Humanity's Last Hope is a Bunch of Teenage Dragon Riders?!? (IC)

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  1. The world has been, and still is, in the middle of World War 3. Countries waged war, alliances forged only to be broken months later. Nowadays there exists two main alliances, the Americas and Eurasia. Nobody truly remembers what started the wars, but what they do know is that dragons have stopped siding with the humans, instead going their separate ways and spending their lives in the wilderness. The humans are walking along a very dangerous path, one that will eventually destroy them if not stopped.

    It was a sunny day, well it would be if one could see above the thick interlacing of leaves and branches that made up the ceiling of the rainforest. The coolness of early morning showed dewdrops all over the foliage, moss, and other plantlife. It was the start of a new day, though this certain day might just hold a bit more than fate planned.

    Ryo opened his eyes slowly as he awakened from his slumber. It had been nearly a decade since the last human child worthy of being called a rider appeared, and the knowledge that there would most likely be no more to come saddened the great dragon. Shifting his position so that his arms held him higher, he closed his eyes, sending a message to all the dragons in the South American rainforest.

    My friends, it is time for us all to gather once again.

    He had already delivered this message to the dragons residing in other countries a few days ago, hence the reason for the long nap he had just awoken from. Time passed, and soon enough he could feel the presence of many dragons, and he could see the corresponding riders, some walking alongside the dragons, and others riding on top of them. Once he felt like everybody had made their way inside the surprisingly large cave, he began to speak in the universal language that all dragons know by birth, his voice deep with age as it bounced along the rocky walls.

    "I'm glad to see you're all in good health, heheheh....As you all probably already know, us dragons have co-existed with humankind for many centuries, since before I was born. Sadly, over the past century there has been struggle, people killing one another for very confusing reasons in which I do not understand. I have called you all here today to tell you that...I'm sending you kids as this worlds last hope, a 'peace team' if you'd like. No, you cannot refuse, seeing as you all probably knew this day would come eventually, and besides...I'm getting a bit too old for babysitting you guys~" A wink of a yellow eye, followed by a hearty chuckle told the rest of Ryo's good mood, most likely not realizing what he was about to do. "But of course, I'm not a cruel old dragon, for I have a special little gift for you lot."

    The elder dragon exhaled, releasing a cloud-like substance and wrapping it around the dragons. You could hear some twinkles, some pops, and some crackles before a small poof of color quickly hid the dragons from view. While the dust cleared, the booming sound of laughter could be heard at the small exclamations of shock, maybe some screams mixed into the fray as the dragons realized what happened. "Don't worry, you can change back and forth between your forms. Now, I managed to snag some clothes for you all, seeing as how normal humans don't tend to walk around naked. They're outside, along with a map of this continent. Be brave, be smart, but most importantly my children....don't get into too much trouble. After all, the world is at stake here~"

    And with that said, Ryo closed his eyes once more, old age getting the better of him (not to mention changing that much dragon was a workout) as he settled once more into a long nap, leaving the dragons and riders to deal with this chaotic mess of naked people that may or may not be scrambling to get some clothes on.

    GM NOTE:
    Hahaha this post was lots of fun to write, if you haven't already noticed Ryo's that 'mischevious grandpa' type of character, even if he does sound formal at times. So yeah, I kinda sorta started everybody out in the cave, the dragons being currently naked and possibly running to go get some clothes on before the dust disappears.
    ~GM out~​
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    { @Akatsuki Gremory }

    Dione had arrived with Kusanagi, her rider, to the cave where the Great Dragon Ryo set in the meeting in. Her wings were pressed close to her back as she made the trek forward, amber hues flickering around to the other dragons in the vicinity. There had been numerous talks going on about the possibility of what might be discussed today. She had been aware of the possibility that they could be discussing the humans, considering their strained and distant relation to the rest of mankind. Releasing a breath, she turned her head briefly to Kusanagi, sparring him a quick glance. "This might involve what we talked about last night." She murmured to him, using their own telepathic bond to communicate with him.

    With everything going on with the humans, it hadn't been surprising that Dione discussed some of her own theories with her rider. After all, the message from the Great Dragon Ryo had arrived earlier that week for them. There had been some time to discuss the details of the urgency of a meeting, especially after the vast time the elder dragon remained asleep. Once the elder dragon began to speak, Dione remained near Kusanagi as she listened to the elder's speech in midst of the group composed entirely of dragons and riders. The second the cloud-like substance had wrapped around her figure, confusion had seeped in her being. A strangled breath escaped Dione's lips as she stumbled forward, collapsing on her bare knees. It wasn't until amber hues flickered between her own bare body to the other dragons, well former ones, that realization had finally settled in.

    "Kusanagi?" She pipped up tentatively, barely hiding the startled tone in her voice. Her nervous gaze lingered on the raven haired male briefly, before moving back to her.. legs. Swallowing harshly, Dione forced herself to rise to her feet, despite the small difficulty she had. The dust was already beginning to vanish, a sight that would sure cause some tension between both parties. "I..I need clothes, right?" The redhead questioned hastily, having some difficulties between leaving Kusanagi to find clothes and remaining there with him.

    --- x

    { @Raven Haruka }

    Similar to the other riders in the large cave, Alastor had recently arrived with Oleander to hear the news from the Great Dragon Ryo. "What do you think this will be about?" He questioned, being mindful to use a more quieter tone. Then again, it wasn't too difficult with the other quiet chatter being exchanged among the other riders and dragons. Looks like he wasn't the only one curious as to the discussion that would take place today. Fortunately it wasn't long after that, that the elder dragon finally began to make his speech. Throughout the grand speech, Alastor had been well acquainted to the threat mankind had slowly become. One way or another they needed to take action before something more severe could possibly occur.

    It wasn't until the cloud-like substance had escaped the elder dragon that Alastor's curiosity had been traded in for alarm and confusion. "Oleander?" The dragon's name had escaped him quickly as he made notions to move closer, but something compelled him to stop. There was no way the Great Dragon Ryo would ever harm any of the dragons. And with that thought in mind, he could only step back and watch the scene unfold before him, sharing the same actions as the other riders awaiting this.. magic to end. However, nothing prepared any of them for what would occur next. The dragons were now donning human bodies, the scales he had grown accustomed to seeing on Oleander were no longer there. In the dragon's place was now a young man a few inches shorter than himself with strikingly similar light sea green hair and rather unique colored eyes.

    "Oleander..- that's you, right?" Alastor questioned, lilac hues lingering on the male's face. It would only be a few seconds later that he would notice that Oleander was naked. "Shoot. Here take this for now." He spoke quickly, shrugging off his own shirt and hastily tossing it to the former dragon. He wasn't mentally prepared for this. Not at all. "We need to go get you some clothes. Ah-.. do you want me to go get them for you?" This would be one hell of a story to remember at a later time, especially with the vast number of naked, scrambling individuals.
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  3. "Papa! Papa! Where is this place?"

