Human & Shapeshifter

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  1. Anime-Dude2.jpg Jason sat in a tree bored and irritated. He had been banned from the place he truly belonged unitl he learned what it really met to be a protecter for his people. "Bull." He thought as he tore off a trig and threw it into the small river. What was he supossed to do here. Anger began to boil over him but he pushed it aside. When Jason thought he heard a sound of a trig snapping his head jerked up. Quickly he turned to look behind him, but with the angle of the tree and where he was sitting he could see nothing. Without another thought he quickly transformed into a small blue bird and waited for something to come.
  2. Kieara emerged from the brush where he'd heard movement. She stumbled and fell onto the ground with a grunt. She was dirty and her clothes were torn. She looked like she'd been running for awhile now. She sighed as she hauled herself up once more and moved over to the stream. She took some water in her hands washing her face a little. She was a beautiful young lady. She had pale skin, with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes.
  3. If Jason was a human he would have probably fell from the tree. This girl was beyound beautiful. She had beautiful skin and her eyes instantly put him in a trance. He looked more closly as she began to wash her face. What had happened to her? Quickly he flew away a far enough distance so she wouldn't notice him changing back to human form. Hiding behind a bush he turned into his human form and broke off into a sprint hoping she would still be there. When he was s few feet away from the stream he began to walk, noticing that her attention was fully on washing her face. He stood there for a long moment just staring. Wondering what to do, what to say. His black tousled hair dangled over his face. His deep burgandy eyes watching her. Wait.... Burgandy... How was he going to explain his eyes to her. Yes this was normal on his planet, but he was sure it wasn't normal on hers. With his eyes closed he took a deep quiet breath and walked over to her. "Excuse me miss. Are you ok?" He said knealing beside her. He kept his distance not wanting to scare her.
  4. Kieara jumped when she heard him and backed up a bit. She ended up falling on her butt, but seemed not to care. Seeing he was unfamiliar she seemed to relax a little. "Oh.....Hello...." Her voice was soft and melodious. "I'm alright, thank you for asking." She spoke politely to him as she took in his appearance. Those eyes.... She assumed they probably had some sort of problem and didn't ask, but they were so captivating. He was quite handsome, but where had he come from? It seemed as if he poofed out of thin air.
  5. Jason arched an eyebrow confused. She looks all beaten up, yet she says she's...fine. He shook the thought from his head and quickly spoke. "My name is Jason. Are you sure your ok? You don't need any medic attention or anything?" He thought for a minute, "I saw your running, were you runnig away from some one?" Quickly he grew quiet putting one of his hands behind his neck. He was asking a lot of questions and wasn't giving her anytime to to answer them. With a slight sigh he handed his hand to the girl. "Here let me help you up." He said with a grin waiting to see what she would do next.
  6. Kieara looked to him and spoke. "Nice to meet you Jason. Don't worry about it, and I am fine, just a little dirty is all." she said to him. She then blushed as he placed his hand in hers and took it. She allowed him to help her to her feet, then she cleared her throat. "I should be going now...." She said reluctantly. She really didn't want to, but she needed to get moving, or else who, or what, was chasing her would catch up. She didn't want that. And she definitely didn't want him drug in the middle of her squabble.
  7. Jason felt chills run down his spine from her touch, which was something he was not use to. "Is it like this for all human girls?" He thought to himself. With one swift movement her gently grasped her wrist. " never got your name." He said a little sheepishly. He felt rude for keeping her but then again it seemed as if she didn't want to go. "Do you want me to walk with you? To umm where ever it is your going?" His mind traced back to the Ducati motorcycle he had. Thinking that wasn't the safest way to go. Besides there was something about this girl that caught his attention. Taking a walk with her might help him understand what that "something" was. Realizing that he was still holding on to her he let go. Shoving his hands in his pocket.
  8. Kieara felt his hand slip around her wrist and looked down to his hand around her small arm then up to him. She noted he didn't seem to want to let her go. She spoke. "How rude of me. My name is Kieara." She said offering another smile. "And if you really want to I suppose you can, but I feel obligated to warn you, I have no destination in particular i'm heading to." She spoke. She really didn't have anywhere TO go. She had to stay under the radar. She'd been living in the woods for awhile now living off stealing from a few houses she came across.
  9. Jason shrugged "That's fine with me." Soon they started walking through the woods. Jason stayed quiet for a long period of time. Just listening to the sound of the birds chirping and the crunching of their feet as it hit the ground. There was a nice small breezr that would come and go. The wind picked up the fresh scent of the woods. A nice warm scent of nature something he always liked. After awhile he looked down at Kieara wondering what thoughts were running through her mind. With a quick sigh he began to hum. Considering the fact that he had no idea how to start of this conversation.
  10. Kieara shhed him suddenly and stopped. She listened for a moment appearing to have very keen ears. She stopped then suddenly her eyes widened. "We've gotta move! Now!" She could hear her captors coming. She then took off running again. Her body moved easily through the brush of the forest. She was agile and graceful in her movements although clumsy at times.
  11. Jason's eyebrow arched as he watched Kieara take off deeper into the woods. Clueless to what she had heard and to what was going on. With a heavy sigh he chased after her. In his mind there was only two ways for him to figure out what she was running from. He could stay and wait for it to come, or he could just go and ask her. It didn't take much of an effort for him to catch up to her. Quickly grabbing her waste and spinning her around. With firm hands he held on to her shoulders looking into her eyes. "What's going on? What did you hear?" He felt as though she was going to fight him so to prevent that from happening he lightly pressed her against one of the trees. "I can help you." Was all he managed to say.
