Human WereAnimals rp (accepting)

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This is Human animals RP thread. If you have some ideas just tell me to my sign up thread! thank you!

I will make this free to jump in Rp so you don't need to sign up or make any forms. Just post!

This is rp for human wereanimal groups, they are all carnivores so no animals like horses etc. (because they don't eat meat) They are animals who can transform into a normal human. They can live like a normal animal or a human. Thought they can not been seen to the full humans (human who is human), or be friends with them and can never harm them.

Names: They are still "even as a human" they are animals so the names are something similar to the warrior cats names....I don't mean something like Ravenstorm .... Just Raven or Storm are fine. Name as a different language is fine too.

Ranks: Like above they follow the animal ranks, means there is leader (Boss) Deputy (Boss right hand) and Healer (Doctor) and Healer traineer (Nurse)

Where they live?
Look the Sign up thread!

Members list!

Suzaku | Wolf
Snow | Wolf Dog
Dark | Black Jaguar

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Suzaku awakened to her soft bed, yawning she got to sit looking sleepily around her room. Oh! What a mess she thought cratching her red long hair sighing hard as she looked all thoise clothers which lay around the floor and chairs. Standing up she taked her brush and begin to brush her hair. Looking again to the floor she noticed her Morning kimono, she did have like three different colored kimonos but this black with pink cherryblossoms was her favorite, so she put it on before making her way out to her messy room.

Snow was on her wolf form sleeping onto the living room couch, she very liked this one for some reasons. Sniffing she smelled a good arom coming toward the kitchen. ...Tuna? she thought as she recogniced the smell.

Dark the handsome panther spinned around to the kitchen. All his badass nature he loved to make food, Grill, Cook, Baking It's all was like maked just for him to do. Mostly he liked to see the others happy face when they eat his food. (Which is sadly very rare)
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