    "The Western lands, specifically a part known as 'South America'."

    "What happened to North America?"

    "Something rather grieving, that I can say."

    A giant, black turtle soared across the skies without the use of wings as a petite, bare girl rode on its back. "It is likely that the culture of this place is vastly different from the Xiang Village."

    With that, they landed in the middle of quite the array of bare humanoids while the great dragon Ryo gave a speech. They were as bare as Yaya herself. These dragons were capable of altering their shape to their human forms.

    Situ Bi refused to assume this human form. Before he could begin to shrink, he broke out of the transformation with ease. "There is no neccesity for that action now, I will likely use it later," he speaks. He notes a red Western dragon beginning to assume human form, before proceeding to comment about the situation.

    "What can I say?" Situ Bi talks to the red western dragon turned human as he withdraws into his shell and tosses a somewhat-large silk cloth at her. "Troubled now, wiser later. My name is Situ Bi, a representative sent by King Huanglong. This is my daughter, Yaya. So, what are your names?"

    "Hi hi! My name is Yaya! Eh... Papa, who are they?"

    "Potential peers."

  4. { @sleepingxdragon }

    Kusanagi rode on the back of Dione up until they were close to the cave. He had brought almost everything because he knew whatever this meeting was about it something big was going to happen. Clothes, food, money, and his favorite coat. He had packed everything he needed for a prolonged trip into foreign lands. He checked his bag while on the walk to cave. "This might involve what we talked about last night." Dione said using the telepathic bond they have together. "I agree, if that is the case this will get real interesting real fast" Replying using telepathy also.

    While listening to the Grand Dragon Ryo's speech a large cloud had enveloped Dione. When it dispersed a redheaded women fell onto her knees where the dragon Dione was and looked up at him. "Kusanagi?" She said with a tense and an almost panicked tone. She was naked and he had to think fast, this cloud will not last another minute. "I..I need clothes, right?" Kusanagi took off his coat and threw it over her quickly, while the dust had not quite vanished he took her hand and ran to find her some pants and hopefully an actual shirt along the way. He spotted some clothes in baskets near where the Great Dragon Ryo had been making his speech so he quickly took her towards there. Upon finding some actual clothes he opened his bag and took out a blanket, then holding it out to cover her when the dust vanishes.

    He had some interesting thoughts but this had not even entered his mind. Turning a ton of dragons into humans and not telling them they were going to come out naked so everyone has to scramble to not get seen. It was... Interesting to say the least. He was rattled but he needed to find out if Dione was okay. It was a pretty stressful situation especially for a female dragon of such a proud stature. "Dione... Are you alright?" he asked using telepathy. He was visibly rattled from the whole situation and to put his dragon through that wasn't his idea of a very good assembly. There was also the question of where they were going. The Great Dragon Ryo had said hes sending them out but never mentioning where. Before he could think any further he put the blanket over Dione and kept her close as to calm any fear she had from her transition.
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    { @sleepingxdragon }

    Oleander chose to walk with Alastor to the cave, settling down into a comfortable position once they arrived. "What do you think this will be about?" Alastor questioned the green dragon, causing him to simply move his eyes to meet the humans. "Hmmm...not sure." Not wanting to really move his mouth, Olly chose instead to speak telepathically, his words short and lazy.

    To be honest, the plant dragon wasn't really paying attention to Ryo's speech, he was actually mostly asleep when a cloud enveloped him. Pops and crackles woke him up, and when the dust settled he was staring at Alastor, only somehow his rider had grown taller. Not to mention the look of confusion and alarm on said human's face.

    "Oleander..- that's you, right?" Well of course it was him, but why was he asking? Still partially asleep, the youth went to rub his eyes...only to then notice the soft pale skin he had. All he could do was stare at his hands while the gears turned in his brain, slowly looking back up only to get a face full of shirt. "We need to go get you some clothes. Ah-.. do you want me to go get them for you?"
    Clothes? Oh, he must be naked. Putting the shirt on, he simply looked at Alastor, confused. "Yes?" His answer came out more like a question, the volume of his voice making it seem like he was talking more to himself than anybody in particular. He eyed the now sleeping dragon, wondering what exactly he had planned for the team.
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    { @Akatsuki Gremory , @Crow }

    It had been moments before the transformation had forcibly taken place that Dione heard a voice speaking to her, prompting her to glance over at the owner of the voice. A giant, black turtle. She heard a few tidbits about the Xiang, though her information on them was hardly complete to say the least. "Dione and Kusanagi, we're natives to this area." That was the only remark she managed to exchange before her emotions got in the way. The reason being the fading dust and her own bare form, though the situation around them wasn't helping either. Confusion and panic had returned tenfold it seemed. Before she could get another word out, Kusanagi's jacket was tossed around her form and she was quickly whisked away- following him at a similar pace.

    Before they were too far away, Dione managed to spare a quick parting words of "We'll return shortly." to Situ Bi and Yaya. With that achieved, she tentatively clutched the garment closer to her body. It was strange.. walking around in this body. Despite Kusanagi finding clothes for, and providing a quick cover up, Dione struggled momentarily with the garments. One could only wonder how everyone else was handling all of this. "I'm feeling rather... nervous about this." She spoke telepathically to him, in midst of finishing the task of dressing herself. Confident dragon or not, this transformation had still shaken her up quite a bit. Hopefully it wouldn't be a long struggle to get adjusted to this new form the Great Dragon Ryo had provided them with.

    Despite the tension dwelling in her presently, Dione managed to feel more at ease with Kusanagi beside her. His jacket remained in her possession as the two lingered close to one another, an action she greatly appreciated. "We.. should speak to the others. Maybe they might have similar locations as us..?" She suggested, gingerly holding the folded map that once lingered on top of the clothing. "There might be some clues as to what we're supposed to do." Dione inquired, eyebrows furrowing slightly at the thought. It was easier to immerse herself in their plans instead of focusing on her own muddled emotions.

    --- x

    { @Raven Haruka }

    Honestly Alastor was probably the more startled one out of the two, especially with the drowsiness that was present on Oleander's facial features. Either way.. they needed to find some clothes for the male. Actually.. scratch that. It might be better for the lilac eyed male to get them himself, considering the laidback personality the former plant dragon had. Besides, his response wasn't assuring him that he was the least bit frantic as the rider was currently. At least.. Oleander had a shirt on to cover up for the time being. "Being naked isn't something that's.. uh a norm around here, you know?" He stated, eyebrows furrowing slightly at the thought. Ironically, Alastor had failed to notice the bare brunette rider who was among the group with a giant, black turtle.

