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Right, so I have already attempted this RP but the time wasn't right, I guess, so here it is The Hunger games a book based rp...
The Hunger Games. A book based RP
The Hunger Games.

The Hunger Games takes place in an unidentified future time period after the destruction of North America, in a nation known as Panem. Panem consists of a wealthy Capitol and twelve surrounding, poorer districts, originally 13.
As punishment for a previous rebellion against the Capitol, every year one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 from each district are selected at random and forced to participate in the Hunger Games, a televised event where the participants, or "tributes", must fight to the death in a dangerous outdoor arena until only one remains.
There is just one rule. Kill or be killed.

The tributes can be either from the poor side of the district, or the wealthier side of the district.
The Districts are as follows:
District 1: Luxury items for the Capitol
District 2: Medicine/ Mining/ Providing Peacekeepers
District 3: Electronics/Techology
District 4: Fishing
District 5: Breeding/Splicing DNA
District 6: Scientific Research.
District 7: Lumber and paper products
District 8: Factories
District 9: Food Processing
District 10: Livestock
District 11: Agriculture
District 12: Coal mining
<s>District 13: Graphite mining and nuclear power</s>(Been destroyed)

Main Information:

It's now up to you to decide.
Decide who your character shall be; their strengths, their weaknesses.
How long will they last in this game of survival?
Now, you need to sum things up.
Let's use district 12 for example: if your character is from the seam, which means lower working class- coal miner ect... than they will be poor, and possibly quite malnourished, and have to sign up for the teserai, which means you get grains, and a small amount of food for your family but there's a catch each time you sign up your name gets added into the games once more for each family member, making you more prone to being chosen for the games.
(Every time you sign up for the teserai your name gets entered once for each family member say you have 5 mouths to feed when your twelve your name will be entered 6 times, when your 13, 12 times, 15 its entered 24 times, by the time your 18 it's entered 42 times.)
Or you could be from the wealthier part of the district, and have enough money to not sign up for the teserai, this causes quite a separation between the classes, thus making more interesting games.
However you could imagine in district 1, where they are closer to being the Capitols pets, they are treated more fairly, and have more food, they could possibly train for the games, even though this is against the rules, and you could be punished severely by the peace keepers if caught, but for districts like these, this is not the case, and the games is a huge honour instead of a punishment.
Okay, so hopefully now you get the gist of how fair these games are.

Now the tributes are chosen they are taken to rooms for their family, friends ect.. to say their goodbyes.
They then go onto a train, they have their own dorms, and can eat as much as they like of food from the capitol and other districts.
On the train is where they meet their mentor, a previous victor from the games.
If theres a male victor he mentors the male tribute, like wise for the female if there's a female victor, however if there's one victor they mentor both male and female victor, either privately or openly whichever the tributes choose.
When they arrive at the Capitol, they get all dolled up by their styling team, and get driven around so they can wave and say hello and blow kisses and stuff, gaining *sponsors, fans ect..
Then there is a week of training, where the tributes learn how to use weapons, camouflage, and learn what plants ect.. they can eat.(They may have a specific talent, but lets be realistic if you're poor that's not very likely)
After that week you get scored on a specific talent of your choice 0 being the lowest 12 being the highest.
If you get a high score you will most likely get good sponsors. (*Meaning they send you stuff in your hour of need- food medicine ect...)
Once that's over with the tributes get interviewed individually by Caesar Flickerman, and the crowd gets to know the tribute a little more,, the tribute should have a specific kind of "style" like controlled, nice, bubbly, silent and strong, ect... whatever is going to get them sponsors.
The very next day the tributes are sent in to the fight to the death until one remains, they then win their district honour, luxuries and the victor gets a luxury house in the victors village and lots of money to keep them supplied for the rest of their lives, their family may live with them.
The victor is also then immune from the games.
Okay so I have that over with...(This has taken AGES believe it or not, considering I had to attempt to word it correctly...I still think it's rather confusing, any help just contact me.)

There can only be ONE boy and ONE girl from each district.
We need at least 3 characters to be sacrificed at the cornucopia .
You do your own interviews, but I shall be the game keeper. (ie. control weather, keep the tributes together to fight or team up ect..)
Some have to die, not quickly but some need to die in order for it to continue, I understand you get attached.
There can be romance, the whole forbidden love thing can be rather intriguing to act out but I don't think anything to graphic please.
Also, make sure you interact, please don't be a "Loner" in this as it'll die quite fast, and I want it to be ongoing.
Okay so the character sheet.



Talents:(Can they climb, run fast, use a bow and arrow, use a trident ect...)

Right, that's the end of it.
"May the odds be Ever in your favor."
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C'mon it's not that bad of an idea :3
No I agree, I've even subscribed a few days ago. I may (When I'm feeling better) Write up a Character too.
I'm interested.

I'll write up a character soon-ish.

Have rules against anime pictures?
I'm interested in this! I love the trilogy. I'll try and write out a character tonight and update my post!

Rayleigh Hawks
Due to the more northern location of her district, she’s pretty pale. She has shoulder length, light brown hair that has a faded look to it, and she generally lets it hang down. She fairly short, only five foot. She has a slim figure but she’s not all skin and bones.
She’s not the brightest person, but she can keep a level head in a dangerous or bad situation. She’s not group material, and tends to keep to herself.
She comes from a decent family and generally gets the things she wants, thus making her a little arrogant.
She can run long distances, but she isn’t the fastest.
Though she doesn’t really have special talents, she is able to identify plants that are of use while in the wild. She can do this because her dad was researching plant life.

