school. He has a square jaw.
    Occupation: Student. Never has had to work a day in his life, save for the war.
    Social status: First Class. Oldest son of the Mayor.
    Talents: Charming, from his looks and charisma, was a spy in the war, so has a sharp eye.
    Family: Father and mother. Is an only child.
    Disabilities: None, but has a soft spot for nature and animals.
    Personality: Strong-willed, Lirin doesn’t ever give up on those he loves or himself. He pities those beneath him, and will try to help those he can. His fatal flaw is his arrogance, and he flaunts his family’s wealth.

  11. District 7: Lumber
    "This beautiful district is lush with trees, from which these citizens supply our lumber and paper. The people of District 7 are hardworking and down-to-earth."


    Played by: Monstrous

    Age: Sixteen

    District: District 7

    Height: Five foot Eleven

    Weight: One hundred forty pounds

    Gender: Female

    Physical Appearance: Hardly intimidating though she was someone who carried a great deal of pride about them. With a thin and toned physique that was only accomplished through hard work in the lumber yard, accompanied by short blonde hair it was safe to say the young girl was a looker.

    Occupation: Tree Trimmer

    Family: Mother, Father, Brother

    Social Status: Middle Class. Her entire family have been working ever since she could remember, and while being the youngest often had it’s advantages it also ensured she was going to learn the hard work her parents had instilled in her siblings from a very young age.

    Talents: Falling trees, basic and advanced plant and wilderness knowledge.

    Disabilities: Far too of an Aggressive personality for her own good.

    Personality: A hot head would be the easy way to describe her, the young woman was a fiery little thing who would be more then eager to mix it up is someone were to set her off. A loyal ally if you manage to sway her to become a friend, often far too trusting for her own good.

    Played by: Monstrous

    Age: Seventeen

    Height: Five foot six

    Weight: One hundred eighty pounds

    Gender: Male

    Physical Appearance: From a distance the short male looked far smaller than the truth would have you believe. Upon closer examination the young man may have been less impressive when it came to height in comparison to other competitors but with a stocky powerful build it was all too obvious from which district he originated from. With deeply tanned flesh and rich brown hair, he could have been called handsome but that depended on whom you asked.

    Occupation: Logger

    Family: Brother

    Social Status: Lower class. Ever since he could remember it had just been him and his older brother. He didn’t remember his parents, his family, in reality he didn’t remember anything then what was here now. He never really asked, due to the pained look upon his brothers face or the understanding that his questions were simply going to bring more misery.

    Talents: Falling trees, very skilled with an axe, basic plant knowledge.

    Disabilities: His right knee is a hindrance to his ability to run. At a young age he received major injuries to it and was told he wouldn’t walk again. Many years later he overcame that, but still has trouble running for long durations.

    Personality: Generally the young man was the type to stick to himself and mind his own business, he did well walking that fine line between aggressive and passive. Never one to stray too far away from those who manage to get close, it was simply a challenge trying to make friends with him.

  12. District 8: Textiles
    "From the simple, lovely fabrics of the districts to the brocades favoured in the Capitol, District 8 makes it all."

    Name: Angora
    (refers to the long, thick, soft hair of the angora rabbit often used in textile work.)
    Played by: Athena

    Age: 16
    Height: 5’6”
    Weight: 105
    Gender: Female

    Physical Appearance:
    A grease covered, soot smeared rag of a girl. Her hair always appearing as worn as the textiles she works with. White fibers and threads always attached to her clothing. She wears layers of clothing to try and protect against the cold, though most of her garb is worn thin.

    Occupation: Manufactures the Peacekeepers uniforms and tries to pick up extra shifts in the weaving sectors since she finds that a lot less mundane.

    Social Status: Outcast, lower rung of the ladder. As an orphan she is mostly seen as a menace to society.

    Talents: Great with weaving, stitching and putting things back together.

    Family: Both her parents died in the rebellion. She's been on her own for almost two years now.