    Slender digits hastily ran through windswept locks as he tried to come up with a plan for the two. The first would be securing clothes for Oleander, a task he would take on for himself. Something told him Oleander might end up loitering about more than necessary when it came to that task. "Just.. keep that on for right now and I'll get you some clothes." He had already made notions to walk away to retrieve said items, but something forced him to turn around and face the recently turned human. "Don't fall asleep on me, alright? I won't take long." And with those parting words, he made a hasty exit over to the baskets of clothing the elder dragon had mentioned during his speech. Fortunately, he didn't need to search long for suitable clothing for Oleander.

    With Oleander in mind, Alastor had been quick to make his return inside of the cave, shuffling past scrambling dragons and startled riders. Nonetheless, he pressed on until the light sea green male came into sight once again. Considering the lilac eyed male had given his shirt to the plant dragon, he had offered the pants he had found in the basket. "This will help you cover up." He commented, almost chiding himself for thinking that Oleander would need help. "We can talk about the map once you're done." Alastor added, shrugging on the shirt he found moments later with the folded map carefully confined in the pockets of his pants.
  7. { @sleepingxdragon @Crow }

    "We.. should speak to the others. Maybe they might have similar locations as us..?" "There might be some clues as to what we're supposed to do." Dione said to Kusanagi. "Good idea, let's go find the others. But first lets get you a little bit more accustomed to that body." While saying that Kusanagi took her hand and walked her around, making sure she could move everything right and there were no problems. He was almost concerned for her safety and this incident did absolutely nothing to help that cause. He had an idea of where to start all of this so while keeping hold of her hand he walked her around a little bit while keeping an eye out for a giant black turtle.

    Situ Bi and Yaya. He had heard of them and their homeland but nothing that could be confirmed as true, all just rumors. He had heard them speaking and it wasn't it a threatening tone and they seemed to know who we are. "I think we should start by looking for Situ Bi and Yaya, and then from there we can look for others and create a group." After telling Dione his thoughts he drowned himself in his mind. He had to think about what was going to happen and all the possibilities that are going to follow a decision such as this one. Kusanagi has heard something of the outside world and he knows it's been plunged into World War III.

    "If we are indeed going out as a sort of peace-keeping force it could pose some problems." He thinks to himself. It means that they might be attacked by forces from any nation if the dragons do indeed show their natural form. Also it might mean some of the humans will see us hostile, an actively hunt them. His thoughts raced in his mind from the war to protecting Dione. "I'll protect her even if it means that I perish." he thought. He tried to not let it show so that Dione wouldn't worry, that is the last thing she needs right now.
  8. [​IMG]

    It was a wonder amongst wonders that such an enormous creature could manage to squeeze into such a small cave. Well, small by her standards. Chastaine was a giant amongst giants. The Space-Dragon's head was as large as perhaps most of the others of her kind gathered here before the presiding Grandest of Them All, Ryo.

    Anchored to the earth by her tail, she remained motionless, as her gargatuan figure floated above the others; her equally gargantuan shadow swallowing up most of the ambient light along the rocky expanse. Pinks, violets, indigos, blues, mixed together in nebulous patterns across her scales; they pulsed in time with the gigantic spiralling celesial disk infused upon her back. And although she was silent, a rhythmic warbling and pusating hum emitted from said disk. Her whiskers rippled away, as if caught in the current of the celestial sound, flowing up and away from her lowered muzzzle.

    She held a pose of utmost respect for the older and wiser dragon, head lowered, but a glowing marbled pink and violet eye opened up but a slit to regard if her 'little sister' Penelope held a similar pose of graciousness and humility before the Grandest of Them All, Ryo. An upturn at the corner of the massive female's mouth was her response as she saw that the petulant little girl wisely stood near Chastaine's anchored tail, hands clasped together, wild orangey-red head lowered as well, yet baby blue eyes wide and consuming the sight of the glorious dragon Chastaine regarded as the 'Grandest of Them All.'

    Pride coursed through her veins, setting her heart to soar as she noted that of her kind, the ones she knew inwardly as: The Blazing Glory, Earth's Champion, and Wisdom's Scale (Dione, Oleandar, and Situ Bi, respectively) were all present and with their own Rider Siblings.

    As soon as the Grandest of Them All finished his oratory she would nod respectfully to each in kind, but then the mist enveloped her immense form and impossibly, the impossible happened.

    The Space-Dragon, forbidden and incapable of such a blasphemous act found herself committing such a heinous act.

    Chastaine, self-imposed 'Heavenly Sentinel,' fell to ground her entirety pressed up against the earth. Such shame.

    Such shame.



    She knelt before the tall and sinewy figure, white linen gown clutched in her shaky teenaged hands. Blue eyes were wide with shock, wonder and dismay.

    Shock. What in the actual eff just happened?

    Wonder. Was this gorgeous pale woman wiith the long hair that shifted colours of a distant nebula really her 'big sister' Chaza?

    Dismay. She had never seen such pandemonium and never ever did she even think it possible.

    Chastaine was crying.

    The pale woman held her hands before her swirling violet and pink marbled eyes (those eyes! Oh, but yes, this truly was her draconic Sibling). "How can this be...? Is this punishment, Grandest Ryo...? I... I--"

    Only heavy sobs, tears and trembling.

    Penelope de Chastaine bit her lower lip and gently slipped the gown over and around her big sister as her big sister continued to weep softly. Then Penelope tensed up, and froze like a statue as the unthinkable happened.

    For the first time in her life, Chastaine, the glorious Space-Dragon, self-imposed Heavenly Sentinel, and sister's keeper of Penelope reached out and hugged her little sister. For comfort, for warmth, for reassurance, Penny did not know, but there was no way she would spend another second contemplating the reason's why. It was her turn to weep. Never ever did she think this moment would ever come.

    She nuzzled her sharp nose into the shifting blues, violets, indigos and pinks of Chaza's cosmic waterfall flow of locks and held on for dear life. The tightness of the embrace should crush her ribs but she did not have a single care for that in this moment.

    This magical moment.

    "Ryo, 'The Grandest of Them All', sister," whispered Penny, voice hoarse with raw emotion and gratitude for such magic, "he rests now after donning upon us a gift..."

    Glistening baby blue eyes met marbling violet and pink ones and gazed deep. She then found the sister she had been seeking all these years within this 'new born female.'

    "...this is the chance we've been waiting for, Chaza. This magical moment. I remember. I was five.

    You asked me.. if I had a chance to do somethiing for the broken world what would I do. Do you remember, Chaza? Do you remember what I said? I do, sister Dragon, I do and never will I forget. What did I say, Chaza? Tell me..."

