Humanities Sunset

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  1. Nikoli stood at the large window of his castle, looking out over the desolate waste land that once held humans in an abundance. The third world war had come and humans had all but been wiped out. Now all that was left were relics of the past, ruined cities raised to the ground, buildings crumbling and falling, and an everlasting setting sun. Just ghosts of what used to be. But where the humans were gone in their stead came the vampires who had been hiding in the shadows for centuries and millennial. They had figured out a way to synthesize blood so they could survive without the humans. Yet in some deep place of their non-existent soul there was all the yearnings tor the warm blood coming from a beating heart. And this was the reality that the vampires had come to know over the past few years. Nikoli however knew better. He and his coven were the only vampires to know that the was one human girl left upon this scorched earth. Nikoli had been out walking in one of his favorite areas when he spotted something moving in his peripheral vision, and when he looked his brain could not believe his eyes. There right in his sights was a young girl scavenging, he didn't know what to do he was so shocked. he moved, but the girl heard him. She looked up saw the vampire lord and ran away disappearing into the wild. From that day on Nikoli has needed this girl to be his forever more. He has given up all hope, when one of his scout teams made up of three vampires reported that they have found the girl and are in pursuit.
  2. Anne had thought sitting in the abandoned house hoping that vampire lord wouldn't show up again.. She sighed slightly. Wondering. Wondering if she can escape. But her family was dead. Dead and she had no one to talk to. She felt like a loner. She was scared that he might show up at her she gulped she stood up she wondered. She didn't know what to do. As she was about to go outside she had peeped out the window, seeing that three vampires were getting close to the home she tripped and fell as she backed up from the window. It was obvious.. She gulped closing her eyes tightly she then stood up running to the kitchen getting up on the counter and hiding in the cupboard but as she tried to close it her shoe fell out. As she was about to grab it , There was footsteps outside the room she gasped and went inside the cupboard closing it. She hoped they wouldn't find her.
  3. When Nikoli had heard that the scouts had found he just couldn't contain himself. He descended the stairs in his castle to the stable. There he grabbed his trusty horse and road to the broken down house that the girl was in. When he arrived the scouts were trying to break the door in. "Can you welps do nothing by yourselves. Its a wood door just break it in." Nikoli had commanded with an American accent that had an underlying Russian accent in the speech. He walked up to the door and felt the wood. It would be easy to break this thing down. He took out his rapier Raphael and slashed an X into the door. Next he pushed with half his strength and the door blew open breaking down into four pieces. "Little one I am here for you come to your Master and all will be safe and right with the world of the setting sun." He cooed at her.
  4. Anne sighed and finally when she heard the door she held her mouth so she wouldn't scream and when she heard them she gulped she then fell as she tried to grab her shoe thinking they wouldn't hear. But in the kitchen was a loud bang. She was on her stomach Gasping as she looked at the door hoping they didnt hear her. She sighed trying to get up. She was always a clumsy one tripping over stuff. But she can out smart these so called vampires. Hearing the voice she gulped running to behind the door closing her eyes tightly But she wondered. She didn't know what to do, she sighed slightly. She ran to the other end of the kitchen grabbing a knife she ran out and tried to stab the lord, " NO Nobody is my master!!" She then went and ran into the dark hoping nobody would find her. Now she got to thinking about it. It wasn't a smart idea for her to stab him cause they heal and they know where she is.
  5. Nikoli wrenched as the knife was stabbed into his gut. He fell to the ground from the pain of the knife going in and the knife being pulled out. The scouts ran up to him asking if he was ok. "No you idiots I just got stabbed in a very painful place." The wound was open and it was hurting. There must have been silver in that thing. He thought. He grabbed the wrist of one scout and bit in to it. He drank one good gulp and let his subordinate go. The wound healed quickly. "Did you grab the girl?" He asked. The vampires gave no answer. "She ran right past you and you didn't attempt to catch her? What is wrong with you? Call the other teams tell them to be on the look out for the girl." He just could not believe the competency of his troops. He jumped on to his horse and began to ride after he scent but it was already growing faint.
  6. Anne smiled she was in a tree watching them, Her heart was racing though cause of the rain as they passed her she ran back into the house but fell once again even causing a bigger sounds she held her foot, it broke. She gulped. Biting her lower lip and then wondered. She sighed slightly.. How were they going to get her. She can hide pretty well and fight. Stupidly she walked roaming the land. Like she can fight them vampires.She gulped and went to another place to hide... She sighed and then giggled as they rode their horses. They couldn't give up that easily , can they? Smiling and biting her lip she hid into a home. That was abandoned too It was different she grabbed a gun she found she smiled. Sliding it onto her leg where there was something to hold it she went to the castle glaring right in the yard and on the tree.
  7. Nikoli had personally been searching for about an hour when he gave up. "You continue to search she is somewhere close. So find her." He rode back to his castle. When he got to his throne room he remembered that he had a video conference with the other vampire lords. He brought up his monitor and there they all were. The meeting was boring. They were always boring, never anything new. Except that this time the other lords had questions about Nikoli's actions with the search. "You dare question my actions on my land. What I am searching for is none of your concern. Now If you will excuse me this meeting has left a bad taste in my mouth and I would rather keep my appetite." He turned the monitor off and proceeded to his den to read and have a drink.