  12. Kieara yelped and tensed as he grabbed her ready to fight. She squirmed until she was turned to face him. Once she saw it was him, she calmed a little, but still looked frantic. She didn't know what was going on for a moment. "H-huh?" She asked in a scared sounding tone. "Those people are coming..." She said quickly. "They're coming to get me again..." She said to him sounding concerned. "They have dogs, they'll track me....."
  13. Jason's eyes first with soft as he looked at Kieara. Then as she spoke of being trying to find her his eyes filled with rage, "Why would anyone be trying to hurt her." He thought in his head. Quickly he glanced behind them. Even with the power of shape shifting he could take on a bunch of men with dogs. Slowly he looked back at Kieara. "Please calm down. I need you to listen to these words very carefully. Keep running north, no matter how tired or sore you get, no matter how long it seems to take keep running north. Keep running until you reach a road. On the road is a motorcycle, take it and go." He was having an idea. He thought if he could ger her out od the woods then he could transform into her. He knew what she looked like from head to toe so there would be no problem there. Quickly he took off his jacket to cover her up. "I'll catch up with you. Please don't ask me any questions and don't argue. Just go and get out of here." He felt as though she wasn't going to move so he added, "NOW!!"
  14. Kieara watched him then nodded shakily. Why was he so willing to help her? She wasn't sure, but she felt compelled to ask. She was about to protest him giving her his jacket and all this he was doing for her when he snapped at her and she took off with a jolt. She ran through trees, brush, limbs, mud, and many other obstacles of nature before she reached the road. She was tempted many times to turn and go back or just to look back, but knew she couldn't. She finally reached the bike. Now how did she ride one of these things? She tried what she'd seen other people do and was thankful that she'd learned how to balance on a bicycle. This was like that, just much faster and more dangerous....with a motor. Where should she go? She didn't know, but headed the direction the bike was pointed. After a long bit of driving, she stopped and parked by a waterfall. She undressed then feeling dirty and moved to get clean. It was night time by now.
  15. When Jason saw that there was no sight of Kieara left he sighed. Quickly transforming into her. The same clothes she was wearing and everything. He gave a slight groan pretending to be a female always grossed him out. Yet he knew in his mind this was for a good cause. Not long after he heard twigs snapping and people talking, when five crazed looking pitbulls came into view he took off running. He wasn't use to her clothes and shoes so he fell probably just as many times she did. After what seemed like a 30minute chase the dogs gave up. He waited for the humans to emerge but they never did. He pulled out his dagger and gave himself a clean cut aross the arm, hand and leg. Going a little deep on the last one he let out a yell. He walked the east side of the path. Putting blood on trees and every other place they might spot. When the blood from his skin was somewhat dry he headed for the road pulling out the tracker to his motorcyle. After what seemed like an hour he gave out from the loss of blood. Able to transform back to his human self just in case anyone came upon him. The last thought that crossed his mind was Kieara and her safety.
  16. It was so hot out tonight. Summer time was upon them. She heard something in the weeds and looked confused. She got out of the water in nothing but her undergarments and then headed over. She gasped seeing him. She hauled her arms under him and tugged him over into the clearing she'd found. She then took some water and ripped her shirt gently wiping his face. She then took the other peices of her shirt and wrapped his wounds after cleaning them.
  17. Jason was still out of it until he felt a sharp stinging pain. He jumped up with a yell and gripped someone's wrist hard. When he saw it was Kieara he quickly dropped them. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to grab you like that. I..." His throat went dry along with the rest of his words when he saw her in her undergarments. He only caught a glimpse before he looked away. "Sorry." He said once more looking down at the crystal blue water. "What is it about this girl?" Was the only thing running through his mind as her sat there in silence.
  18. She gasped as he jolted to life and grabbed her. He'd scared her badly. She slowly calmed though. "It's ok..." She spoke and finished cleaning and wrapping his wounds. She seemed not to mind him seeing her undergarments. She didn't seem shy at all like most girls would be. She then spoke again. "What happened to those men?" she asked him as she sat on a rock watching him.
  19. Jason caught her eyes and held her gaze. Doing everything in his power not to look down. "I don't know the dogs gave up their chase but the humans... I never saw them. I heard them but I never saw them." He sighed, "I sent a trail of to the east side of the forest so that should give you time to get out of these woods. Do you want mt to take you home?" Slowly he turned him head back to the water the temperature was dropping quickly. Slowly he got up and grabbed his jacket wrapping it around around and zipping it up. His body seemed to act differently then his mind because his left hand shot up to her face. Brushing her hair to the side. With quick speed he pulled it away. "Sorry." Then he handed the pants to her. "We should get moving before it gets to cold. So where do you live?" He asked waiting for her reply.
  20. Kieara listened intently to his words. She then blushed deeply as she felt him wrap the jacket around her. She cuddled into it enjoying its scent as well. She blushed even darker as his hand found her face. She spoke. "Don't apologize, you didn't do anything wrong." She said to him. She looked down at his next question seeming ashamed. "I....I don't have a home...."