GROUP RP PLOTTING Humans + androids + being generally laid-back = ?

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  1. 'Sup guys,

    so I've had this idea (or, rather, a thought that can become an idea if loved, taken care of and scolded when needed) about a sci-fi kind of roleplay, though I'm not sure if it's even worth expanding at this point. It is very chaotic and sounds like a drunkard's mumbling half of the time. If you think you can take it, feel free to read the rest.

    I think it'd work best as a group roleplay, though I've been told 1x1 should work as well.

    First of all, our setting. The term "sci-fi" covers it quite well, though let me explain a few things.

    1. Timeline? Distant future (let's say, around 2180).

    2. Players? Roles? Two options here:
    a) roleplaying as humans; no age, gender, sexuality, whatever-you-can-come-up-with restrictions (except for, well, being human!); you can be an engineer, a pilot or simply sell synthetic coffee in one of those shady pubs no one wants to be seen walking into. Your call. It'd be best for you to know each other or to get to know each other as soon as possible (we've got to start somewhere, right?) - but I'm sure that can be easily arranged.
    b) roleplaying as androids; your primary goal is to serve humans. No more, no less. It is up to you, however, if you're gonna be a model that resembles a human being or just a standard computer/console with a sentience. Do you, thanks to your recent patch, of course, understand humans so well they can't even tell the difference between you and real humans, or do you have problems understanding innuendos and ambiguity that every human throws at you from time to time? Your choice.

    The general idea goes as follows: humans prosper. It's all real dandy for everyone; there's never been a better time to be human than now. You live in a world that is more and more computerized each day and no one pays attention to it anymore. Or, actually, no one paid attention to it until last year - because that's when industries have started pumping technology into your everyday life even more. Every apartment is now more or less computerized, be it only your average toaster commenting on how lovely you look in the morning, or your whole house having a - sort of - mind of its own. Androids became a big deal and you soon own one as well.

    Now, I'll let you know (should've done it before) that I'm a sucker for ordinary life, casual roleplays. Yeah, you've heard (read) me. Why? Because I like to think that's where the funny stuff happens (and yet, somehow, I'm not a fan on Bridget Jones's Diary - how come?). As much as I love roleplays in which you can be a badass mage/sniper/insert whatever you want, I adore the casual, laid-back kind as well.

    Why force anyone to play as humans and/or androids? Because (ideally) we will end up with a setting where every player (human) is paired up with another player (android) and together, they make one household. Then again, unless you wish to roleplay someone who never leaves his/hers lovely abode, you may want to talk to someone else than your trusty robotic fellow. Here's where the other players come in. Long story short, that leaves us with more relationships to have fun with and explore (humanxhis android, humanxhuman, humanxsomeone else's android, mix it up!).

    As for the laid-back factor, don't worry: we can always add a drop of tragedy here and there just to spice things up.

    So, if anyone's read through this and (hopefully) understood what I'm trying to present here, what do you think? Too chaotic? Messed up? Unnecessarily complicated? Feel free to leave any kind of feedback.

    Take care!
  2. i really like this idea (being a sucker for androids of any type, of course)!
    the notion of a sci-fi slice-of-life is fairly unique and i could definitely get on board with it. uwu
  3. I could get on board with this, possibly.

    But first, questions.

    Because androids are such a major thing in human life style and now play a major key in society, does that also mean even the homeless have androids? Or is it a priority/wealthy/middle class thing to have one? Is being homeless even a thing in this time period of humans? How are androids even manufactured and are there androids that are redeemed 'unfit' to be with humans because of even the smallest malfunction/habits?

    Are there certain kind of people that aren't allowed to register/own an android? (In my head I imagine it to be a licensed thing.)
    I'm sorry for so many questions but I'm just genuinely interested :]
  4. So that's what happens when I don't subscribe my threads. Nice job, Vesper.

    tv-ghost, woohoo! Someone with similar interests!

    Demonesqu - the questions are cool.

    a) I thought about androids being not the most luxurious item to have at that time, but it really depends on the model. The average family can have a simple one that helps them organize their day and all that, but the more you pay, the more you get. It also changes how the android looks - the ones that look like humans are the most expensive, for example.

    b) as for the homeless, I don't believe in a homeless-free society, so that's definitely a thing. And that's the first change to the original post. Dandy for everyone? Humans do prosper, but maybe it'll be even better not so candy-like. It's really a matter of having any use to the society. If you aren't useful, you aren't needed. A bit dystopian, I guess? But since it wouldn't really fit to the modern setting of a prosperous city, I figured there'd be something like a district or just a place the homeless would be gathered in, not to destroy the city's image.

    c) manufacturing androids - don't know, really. I suppose some models would be made because of specific requests, but other than that, nothing comes to my mind. I was thinking about having one factory that makes all the androids and that it might have a connection to the government, for example. If we follow the dystopian notion, we can even try and implement some ideas of being spied by the government and all that. But it's hard to decide, since the androids would be (ideally) played by roleplayers, too.

    d) malfunctioning - androids primary goal is to serve people, so the biggest malfunction would be denying their requests. Other than that, I was thinking about the machines displaying real emotions. They'd be capable of creating artificial ones, for example caring about their owner, but when that gets out of hand, they're done for.

    e) well, people who can't afford them, obviously. As for having an android being a licensed thing, I like the idea, but didn't think about it yet.

    And again, the idea is still extremely weak and quite simple. I didn't give it much thought since the last time I posted it here, because I figured no one was interested in it. Now that I see someone is, I'll try and make it more of a planned thing, and less of a chaotic description. If you have any ideas, well, let's have a brainstorm here.
  5. would be interested, and I guess you've answered pretty much all of my questions when you answered demonesqe's. In any case, I'd like to see where this goes.