Hunger Games RP?

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  1. Hey, would anyone be interested in a Hunger Games-like RP? It would be pretty much the same basic plot line as the Hunger Games, but with our own characters and such. Any takers?

  3. Me too! :D I was thinking of this being a group RP of at least 4 people, but it doesn't really seem like many people are interested o.o lol xD
  4. I'd love to be apart of a hunger games RP. PM me if you end up posting it XD
  5. Okay sweet! ^^ I will!
  6. As will I! I absolutely adored the books and wouldn't mind partaking! Message me if this does get started!
  7. *raises hand* ooooo....i JUST got back from watching movie (will be reading book tomorrow) and it was EPIC...if you still wanna, i will do it, and so would another player i know...just gotta fill him in on plot...but if you want to do it, i will, and if you want i will tell you the other player :D
  8. Sounds like an interesting idea, would everyone be trying to kill each other?
  9. I would love to be a part of this if you're still trying to get it going. I've read the book and just watched the movie on Saturday~
  10. Yay~ I'm so happy lots of people are interested haha ^^ And yes Effort, it is pretty much the main thing about winning the Hunger Games (and the food and fame ect.) I will try to work on a starting thread everyone, but please fill out this character sheet and if I don't get it up tonight, I will try for soon, I have been extremely exhausted today haha ^^

    Charater Sheet:

    Appearance: (Picture or descriptive paragraph)
    Brief Background:

    That should be it ^^ Thank you all for showing interest!
  11. I won't be playing but I hope it works out well. Like, people die when they're supposed to and what ever.

    Is everyone going to have their own sponsor rating thing or are you going to leave that out?
  12. I might leave that out, just so it wont complicate things too much, but the RPers will play their own mentors/trainers as well.
  13. Sounds interesting, I'd join
  14. So do we play both the boy and girl from the district we choose?