    Disabilities: She has very little connection with her District. She is not considered old enough to run in adult circles, but has gone through too much hardship to be considered a child. She, like most others, has never left District 8. That being such, she has never seen even so much as a blade of grass. District 8 is all industrial and no nature thrives with all the factory fumes. Even Angora herself has developed the "District 8 Cough" that makes your lungs swell and wheeze when you've been working in the fumes for too long.

    Personality: Jaded, lost, solemn, quiet. These are some words that describe Angora. Her heart is cold against the Capitol who took her parents from her, though she knows better than to voice her opinion unless she wants to have her head roll in the middle of the town square.

    Name: Lurex
    (A metallic fiber used in clothing embellishments.)
    Played by: Athena

    Age: 18
    District: 8
    Height: 5’11”
    Weight: 120
    Gender: Male

    Physical Appearance: A thin, nearly emaciated boy with blonde hair and soft features. Although he often has a firm layer of soot and grease that seems to float in the air, he tries to keep his appearance some what presentable. It is his own way of silent rebellion, showing his spirit has not been broken like so many that inhabit District 8.

    Occupation: He is not much of a textile worker at all. In fact, from a young age he has proven his clumsy handedness with delicate textiles. Rather, Lurex works to maintain the large factory machines that aid in the textile production.

    Social Status: Middle class, his father is a designer which can afford their family a meager lifestyle, but still better than the lower rung. Lately his step-mother has fallen ill, most likely due to the constant exposure to the industrial fumes, and Lurex has tried to find extra shifts to aid in the income reduction without much success.

    Talents: Lurex is great with this hands. After working on machines for so long he can nearly trick any apparatus into working again.

    Family: Father (designer), Step-mother (fallen ill), two younger step-siblings: Aramid (brother; 8) and Acrylia (sister; 4)

    Disabilities: Clumsy when it comes to handling small things, malnutrition, long-term exposure to industrial fumes.

    Personality: Lurex is kind-hearted and optimistic. He treats his two younger step-siblings as if they were his own flesh and blood. Although the cynical side of him realizes there is nothing left in life to look forward to, he was extremely invested in the idea of the rebellion.

  13. District 9: Grain
    "District 9 is Panem's bread bowl, giving us the fertile harvest we need to keep rising as a nation. Its amber waves of grain are an inspiration to us all."

    Name: Jacqueline Bryson (Jacqui for short. [Pronounced Jack-ee])

    Played by: Ethir

    Age: 15

    Height: 5'4"

    Weight: 60Kg

    Physical Apperance:

    Occupation: Grain Farmer/Part-Time Student (Gathers the crops and bundles them. Studying to take exams in Grain Development to join a team of scientists create genetically modified crops for higher crop yield)

    Social Status: A middle class citizen. Has her own group of friends and an equal amount of enemies. One may say her social standing is that of a healthy girl to behold.

    Talents: A few years in farming grain has given her the talent to harvest crops quickly and efficiently. Also, she's a dab hand at foraging, though she sometimes identifies plants and other crops wrongly.

    Family: An only child, with her mother, Hayley, and her father, Michael, both working alongside her in the fields, harvesting grain for the Capitol.

    Weaknesses: Though her physical appearance doesn't show it, Jacqueline is actually quite weak. On the fields, she can bundle the grain, but lifting it poses a serious challenge. This is mainly because she was born with arthritis in the majority of her joints, and this causes her wrists and ankles mainly to seize up and have her incapable of most feats. She struggles to bend (hence her inability to lift heavy items) and in wetter weather, always claims her arthritis is worse and generally is confined to to rest for the day (or at least until the wet weather subsides). She has been placed on a series of medication for the rest of her life, and without taking said medication, her arthritis may become worse as time progresses. Especially if she's not weaned off the drugs and has to stop sudden;y.

    Personality: Despite her demeaning disease, Jacqui puts on a smile and struggles onward, giving off a strongly optimistic aura and almost spreading laughter wherever she goes. her wicked sense of humour lightens the mood on the darkest of days where there are little crops to harvest, and her company is widely welcomed within the District. However, inside her mind is an ongoing battle of frustration and annoyance. She hates being confined to her bed when her arthritis gets too bad, as she's the type you can hardly hold down from doing anything she feels she can do. Rarely, though suddenly more frequent, she will take her anger out on any who upset her in the slightest way. At first, she lost a few friends due to this, though her remaining group soon got used to the outburst and let it shoot right over their heads.

