Human Perfection

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  1. So, I was browsing through another forum (Footsteps of Ghosts) to see if I could steal anymore General Topics from them, and I came across one with this quote as the main discussion:

    "Because humans are imperfect we know perfection and thus try to become perfect even though we can not."

    It doesn't make much sense to me.

    I mean, if humans are 'imperfect,' how would they know perfection? Their thoughts, their knowledge would be imperfect, too.

    But, since I've always wondered about the perfection of humanity and all of their knowledge (in regards to the theory of relativity), I thought I might as well let the smarter ones sort this out.

    So, what do you think, egg-heads? :)
  2. We do not know perfection, only try to emulate out concept of it.
  3. Obviously it's genetic.


    Or maybe "We are Borg..." Depending on the situation.

    Okay, srs bsns.

    Perfection? D: Many people's vision of perfection is bland, soulless, pretty people who never do anything wrong and always wear white and suppress emotion and impulses. That seems bad, to me. I mean, That one novel that Marie whats-her-face wrote, the witch thing gave Maggie "her faults" which proved to work to her advantage in the end. I don't know what perfection looks like(Omega Molecules nonwithstanding), but that seems to be on the wrong end of the spectrum.

    That's just my imperfect, grimy, dusty, dirty two cents.
  4. Perfections is overrated, it's is our faults, not our strengths who make us who we are. If everyone were "Perfect" there would only be multiple copies of the same person running around.
  5. I love how you put vision.@Ornithorhynchus Anatinus

    Personally, I believe that a concept such as perfection is changeable. What people define as perfection differs. Afterall, it is up to the "imperfect" mind to determine what it sees as perfect, right? To me, imperfect and perfect are mere concepts created by us (humans) to describe desirable and undesirable to a higher degree. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that perfection is a subjective concept and not an objective one.

    ((I was in the mood to get all weird-o with my post @.@;))
  6. *Points at Aqua's reply!*

    Perfect is relative. There isn't any real such thing as perfect, just people's own opinion of what it could be! Just like beauty and all that other stuff!