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  1. A demon terrorized and drifted her way freely throughout the forest that surrounded her. She claimed home to this dark, lush greenery and made it her hunting grounds. But she wasn't the only one who didn't seem to exist in this realm. Villages knew of her and expected her arrival.

    The evenings would slow to a complete halt of farm production. Sewing and seeding, plucking and shipping would be replace with the murmurs of worry. Mothers would distract themselves with quilting, but uneven stitches would form from the sniffling of their children. A meeting was made easier in the day for parents. The cellar of one villager's home was crowded to the stairs and walls. But the secrecy was needed. No one knew how the demon got around, or how well she could hear. The suggestion for sacrifice was pounced onto them. All eyes dulled with the hollowing fear about the idea. But this hard decision was expected to be made and return by tomorrow night. The village sheriff demanded it.

    The demon herself was being harmless at the moment. Her toes kissed the ripples of the water that bounced near some ominous roots. She perched like a timid bird, looking more fragile as her head cocked to the side, then swung back. The view was always the same. The forest may have been lush, but since her arrival things looks tangled, and chaotic. The forest gave off the idea to lost travellers that escape was not possible. The trees grew large, their roots spill out over the grass like hungry snakes. The sky realm was continuously violated by the twisted ground below it. She wondered if the sky could even breath anymore. She knew, she couldn't.
  2. There was an elven man running through the debris of the forest. He could tell there was a great threat with in his lands. He was the lone elf who guarded the forest area of the south. He was causing a huge rustling as he was going from tree top to tree top. Trying to find the source of this chaotic change to his territory and his home.

    He knew there was something that was wrong with the forest that is why he was out so late tonight. He stayed out and left the village alone. As long as they did the same with his home. There was this small shimmer that caught this man’s eyes. He quickly ran to a close range, to see what had caught his eyes. To his surprise it was a girl, She didn’t seem like a normal villager but it was still a girl in his eyes. There was still something he wanted to do but he forgot about it. His eyes looked down just for a second to see, the tree’s there roots were erupting from the tree not staying within the ground.

    He looked back at the girl, and he just stared. He felt that he was being pretty creepy but he was just in awe of this creature.
  3. The reflection stars remained in her eyes. She closed her eyes to imprint them in her mind. The beauty of a realm she was slowly destroying, and she wanted to keep it in her memory at least. Her head stayed locked in an upward position as the sound of rustling crept closer. She curled her grassed strained toes in anticipation. She wondered if dinner had come to her tonight.

    "Elf, what are you doing above me?" She called up, the roots twisted some more and she climbed toward him. If he hadn't approached her from the tree tops she wouldn't have known it was an elf. She possibly would have attacked him, and ate him whole. But elf meat only made her wretch and something in their blood was toxic to her.

    Her huge blue eyes swirled of the stars and moon behind him. The closer she got to him the brighter the stars grew, similar to a reflective pond. But the roots and branches followed her once again to the sky. Being caught off guard she slipped from the branch and snatched at his shirt. Everything darkened around them and her light seemed to blow out, smoldering like a candle whick.
  4. The elf male looked at the girl raise up form the roots of the tree's. This he knew she was a demon,and she must have been the cause of all of this chaotic change to his once beautiful forest. "I could ask the same thing from you, Demon girl. You must be the cause of all of this Chaotic and Demonic change to my lands." he stated holding back none of his words. He did not fear demons since he has face one or two before to defend his lands.

    With the demon at eye level to him, the moonlight could reflect off his back and show the bow and quiver nestled behind him. His face was still rather shadow but because of his shoulder length hair, the tips of his Blonde hair was reflect off the light of the moon. There was something different about this demon she wasn't like most. She wasn't bring off a hostile vibe like most of the other demons would bring.
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  5. She frowned, being so clumsy was not a common thing for her. But the branches and the curse had become worse. It was no longer a power. The trees seemed to hate her. At night she would sleep but the creeping, roughness of the bark could be still felt on her back and legs. It would stalk her, coil around her and try to steal her breath. Her own natural abilitied wouldn't protect her for long. As the wood closed in even closer and finally answered his question.

    "I asked you first, handsome stranger." She did not mean to leave her hand so mindlessly clenched onto his shirt snd compliment his looks. "i mean...cover yourself up. Otherwise I cannot get us out of here without burning you. " Her hand slipped away and slowly a liquid filled orb lit up the dark. It was almost too bright inside the stiff, wooden cacoon. The blue lighting blossomed in her eyes again and she turned her back to him. The smell of toxins and chemical burned at both of their nostrils. But before she let him brace himself, the branches crackled and burned. She fell with him but wt least the branches kept their distance for now.

    "All this time here, and they never attacked anyone but me. "
  6. He would smirk at her comment, he didn't mind having her compliment his looks. He looked at her and he smiled. "You know its very sweet that your complimenting my ravishing good looks." He said smiling as he was now on his back just getting up. "The forest is rather pissed and it probably doesn't want me to get close to you." He stated. he then stood up and dusted off his cloths. The elf looked at his clothes, "Why do I need to put more clothes on?" He asked her. he loved his clothes because it helped him to be more agile. He then looked at the sky. "If, that light orb didn't come from you it must be someone else who is pulling the strings behind my forest." He said before he looked into her eyes, the moon light now showing his presence.
  7. She laughed a little, finding his natural confidence to be like fresh air. It allowed her to relax a little. But she aired on the side of caution and remained still on the ground. She knew the acidic orbs wouldn't keep the branches calm for very long. She didnt want to risk him getting injured.

    "It was probably my fault. I did compliment you." She gave a fairy sized smile. It was oh so small, but the impact it left behind could effect nations. She seemed to coil her fingers nervously at what he said, and glanced back up into his eyes. "...But that orb was me. I told you to cover yourself, so I wouldn't burn you."

    Another ball formed in her hands and it wobbled, and swayed. It was suspended in the space above her hand. But this time, oddly, it didn't glow. it just hung there like a bloated water droplet. "This is what got us out. i use it to keep the tree branches calm. It is the same idea as snake charming they do along the spice pathes not far from here. Quite a sight." She popped the orb on the grass next to her and it burnd. The smell of chemical grew stronger as a hole opened up in the ground. " I don't know what substance it is made up of..."
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