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  1. Areiz sits in the train, looking out the window. They were on their way to the capitol, but she didn't want to leave. She knew she had no choice, she was chosen, after all. She waved goodbye to her mother as the train started off. She turned to face the room, uncomfortable with the luxury of it, she stood up and tried to find someone to talk to. Her district partner had disappeared, and she was alone.
  2. "Lirin Dumyr!" the escort had announced, and dread filled him. The rest of the day was spent in a blur, from saying goodbye to his parents and siblings to boarding the train. Indeed, even the Capitol's soldiers had to drag him to the podium, he was so numb. I'm going to be in the first Hunger Games, he thought hollowly. I am going to die. Unconsciously, he started analyzing everything in his room on the train, figuring out how they worked. In District Three, they always got the first of any new technology, and since Lirin had been wanting to be an engineer when he got older, he was expected to understand and 'see' how everything worked.

    Figuring out how the impressive shower in the attached bathroom worked, he eventually sighed, pushing himself off of the chair he had been sitting in for the last hour or so. He shivered. the room was way too cold. Leaving his room, he listlessly wandered the train, wondering where his district partner was. Probably just as scared as I am...Areia had been injured during the war that had caused all this, and was confined to a wheelchair. He had more of a chance than she did, at least. Running his hand through his hair, he leaned against the wall of the train, looking out the window and wondering if he couldn't break the window and jump out before one of the Capitol men could do anything.
  3. Areiz went over to the door, opening it and walking down the corridor. Most district tributes were with their partners. Where did Falco go? She thought to herself, trying to think where her partner might be. She opened the door and one of the tributes from a different district stood there. "Oh, I'm sorry." She said quietly. He seemed to be looking at something outside the window. "Have you seen someone named Falco?" She brushed a stray strand of hair behind her ear.
  4. Lirin was shook out of his thoughts by the voice of a girl. Starting, it took a few seconds for his eyes to focus on her, realizing that she must be another tribute. Why me? he thought. He didn't want to talk to her, not when he might kill her, or vice versa. He didn't want to be friends with her, didn't want to recognize her in the Games, none of that. He could hardly stand to look at Areia when the two were at the podium together.

    Feeling sick when he spoke, he muttered a quick, soft, "No." Glancing away as soon as the words were out of his mouth, he frowned, feeling his heart clenching in fear. The Games were only a few weeks away...and it was likely he would die within the first twenty-four hours. Closing his eyes briefly, he ran a hand through his hair worriedly, his nerves all on edge.
  5. Areiz nodded, sighing. "Okay..umm, thanks anyway." She closed her eyes at the same time she turned from the room and started away again, opening her eyes when she'd stepped out of the door. "Where did you go?" She mumbled to herself. He better not be trying to plot against's not likely I'll make it anyway. Unless I could hide the whole thing out..impossible..
  6. Watching the girl walk away, he saw Areia wheeling herself in. Her wheelchair had been handmade, and, though it wasn't made completely out of wood, it still wasn't one of the nicer ones that Lirin was more familiar with. She moved herself to a corner. Tears marred her face, leaving streaks on her cheeks and her eyes bloodshot. "I'm scared," she finally murmured, speaking at Lirin.

    For a moment, he didn't know how to respond. Then, he said, "Me too...I don't think either of us are going to make it..." The thought sent chills down his spine, raising goosebumps on his skin. Running a hand through his hair, he looked out the window again, frowning. It's probably too strong to break, he decided with a sigh.
  7. Areiz was about to turn around when she ran into Falco, who grabbed her wrist to keep her from falling. "Pay more attention, you'll die if you don't." He said, leading her back to their compartment. Areiz passed by the compartment she'd entered earlier and glanced as they walked by. She sat down in her own compartment, ignoring Falco's speech on what they should do. "I'm sticking with camouflage and dangerous plants. I might try a little of the fitness training, but that's it." Falco rolled his eyes. "Whatever." He sat down across from her, glancing out the window and watching the scenery rush by.
  8. The two District Three Tributes sat in silence for several long minutes before Areia said, her voice small and quiet, "I'm going to die, aren't I?"

    Not wanting to sugarcoat it, Lirin answered, " too, probably. But I'm gonna try to learn how to do everything to stay alive, I guess...train as much as I can and then maybe hide up in a tree or something until there's just a few people left." It wasn't likely to happen, but he had a small hope that he would actually win that way, without having to kill anyone. Sighing, he said, "I just want to go home..."
  9. Areiz stood up as the train stopped. She looked over to Falco, but he was too busy punching air to notice she was leaving. She ambled down the train, finding a door and got off. Someone grabbed her arm and started talking, when she looked up, it was her trainer.
    Areiz didn't answer. Falco came off seconds later.
    "Oh, hey! I'm Falco, she's Areiz." They were pulled away from the crowd of watchers as the trainer spoke on what would happen.
  10. When the train stopped, Areia left first, hardly looking at Lirin when she left. Sighing, he left after her, before being accosted by a crowd of the Capitol's citizens. When their trainer came up to him, he couldn't help but answer with a polite, "Good afternoon..." even though it most certainly wasn't a very good one. When asked his name, he mumbled, "Lirin. Areia should be nearby." In truth, she was, and was right behind their trainer.

