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  1. Would anyone be interested in doing a Group Hunger Games Roleplay? Or, does no one do these anymore?

    We would start off with the Parade, so that there is time for alliances and enemies to be developed before the actual games. And, I would of course create a new Arena- so, these games would take place before the one that takes place during The Hunger Games novel (Which is, the 74th game).

    Ideally, we would need tributes for 12 districts, and perhaps their mentor. I realize that there will probably not be enough people who want to roleplay for all these slots to sign up.

    But, before I actually make a thread, I want to know if anyone would even participate. It'd be a shame if 1 person signed up, and never got to do it because no one else wants to play.

    If you are interested, please post below that you are! :heartbeat:
  2. I'd love to join, lad!.​
  3. Appearance: "Uhh.. Vee.
    Her real name is Vanessa but she tells no one except for Axl, her hunting partner.
    Age: "Old enough." 17.
    District: 5 (power)
    Weapon: " Uhm.. I guess I'm okay with knives." When her Dad was alive he would bring her to the woods to practice throwing knives at targets. She got the bullseye every time.
    Skills?: "Uhmm.. Nothing really special about me." She is good with persuading people. She can hunt. She's good at trading, she is very skilled at climbing trees.
    Extra (Optional): In district 5 there is barely any food so to bring food to their family's plates- Vee's siblings are Sage and Willow who are both 10 and her mom who never talks to any of them.- Vee and her hunting partner Axl sneak into the woods and hunt. There was only one time that Vee and Axl kissed they didn't talk to each other for a whole day.
  4. It seems you are having a lot of difficulties. The forms go here:
    Sorry hon ♥
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.