    Name: Tyson Maine
    Played by: Ethir

    Age: 14

    Height: 5'1"

    Weight: 60Kg

    Physical Appearance:

    Occupation: Grain Farmer (Stacks the gathered crop bundles and readies them for transport)

    Social Status: As an orphan, people generally try to stay away from him although some take pity upon the boy. He is well known around the District, but for all the wrong reasons.

    Talents: He has mastered the art of pickpocketing, after years of stealing small amounts of food or money from passers-by. He has also gathered a slight immunity to colder weather, having had to sleep in it many a time.

    Family: Orphaned. His father died when a farming machine's handbrake failed to work and the machine ran him over. His mother died shortly after giving birth to him.

    Disabilities: His years of solitude have left him friendless, though were he to need friends he'd hardly struggle to make some. He has a weakened immune system due to the years of living out in the cold, and simply catching a slight fever can send him barrelling towards Death's grasp.

    Personality: He likes to think he has a good sense of humour, and the local bartenders occasionally agree, paying him to crack jokes to patrons earning the boy a little bit of gold on the side. Though often avoided by citizens, he has a certain sense of selflessness, and will place himself in harms way to help out fellow orphans. Many a time has he taken beatings from Peackeepers to protect younger, more needy orphans out on the street. He generally keeps himself to himself, so as to avoid trouble (unless he puts himself out for it), though he has a knack for finding it if ever he's caught with his hand in someone's pocket. This, however, is a rarity, as he has almost perfected the art of thieving.

  14. District 10: Livestock
    "The gentle lowing of cattle is the first thing a visitor to District 10 hears. This region raises strong, healthy livestock, which becomes the meat that helps us raise strong, healthy children of Panem."

    Name: Heron Whittle
    Played by: Erranruin

    : 16
    Height: 4'11
    Weight: 49kg
    Physical Appearance:
    : Tends the herds of cattle that roam the fields of district ten. Moonlights as a flamenco dancer and will sometimes turn to prostitution in hard times.

    Social Status
    : Amongst the other local girls she is shunned mostly, but those in similar situations to her lean on her for strength. The Peacekeepers know her as a trouble maker but many frequent her bed now and again. However she is trusted amongst the cattle herder's as a confident and commanding herder who keeps the cattle under control with good horsemanship and a calm demeanor.

    : She is a very accomplished horsewoman, capable of taming even the wildest of horses. She is also generally good with animals, calming them with her presence. To keep predators away from the herds and to pick off the old or sickly she has developed her archery talents quite considerably, although she isn't particularly talented. With her risky lifestyle she has had to train herself in hand-to-hand combat which is her main strength, able to use anything to hand as an effective weapon. Her dancing has made her muscles strong and the many injuries she has incurred from it have given her an admirable resistance to pain.

    : Her father, Adam, though once a respected and quality butcher, turned to drink and worse things after her elder brother was killed in the rebellion six years ago. Her mother, Lara, had died sometime before of tuberculosis and so this left Heron with five younger siblings to care for, the youngest being three and the eldest fourteen.

    As a dancer she has had her fair share of injuries and although the many bone breaks have strengthened her bones after healing, it has also made the movements of her left leg somewhat limited sometimes. She has a very trustless disposition and never accepts help from others easily. Her greatest weakness is her temper which she has little control over and which does lead her into rash actions often enough. Personality: Heron swiftly filled the elder role of her family after her brother's death. She is considerate and helpful to others but never kind except to her family. She is confident and brazen with a leader mentality and a tendency to show off. She is an excellent actor and plays off people's feelings with the greatest of ease.

    Name: Felix Ward
    Played by: Erranruin

    : 54kg
    Physical Appearance

    Carpenter's Apprentice Social Status: Well liked in most circles and known for a cheery disposition. Respected for his dedication to his work and kindly and warm to the vulnerable. He has many casual friends and is often seen in a group.

