Hunger Games RP Anyone?

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  1. So this idea has been up a couple times, but it's never really gone anywhere. I've really thought this out. First of all, it would be a group. Second of all, it would have individual topics for each of the aspects of the Games before they actually start, like the Reaping, the interviews, and training, among others. The arena would be an abandoned city, a replica of New York City and its suburbs. The city is built as if 200 years have passed without maintenance and buildings periodically collapse with the only warning being creaking noises that echo throughout the city. The zoo animals have escaped, or have died, and the ones who have escaped roam the streets. The season changes every day, starting at Spring and going through the cycle and starting again.

    So what do you think? I personally really like this idea, and I hope others like it too ^^
  2. I am interested but I would probably only like doing something like this 1x1. With lots of people, and since many tributes have to die (well all but 1) it makes it hard for some people to stay interested knowing that they'll be picked off.

    I absolutely love the hunger games and would love to go a lot deeper into the plot. Say the 50th (quarter quell) Hunger Games, such as the reason for the dramatic area and seasons. We'd each probably take control of one or two tributes specifically. Probably running from the careers? I'll send you a PM now. =]
  3. I'm a big Hunger Games fan as well! I like your idea. Have you thought about when your Games would be taking place? It could be interesting to try creating a story for the very first games. Especially because the ideas of democracy wouldn't be as completely erased as when Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games take place. It would also be interesting to see what kind of hardships, anxiety, rebellion etc. happen when the Capitol tries to make this atrocity a tradition - and what makes it successfully become a tradition. Anywho - just some thoughts :D
  4. I really like that idea ^^ The notion for it being the first Hunger Games is really cool!
  5. I'm very interested in the Hunger Games idea and wish that one of them would just take off already xD. I don't mind my character dying. We could still play as mentors, people in the districts, or someone else if we really wish to keep going on in the story if our character was one of them that died, or if we just want more characters to play as. You can definitely count me in. And don't worry about me posting on only weekends (since that's what my status says). My mom is being more lenient with me because my grades are getting better. I will be able to get on more often now.
  6. If this hasn't been done already, I would love to join in!