    "I do remember, Penelope. I do. You said you would help it. You would... kiss it's boo-boo's and make the hurt go away," said the once-was-a-dragon in her same eloquent and commanding voice, but in this form it was rather... sexy. Penny could not help but let a hint of a bemused smirk trace the corner of her mouth. Chaza's speaking voice as a human woman had a husky, breathless quality about it, as if every word she spoke was made of velvet lined furs.

    "And then you took me away. You said I was the one. You said together we could change the fate of the world. Well, then sister...?" Penny broke the embrace, and rolled from her kneeling position to a standing one. She held out a slender hand to Chaza.

    The tall, pale female took the offered hand and pulled herself to her full towering 200cm height. And the corner of her mouth too, could not help but pull up in a bemused smirk; was this the most words Penelope strung together at one time? "Aye, it is then, Penelope de Chastaine, Sister Rider of Chastaine: 'Heavenly Sentinel' and Space-Dragon now guised as a female mortal human. Aye, it is."

    An exchange of wiping away tears from each one's cheeks, one final embrace, and the pair walked hand-in-hand, both barefoot, (one marching, one strutting awkwardly) both making their way towards a new future. A future that could be changed by all their hands. A future that whispered words of hope; one where the hurt would go away.

    "Let us greet the others and take on this fate then. A magical moment, sister Rider. So much have we still to do yet ... so much..."


    "Hail and hearts to all...!"
    called out the white gowned female, body swaying rather serpent like as she tried to acclimatize herself to this new two-legged form, "Chastaine and Penelope are here and ready. Times are changing and so must we it seems..."

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  9. [​IMG]
    { @Akatsuki Gremory , @Crow , and @Boo Girlie BoomBoom }

    There were no protests from Dione as Kusanagi took her hand and led her elsewhere. She needed to adjust walking on two feet, after all. Despite her own uncertainty in the matter, she needed to adjust to this new form quickly. The elder dragon had given them a mission and a parting gift, something that wouldn't be easily forgotten by the dragon. At the thought, her hold on him briefly tightened before loosening slightly. "We'll be fine. I.. need to adjust to this form, and from there we can figure out the rest of the plan." She spoke, still mildly surprised to hear her own voice aloud like this. "Mm.. how are you handling all of this?" The question had been spoken telepathically, preferring to keep that particular conversation to themselves.

    With the time they spent walking, it was slowly, but gradually, becoming easier for her to walk around this form. Naturally, there were a few stumbles here and there. Once Kusanagi began to speak once again, the dragon's attention flickered over to him. "Ah, of course." She agreed, offering a quick nod of her head. This was the best course of action given the vague set of instructions given to them. Regardless of this new form, she would strive to protect their goal along with Kusanagi. Losing him wasn't something she wanted witness anytime soon. She would do her best to protect him one way or another.

    Dione's hand still held Kusanagi's as the duo wandered back to the rest of the group. Regardless of the small stability that was present, the dragon still felt inclined to keep the contact between them.It was a comfort that she needed presently, especially after what occurred to the group of dragons moments ago. It was only when they were nearing Situ Bi's and Yaya's form that a new voice had been heard. Chastaine and Penelope de Chastaine. The Space Dragon, one that had received high words of praise from the Great Dragon Ryo. "Perhaps we can talk to them as well?" She suggested, gently nudging his arm.
  10. { @sleepingxdragon , @Crow , @Boo Girlie BoomBoom }

    Dione spoke to Kusanagi through their minds "Mm.. how are you handling all of this?" Kusanagi wasn't sure if he should be honest or not. He was rattled to be sure, between Dione transforming into a naked woman and the potential for everyone to see was almost overwhelming. He had always had high anxiety and this wasn't something he was exactly ready for. "I'll live, don't worry." he replied with a small wink. He had thought that hopefully it would be enough to calm herself of any fears over him. He had never really enjoyed making people worry, especially Dione because of their close relationship.

    After discussing what they should do with the map they start making their way towards Situ Bi and Yaya. While getting close they could hear another voice, the one of the Space Dragon. Chastaine and Penelope de Chastaine. Of course he had heard of the giant Space Dragon. She and her rider had accomplished many things and has gained great respect from the Great Dragon Ryo. "Perhaps we can talk to them as well?" He had thought that was a fine idea. "Sounds good. The more riders and dragons we have together the better chance we have of actually creating a plan." Kusanagi took Dione's hand and allowed her to walk towards the Space Dragon. He wanted her to take the lead and start to build some confidence within herself again. She was strong and he knew it wouldn't take much for her to regain her unbreakable confidence.

    Before long they were in the presence the Space dragon and her rider. "Chastine, and her rider Penelope de Chastaine. I would like to introduce myself. I am Kusanagi Tenzen, and this is Dione." He said while motioning Dione forward. Before they got to Chastine he had taken the lead so he wouldn't put Dione in an awkward position. Kusanagi hadn't even thought that she might like to go back into her original form. He felt like such an idiot. "I'm really sorry Dione! I never asked if you would rather go back into your original form..." He asked her with telepathy as to make not things awkward while in front of Chastine and her rider.
  11. ( @sleepingxdragon / @Crow / @Raven Haruka / @Akatsuki Gremory )


    The corners of her mouth raised slightly with fond amusement as the Rider youngling introduced both he and his sister Dragon. Yes, she remembered hearing about this Tenzen boy. This was clearly the young one that sought the company, and perhaps the comfort, of Chastaine's kin by lingering near the resting places of dragons. She quite admired that quirk about him; Chastaine was of a certain dragon mindset that most humans could only be trusted to self-destruct.

    She nodded graciously at the young man and then towards the fiery maned female she knew inwardly as 'The Blazing Glory.' No, she had not met this female dragon personally, however she did keep tabs on certain dragons when she was a sentry orbiting earth's outer atmosphere all those years ago. Perhaps it was more catty than it appeared, but Chaza could not help but heavy her lids as she eyed the redhead from head to toe and then back up again. She was just merely mentally comparing what she saw of Dione as a dragon as compared to a human. That is all.

    "Well met, Rider Kusanagi Tenzen, and a pleasure" she nodded once again towards him and felt a moment of vertigo (it was so very strange to have her feet... planted firmly upon the ground. And upon only two no less!) but quickly recovered, "such boldness and manners from a young male. I am indeed impressed.

