Hunger Games Anyone?

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  1. Hey, anyone up for a Hunger Games RP? I want to use the same universe, same concept, but I want to use oc characters. We can start at the reaping, or at the beginning of the ceremonies leading up to the games or something, but I am craving this bad. I have no limits other than incest and gigantic age differences, I play female, and I hope to hear from you soon. Perhaps we can discuss a plot? XD
  2. Are you wanting to keep it similar to the first book (I've only read the first book so far)? :3 If so I wouldn't mind taking up the position of a hunger games tribute.
  3. Yes, I plan on keeping it similar. XD You care to play a male tribute?
  4. I could try. :3 I don't mind who I play.
  5. Well, I haven't read past the first book either, so we're good lol. I'm going to see the movie thursday. XD Anything specific you wanted to work out?
  6. Movie is really good :) Did the Rue part extremely well.

    Not particularly. :3 I'm up for anything really. I won't be able to respond for the next hour and a half to anything though because I'm currently at 'work' and I need to focus this last half hour and then drive home. :3
  7. BTW I love your avatar pic. XD And ok. that's fine. I have no idea how to start though. Lol and will this be held from dist. 12 or what? When are we starting? At the reaping, or what?
  8. Thanks :3 I like itt too. It's new.

    Hmm, I think it would be a tad bit interesting to do it from a carreer's point of view, but if you want to do it from district 12 that's fine with me too. :3

    As for start time, any time is good with me too. :3 Reaping/Ceremony/etc.
  9. We can do it at the reaping. XD and a careers pov is good too. Whatever you like. Would you care to start us off?
  10. And I am the boy? :) Sweet. I could certainly try. Do we want district 1 or 2? (were there more? I though t it was only one and two.
  11. lol. for career tributes? I have no clue lol. i can't remember. I think it was just 1 and 2
  12. That one works. XD
  13. This sounds soo cool! I'd love to join... if you wouldn't mind! :)
  14. Well, I do one on one's only so if you wanna start up a one on one i'd be game. XD