    He has taken great pains with his carpentry training since a very young age and he can now whittle any wood into almost any shape, be it weapon or token. His friends and he are typically boyish and this has resulted in him being an accomplished wrestler, with his strong carpenter arms producing iron holds on his target. He also has great stamina and speed when it comes to running, able to trek across the great cattle plains at speed to bring messages and deliveries to the rangers spaced evenly around the wide landscape.

    His Father, Corn, runs the Carpentry business while his mother, Dina, looks after his two younger siblings, Lily and Grace. Lily and Grace are barely six and Felix dotes on them greatly.

    He isn't very reflexive and his reaction times are not what you would like. He is unused to famine or thirst, being fed generally quite well. He is also unused to genuine violence and is mostly a gentle soul.

    Felix seems outgoing and friendly, with little blemish on his character. However he in fact is hiding his homosexuality from all of the people around him. Not even his family suspect his orientation and, though it never shows, this takes a toll on him. Despite his rough and tumble with other lads and the overtness of him he is in fact quite a calm and gentle person with a guileless sense of humour. In himself he is confident and happy but he knows those around him will not see it his way and so he has developed a very thick skin.
  15. District 11: Agriculture
    "Known for its bountiful orchards, District 11's workers spend their days among rustling fruit trees and sizeable farms."

    Name: Wren Field

    Played by: Erranruin
    Age: 12
    Height: 4'1
    Weight: 38kg
    Physical Appearance:
    Occupation: Fruit picker. Along with many other children of her age she shimmy's up trees and picks the fruit unreachable by adult hands. She also pick-pockets.

    Social Status: Most consider her a troublemaker. As the child of an absent mother and a dead father she has little friends and no steady life. She picks pockets to survive since the fruit picking pays little enough. Some stall-owners and old-timers around the district have grown fond of her though.

    Talents: She is an exceptional climber of any terrain be it tree or building. She has been leaping around the houses and streets of District 11 all her life. Often sleeping on the streets, she has developed excellent reflexes to ward off the dangerous people she sometimes encounters. She also has the stealth of a cat, learned through riffling through stranger's belongings unnoticed.

    Family: All her family were killed in the rebellions, her parents being instigators.

    Weaknesses: She is childish and angry and reckless, thinking little of consequences. She is very un-empathetic making her unable to see past the action.

    Personality: She has an underhanded and sneaky personality and she is almost completely trustless. However she really is just a little lonely girl and life for her is sad and hard and most probably quick.

  16. District 12: Mining
    "One of the outer districts, this is nonetheless a crucial one. These brave and hardy workers descend deep into the earth each day to mine the coal that keeps our nation running."

    Name: Janus Summanus
    Played by: Duffy
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5 9"
    Weight: 64kg
    Physical Appearance:
    Occupation: Mining
    Social Status: Many friends
    Talents: Strong, some knowledge of nature through going out into the wild, some hand to hand fighting from his father
    Family: Mother, father, sister
    Personality/Weaknesses: Janus has a very kind a gentle nature, he likes to help people even if they haven't asked for any, he would do anything to protect his family specially his younger sister, age 11.

  17. Reserved for NPC Bios
  18. Let the Games Begin!
    Arena Theme: "District 13"


    The theme for the 1st annual Hunger Games will be based on the remnants of District 13. The Gamemasters have found this fitting since the rebellion is the cause for the Games. Tributes will face challenges such as radiation poisoning, chemical spills, and mutated plants and animals.

    The Starting Disk Area: A replica of District 13's town square. The river, which runs through the middle of the arena, creates a beautiful, watery circle around the center and the disks will be placed within this circle as will a stockpile of supplies.


    Notable Attractions


    The Hospital

    A decrepit, broken down building. Anti-radiation supplies may be found within. It is directly connected to the Human Radiation Research building. The name sounds civilized but the remnants of the experiments found within leave little to the imagination.

    The Crematorium
    Located next to the hospital, the crematorium was the only way of dealing with the dead in District 13.

    The Schools
    Elementary, advanced and training schools are located in the south-east corner of the arena.

    The Housing
    One-room housing areas, each pod containing five floors with 100 rooms per floor.

    The Laboratories
    Large buildings dedicated to nuclear research.