    This one--"
    a chinbob aimed at Penny "--she could learn such manners. And promptness. Oh and aye, a bit of tact. Eh, Penelo--"

    Oh, how easily they slipped back into their roles. Chaza could not help but shake her head as her orangey-red headed sister Rider just stared at the two in front of her. The teen girl inspected Kusanagi with a dopey smile upon her face, then her head swivelled to check out Dione, then swivelled back to Kusanagi, only to swivel back to Dione, then only to swivel--

    Chastaine blew heavily upon Penelope's head. Normally this was an effective method of getting Penelope to stop acting up or acting weird... but that was when Chastaine was the size comparable to an ocean freighter. In this form she was a full head taller than the girl but the results...?

    The small gust of air from Chaza's lips mussed up Penny's hair. Just a bit. A teenaged copper coloured eyebrow raised as she slowly turrned her to face Chaza. Both stared at each other for 2 seconds, blinking, then both turned away.


    Both cleared their throats then: "Ahem. Oh! but, Dione it is a pleasure to finally meet you, dear dragon,"' she leaned in to touch her neck to the other female's neck then press her forehead upon the other female's forehead as it was a familiar tradition and formal greeting between dragons. Then they would touch tails--


    Once again throats were cleared. Penny then sighed and gave a small facepalm. Chaza turned quickly to face the Xiang and his Rider, long violet, pink, blue shifting nebulous hued hair chasing her motions.

    "Ahem... and nice to make acquaintace with Wise Situ Bi and lovely Rider Yaya," this time she held her ground and respectfully bowed towards the carapaced Dragon and his adopted human. Chaza did not even bat an eyelash at the girls nudity. But oh how Chaza had to resist the urge to blow a gust of air once more upon Penny as the teen once again stared but this time with a raised copper-coloured eyebrow.

    And Chaza was too formal to facepalm her sister Rider. Instead she just continued: "Very well, then, it seems we still need to acquaint ourselves with these other two... and the map they carry--"

    Chastaine cut herself short as Penelope attempted --and failed-- to send a message telepathically...


    "--oh Chaza, how I wish to run around naked now too...! I have a cute bottom, no?"

    Throats cleared again.

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  12. [​IMG]
    {@sleepingxdragon @Boo Girlie BoomBoom @Crow }

    Seeing his rider so distraught only managed to confuse the young dragon even more. He was never wearing any clothes before, so what's so different now? "Being naked isn't something that's.. uh a norm around here, you know?"
    For once, Oleander had managed to get a glimpse of his surroundings before his (totally well deserved) nap, and looking around, he saw the same brunette human rider from before, with the giant turtle-thing. Pointing to her, he went to say something, turning his head back only to see Alastor preparing to leave. So instead, he spoke telepathically, his mindly voice giving off a bit of a whining undertone.

    But she's naked~

    "Don't fall asleep on me, alright? I won't take long."

    Well, it was too late to go back now, Alastor had already left in a search to go find some clothes. Making his way to one of the rocky walls of the cave, wibbling and wobbling on two legs was such hard work. It felt like forever before he actually made it to the wall, inwardly sighing in relief at not having to work as hard anymore.Leaning back onto it, Olly decided that he wasn't in a mood to deal with the others today, taking mental note of the people who announced themselves.
    It wasn't long before the green-haired youth's eyes were half-shut, but before any more progress on his nap-taking skills were made, Alastor returned, offering pants. "This will help you cover up." It was a good thing that Oleander had once seen Alastor put his own leg-coverings on, or who knows what could've gone wrong whilst he dressed his lower half. Once the hardest part was done, Olly decided that he should brief his rider about the others.

    The galaxy haired girl over there is Chastaine, her peachy friend is Penelope it seems...

    "Oh, and what map?" Switching to a low-volume voice, anybody could now tell that the plant-dragon-turned-boy was not paying attention to the Great Dragon's speech. Tilting his head, the young boy stole a glance behind him, golden hues meeting marbled violet-pink ones.

  13. [​IMG]
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    The task wouldn't be difficult to manage if they had more numbers, after all. Besides with World War III in the works, neither party would be safe from the crossfire. Either way she would do anything to prevent any harm coming toward her rider. With Kusanagi taking her hand once more, Dione released a small breath before make the trek towards Chastaine, the Space Dragon, and her rider, Penelope de Chastaine. Regardless of this transformation, she knew she needed to get in touch with her confidence once more. And sure enough, it slowly began to return in small douses of course. She kept a composed facade as they were face to face with Chastaine and Penelope, earning a small exchange of shared looks from the two female dragons. It wasn't strange to be observed from another dragon. "Chastine, and her rider Penelope de Chastaine. I would like to introduce myself. I am Kusanagi Tenzen, and this is Dione." With Kusanagi's introduction, she had stepped forward as well though the hand holding between the two still remained.

    "It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Chastaine and Penelope." She spoke, lips settling to a smile. Perhaps it was out of habit that Dione had also leaned forward to touch necks until the realization of their present forms had returned. "I'm really sorry Dione! I never asked if you would rather go back into your original form..." At the exchange, amber hues briefly flickered over to Kusanagi before offering a small smile at the thought. "It's alright. I need to adjust to this form if we want to achieve our plans, after all." She replied telepathically, hoping to dismiss any worry he might have. Ignoring the small douse of awkwardness there, she proceeded to offer a respectable bow to Situ Bi and his rider, Yaya. "I'm pleased to meet you Situ Bi and Yaya. I heard many things about you two." She stated, amber hues briefly

    --- x


    Imagine Alastor's surprise when he received that tidbit from Oleander, earning a small shrug from the male himself. "Are you implying you want to run around naked?" He replied telepathically, donning a small chiding tone. Having him walking around naked wasn't something that would be good for anyone. Not to mention, it was pretty distracting to say the least. Perhaps that had been the reason why he donned a faster pace as he moved to retrieve the clothing for Oleander. He could only hope the shorter male hadn't planned on falling asleep again, especially with his track record of sleeping anywhere. Within a few minutes, he returned only to find out the shorter male had distanced himself to a more quieter area of the cave. It must be his desire to sleep that was beginning to kick in once again. Nonetheless, he kept quiet as the garments were passed over whatever needed to be covered was quickly taken care of. 'The galaxy haired girl over there is Chastaine, her peachy friend is Penelope it seems...' At the exchange, lilac hues flickered over to the two individuals as he observed them momentarily.

    Given the situation it would be a good idea to go ahead and greet the other dragons and their riders. With the task the Great Dragon Ryo had given them, a group would be needed if they wanted to accomplish this great task. "We should go great them." He remarked, turning his gaze over to his companion. "Oh, and what map?" Oleander's question had captured his attention almost immediately. "Ah- this one here." He answered, taking the folded map from his pocket and showing it to him. Naturally, he kept up a discreet demeanor as he showed the map to him. "The Great Dragon Ryo mentioned a map among the clothing. To make a long story short, he gave us this mission and some brief instructions to follow." Alastor explained, lilac hues focused on the map before rising to sneak a quick glance at Oleander once more.
  14. (@Raven Haruka / @sleepingxdragon )


    The older pair of ever-swirling celestial circlets met and locked briefly with the younger pair of earthen, precious metalic ones.