Hunger Game's Bio.​


Name: Avery Greene

Age: 17

Gender: Female

District: 1

Appearance: Avery is beautiful to say the least.
Her light blonde hair flows elegantly down her back, her bangs just about cover half of her eyes; which are a bright amber, her iris contains golden flecks that are more noticeable in the sunlight.Avery is fairly short, but slim, strong and agile, her skin is a soft nude color, and her cheeks have a warm pink complexion.Avery usually wears black jeans, that have faded over the years and tough black foots she inherited off of her brother, and a dark blue riding jacket her mother had given her on her 12th birthday.

Skills:Avery is a natural. When she has time she practices with whatever weapon she can get hold of, she is excellent at throwing knives and she can use a bow and arrow like it was the most simple of things, hitting her target 9/10 times. Avery has dabbled in fighting with swords, and was fairly good, not much to brag about though, from her brother also she had been given a book of medicinal herbs, and other plants you can eat.

Background: Avery grew up in a fairly wealthy family, her father and mother provided her with all they could, but were always worried about the games.
Her parents had lost one child to the games, Avery's younger sister. She was 12 when she was entered and she was murdered at the cornucopia, her brother was taken to the games when he was 18 and came back victor, he had told his only living sister everything he could. including giving her his bots to help her get used to the feel, and attempt to train her in secret, including daily running exercises.

Other: Her token is a golden pin with her family crest.
Mine's coming soon-ish, like I said.

[Actual reason for delay is focusing on getting the IC post for my RP done first. Don't want it to die due to lack of dedication!]
I'm just posting my old characters up, then focusing on any new ones :)
District tributes that are left.

District one:
Female: Uniiquea
District two:
District three:
District four:
District five:
District six:

District seven:
District eight:
District nine:
District ten:
District eleven:
District twelve:
Name:Felix Nash




Felix has the well fed, strong look about him, he has broad shoulders and tanned skin, due to the weather of his district, and working for food. His arms show a strong man, and he has striking looks, his light brown hair; that falls to his chin and sea green eyes reflect the flavor of his district.

Skills: Felix is handy with a kinife, and skilled with snares and tying knots, he is okay with a trident, but he's only ever laid his hands on one once, and was pretty successful with it.
Felix is fast, and can swim very well, because he lives in the fishing district hes had lots of practice, and knows what shell fish you can and can't eat, and how to catch them easily.
He knows a bit about hunting having watched it on the show, and practiced in the woodlands that surround his district.

Background: Felix grew up in a fairly normal way, he never went hungry like those around him, and he's even had a girlfriend.
But she sadly dies during the games the previous year, and now he has no one, he didn't really have friends before, well none he could trust. Otherwise he's pretty popular.
Felix lives with his parents and younger sister, she's very fragile, and she's the reason he has to win.
When his name was called at the reaping he clenched his jaw and marched up there, no remorse would show on his face.

Other:His token is a necklace with the districts sign upon it.
I will also need to explain what will happen in the training centre and interviews, to those who haven't read the trilogy.
Yeah, I haven't read the trilogy.

Also want to make my male be from the technology district.

Wanted to ask just how ADVANCED are they over there?
Very, even the tributes about 16 are quite advanced, that is if they're not starving.
So could I get a vague example?

Like, are there advanced robotics? Holograms? Laser guns? Nanomachines? Exo-skeleton suits of armor?

I just want some limits so I don't accidentally take him too far.
Well, since he'd be around the age of 12-16, not as far as nanomachines or Exo-skeleton armour, as for such weapons they wouldn't be in the arena, because such things wouldn't be allowed for the district people just the peace keepers (Sort of like guards enforcing the law)
In the arena the kids would mostly be able to have things like night vision goggles, disable the starting mines then re-wired them as a weapon, but the likely hood of such skilled weapons in the arena is nil.
But if he's from that district, he'd most likely be able to find certain things in the cornucopia like wire and stuff to invent things.
Alrighty then.

I'll get to work on it then.
Name: Justin Synthson
Gender: Male
Age: 18
District: 3


His hair is dyed that color.

Personality: An intelligent but somewhat subdued and shy youth who only wanted to become a master electrician like his father. He hates the idea of the sacrifices. Especially since his best friend was killed in them four years ago. Some day he dreams of a world that is not so cruel to children.


Ever since he was young, Justin wanted to become a master electrician like his father. His father could fix anything mechanical and technological. At least in his eyes anyway. Back in his district he also has a girlfriend with whom he has been seeing for about six months and he desperately wants to get back to her. Justin almost thought he had gotten through life lucky to not be chosen until now. The last possible year to get chosen and it takes him. . . he hates the system.

He just might be willing to do anything if he can get back to his family and girlfriend alive.

Talents: Good at climbing fences and other regular surfaces at more rapid, coordinated pace than most. Good at building items out of junk. Basic wiring knowledge, meaning that he can re-purpose found materials into traps.


So far looks, fine.
We'll need to decide on a fair amount of people who'll be killed at the cornucopia, ideally about eight or so or more depending how many people join.

(Added information)
The Cornucopia is well.. a giant golden cornucopia, like the things used for harvest ect... it's filled with things from tent packs, to bows and arrows, knifes, swords, food, wire ect... and at the beginning of the games many of the tributes all rush to the cornucopia whether its to kill off the others, grab food, weapons or shelter whatever, point is, if you don't get it first you probably wont get it unless you kill whoever did.
Usually the Career tributes. (Tributes who are more like the Capitols lap dogs, get more food and stuff, train for the games.. 1,2, and 4 ) get most of the stuff due to the mass murder at the Cornucopia, and they team up to weed out the weaker ones before turning on each other.