    Running a hand through his hair, he gaze at all the onlookers, feeling like a minnow caught amongst sharks.
  11. Areiz and Falco followed their trainer to the main room where they were supposed to 'talk' with the other tributes. "Yeah right." Areiz mumbled. Falco, on the other hand, looked quite interested in meeting the Careers. He ran off seconds after they entered the room. Stations were set up around the room and Areiz had more attention on them than the tributes.
  12. Once in the room where they were told to speak with the other tributes, Lirin glued himself to the wall, not interested in meeting the boys and girls that he would kill or be killed by. Frowning unsociably, he kept everyone else away with fierce glares, his eyes piercing them. Of course, not many others were speaking, either, but the few that were stayed away from him. Rubbing his eyes with the backs of his hands, he frowned at everything, wondering how bad his luck must be for this to happen to him. His name had been in the bowl five times. Five! Some of the others had their name in the bowl more than forty times. Yet here he was, expected to kill these people that stood before him.
  13. Areiz glanced up as someone from the Capitol spoke up. They spoke about how long we'd train, and what each of the stations where. Falco came back over to Areiz. "Definitely going for combat."
  14. Barely paying attention to the Capitol people, Lirin watched his shoes, not caring. Sure, he would train like all the others, but wasn't it obvious that he would be one of the first to die? Frowning, he crossed his arms, not happy about anything. Rubbing his eyes with the back of a hand, he focused again on the Capitol man who was speaking, blinking several times.
  15. "Tomorrow you will start training. Today, you will rest." He finished.
    Falco and Areiz turned to face their trainer, who beckoned them to follow him into a huge room with all the luxuries you could imagine. Areiz groaned inside, but Falco was bubbling with excitement.
    "This, is where you'll stay until the games!" The trainer said excitedly.
    Areiz shrugged. "Whoopdy do." She said sarcastically and went into one of the rooms, collapsing on the bed. There was no way she could live here for one week leading up to the games.
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  16. Once he was led to the group of rooms that he and Areia would be sharing, Lirin went to his own bedroom, locking the door so that no one would disturb him. Falling onto the bed, he closed his eyes, wishing he had something for the headache that was forming just behind his eyes. In the other room, he could hear his trainer, a younger woman who couldn't have been too many years over twenty-five, chatting amiably with Areia, who was bursting with questions, it seemed.

    It's not as if she's going to survive the first day, he thought bitterly, a sour expression on his face.
  17. The voice of Falco finally faded off as he went to sleep. Areiz rolled over and stared at the wall, finding absolutely no sleep until early in the morning.

    -3 hours later-
    "Wake up!" Her trainer's voice echoed in the room. She sat up and sighed, pulling on the outfit that had been lied at the bottom of her bed. When she stepped out of the room, Falco was standing at the door, eager to get out there. Areiz just sighed and looked over to her trainer, who was beaming. "Go Ahead!"
  18. When his trainer roused him in the morning, Lirin was groggy and in a bad mood. He hated waking up early, and this was obviously too early. Rubbing his eyes, he yawned before dressing, frowning at the clothes that had been provided for him. Stretching, he walked out, to find Areia already dressed and raring to go. Someone must have come in earlier and helped her dressed, because with her paralysis it was obvious that she couldn't pull on pants by herself very easily.

    Sighing, he listened to his trainer's run-down of everything that would happen today. Training for a couple hours before breakfast, more training, lunch, and more training. Normal enough, he supposed. Walking into the training room, he watched the other tributes emerge from their rooms, some looking like Areia, but most looking like Lirin.
  19. The man from the capitol was standing in the middle of the room. "Welcome to Day 1 of training! All of the stations are to your use, and the trainers are here to help! Now, go!" He said, stepping out of the way as a group of Careers went straight to the combat station. Falco followed behind with a few others who were trying to get their admiration. Areiz, however, went to the Camouflage station, more inclined to learn to hide and survive than fight. Her trainer followed behind her, telling her to play her strengths, but not to show off.
  20. Areia immediately went to the archery station, which seemed logical. If she couldn't walk, then she would shoot from a distance. It seemed like a good plan, especially since she was the only one there who was confined to a wheelchair. Wondering if they would let her keep it during the Games, Lirin wandered over to the trapping station, deciding that if he was going to hide, he might as well kill some people while he was at it. Ignoring his trainer, who was constantly standing over his shoulder, making remarks the whole time, he focused on the trapping specialist, thinking that he had more to offer than his trainer.

    "Go help Areia," he told her after a short while. "She'll need it more than I." Gesturing to her, he saw that she was struggling to even hold the bow correctly, and her arms were struggling with it.
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