    The Earth's Champion... thought the Space Dragon to herself, a glint of humour flashed within those inhuman eyes. And across Penny's mindscape a lovely animated little creature bounded about, four clawed feet much too large, fat tail a bit to short and shiny, round golden eyes much too cute. Bounding about, so vivacious and so happy to be alive!!

    Oh but Chastaine's own nestlings would have been about the same age as Ollie. If... if only--

    Lids fell heavily over violet-pink marbling eyes. A slow, shaky inhale of tightened breath she took in. And with her exhale, Chaza's eyes opened, her mind cleared; the depths of sadness once again buried by a coward's heart.

    A light clearing of her throat, then she clumsily made her way towards Ollie and Alistor. Penny wiped her eyes then covered her mouth, hiding her trembling lower lip. The ginger-haired teen then reached out a hand to help steady her sister Dragon. Chaza resisted momentarily, for this was seemingly an uneccessary display of affection... but she really did need assistance over the rocky terrain. Besides, it helped keep her regal demenour intact. Hopefully.

    "Aye, that map, younling," said the Space Dragon to the Plant Dragon, trying hard not to allow her fond maternal feelings for Ollie to surface, nor show in her swirling eyes, "perhaps the pair of you would not mind sharing the map with the rest of us... lest you have plans of venturing out by just the pair of you?"



    Much calmer now and even more curious, Penny slid behind the pair of males and peered over Ollie's shoulder, leaning in, almost cheek-to-cheek with the shorty but cutie thing. Slowly her head swivelled in his direction, nose almost pressing into Ollie's cheek. Suddenly her chin snapped in the direction of Alistor.

    "Hey, I like his eyes!!!"
    squealed the teen with a finger pointing directly into Ollie's face.

    Back towards Ollie's cheek snapped Penny's head, orangy-red hair practically ablaze as the locks whipped away with such a quick motion. "Yeah... I like your eyes. Gold... Hey, I'm Penelope..!"

    Penny took a step back and held out a hand to shake towards Ollie, a cheery look upon her face.

    "And I am Chastaine, Penelope's sister Dragon," said the towering woman with a slightly apologetic tone as she politely nodded towards the pair, "now then, shall we all have a shared look at the map? We should gather round and see what we can make of this aerial view? Perhaps make ready battleplans, aye. Strategic defensive spots and possible ambush points? Oooh, but if it is a war they wish to wage..."

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  15. ( @Boo Girlie BoomBoom , @Raven Haruka , @sleepingxdragon )

    dragon__27__commission__by_mythka-d5ku2jp.png dbbe52129b66540e7817ea617383f5e1.jpg

    A lone pair had been sitting a little aways, watching as other dragons and their riders came. When the meeting began, they both stood at attention as the Great Dragon Ryo began to speak. At the mention of a gift, Eurus perked up a little, feeling excitement at the idea of receiving a gift from the Great Dragon himself. That is, until the gift was given.

    At the poof of smoke, Eurus cried out as he felt himself suddenly change in a blink of an eye, Camila looking in alarm as the dragons around them, including her partner, cried out or did something of the sort. Eurus ended up on the floor, hands and knees holding him up. Wait...hands and knees? He looked at himself as the mist began to clear and cried out again. "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? Why am I so SMALL!? I can't FLY??? CAMILA HELP!" He looked up at his rider in shock, his thoughts screaming through their mental link. He felt so uncomfortable. He couldn't take to the skies. He couldn't feel the air like he could as a dragon. Although, he could still feel something there.

    Camila gasped and frowned at Eurus, his loud thoughts shocking her. Quickly she bent down and lay a hand on his shoulder. She remained calm though, trusting in the Great Dragon's wisdom. "Eurus, quiet down. Calm yourself. Everything's okay. You're just....human now." She replied telepathically. She bit her lip and stood up. "Erm...I'll get you clothes. Stay put and just breath. I'm still here." She said out loud, her Spanish accent sounding clear, her voice as calm as she looked. Camila smiled reassuringly at Eurus, who visibly relaxed at her words. He then looked down at himself, fascinated by the drastic change in his form.

    Camila walked briskly towards the items left for them by the Great Dragon, grabbing the clothes and sighing before walked back. What an unexpected change! As she walked back, she remarked on Eurus same red hair, now only on his head, and his red beard, and those deep golden eyes which she had come to trust so dearly. When she gave him the bundle, Eurus looked at the clothes in alarm. "I have to confine myself to those fabrics?? You humans..." Eurus huffed and grumbled as he pulled on his clothes, still sitting on the floor, Camila watching as he did, amused.

    As the others began to converse amongst each other, Camila worked on helping Eurus to his feet as he learned to walk on only two legs. The young girl found the task quite difficult, as Eurus was stubborn and only wanted to turn back into his dragon form to be able to fly again, and, to Camila's annoyance, he was also a whole foot taller than her, further making it hard to keep help him walk, although he learned fast. "Okay I think your fine Eurus stop leaning on me and let go of my hand, you won't fall. I promise." Camila sighed as he didn't listen, though Eurus at least stopped leaning on his rider.

    Eurus looked around at the othe pairs, ignoring Camila's glare as he kept holding her hand, pulling her along to join the others. Camila frowned up at him, though spoke telepathically. "Eurus, I don't want to talk to new people you know I don't like.." Eurus looked at Camila, his golden eyes stern though a small smile stayed on his face, and his thoughts interrupted hers. "Hush. These are people you'll need to come to know very well. Just let me talk and if you want to say something, say it. And actually say it. I won't speak on your behalf." Camila sighed and nodded, looking at the group they were heading towards. Eurus thought of Camila. What a shy creature she's always been... He thought fondly. She had always been so quiet, always preferring his side over other's.

    Eurus walked up to stand adjacent to the Space-Dragon Chastaine and her rider, Penelope, as well as Oleander, which he noticed was one of the youngest dragons here, and his rider Alastor, his earlier thoughts forgotten as he nodded cordially at them. "Hold on, Chastaine. Maybe plans for attack are not what Great Dragon Ryo would want us to begin with. There is no reason to start this out on the wrong foot." He chuckled softly. Camila looked up at him, recognizing a slight expression of worry. She knew he did not want to rush into battle without a great cause, and she squeezed his hand softly in reassurance, a gesture she found she liked a lot compared to a touch of the shoulder.. "I'm Eurus, and this is-" "Camila...nice to meet you all." Camila nodded her head in greeting. Eurus smiled a bit bigger before gesturing towards the map in Alastor's hands. "Why don't we all take a look at that map and decide what to do now from there?"
  16. [​IMG]
    { @sleepingxdragon @Boo Girlie BoomBoom @WhiteWolfKC }

    The response was short, lazy, and gave off that kind of cold 'cool story bro, but I don't give a cumquat' type of feel. Oleander looked in Alastor's eyes, mentally digesting what was just told to him. Apparently, Great Dragon Ryo wanted this group of strangers to go save the world, or at least stop the war before humanity decided to genocide themselves. Welp, if Alastor was doing it (more like since Alastor's doing it) Olly can't really argue. On the bright side, they all get to see the world, meet new people, yada yada stuff like that. On the bad side-

    "Hey, I like his eyes!!!"

