Hump for Humanity

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  1. Hehe.

    Okay, so, I've noticed that a lot of people on here enjoy playing Cards Against Humanity.
    Probably because we're all a bunch of insulting dicks who find horrible things amusing.
    Highfive, Iwaku. The highest of fives.


    I'm in the cbox often - though lately it's been the Iwaku TeamSpeak more, but in both chat forms people always mention the game! And whenever somebody wants to play we can scrape together a game online and hilarity ensues.

    Basically I'm thinking that this should be a regular thing SO I'm thinking that every hump day [That's Wednesday, people] I'll start up a CAH game around 6pm server time and just play game after game until people stop showing up and don't want to play anymore.

    So.. Who's in?

    EDIT: Since Gwazi is whining at me about already having something similar, I will add that this group will *not* be on Skype. Because I don't want to add a ton of you on Skype. This will be on TeamSpeak or just the chatbox under the CAH game. And this is CAH only, not any other games. :D
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  2. I'm in!
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  3. I am not whining! >:C
  4. "I already made one!"

    "It's been going on for over a month!"

    "I already have 30 people!"

    "Stop it!"

    "You can't!"

    "Wah! Join mine instead!"

    - Gwazi, on TeamSpeak with several witnesses, 6/7/15
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  5. I did not say these three! >:C
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  6. I love this game, but it does feel like it's trying too hard some time. You really need to be careful with the user-submitted cards.
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. I'll join, 2 games of CAH per week won't hurt :3
    ..........................I wonder who came up with that card xD
    pft, it totally wasn't me
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  9. Then there's all the times people used the card "Gwazi's shit". XD
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