  8. Anne had seen some vampires come her way, Her eyes had widened and ran. jumping form the tree she screamed because she landed on her bad foot she layed there but looking at the men she frowned She then tried to run but she fell again. She finally gave up. Feeling her grabbed she glared h=she tried to kick As they picked her up she kicked and screamed, " Let me go!" She hated this. She was a princess though when she was on her land but somehow she was on this land As she was dragged in the place, " I Said let me go, I demand you to let me go! " She glared.
  9. Not long after he had sat down to read, Nikoli had heard his castle doors open and shut. Then came the screaming telling someone to let them go and demanding to be set free. It was muffled but it sounded like a young girl. Could it be. Then came the knocking at his study door. "Enter." Nikoli said trying to hid his excitement and failing. In stepped the scouts from earlier carrying the young girl of Nikoli's dreams. Nikoli smiled, "Good work men, no call back the other scouts. We got what we were looking for. Please give us some privacy." And the scouts left. "Well well little one it looks as though you came to your destined home. Please tell me your name so that I know what to properly call you." He had drawn extremely close to her putting his fingers under her chin.
  10. As Anne seen the guy at the desk as she had entered. She frowned and then sighed. She didn't know what to do she probably can't escape now... She then looked at him kicking and punching the guys she gulped and then when he told them to go. She stared at him and felt him come near her she took a step back and when he spoke she just crossed her arms. Not wanting to speak.. She hated him, Hated his guts for killing her family and taking her.. She looked at him and said, " Don't touch me!" She glared.
  11. Nikoli was surprised at the slap of his hand from the young girl. "What is so important to be angry at. Didn't I just bring you to a beautiful castle? Don't you like your home." He gestured all around him at his castle. "You just need to relax a bit and get used to the feeling. Here have some wine." He had walked over to his cabinet and grab a very old bottle, poured a glass and offered it to her.
  12. Anne glared at him and when he spoke, " Let me think why shall i be mad?" She thought. " Well your people kidnapped me!" She hated him. Then she said," I am not getting used to anything" She sat on the desk looking at him and sighed. Looking down and wondering. She then smiled softly " Plus you. are a vampire that killed my family.. " She sighed and wondered. She then heard him seeing the wine she never jad any she then looked at the wine glass... determining if she should take it... She then grabbed it then smiled she took a sip IT was good.
  13. Nikoli looked at the girl confused, "Killed your family? I don't think that I am recalling killing any body as of late. Oh by as of late i mean in the last fifty years. Well not personally killed any one as of late. What makes you say that I killed your family?" Nikoli was trying to remember a human family that survived the war. "The only human I have seen for a long time has been you. Ever since that stroll I took." He looked at her with those piercing vampiric eyes that hungered for just a taste of real blood after so long.
  14. Anne sighed rolling her eyes She sighed then looking around biting her lower lip and when she heard him, " f-f" she looked at him, How old was this guy? She thought to herself, " Then.... what do you mean by that.. why did you want me here?" She sighed she was confused. Fixing er skirt she looked at him wondering. Looking at his gut ' how did that knife feel" She smiled. A Evil smile She giggled slightly.. Biting her lower lip.. She took another sip. Smiling softly and looked at him but then looking down why was she smiling. He did want her, she frowned.
  15. Nikoli smiled at the girl. he had gotten her to smile and take a drink these where good signs. "I want you here because have been infatuated with you since that day two months. I saw you walking around looking for stuff and I couldn't take my eyes off you." He could smell her blood it was sweet like nectar to a bee. "I want you to be mine and to no one else."
  16. Anne sighed and said, " Well i dont trust.. " she then heard him, she was sort of confused. Putting the drink down she said, " What do you mean by that? " She didn't know what to do, looking down as she bit her lower lip tucking her hair behind her ear. She gulped. She was sort of scared to be with him. She gulped and then put her leg on her other leg and looked at him as she waited for him.
  17. He drew closer to her, "I say what I mean. I want you to be mine now and forever. To live with me here and let me drink from you when I wish." He was charming and he was selfish like the stereotypical vampire. No reason for what he wanted he just did. Maybe for wanting something that he can never have again or to be able to have something no other vampire has.
  18. Anne looked at him as he spoke. She got nervous when he got closer to her. She gulped and looked at him and when he smiled, it was like she had to listen to him, She looked down ignoring it She she grabbed the end of the table and pushed and stood up " Fine, yeah i guess since im the last one and i have no choice" She looked down.She gulped, " since i'm the only human" She shrugged.
  19. "You speak with such confidence in your voice," Nikoli kept gliding closer and closer, "But your body language says that you are scared and alone." And there he was his, feet less than an inch away from her, "I will be your slave as long as you do all that I ask. I will do everything in my power to find you destroyed your life, just be mine now and forever." He brushed her hair back, his cool hands skimming across the skin of her neck.
  20. Anne gulped as he spoke.. She looked at him as he went towards her and when he was close feeling real close to him, She looked at him and gulped she was scared but she didn't know what to do. She sighed slightly.. Then she jumped feeling her hair brushed away from her face then feeling his cold hands. She looked at him, ' that's not fair plus wouldn't i be the slave since i would have to do what you say." She sighed. Biting her lower lip. " Plus i have no forever, i will die soon enough " in a whisper... She was afraid of death. She gulped and wondered. She leaned back her waist on the edge of the desk... She felt too close.. She moved away from him. She went to a window and looked outside..