    Tumbling out of his thoughts, the plant dragon blinked slowly at the finger in his face. How did this girl get here all of a sudden, he doesn't know, but suddenly the finger was gone, a hand held out instead as said girl introduced herself...even though she was already introduced earlier. Wow, this was confusing, and all Oleander decided to do was stare at the hand.

    "And I am Chastaine, Penelope's sister Dragon," The space dragon from before, how did she get here? "Now then, shall we all have a shared look at the map? We should gather round and see what we can make of this aerial view? Perhaps make ready battleplans, aye. Strategic defensive spots and possible ambush points? Oooh, but if it is a war they wish to wage..."

    "Hold on, Chastaine. Maybe plans for attack are not what Great Dragon Ryo would want us to begin with. There is no reason to start this out on the wrong foot."

    Wait a second, there were three of them?!? Once yet another girl's voice entered the fray, he realized once again that he was wrong, there were four people who mysteriously appeared out of nowhere. A slight nervous feeling wrapped itself around his subconscious, and telepathically he conveyed his worry to his rider, turning his head to give the human male his usual look, but with just a bit of nervousness mixed in. Allllastorr, can't we go outside? We won't be able to see the map that well in here~
    In all honesty Oleander just wanted to be outside, where he could see, hear, and most importantly feel the beautiful nature surrounding this place. Not to mention the somewhat large group of people was starting to get to him, especially since his back is to a wall...

    "Why don't we all take a look at that map and decide what to do now from there?"



    When the group actually decided to look at the map (whether it be inside or outside), Oleander managed to steal a glance, surprised at what he saw. With small, sloppily written captions of You're here! Go here! Avoid this place!, the map was, how to say it...difficult to read. The worst part of it all, though, was the signature in the bottom corner, reading.

    "I hand-drew this, and I've got to say it's a masterpiece. Once you arrive at your destination
    (which should be no problem, mind you)
    make sure to get a map of the world kiddos, after all it would suck to get lost!
    Good luck saving the world!

    If anybody could read this, they should get an award. Where was this 'destination' anyhow?
    If this were an anime, this would be one of those sweatdrop moments, definitely.
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  17. Jordyn watched from a small distance away, the crisp, cool morning air made him rub his arms in an attempt to warm them. It hadn't been that long since he'd awoken from his usual spot; a nest of sturdy criss crossing branches from a weirdly deformed tree. He yawned, rubbing the crust from his eyes. The air was charged with a feeling of nervous excitement, apparently today was supposed to be something special, but the damned old Dragon had merely chuckled with a twinkle in his eyes when Jordyn tried to press the issue. He feigned indifference, but he was anxious. He leaned against a tree, it's hard bark pressed against his back, although not uncomfortably. And then just like that . . . they appeared. Dragon's of all different sizes, shapes, and colors appeared one after the other, each carrying a kid with them. Jordyn grinned, getting excited, his hands clenching and unclenching in anticipation as they all landed, and the riders got off their respective dragons.

    He was in awe, each one was breathtaking, and the sudden appearance of other humans was mildly surprising. He cast his gaze over the others, slowly sizing each of them up as they were instructed to walk to the cave, before he did a double take; his attention captured by a beautiful brown skinned girl. He grinned, flashing her a wink, though he doubted she saw it. Before he could finish his scan of the other kids, the sound of Ryo's voice captured his attention.

    Jordyn for once was quiet while Ryo spoke, at least he was until he heard the words, "I'm sending you kids as this worlds last hope", before he could stop himself he let out a laugh, "Ha!", a loud single syllable. His face was a mask of disbelief, looking around the group to see if anyone else was buying the old dragon's joke . . . when, he got no response he felt a small trickle of fear settle into the pit of his gut. He managed to stay quiet, until the very end of the speech, when Ryo began to promptly, and reliably pass out. He was honestly at a loss for what to do."Alright, no pressure then!", he joked, smiling through the feeling of uncertainty plaguing him. And then in a puff of smoke everyone got a lot more naked-- well almost everyone. Everyone fell silent as the realization of what had just happened set in. In the place of the Dragon's from earlier stood naked, very confused humans. The meeting of course descended into panic, with Ryo now asleep and leaving it to them to sort it out. The situation was pretty bizzarre as everyone fell silent, as Riders went to go get their now human Dragon's clothing, and one girl mentioned. Jordyn could only shake his head in disbelief as he started laughing while looking around at the chaos. Though it was funny, he couldn't help but feel he'd forgotten something and it was bothering him.

    A relatively thick layer of fog covered up the Dragon's naughty bits, but it didn't really stop him from sneaking in sly glances at their naked forms every few seconds. If anyone asked, he'd blame puberty. Suddenly he'd realized what he'd forgotten. Misery wasn't with him! Jordyn turned in a slow circle while looking around the cave for his companion. How the hell does such a colorful dragon hide so well?!, it was then he was hit by a second realization, if everyone else's dragon's were human, then that meant Misery was also one! He did another turn, and then he saw her. Small, pale, delicate, rainbow hair, and of course naked. It had to be her. He grabbed a pair of smaller clothes he hoped would fit her tiny figure. "Yo gorgeous, c'mere I got a gift for you.", he whispered the words, smiling warmly, testing to see if her hearing was still just as good as before.

    Finally after a while the chaos died down, and everyone got their dragon's clothed, and names were exchanged and he went unnoticed by everyone else. He blinked slowly, feeling a little insignificant, before he heard a voice "Why don't we all take a look at that map and decide what to do now from there?" Before he could stop himself his mouth was already running. "Be with ya' in a second gorgeous -- er Camila~!" He called out, stumbling slightly with his words as he struggled to remember her name for a moment. Shaking away the feeling he spoke to Misery using their mental link, 'So uh . . . wanna go look at this map that apparently could determine the fate of the entire world? Let's call it a date. '
  18. Sam felt cramped. Not only did he hate caves, but he also hated listening to long lectures. Sitting crossed legged with a hand on Elrynd's leg, he willed himself not to fall asleep in the middle of the old dragon's speech. That was when he heard, "I'm sending you kids as this worlds last hope", followed by a sharp "Ha!" that bolted him upright. It wasn't only the laugh that woke Sam up though, he began to feel sick to his stomach when he heard Ryo's words. "What could he possibly mean by 'this worlds last hope?'" Sam looked up for comfort from El but he could not read what the Magma Dragon was thinking. Sam didn't have a long time to think before the cave was filled with smoke and he fell over, leaning too much on El who had apparently disappeared. When the smoke faded he came face to face with a man who's eyes could melt flesh.

