PROMPT Humiliation

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  1. Humiliation is a really powerful emotion that can be a great tool for character development and dramatic plot moments. Be it a public display, or just personal shame, humiliation hurts the character in some way. Their reactions and response to it can be as simple as a wounded expression, or as shocking and extreme as a suicide.

    In this exercise, write out a humiliating scene for a character. From the very start where it first happens, to how they handle the humiliation after the fact.


    • Body language.
    • Facial expression.
    • Personal sense of humor. (Can they laugh about it? Is it too much?)
    • How do they handle the immediate humiliation?
    • How do they recover? Does it stick with them? Are they able to let it go?
  2. "Well, don't tell me that it never happened to you before! You're acting as if it was something I should seriously be concerned about!", he shouts, angry at his interlocutor.
    "... You... you really...", they fail at bringing another word out before he starts to talk again, falling flat on the ground from all the momentum he put into his words.
    "Don't gi- vmm mmth! Mvmthfm mf"- he turns his head from the ground to them and gobs the earth he got into his mouth, upset he continues:
    "I swear, at some point in your life you will lose your limbs, too, and then you will remember how much of an asshole you were!... Hey, where are you going?"
    They turned away and simply walked away, leaving him on the ground, unable to stand up for he has lost all his limbs.
    "Yes, bugger off! You bloody tosser! Don't you dare shoving your face into my view anymore!"

    He was never able to handle the humiliation received and has started a crusade against all those with limbs.
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