Humble Indie Bundle 5

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  1. I posted this in the gaming guild but I thought I'd put it here for people who aren't in it. The Humble Indie Bundle 5 is out. The HIB is basically a pack of indie games and you pay what you want for them all (and note if you pay 1 cent then yes you are basically Hitler). You even get to decide how the money you pay is distributed.

    The games included in the Humble Indie Bundle are...

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent - This game comes from Swedish developer Frictional Games. This game will will make you shit your pants in fucking terror. No joke. Don't believe me? Play it late at night, alone, lights off, with headphones on. I'll patiently wait for your apology. It won't take long.

    Bastion: What the hell can I say about Bastion that hasn't already been said? Bastion was that one indie title last year that came out and got massive critical acclaim across the board. Music, art, and story. I haven't had the chance to play Bastion yet. HIB 5 is going to fix that.

    Psychonauts: An older game from the mind of Tim Schafer. A really good game that was a commercial flop for what I remember being marketing failure. However Psychonauts didn't deserve to flop. Not by a long shot.

    Limbo: You know I've watched footage and it looks great, but I don't know too terribly much. Basically you're a kid looking for his sister in a side scrolling platformer with death traps so frequent and out of nowhere that you absolutely MUST be cautious at all times.

    Supersword Brothers: I know nothing about this game. You're on your own figuring it out.

    Now take note you only get Bastion if you pay more than the average payment, which is about $7 at the moment. That's still worth it for Bastion alone.
  2. GOT IT. * ^*
    Miru is THE BEST boyfriend evar, just saying. JUST SAYING.
    T ^T
    I was flailing all over the place - since it was gifted. > w<
    I'm VERY excited! I need to 'man up' and play Amnesia.. I tried once...... and couldnt get past the tutorial T ^T and the friends with me tried to keep me in the computer chair to play but I fought, and won. Damnit. >:C

    LIMBO. Amazingggg game. <3 I adore it, everything about it. ^^~

    I know a little about Psychonauts.. I do like ze art.~
    but yeah..
  3. ‚ÄčLimbo....*eye twitches* Limbo..... T___T
  4. Mah Amnesia doesnt show visuals, like in game play, but I can hear everything, and when I tap buttons, I hear actions going on. And the menu and words and the floating hand to do stuff shows. o wo Halp?

    Limbo wont work fer me. - w-


    Bastion. <3<3 I am kinda far in there now >>
    And dat Sorcery one is so amusing and hilariously rad. I was just giggling like a fairy all game. <3
    cept less unicorns,
    but they are the same. <3