    Before the smoke faded Sam realized that this man was stark naked, with no clothes in sight. Blushing furiously Sam looked away, unable to comprehend what was going on. "Sam!" A familiar voice snapped him out of his trance. "Get me some clothes. I cannot walk with these weak human legs." It took Sam a good 5 minutes to realize that the voice of his dragon was coming from the naked man. Then, remembering the request, Sam ran to go find some clothes for the now dragon-human hybrid.

    After everything was settled and El could nearly walk in a straight line, Sam began to wonder aloud to El. "A peace team, huh. I can't really imagine how a bunch of teenagers including myself could stop an entire war. But it would be nice to see what the outside is like." Sam could feel his anticipation rising as he realized that he was going on an adventure. A REAL adventure this time. Closing his eyes and releasing one last breath of apprehension along with his nerves and walked towards a group of unknown people.

    Listening in on the conversation, Sam remained hidden, absorbing information as much as he could, because to be honest, he wasn't really listening to Ryo's words.
  19. { @sleepingxdragon @Raven Haruka }

    Kusanagi was actually kind of shocked at the map. Although it was hand made by the Great Dragon Ryo, it almost looked like a bunch of straight lines with a couple black circles not a map. He had heard of how well Oleander knew the forest so maybe he could actually make out where the map actually is geographically. "So this is the start of an adventure huh? Never thought it would be like this." He thought to himself. He was excited but also really worried at the thought of traveling in to middle of a world war. Dragons were not as much of a common sight as they were how many years ago and being as powerful as they are dragons will be feared.

    He hated hiding Dione's real identity but it would be better if nobody in the outside world knew. He thought that was a good idea so he shared with the others in the group. "Hey guys this made me think. Even though we are hoping to start out with peace talks, it might not work. I think we should hide some of the dragons real identities as just regular humans, just in-case peace doesn't work. That would mean we would have the advantage when it comes to battle and we don't seem as threatening to whichever country we are speaking to. I also don't think we should tell anyone they can change forms." This was a war that was going to be waged from behind the scenes if it does get started.

    While everyone discussed strategies and other things Kusanagi decided to go through his bag to make sure he had everything ready and made a checklist of what he was going to need on the adventure ahead. He had let go of Dione's hand unknowingly while writing. After he noticed he wanted to check something. Although Dione was a proud dragon and this change has been stressful he has held onto her the entire time. He wanted to see how she would react to it. He watched her face from the corner of his eyes, however he didn't want to make her to uncomfortable so if the need comes it could latch onto her before anything happens. Regardless of how she looked he asked telepathically anyway "Are you okay Dione? If your uncomfortable I don't mind holding your hand until you feel better."

  20. [​IMG]

    Alastor's lilac hues flickered over to their newest companions, composed of dragons and their riders. Naturally, it was a bit unnerving to be caught by surprise like this but he took it in a single stride. Besides, they wouldn't be able to do fully met the vast requirements this particular mission would require. A group would be required one way or another. It might have been his intuitive nature when it came to Oleander that came into play now, instinctively making his gaze travel over to the plant dragon tentatively. With this many people and the closed space, he didn't find the telepathic response to be strange. "Alright. We'll head outside. It'll be good to get some fresh air especially with this many people here." He replied telepathically, offering a quick gesture for the other to latch onto him if his assistance was required. Actually scratch that. It was more like the lilac eyed man silently insisted on it during that brief exchange before turning to their newest companions, which happened to be quite a few after the news of the map got leaked out. "Let's talk about this outside. I'm sure we all need some fresh air after what happened. We can go over the map and.. how to handle this from there." Alastor suggested, before heading out himself though he didn't stray to far from the plant dragon. He couldn't let him struggle with the walk outside, considering this new form of his would take some getting used to.

    Once the group had ventured outside, Alastor hardly took much time to bring out the map from the confines of his pocket and show it everyone else. "I couldn't read much from this map, but we'll handle that part later. As far as I know we need to find a way to either put an end to this- or maybe... we could infiltrate some of the territories nearby and see what we could learn from there? There's bound to be some type of information to be found on what's going on, especially with this ongoing war right now." Alastor stated, eyebrows furrowed slightly at the thought. Lilac hues flickered over to Kusanagi standing near a red haired female, Dione he assumed. "That sounds like a good idea, honestly. We don't want to attract any unnecessary attraction unless it's necessary.. otherwise these talks of peace won't happen." He added, mulling over the endless possibilities momentarily. No matter what they needed to avoid a war breaking out between them and the other humans.

    --- x


    Dione had followed in suit with Kusanagi as the others heading outside, mainly following Alastor and Oleander's lead. With the various talks of strategies and the map, she couldn't help but ready herself for the possible consequences of this adventure of their's. While she took great pride in her abilities, she was well aware that there would be possible attacks from every angle. Their kind was scarce in the lands of mortals now, especially with the way they kept themselves in remote locations. Nonetheless, she was confident that they would be able to win in the end. "War isn't something we should engage immediately in, if it does rise to that point. More lives will be lost if the situation comes to that. Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to.." Her eyebrows furrowed slightly at the thought, ".. stay in these forms as suggested and see what we can learn from there. If there are attacks being planned we can find out about them and possibly put a stop to them." Perhaps it was the loss of contact with Kusanagi that made her realize what could be lost if a war were to occur between them and the humans.

    "I don't want to risk losing someone because of this war the humans are planning. There has to be a way to stop them- either by intimation or peace." Dione’s stance in this was clear. She wouldn't afford any risky moves if it endangered Kusanagi. As for her, she was fine in involving herself in such matters. Despite the occasional feeling of being unsteady, the redhead managed to keep her footing as slender digits pulled the garment closer to her body. This change wasn't an easy one to grow accustomed to after all. "Our first priority should be.. reading this map. Otherwise we won't be able to figure out which areas require our immediate attention." It wasn't until she heard Kusanagi's question that she tuned out some of the ongoing talks, instead focusing on her conversation with her rider. "I'm alright I think.. but yes, it would help. It's comforting." Dione replied telepathically to him, offering a brief smile.

    --- x
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